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Board Game – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

There are board games to satisfy the tastes of each person, for that reason, millions invest in the purchase of the best board games to have at home and enjoy with friends. These products, in addition to being fun, are ideal for bringing people together and making them spend a pleasant time developing different skills. Games like the Tranjis Games Virus! they stand out for bringing colorful cards, simple instructions and a dynamic game mode. Meanwhile, games like Devir Exit The abandoned cabin will test your analytical abilities alone and in a group, to try to escape from a gloomy house. Both different, but just as fun.

The best board games on the market

Board games have been part of the childhood of most, therefore, they are highly sought after and purchased products. If you want to enlarge your collection, here you can find some to have a new way of having fun at home.

virus board game

Tranjis Games Virus!

Among the cheapest options that you can find on the market is Virus board game, a fun, simple game that only requires cards to play. There are 68 cards included and all of them stand out for being colorful. These are divided between viruses, doctors and medicines. The objective of the game is to be the first to eradicate all the diseases, so you must be resourceful to defeat your partner or up to 6 people who want to participate.

All children over 8 years old will be able to participate in this great game and, with dimensions of only 15 x 3 x 11 cm, in addition to a weight of 159 grams, you can always take your favorite board game with you. The games last approximately 20 minutes, so the game mode will be dynamic. Bring instructions in 4 languages.

Diseases are never fun; unless they come in the form of a board game, like this product from Tranjis Games, which has turned players into expert doctors.


Players: If there are only two people, they can play, although up to 6 people can also enjoy simultaneously.

Rules: The rules, in addition to being simple, come in different languages ​​so that no one is left without understanding them.

Portable: Take your game wherever you want, with its small structure and lightness.

Cards: The cards are colorful and catch everyone’s attention.


Time: This game ends quickly, so it is not ideal for those looking for long games.

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Escape room board game

Devir Exit 1 – The Abandoned Shack

When it comes to an escape room board game, Devir Exit and its different versions are among the best known. The model of “The abandoned cabin”, in addition to being one of the most sought after, is also considered the best value for money board game. With a duration of 45 to 90 minutes, this product is ideal for those who want a challenge. It can be played alone, although the game can be expanded to 6 players.

Everyone, from 12 years old and up, will be able to play and, since it is the Spanish edition, it will be easy to understand the rules. It is a board with cards in which players must figure out how to get out of the cabin. This game promotes teamwork, problem solving, ingenuity and strategy. It has dimensions of 13 x 4 x 18 cm making it easy to transport.

Following the mechanics of real escape rooms, this game brings the challenge to the table, with a game mode that encourages the resolution of a great mystery.


Solitaire: If you do not have a companion, it is possible to play alone, without any problem.

Modality: Unlike an “all against all”, here people must work together to escape.

Players: Although a maximum of 6 people is recommended, more can be added if organization is maintained.


Age: Despite being recommended for ages 12 and up, this game has been made for adults, so the child may encounter difficulties.

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bang board game

Edge Entertainment Bang!

Bang board game is so famous that different expansion packs have been sold on the market, which is why many call it the best cowboy board game. However, this model is the base game, so you can familiarize yourself with it and start after reading the included instructions in Spanish. It is played with cards, giving a character to each of the 4 to 7 players; said character will have a unique mission and the objective is to complete it before the others.

It’s 20-40 minutes long and easy to play, so adults and kids, ages 8 and up, will enjoy every minute of it alike. The card materials have been praised for their strength, durability, and quality. The 4 x 13 x 18 cm box comes with 103 playing cards, 7 game boards, 7 summary boxes and 30 bullet tokens.

The opportunity to be a cowboy is in your hands now. You just need to look at your cards and plan your best strategy.


Cards: You only need cards to play and these are made of the best quality material.

Easy: The game mode is quite simple and, additionally, the included instructions make it easier.

Time: With a medium duration, this game will entertain you but does not require you to sit for hours in order to win.


Expansions: This model is only the base game, because, due to the fame, Bang! It has been developed in several additional packs that you will have to buy if you want to have more fun.

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game of thrones board game

Edge Entertainment Game of Thrones

The most famous series of books and movies in the world also has a game brought by the best board game brand: Edge Entertainment. Game of Thrones has conquered the world and now it’s your turn to conquer the iron throne. It can be played from 3 to 6 players and the dynamics of the story of George RR Martin is present throughout the game, as each player must take possession of a house in Westeros and through strategies, alliances and betrayals will have to achieve victory.

Game of Thrones board game uses boards, cards and tokens to play. Due to the nature of the books and the difficulty of the game, this product is suitable for ages 14 and up only. The instructions come in Spanish so that the game gives you hours of fun, without you realizing it.

Game of Thrones is already known all over the world and now it wants to make itself known in the board game market. Ideal for fans of the series and the books.


Players: The game can be extended up to 6, however, with less than that it is also possible to play.

Accessories: This product comes with a board, cards, tokens and cards. Many accessories for a complete set.

Long: The fun will take time to end, since it is a long game to enjoy with friends and family.


Age: Being complicated, it is recommended, according to the manufacturers, that only people 14 years of age or older play it.

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This War Of Mine board game

This War of Mine GAKTWOM01

This War of Mine board game is not one of the cheapest models you can find, however, the praise for its high quality is such that many still want to buy one. This product stands out for its cooperative game mode in which players must work as a team to win. They will make decisions that will guide them through situations and cards, the game is about surviving in an area besieged by war.

It is similar to an RPG, with resource management qualities. The games usually last from 45 to 120 minutes, however, these can be longer or shorter than usual. The game can be played by up to 6 people and it doesn’t matter if they don’t know the rules, since they will appear along the way. It is recommended that only over 18 years old play, as it can be complicated.

With a different concept than the others, this game is one of the most creative and is also often a top hit on board game nights .


Modality: With this product there is no rivalry, because everyone will need to help each other to survive.

Time. The game variation allows you to run quick campaigns, but it also allows you to extend your game session as long as possible.

Spanish: The product regulations are in Spanish, so you will not need to learn another language to be able to play.


Age: Recommended for people 18 and older, due to its difficulty.

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The Island board game

Asmodee The Island

With The Island board game, your team of explorers needs to reach dry land and save everything they know from sinking, however, they must try to take the greatest treasure with them. The game brings a board similar to the one used in Catan, however, the cards are different. There are 118 of them, divided into: two sets of 40 terrain and explorer tiles, 2 sets of 5 sea serpent and whale tiles, 6 shark tiles and 12 ship tiles.

Each of them has a beautiful design, in which the details stand out. The tiles are colorful and creative. In addition to the cards, a creature die is also included. In this model, up to 4 people can play and the games have an average duration of 20 to 40 minutes. Suitable for ages 8 and up, with instructions in Spanish.

This classic game is made with the best quality to give you hours of fun. Entertaining and perfect for those who enjoy competition.


Instructions: The instructions included in Spanish will help everyone over 8 years old to play.

Classic: This is a classic game brought back to modern times. With better drawings and colors than previous versions.

Medium Duration: Ideal to start a game night, repeat several dynamic games and continue. The game lasts long enough not to lose interest in it.


Expansion: Although other expansions can have more players, this base game only allows 4 of them.

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Catan board game


Few board games have lasted as long as Catan board game, so if you are wondering what is the best board game, many, due to nostalgia or because it really is their favorite, will say that the answer is Catan. This product has been winning awards for its greatness since the 1990s, and today thousands and millions continue to buy it to build their strategy. Each game lasts approximately 75 minutes and must be played by 3 to 4 players.

Children ages 10 and up can learn how to play Catan. What is necessary is to reach 10 points that are obtained by creating towns and roads on the board panels, collecting the cards. There are world championships in Catan, so if you really enjoy it and are good at it, you might qualify and become the best. Weighing 300 grams, it is not difficult to carry it everywhere.

This great game has been giving positive talk for decades, therefore, it is not a bad idea to acquire a Catan to understand why so many comments praise it.


Game of the Year: In 1995 it was crowned Game of the Year and its quality makes it still stand out.

Instructions: The rules are easy to follow and the gameplay is easy to follow, making it suitable for children.

Light: If you want to go to the championship, you must always practice. Fortunately, the lightness of the game makes this possible.


Expansions: Various expansions have been created to accommodate more players and add other features. Getting a full experience requires more money.

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zombie board game

Edge Entertainment – ​​Zombicide

A video game on the table, that’s how it feels to play Zombicide. This Zombies board game mixes the well-known creatures, the development of skills and the constant strategy to offer a dynamic and original gameplay that makes you understand why this is one of the best board games of 2022. Depending on the boards included, the scenarios and maps will change. Manufacturers also encourage players to create their own boards. Teamwork is necessary to survive the zombie invasion and defense is achieved with cards of different types.

The set comes with figures carved with attention to detail. There are 71 miniature figures with 6 players, and 65 zombies of different sizes. Some scenarios are longer than others, but the game usually doesn’t exceed 90 minutes. It can be played solo or as a team and is quite easy to learn.

The zombies have arrived and it’s up to you to save the world. You will need to kill them, upgrade your weapons and declare yourself the winner in this zombie invasion.


Solitaire: Although everything is more fun with friends, you really don’t need them, since you can play solo if you want.

Figures: In addition to the board and cards, the figures are an aspect to highlight due to the attention that has been given to creating them.

Boards: It is possible to play on custom boards and scenarios, so the odds are endless.


Expansions: It is possible to play with this base game, but if you want to complete your experience, it is required to purchase the expansion packs.

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Dungeons and Dragons board game

Wizards of the Coast “Dungeons & Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep”

Dungeons and Dragons board game can be classified as the best board game of the moment and of all time due to the cultural phenomenon that has been created around it. This product is known around the world, and this “Lords of Deep Seas” model gets the gameplay directly from the classic Dungeons & Dragons. It can be played with up to 5 players and each one will take the role of a deep sea masked man.

Narrations, negotiations between members and also a little luck will be needed to be able to finish the game successfully. This lasts approximately 60 minutes, however, it can last much longer. It is recommended to play it with people over 12 years old. As you complete quests, you’ll gain influence in the city and quite a bit of power, earning you rewards and ultimately total victory.

Dungeons and Dragons is a renowned game and the different versions that come out on the market based on this game are just as amazing, therefore, this product is one of the most famous today.


Players: Up to 5 players can enjoy this game simultaneously, so several can play without problems.

Skills: This game develops various skills such as creativity and strategy in order to win.

Age: Any child over the age of 12 will be able to join the game without much difficulty.


Instructions: This game does not come with instructions in Spanish, so for those who do not know English it may be difficult to learn.

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Carcassonne board game


If among so many options you don’t know which board game to buy, Carcassone board game is still, after 19 years, one of the most sought-after alternatives. With strategy, what the game seeks is to accumulate possessions that provide points and, in this way, win. This product comes with two mini expansions included, it also comes with 4 boards and 140 cards. International tournaments are annual, so if you like it, practice and become the best.

Through tactical decisions, your strategy and ingenuity must prevail. Despite seeming complex, the game mode is of medium difficulty and children from 7 years old can enjoy this product. It is possible to play between 2 to 5 players and the games have an average duration of 30 to 40 minutes. It comes with instructions included in Spanish and, with a weight of 748 grams, it is easy to transport it to play whenever you want.

Carcassone is a game that never goes out of style, therefore, it may be a good option to buy it no matter what time it is.


Expansions: In addition to the base game, this product includes two expansions for even more fun.

Difficulty: Anyone can learn, because it is a game of medium difficulty that can be played by anyone from 7 years old.

Lightweight: Being light and small, this product is a portable board game that you can have with you at all times.


Rules: The instruction manual is not as explanatory as it should be, according to the opinion of the buyers.

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Guide to buying board games

There are board games for all tastes and ages, so choosing just one can be difficult. If you want to find out what you have to take into account when buying one, here you can read exactly some recommendations to make a good choice.

Shopping guide

game mode

Before deciding on any game that seems attractive to you when making your comparison of table games, you must take into account something important and this is the game mode. Not all games use dice, cards, or tokens, and for that reason, not all board games will be to your liking.

The games are divided into several categories that you can choose from. For example, role-playing games, escape games, war games, cards, dice or chips, and even the classic and traditional games such as checkers, chess, etc.

Some of these are just for entertainment, but in the case of checkers or chess, these are considered mind sports and there are international competitions for them.

In addition to all this information, there are other things you should keep in mind. For example, the themes of the products. Everyone’s tastes are different, and what may be a good and cheap option for you may not interest those who you want to play with you. Finding something that everyone enjoys can be difficult, so before you look at how much the product costs, try to find a game that has a theme that everyone can enjoy.

There are certain games that work completely randomly, while others work based on strategies. The former are made for those who want to leave the result to chance and a bit of skill, but the latter focus on making you weigh all the options that exist in order to have a game mode that makes you stand out from the rest.

Who will play?

Do you want to play with your partner or with a large group of friends? Depending on your answer, your options may vary. You need to keep this information in mind in your guide to buying the best board game. This type of game can come with a modality of a maximum of two players, as well as the opportunity to extend games up to 10 players, mainly in role-playing games.

Therefore, you must be careful, because you could buy a game in which not everyone can participate. In addition to that, you need to remember that some games need prior preparation or specific knowledge to be able to understand them. If you want to start playing quickly, choose a product with easy instructions and few rules. If you decide no, then you may need to spend some time reading or explaining the rules to others to get started.

It is not only important to know the number of people who will play, but also their ages. Although it is possible to find an inexpensive board game that is suitable for all ages, there are also games for children or exclusively for the amusement of adults.

Many famous games have special versions suitable for children, where the rules are simpler. So the little ones can also play something similar. Additionally, another thing to consider is that it is possible to find themed editions of your favorite games to enjoy a classic product but in a different way. For example, Risk and its version of “Game of Thrones” or the edition of “The Simpsons” in Monopoly.


Lastly, don’t forget that board games can be valuable learning tools for both adults and children. If, for example, your child needs to learn about science, math or history, then he looks for an appropriate game for this.

There are many specialized board games on the market in these areas, you just need to look for them. In addition to this type of “school” learning, there are other games that test another set of more practical skills such as creativity when drawing or creating, the analysis of situations, problem solving and more things that will be useful in your day to day. day.

This makes the games versatile, because, in addition to being fun, they provide a source of knowledge that will be useful for children and adults alike.

Another feature that affects versatility is the size and weight of the game. It is better to buy small and light versions, because they are not only easy to store, but also very easy to carry from one place to another, so that the fun is always with you. Many games have pocket editions to improve portability.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a board game?

Making a board game is as free a process as creating a story. You decide exactly everything and, with just one die, you can organize an entire game if you have creativity.

All you need is to establish the rules of the game, the role of each of the participants and what is required to win or lose. If you need a board, making it yourself is easy and very cheap, but it’s not entirely necessary and if you can’t do it, you should continue to develop your idea and not limit yourself in any way.

If the game has many rules, consider writing them down to make learning the game easier.

Q2: How to create a tabletop RPG?

With the same idea developed in the previous question, creating a board game is a very personal process, so everyone can do it the way they want. Specifically in role-playing games, since they usually require fewer rules and more creativity.

Write a draft that shows what the game is about, including the requirements needed to be the winner. To increase the challenge, give rules that are easy to follow but require attention from the players. In addition to that, try that, among all the participants, there are different functionalities between one character and another. Like a classic cop and robber.

Q3: What is the oldest board game?

The dispute is between two board games: The Senet, of Egyptian origin, and the Royal Game of Ur, of Iraqi origin.

The latter is the most recognized when it comes to antiquity, however, there are those who think that the Senet appreciated years before. The Royal Game of Ur was discovered in the early 1920s and was acquired by a museum in the late 1920s.

This game dates back more than 4,500 years and consists of a board with chips and dice. Its objective is based on moving the pieces until completing an objective and, after that, removing them from the board one by one. A dynamic very similar to the Ludo that is played today.

Q4: What is the MasterChef board game?

With a chef’s hat included, this game uses different tokens and cards to prepare fictional dishes using the ingredients provided by the chef, which will be 6, but 4 will be used. The participant must create a dish with the ingredients and, when it is your turn to choose the best, you will need to explain the preparation that the dish needed and also express why you think it is the best.

The chef will proceed to choose the best and worst dish. It can be played by up to 6 people.

How to play a board game

Playing a board game goes beyond learning rules and spending hours having fun. There are many ways to take advantage of these games and some people are still not aware of all the possibilities that exist when playing with one of these products. In this short guide you will learn about the different advantages of knowing how to use a board game for your benefit, beyond entertainment.

as creative development

Some board games actually promote the use of creative resources in order to finish the game. “One night, the Werewolf” or the famous “Dungeons and Dragons” require creativity to create stories and, like them, many other alternatives on the market.

RPG games, drawing games or card games that require the development of stories are unique products when it comes to increasing creative capacity in groups of all ages.

As analytical development

Sometimes the fun can also come with hours of analytical thinking. Skills such as memorization, strategizing, problem solving, probability analysis, and even, in some cases, understanding math problems are part of the gameplay.

Spending time with board games of this type can give developing children a great advantage, as these skills will help them on different occasions in school and in daily life.

As a learning aid

Many products of this type base their game mode on the provision of data and ways of learning about certain topics. For example, you will find games based on historical facts, as well as question and answer games that deal with topics from scientific, social and cultural areas.

This, in addition to being entertaining, can serve as a way of learning for children and young people, making the information more understandable and making it easier to study. It also helps to expand the knowledge of adults.

As a way of approaching languages

Learning a second or third language can be difficult, even mastering our mother tongue properly can take a lot of effort. However, if this learning happens spontaneously through fun methods, such as board games, then everything will be easier.

“Scrabble”, for example, is one of the best in this area. Playing a game of this great game will open the doors to a more extensive lexicon in your language and you will also get to learn new definitions of words when you use the dictionary to check everything. In addition to that, you can also use it in all languages, so you can familiarize yourself with them in a fun way to learn by playing.

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Board games are a fun way to bring multiple people together, regardless of gender or age. These foster moments of healthy competition, camaraderie, teamwork and learning that, in addition to providing entertainment, will help strengthen the ties between the groups.

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