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Cardboard – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


A cardboard is, basically, a sheet of paper that is thicker and more resistant than the standard, so it is used in all kinds of areas to carry out different tasks. If you are interested in or need to acquire a good cardboard, in the first place, you can evaluate the option of Folia 609XXX, a set of 50 sheets in various colors and with malleable grammage. Second, you can consider the Partycards KP-100/2017 option. This set has 50 units, but in white and in A4 size format, to make it more comfortable for you to work, paint, paste and cut.

The 9 Best Cardboards – Opinions 2022


Cardstock is a very practical tool to carry out all kinds of tasks, crafts and art. In the following space you will be able to know some options that have favorable opinions and striking advantages to satisfy different needs.

A3 cardboard

1. Folia Construction Paper 130 g/m² DIN A3 50 Sheets

Folia might just have the best cardstock for all kinds of jobs and crafts. The A3 609XXX cardboard model is a pack that includes a total of 50 sheets of assorted colors where you can find cardboard in black, white, blue, red, green, brown, yellow and more.

This variety of colors gives you the possibility of using this cardboard paper to carry out drawings, paintings, origami and all kinds of crafts. In addition, each card has a grammage of 130 g/m² for greater resistance to humidity, in case you are going to paint with watercolors or use glue.

On the other hand, being an A3 size cardboard, you should know that each unit of the package has dimensions of 42 x 59 centimeters, this being the space that you can use to paint or cut depending on your needs.

Thanks to the fact that it could be the best cardboard of the moment, it is important to review its pros and cons:


Pack: With the purchase of this pack you will get 50 DIN A3 cards to carry out your projects.

Weight: Each one has a weight of 130 g/m², so they are resistant, but easy to mold.

Variety: In the pack you can find up to 10 different colors among the cards for greater variety.

Utility: Thanks to its weight and colors, you can use these cards to paint, cut or fold.



Colors: You cannot choose the number of sheets of a particular color, since each set the number may vary.

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kraft cardboard


2. PartyCards 100 Sheets of Brown Kraft Cardboard DIN A4 

Another option that could be among the best cards of 2022 is PartyCards, especially if you are looking for a versatile product that is resistant and comfortable to handle.

The number of crafts you can do with cardboard is very high and the PartyCards set includes a total of 100 brown units due to its composition. Which leads us to highlight that it is classified as a kraft cardboard, that is, brown paper. It is made of chemical paste and has tear resistance, so it can be used to make long-lasting projects.

The grammage of this cardboard is 280 g/m², being quite comfortable to handle and with a pleasant touch finish that also responds well to all types of inks and paints. Also, this set can be used in printers, which will give you a lot of freedom when customizing each card.

PartyCards could be cataloged as the best brand of cardboard and, therefore, we invite you to consider its positive and negative aspects:


Units: If you purchase the PartyCards set you will have 100 sheets of cardboard to use as you wish.

Type: It is kraft cardboard, which allows you to use it to create paintings, invitations, cards, labels or even use it as a gift wrap.

Grammage: The grammage of each cardboard reaches 280 g/m², so it is quite robust and will be able to withstand the passage of time.

Printers: It is compatible with laser or inkjet printers to capture digital designs.



Faces: Keep in mind that the faces of the cardboard differ in the intensity of the brown color.

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White cardboard


3. East West Trading GmbH Photo Board 50 Sheets

If you’ve ever wondered what the best cardstock is for printing photos, you can consider this rather eye-catching alternative.

The utility of East West Trading GmbH’s opaline cardstock is based on photo printing, mainly due to its high grammage of 300 g/m², which gives it a more rigid finish than ordinary cardstock.

In addition, if you need white cardboard to carry out any work or project, you will have a total of 50 spare sheets of A4 format available, that is, 21 x 29 centimeters. Which also indicates that they are very useful for printing all kinds of documents.

It has a matte finish to work better with the ink you are going to use and a high degree of absorption, which makes it compatible with laser and inkjet printers. As for its texture, it is smooth, also allowing the use of colored pencils, markers, acrylic paints, etc.

This set of 50 sheets could be your answer to which card stock to buy, since you’ll have plenty of units to work with:


Utility: These cards are designed to print photographs on them, so their level of ink absorption is high.

Set: The set consists of 50 sheets of white A4 cardboard, so you can print everything you want.

Finish: Its finish is matte, providing a clean surface on which you can also paint and draw without problems.

Compatibility: It can be used with the two most popular types of printers: inkjet and laser.



Thickness: Having a high grammage, each sheet of cardboard is thick and somewhat rigid, so you must first check the capacity of the printer.

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A2 cardboard


4. Artway Studio Perfect High Quality Card Stock 

The Artway Studio brand offers you an option in case you are in need of A2 cardstock. This format can be useful for creating invitations, cards, brochures, advertising flyers, and more.

The size of the cardboard is 42 x 59 centimeters and it has a grammage of 300 g/m², so you can use it with different types of inks, materials and glues. Plus, you can use it on printers that are capable of handling this paper size.

On the other hand, the Artway Studio cardboard set has a total of 50 white sheets, being a quite comfortable background color and easy to customize since it can use colored inks without contrast problems.

Added to this, in case the format is not suitable for you, you could also purchase this set of 50 and 100 sheets in DIN A1 and DIN A3 formats, depending on your needs.

If this Artway Studio product has caught your attention, then you can get to know it a little better:


Grammage: The most remarkable thing about this cardboard is its high grammage, which makes it suitable for ink and laser printing.

Quantity: With your purchase you will get 50 sheets of cardboard, so you can use them in the way you want.

Colour: All sheets in the set are white with a matte finish to facilitate color absorption and printing.

Sizes: Depending on its availability, you can also purchase this cardboard model in DIN A1 or DIN A3 format.



Size: Their dimensions can make it a bit difficult to find a printer that is compatible with them.

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A4 cardboard


5. Apli 14246 Cardboard A4 170 G 50 Sheets

From the Apli brand, we present to you what could be the best value for money cardboard, model 14246, a set that has 50 sheets for your purposes.

On this occasion, the leaves are all green, although depending on the availability of the manufacturer, there is the possibility of acquiring them in a wide range, where you will find options such as yellow, blue, red, black, grey, brown, purple and variations of tones.

This green cardboard has a DIN A4 size format, measuring 21 x 29 centimeters, this being the most popular used in Spain and other parts of the world. In addition, it stands out that it is one of the cheapest options among those mentioned so that you do not spend more than necessary.

On the other hand, this A4 cardstock has a grammage of 170 g/m², offering flexibility in terms of handling and increasing compatibility for use with printers.

If you are looking to spend as little as possible, you will need to consider one of the cheapest cardboards on the list and that option is offered by Apli:


Format: For this cardboard, the DIN A4 size format has been used, avoiding space compatibility problems in printers.

School Use: Cardstock composites are acid-free to be suitable for school use.

Weight: It has a weight of 170 g / m² suitable for crafts, writing, scrapbooking, dividers, prints and more.

Colors: In addition to green, the manufacturer offers this set of cards in various colors and shades so you can choose the one you like best.



Folio: A rigid folio is missing to be able to store the cardboard, since they are only inside a plastic blister.

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black cardboard


6. Dohe 30105 Pack of 50 A4 Cards

Art has virtually no limits, so your canvases can be any color you prefer, and this time around, you might consider Dohe Black Cardstock as a medium to capture your creations.

The 30105 pack comes with 50 sheets of cardboard in A4 format so you can work with them as if it were a regular sheet. Its grammage is 180 g/m² with a pleasant touch where you can work with temperas, colored pencils, ballpoint pens and ink prints.

In addition to this, the safety of the cardboard is highlighted in terms of its components, since they are free of elemental chlorine, they do not contain acid as they have a neutral PH and, in addition, they have been treated with biodegradable dyes so as not to affect the environment in in case you throw them away after use. Which also leads us to mention that they are suitable for school use.

This pack of cards has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should evaluate them before deciding whether to buy it or not:


Format: The cards in the Dohe set are in DIN A4 format, one of the most used for printing documents and school work.

Compatibility: The grammage will allow you to use various types of ink on the cardboard for your creations.

Safety: They have been manufactured without toxic components to be suitable for school use.

Biodegradable: The dyes are biodegradable so as not to contaminate the environment after disposal.



Color: Do not overlook that the cardboard is black, so you will have to use only light colors so that they are noticed. Although the model is also available in other shades.

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textured cardstock


7. East West Trading GmbH Marbled Cardstock 200gsm

Among the attractive options you can also consider this product from East West Trading GmbH. The EWT-17-0016 set offers you a total of 50 sheets of cardstock, for a wide variety of projects and crafts.

Although not textured cardstock, this model features a light beige grained design to simulate marble, so you’ll have a stylish background to work on.

They have a DIN A4 format size of 21 x 29 centimeters and a grammage of 200 g/m² with which it reaches an intermediate rigidity, which will be very practical for creating invitation cards, presentations, notes, among others.

On the other hand, it stands out that they are compatible with inkjet and laser printers, as well as photocopiers, which considerably increases the practicality of these cards to capture digitally created designs on it.

To make the most of your money, you must consider all the details regarding the product you want to buy and here we present those related to this cardboard:


Design: These sheets of cardstock have the striking appearance of featuring a veined tint design to give the effect of marble.

Weight: The weight of 200 g/m² gives it the necessary thickness to allow you to use pencils, markers, paints and ink.

Format: The size of the cardboard categorizes them as DIN A4, this being the best known and used in general.

Compatibility: The sheets can be processed on compatible printers and photocopiers.



Color Intensity: The color of the card stock is lighter than it appears on your presentation, but it is still attractive.

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gold cardboard


8. Activity Premier Stationery A4 210 Gsm Activity Card

Activity Premier has a set of quite striking and elegant cards, the model C3270997. It is a set of 25 sheets of cardboard that have a grammage of 210 g/m².

But that is not the highlight of this product, but its color. Each cardstock has a glittery gold finish that makes it look very elegant, so you can use it to wrap gifts, create bookmarks, design event invitations and more.

You can also use this gold card stock in card printers that use heat for inkjet because of the finish, but this will give you the freedom to create different and unique ID cards or business cards.

On the other hand, its format is the well-known DIN A4, so you can handle them comfortably. You can use various types of paint on it, but since it has this finish, many prefer to use cardboard for cutting out and creating figures or decorative elements.

Cardstock can have very practical uses in arts and crafts, but first you should know everything that a unit or set can offer you:


Design: This set of cardboard stands out for having a metallic appearance in gold that makes it very striking.

Set: It has a total of 25 sheets in which you can make all kinds of designs, writings and creations.

Grammage: Its grammage is 210 g/m² and can be used in card printers due to its thickness.

Recyclable: They are made with materials that you can recycle after using them.



Both sides: Keep in mind that the metallic finish is only present on one side of the card, while the other side is matte white.

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Cardboard Canson


9. Canson Imagine Pad A4 Drawing Paper

If you are looking for cardboard in sketchbook mode, we recommend you evaluate this option from the Canson brand.

On this occasion, we are presented with the model 200006008 pad that has 50 white sheets on which you can draw comfortably. Its grammage is 200 g/m², making it suitable for the use of paints, pencils, pens and even printer ink.

Likewise, Canson cardboard comes in a friendly format, DIN A4 so that you have space to work on without obstacles, as well as making it compatible with most current printers. Thanks to this, your freedom to capture designs on them is expanded.

On the other hand, the sheets of the cardboard set have a high absorption capacity to help the inks dry faster and avoid accidents when working with them.

If you have not yet found the ideal cardboard for you, you may be interested in taking a look at the pros and cons of this alternative:


Presentation: These sheets of cardboard are inserted together to form a drawing pad on which to capture your art.

Format: The format of the sheets is DIN A4, so you will have no problems when you want to print on them.

Color: They are all matte white, so the background will be easy to manage in terms of color intensity.

Printing: They can be used in printers with capacity for cardboard of this weight.



Delicate: The construction of the pad is delicate, so you must be careful when turning the pages so as not to detach them.

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Shopping guide


If you have experience in crafts with cardboard, you will know that it is not always easy to find the right option, either because of its type, the number of sheets or the color they present. Therefore, in the following space we will help you to know important characteristics that could help you make a better purchase.

cardstock type

According to a comparison of standard cardboard, the type of this is one of the most relevant aspects when you want to choose which one to buy. The purpose of choosing a particular cardboard is based on the certainty that it will be useful according to the type of project that is intended to be carried out with it.

To know with certainty what type of cardboard is being purchased, its grammage is generally checked. The greater the grammage, the thicker each sheet will be. Most card stock is over 200gsm to offer greater durability than regular paper, but in this case, it determines its category and also its resistance.

On the other hand, regarding the type of cardboard according to its finish, you can find it in matte, shiny, metallic colors, as well as with a rough or textured touch, allowing you to choose the most appropriate one.

set quantity

The next thing to evaluate in this guide to buying the best cardboard is the number of units that have been included in the set. In general, these types of products can be purchased in packages of several dozen, thus becoming a very relevant detail to take into account before choosing.

This is one of the advantages offered by cardboard, since, as it can be purchased in sets, you will have the right number of sheets available for your projects. This information can be seen with the naked eye on the product packaging and we advise you to choose a set of cardboard that is large enough to avoid running out of material in the middle of an art, craft or construction project.

Fortunately, the market offers alternatives that range from a single cardstock to packs that can include 50 sheets, 100 sheets, 200 sheets and more, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one that offers good value for money.

Available colours

In order to consider the colors available within the cardstock set of your interest, it is useful to think about what you need the product for in the first place. Depending on whether it is one more item on your child’s school supply list or if it is for crafts at home, the importance of its color will vary.

Some cardstock options have a certain color due to their type, for example, opal or kraft cardstock, which is why it is imperative that you carefully review the specifications of the sheet or set before choosing it.

Also keep in mind that you can choose sets of single-color and multicolored cardboard, with patterns, textures and more.

sheet format

The format of the cardboard sheet represents another of the decisive characteristics to be able to acquire the best option. Although regular card stock may seem good and cheap, if you don’t consider the format, it is likely that all your work will be affected later.

The sheets are classified in sizes with the DIN code accompanied by the letter A plus a number. In this case, the A2 cards measure 42 x 59 centimeters, the A3 are 29 x 42 centimeters, A4 with 21 x 29 centimeters and the A5 are the smallest measuring 14 x 21 centimeters.

Card stock compatibility

The next aspect in relevance is the compatibility of the cardboard. The same method of consideration based on utility can be applied to this category, as some boards respond better to certain materials than others.

To determine the usefulness and compatibility of the cardboard, you must first know its finish and weight, since these details will give you information about the thickness and absorption of ink.

Some printers are capable of working with cardboard, as long as the recommended measures of the sheet with which you want to work are respected, to avoid any type of jam or malfunction of the equipment and its components.

useful apps

They could not miss the useful applications that the set of cardboard that has caught your attention can offer you. When you go to choose which model to buy, we recommend you take into consideration if these cards are suitable to create that invitation card to a meeting, practice origami at home or draw to relax.

In addition, you can consider if they will be useful for printing designs, creating drawings with paints and colors, cutting them to make geometric and decorative shapes, among many other applications.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a cardboard?

Card stock comes in so many types and colors that the application for it is quite wide. It can range from simple drawings to complex crafts, decoration objects, origami, invitations to events, personalized labels, among many other alternatives.

However, keep in mind the type of cardstock, so you know what materials you can use with it, be it paints, prints, glue or any other modifiable element.

Q2: How to make a cardboard box?

To create a box with cardstock paper, we advise you to use the corrugated type due to its resistance. Start by decorating what will be the outside of the box before assembling it to make it easier for you and when finished, spread it out on a flat surface.

If you’re using cardstock that’s at least 12 inches, you’ll need to make cuts at one end to create a 2-inch-long flap. From the beginning of the flap, you will need to mark 4 dividing lines of the same width along the rest of the cardboard.

Use these lines as a guide to place a ruler on top of, and go over the marked lines with an inkless pen to make folding easier. Then create more flaps from these lines by cutting up to the previously marked edge. You should end up with a total of 4 small flaps on each side.

Now you only have to fold each face inwards starting with the primary division of the cardboard and ending with the recently cut flaps to close the box.


Q3: How to print on a cardstock?

Making a print on card stock is identical to making a print on a regular sheet of paper. However, before carrying out this process, you must first make sure that the printer is suitable for working with this type of material.

Being considerably thicker than regular paper, cardstock can get stuck in the printer relatively easily, and if it’s stiff, the rollers will have a hard time molding it, potentially damaging your equipment.

For this reason, before inserting cardboard into your printer, access the Control Panel of your computer and in the Printers and Faxes category, look for the model you have connected and access its configuration parameters. In the sheet type section, cardboard should appear as an option or sheets of different thickness. Choose the model of cardboard that you have and voila, you have everything ready.

Finish by placing the sheet of card stock in the machine’s input tray and print what you want.


Q4: How to make a cone with cardboard?

Creating a cardboard cone is a relatively simple task, although you will need a compass, scissors, and glue.

Place the sheet of cardboard on the table and cut it so that you get a square with all four equal sides. Position the compass needle in the upper left corner. Open the tool until it reaches the top right corner and trace the path to the bottom left corner. Cut out this pattern and fold in 1 cm of cardboard, this flap will serve to join everything.

Now simply take the sheet carefully and twist one end while holding the other end in your hand. Take the glue and apply it to the flap to secure the closure of the cone.

Q5: How to make cardboard flowers?

An easy method to make cardboard flowers is by using a glass. Place it on top of the leaf and draw its circumference, then draw a spiral from the edge inwards. Cut out these lines and start rolling the spiral from the center out applying glue to hold it together and you’re good to go.

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