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Children’s game – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


If you are looking for alternatives in children’s games for the little ones, we have a couple of options that might interest you. One is Diset 63246, a magnetic board with which they can play “dress” the characters that are represented in underwear. Being magnetic, the pieces will “stick” as if by magic to be fun and eye-catching. Another good alternative could be Zygomatic Asmodee Dobble if you’re looking for a children’s game that helps speed up reflexes, improve observation and speed of sight, among other things. The games can be between two and eight people, in addition to being recommended from 6 years old.

The 9 Best Children’s Games – Opinions 2022


Now that you can consider some alternatives to take your children home, in the following list you will find options for different ages, as well as the level of interactivity and development benefits so that you can more easily choose which one is best for your little one in all aspects. previously mentioned.

Children’s games for 3 years

1. Design Double-sided blackboard and two sheets with magnetic garments

In case you want a product for your little one and you cannot find good children’s games for 3 years and older that are safe and interactive, you can consider the Diset board.

This board is made up of two sheets where you can see a childish representation of a boy on one side and a girl on the other, both in underwear. The board set includes several pieces of clothing that can be placed on the surface to play dress up characters.

One of the advantages of this type of children’s games is that it allows the child to express their creativity by combining various clothes and outfits, as well as helping to develop their motor skills by handling the magnetic pieces on the board.

On the other hand, the product has dimensions of 33.2 x 26.2 x 5.2 centimeters and its weight is 581 grams, being recommended for children between 3 and 6 years old, so it could be the answer to the doubt which is the best children’s game.

Some say that Diset’s product could be the best children’s game of the moment and for this reason we will indicate its pros and cons below:


Design: The drawings on both the board and the clothes are colorful and striking.

Interactive: The game has the quality of being interactive thanks to the fact that the child can handle pieces and positioning.

Educational: Teach the little ones where each piece of clothing is placed on the body to apply it when dressing on their own.

Magnetic: Being magnetic, the pieces are handled more easily.



Monotonous: The learning objective of this model may be too simple and soon it may not be interesting for the child, although it is still educational and useful.

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Children’s educational games

2. Zygomatic Asmodee Dobble Spanish

Another product that could be the best children’s game is the one offered by Zygomatic. It is a card game where the visual agility and reflexes of the participants are put to the test, since the objective will always be the same: identify the object that shares the same characteristics on both cards.

It is considered a good option in children’s educational games because the game modes are designed to help develop cognitive and motor skills, as well as sharpen eyesight.

The set is made up of a total of 55 cards with more than 50 symbols in total that vary in shape, size and colors to test the participants which can be between 2 to 8 players, very useful if you want to organize a meeting of games at home with your friends or for your children.

In order to correctly choose the game that you will take your little ones, you must take into account its advantages and disadvantages as you will see below:


Design: The Zygomatic game has a particular but striking design, since its cards are round and the symbols are arranged both around and in the center to confuse you and make it more fun.

Cards: The set has a wide variety of symbols and cards to increase the difficulty of the game if desired.

Portability: It can be comfortably carried wherever you want thanks to a metal case to store the cards.

Game modes: With Asmodee Dobble you can enjoy up to three game modes for more variety.



Time: Keep in mind that, due to the game mode, the games are short.

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Children’s games for parties

3. Hudora 76353 Party Accessory Set

Children’s games for parties are usually a good option to entertain little ones who are going to a birthday party and Hudora offers you a complete alternative that offers various game modes for children’s entertainment.

The set consists of a total of four racing bags with nylon handles and sturdy construction for durability, four spoons with their respective plastic sets, as well as four cushions for “pillow wars” and the very useful ribbons of departure and arrival with their respective flag. This flag, meanwhile, is made of metal so you can use it with confidence.

In addition to this, the instruction manual of the set gives you instructions so that you can make up to fourteen different types of games, which gives you a wide variety of options for the entertainment of children during birthday parties, meetings, weekends, vacation etc.

Hudora could be the best brand of children’s games and has several titles in its catalog, so we invite you to review this option:


Set: Hudora offers you a set of party games to entertain the little ones during gatherings.

Design: The design of the pieces comes in different colors to make it easier to make teams.

Game modes: You can practice 14 different game modes to vary the routine.

Pegs: Pegs are included so you can secure the start and finish tapes.



Height: Keep in mind that the bags cannot be used if you are taller than 1.30 meters to prevent them from breaking.

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Children’s board games

4. Nene Toys 4 in 1 Wooden Blocks Tower with Colors and Animals

Finding good children’s board games can be a bit complicated, since some are too complicated for children, so, if you are looking for an easy option to understand and enjoy, we present you Nene Toys.

His children’s game is based on the well-known Jenga, made up of a series of wooden blocks that are stacked on themselves to create a tower and then remove one by one avoiding its collapse. The pieces are made of good quality materials and the colors are bold and bright.

However, what stands out about this option is that, in addition to the wooden blocks, it also includes a set of cards and a die with the representation of animated animals that, depending on the game mode, would dictate which specific block to play. take. This would increase the difficulty and fun of the game, as well as give children variety so they don’t get bored.

If you still haven’t been able to decide which children’s game to buy, you can take a look at what this Nene Toys option has for you:


Materials: The blocks are made of wood and have rounded edges to be safer for children.

Game modes: You can enjoy various game modes to remove the blocks.

Interactive: Being interactive, the game stimulates motor skills, eye-hand coordination, color recognition, among others.

Safe: All the drawings, both on the cards and on the blocks, are made with non-toxic paint for added safety.



Finishes: The polished finish of some blocks could make play difficult for young children.

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Traditional children’s games

5. Fournier Parcheesi and Goose

If you are looking for one of the cheapest, you may be interested in this Fournier brand option in traditional children’s games, since you can enjoy classics such as Parchís and Oca with a single purchase.

This product comes with a board measuring 33 x 33 centimeters and two sides: one with the layout of squares to play Parcheesi and the other with those required to play Oca. In addition, the respective tiles are also included so that you can enjoy both games on the same board with ease.

Being a classic and simple game model, it will be easy for the little ones to understand, so that they can play games with each other with a simple explanation.

On the other hand, the extra advantage offered by this type of children’s games is that it helps little ones to work on their concentration, strategy and memory skills in order to be victorious in the game.

Being one of the cheapest alternatives on the list, we advise you to evaluate its pros and cons to decide if you are interested or not:


Board: The board of this board game has two sides so you can play Parcheesi or Goose as you prefer.

Colors: The colors used to determine the cells and the characters are intense, with good print quality and are durable.

Tokens: The tokens are of different colors and are made of plastic, keeping them light to be easy to handle.

Portability: Its size makes it portable, in addition to the fact that the chips have their respective container.



Instructions: A rules manual for the games is not included, but being traditional games, it does not imply greater complexity.

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Children’s car games

6. Think Fun Rush Hour Jr.

If you want to invest in children’s car games, a good option could be Rush Hour Jr., an option designed to improve the child’s motor skills, as well as logic and problem solving.

Basically, the objective of the game is to “get the ice cream truck out of the jam” by changing the position of the other cars following a series of rules, which can vary depending on the difficulty desired.

In addition, some might say that it is one of the best children’s games of 2019 thanks to the fact that 40 challenge cards are included, ranging from beginner to expert level, so that you can enjoy many hours of fun with this car game..

On the other hand, it should be noted that the purchase of this set includes, in addition to the cards, fifteen standard plastic cars, the ice cream truck and a travel bag so you can easily transport it.

If you have been interested in this product and want to know it in detail, we invite you to read the following important points:


Benefits: This type of children’s games helps the reasoning and development of different areas of the brain, as well as the psychomotor.

Challenges: With the variety of challenges on the cards, you can play many games before running into a repeat game.

Cars: The cars are of different colors and do not have sharp edges for safety.

Portability: The transport bag will allow you to take the game to entertain your little one on the go.



Participants: Please note that this is designed for a single player.

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Children’s games for 4 years

7. Educa Borrás Lince Disney Edition

In children’s games for 4 years and older, we offer you Lince, Disney Edition, by Educa Borrás. This model is based on the identification of faces, objects or places indicated by a token drawn at random. The objective is simple: the player who has identified the image on the board the fastest wins.

But, in this edition of Educa Borrás you will find Disney characters, being a very striking alternative for the little ones in the house. The purchase includes the detachable board along with more than 70 images referring to different films in the franchise.

All the characters have been well designed and identical to the originals, so your children will feel confident to play, since they will be able to identify them more easily. Thanks to this, the Educa Borrás option could be the best value for money children’s game so you can spend a different afternoon at home.

Being a Disney Edition, it can be very attractive to children and now we will present its most notable pros and cons:


Application: With the purchase of the game you can download the application to continue playing online if you wish.

Variety: The variety of characters will make the games entertaining and competitive to see who is faster.

Ages: It can be enjoyed by children between 4 and 7 years of age, but also by young people and adults.

Design: Its design is attractive with a wide variety of colors and characters to be eye-catching.



Simple: For the taste of some, the dynamics of the game may be too simple, but this can also be an advantage for children, who will quickly understand what the game is about.

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Children’s interactive games

8. VTech DiverBlack PC Educational Kids Computer

Children’s games for children are usually a bit boring for those who have a fondness for technology, so, on this occasion, we present you a very attractive alternative from the VTech brand.

If you are interested in interactive children’s games, you can consider this laptop designed to teach the little ones about different topics.

It has a built-in speaker to reproduce voices and music, as well as sound effects. It has a keyboard and directional buttons as well as an orange backlit screen to be able to use the equipment in the dark.

For its part, the interactive system of the VTech computer is divided into twenty different activities in categories such as letters and words, numbers and shapes, logic and games, animals and food, etc. This will give you variety to choose from about what to learn or what tasks to do to test your knowledge.

Taking into account all the possible details of the equipment, it will be easier for you to determine whether or not it is worth your investment:


Design: The laptop has an eye-catching design for little ones with vibrant colors and a compact size.

Personalization: It can be personalized by entering data such as name, age, favorite food, among other details.

Character: The system works with a character in the form of a penguin that guides the children in the use of the equipment.

Benefits: Provides benefits and stimulation in the area of ​​language, mathematics, science and memory for the child.



Keyboard: The keyboard layout is not QWERTY, which could help the little one to become familiar with a regular computer.

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Children’s games for 5 years

9. Monopoly Junior

Monopoly is a well-known board game and its Junior edition can be a good purchase to teach children, since it has a simpler layout with fewer boxes. This substantially simplifies the game so that children can more easily understand the rules and carry out their buying and selling strategy.

The purchase of the product includes the respective Monopoly Junior board together with four pawns in the form of animals of different colors with their personalized cards, 20 “Luck” cards, 48 ​​”Sold” cards, 90 Monopoly bills of different denominations and the classic dice.

In addition to this, the board stands out for presenting a friendly and eye-catching design for the little ones with a variety of colors and fun characters. Thanks to this, some would say that Monopoly Junior could be one of the best children’s games for ages 5 and up.

Although Monopoly is a fairly well-known game, this alternative has both positive and negative aspects and you should evaluate them before buying:


Design: This version of Monopoly has an attractive design for children thanks to its colors and animated characters.

Cards: To avoid the use of conventional plastic houses, these have been replaced by character cards for the purchase of properties.

Compact: The size of the board and the box itself are small in size to be able to take it on a trip if desired.

Printing: The printing on the game board is of good quality and the colors are vivid.


Time: Because there are fewer squares, the games last less time than in a standard version.

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Shopping guide

A comparison of children’s games can be a bit complicated to interpret if you do not have prior knowledge about the subject and, therefore, in this guide to buying the best children’s game we will consider which are those aspects that most influence both interactivity and in the fun and relaxation of the smallest of the house.

game type

Before getting carried away only by how much a children’s game costs to acquire the cheapest and save as much as possible, we first advise you to evaluate what type of game it is.

Basically, in children’s games the variety is quite wide, so you can choose card games, with boards, tokens, virtual games, among many other options. One of the most popular are card games, since you can vary the basic rules and create custom games. The same happens with digital ones, which offer online connection systems or also interactivity with virtual characters.

In the event that you are looking for an option in board games, you must take into account what type of game it is to be able to choose one that offers a fun dynamic to interest the little ones in the house.

Difficulty of dynamics

The difficulty of the game dynamics is also of vital importance if you are looking for children’s options. In general, the same manufacturer indicates the minimum recommended age to enjoy a certain product, a detail that you should consider before purchasing it to avoid inconveniences.

Likewise, to determine how difficult a title in children’s board games can be, you must first know the rules and how many there are. The greater the number of rules or variants, the more difficult it will be for the child to follow the rhythm of the game or even understand it, so it is very important to acquire an age-appropriate title.

Interactivity level

Another aspect that some users consider before purchasing a children’s game is the level of interactivity that it will provide to the child. In general, the more interactive a game is, the more interest and fun the little one will get, as well as other benefits that we will mention later.

To correctly assess what level of interactivity your child needs, take into account details such as their age, motor skills, and understanding of rules, among others.

Benefits of the practice

The benefits that certain children’s games can bring can be much more positive than you imagine, since some are designed to exercise certain areas of the brain or body and thus improve their performance and development.

Depending on the type of game and dynamics, the child can receive information about general culture, improve their attention and retention capacity, increase skills in strategy and movement forecasting, as well as improve eye coordination with their limbs, among other advantages.

Therefore, if you want to exercise particular areas of your little one’s brain or body, we recommend reviewing the dynamics of the title to determine if it has the necessary elements for it, either taking into account the variety of rules, the duration of the games or the difficulty. of the game.

Amount of participants

The number of participants in a children’s game can be a decisive factor for the purchase of a certain title.

In these cases, you must take into account what the game is going to be used for, that is, if it is for Sunday afternoons at home, meetings with friends and family, or children’s parties.

Depending on the use that you are going to give the game with your little ones, you can choose the one that has a greater or lesser number of participants, although, for the most part, you will find games where two or more people can play, allowing you to enjoy group games and have fun competitions.

game security

Finally, do not forget to take into account the security of the game in general. It may sound a bit strange to mention this with children’s games, but the truth is that the number of accidents that occur due to the mishandling of pieces, tokens or dice is more common than you imagine.

For this reason, we recommend that you check each of the components of the game in case they include a board, cards, totems and other accessories. Make sure they are made safely without sharp points or toxic materials in their composition, as some children have a tendency to put small objects in their mouths. In addition, you cannot ignore that the content, information and rules of the children’s game are suitable for a child of the recommended age.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use playground equipment?

If you have purchased a new children’s board game and do not know how to use it, before taking anything out of the box, we recommend that you carefully review the instruction manual to know the rules before starting a game.

Then, you can start placing the board on the table, along with the chips and cards depending on the type and dynamics of the game.

Keep in mind that, since these are children’s titles, you will have to explain the rules to the little ones, so you must try to do it in a simple and easy to understand way so that they can carry out fun and dynamic games.

Q2: How to make playground equipment for garden?

A simple option to create a children’s game in the garden is to paint tiles in different colors and place numbers on them. Then, place the tiles in the correct order so that the little ones can enjoy games of the classic Hopscotch outdoors with their friends.

Q3: What are the childhood games that the grandparents played?

The games that the grandparents played can be considered as traditional titles due to their age.

Some of the most popular games were Parcheesi, a board game with tokens and dice or Diabolo, which required skill with the hands to balance two cones linked on a thread.

On the other hand, for those who liked to play outdoors, the Comba probably sounds familiar. It is the classic game of jumping rope, but with friends to make it even more fun and entertaining.

In board games, in addition to Parcheesi, Chess, Dominoes, Dice and many others can be mentioned. All of these offer various benefits for the training and development of different psychomotor areas.

Q4: How to build wooden playground equipment?

To build games made of wood, you must have some DIY skills and you will be able to create cards, boards, dice and even entire structures where your little one can play and have fun. For example, small wooden houses are not too complicated to make and you can do it with home tools, you just need to have the detailed plan at hand and maybe the help of a friend to achieve it.

Q5: What are traditional children’s games?

Traditional children’s games are those that have been with us for decades and are, for the most part, known by a large part of the world’s population.

Some of the best-known traditional games are based on the simplicity of their rules, such as Parcheesi, where the objective is to go through squares according to the number that has been drawn when rolling the dice.

Memory can also be mentioned, made up of a set of cards in pairs that are turned face down and must be raised one by one trying to remember the image and position in order to raise the pairs until there are no cards left. The player with the most pairs wins.

Q6: Children’s games where numbers are used?

There are many options in children’s games where numbers are used, especially if it is table titles with a board, since these are usually played with dice.

You can also consider outdoor children’s games such as the one played in schools where a series of boxes with numbers are painted on the ground and you must jump over them avoiding the one that has been marked by the totem.

If you want to make a children’s game to teach your little one about numbers, there are several simple alternatives, such as using clothespins with numbers drawn on them and a palette with colored circles so that the child chooses the corresponding clothespin according to the number of circles.

Q7: How to organize games for children’s parties?

Games for children’s parties can be a lot of fun and their variety is wide. From racing games to skill competitions, there are many options to entertain the little ones during a party.

One of the most popular can be the sack race and it is quite simple to organize, since you will only need a certain number of sacks and a start and finish line to organize a fun competition.

Another good alternative is the egg race, as it helps little ones use their balance and eye coordination to reach the finish line. For this game you will need metal or wooden spoons and chicken eggs or some small balls. The idea is to place the egg or ball on the spoon and hold it with your teeth while walking or running to reach the finish line first than the other participants.

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