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Handheld Game Console – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Just as there are large consoles such as the PS4, Nintendo Wii or Xbox One, there are also compact devices with a built-in screen, through which you can entertain yourself without using a television. These come in various models, but before knowing them, you should review the characteristics of each one, for example, size, buttons, compatible game formats, autonomy, among others. After reading about these aspects we have decided to recommend some of the most outstanding handheld consoles today. Among them we present the Zhishan 218 in 1, recommended for having a retro game design with a manageable format and classic buttons, whose interface is simple and intuitive for young children or any user. On the other hand, the Tanouve 28115914EAID stands out, whose 3-inch color LCD screen shows clear and sharp graphics of the 400 retro games that it incorporates. This model also has the particularity that it can be used as a portable console or connected to the TV.

Buying Guide – What is the best handheld game console on the market?

New video game consoles have come out in the world, but the handheld ones are one of the most practical on the market, since you can take them anywhere and play with them, as they even have their own screens. Of course, since there are many models of this type of product on the Internet, we have decided to make this guide to buy the best handheld game console, which may help you make the best decision.


Although sometimes we do not pay attention to this feature, in a comparison it is important to take it into account. This is because each console has a specific size and, depending on it, you will be able to play more or less comfortably.

In other words, if you are going to give the console to a child, you should opt for a small one that fits in their hands, therefore, you should review this aspect in the specifications of the device you wish to purchase.

In addition to this, it is important to mention the size of the screen, which is expressed in inches, just like in phones or televisions. This does not vary much from one console model to another, but sometimes it does influence the display of games, so some users prefer to buy the product with the largest screen.


The buttons must be resistant, but soft to the touch, they are generally made of plastic and rubber for cushioning and contact with the internal system. Likewise, this area must be distributed like the controls of common consoles, so that it is easier to press each button while you are playing.

In addition, it is important to take into account the number of buttons that the equipment provides, at least 2 buttons to shoot, jump or dodge blows, the crosshead, which is the direction button, and the Start button, that is, start.

However, there are also consoles that have analog buttons like those of an Xbox controller. These are very easy to use and provide speed in the movements of characters in video games.

On the other hand, consoles with newer technologies offer triggers, which are buttons located on the top of the console and are used to perform some functions in games, for example, fly, protect yourself from blows, zoom, etc.

Supported Formats

Before asking yourself how much a handheld console costs, you should know what formats are compatible with it. This means that some machines of this type read retro games in SEGA, NES, SMS formats and others only open GBA files.

In this sense, it is best that you choose the console that supports the format of the video game you want to play. For example, some people have the NES file for the Bomberman game on their computers, and to open it on a console, the console must support that format.

Of course, maybe after reviewing the various format options you will find a good and cheap console that suits your requirements, so don’t worry and continue reading this buying guide. In addition, later we present some consoles that could be of interest to you.

number of games

In a comparison of handheld game consoles, it is essential to know how many video games each machine has.

If you want to entertain yourself with a console for several years, it is recommended that you acquire the one with the most games. In this sense, there are those that have more than 500 games, these are quite effective and, probably, you will not get bored with them at any time.

However, some that come with less than 100 games are quite useful, because it is possible to store many more in them, through an external memory card or the same internal storage. That is, you can connect the console via USB to a computer and transfer the games you like.


This aspect is essential when you want to play for several hours, since not all consoles offer the same autonomy. If you buy a machine in this category that gives you more than 5 hours of continuous play, it may be enough to use it on a long trip.

On the other hand, there are also consoles that have less than 4 hours of autonomy, these are also a good option, since not all people require more continuous game time.

It should be noted that autonomy depends largely on the battery used by a certain console, so when reviewing various models, you must take into account the amperage provided by each one.

You should know that the higher the amperage, the more time the console will give you, so it is worth taking a look at this aspect before making the purchase.

The 3 Best Handheld Game Consoles – Opinions 2022

Regarding this category of products, we can mention hundreds of models, but, as it is difficult to decide between so many options, it is important to mention only some equipment. Therefore, we recommend you review this list, in which we present some of the best handheld game consoles of 2022.

1. Zhishan Kids Retro Portable Handheld Game Consoles

For nostalgics who want to play classic video games again or want their children to know them, this model may be the answer to which is the best handheld game console.

First of all, we must talk about its 2.5-inch screen that, although it seems small, offers an efficient display of games in color and with many details.

Second, we mention the 218 retro games that the console incorporates. Among these we find sports, puzzle, math, adventure, memory, thought and logic video games that, in addition to entertaining children, will allow players to learn.

On the other hand, this model is distinguished by its autonomy design with a rechargeable lithium battery that can last up to 4 hours of play and be fully charged in 1 hour. As an alternative to when you don’t have a plug nearby, you can put 3 AAA batteries into the console to keep it going, without interrupting the fun of the children. 

We have summarized some of its qualities of this model in the following section of pros and cons that will help you decide whether to buy it or not.


Format: The size of the console is manageable for the hands of small children, as well as to facilitate its transport in the backpack without weighing down or taking up space. 

Autonomy: The lithium battery is a success in this device to reduce the cost of replacement batteries, offering a range of 4 hours, enough for several gaming sessions.

Interface: This console has a simple operation, designed for children over 4 years old, with entertaining games and intuitive buttons.

Resistance: The construction of the device in a good quality plastic is a sign of its resistance and robust design.


Screen: Some adults consider the screen to be small, as they are used to mobile phones and other devices with screens larger than 5 inches.

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2. Tanouve Retro Handheld Game Console with 400 Classic Games

The Tanouve console stands out in the market for its measurements of 11.7 x 8 x 2 cm and a light weight of 300 g, making it manageable for anyone, including small users.

In these compact sizes you can enjoy 400 classic games, the same popular games of those who were children in the 80s and 90s, representing for many a journey through time that fits in their hands. 

In addition to its design and manufacture in ABS plastic, this device has a very competitive and attractive price, especially for those who are looking for an entertaining gift for the children of the family and do not want to spend a lot.

For this reason, some users consider this to be the best value for money handheld game console, not to mention that there is no need to spend on batteries because it includes a 1020 mAh battery, which is equivalent to 8 hours of use. 

If you want to verify that this may be the best handheld game console of the moment, we invite you to read the positive and negative aspects that we find in it. 


Screen: The LCD screen is 3 inches and has a good resolution, as well as an efficient color definition to see the graphics of classic games. 

2 players: The device comes with an additional controller to make using the console with two players more fun.

TV connection: To improve the video game experience, an easy-to-install TV-out cable is included.

Compact: The console is small and light, so it fits in any pocket or backpack to take it anywhere. 


Cable: The connection cable to the television is 50 cm long, forcing the players to stay very close to the TV.

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3. CXYP Handheld Game Console 3000 Retro Games

CXYP offers various options for interactive and video game fun, which is why it has positioned itself in the market as the best brand of handheld game consoles, according to some users.

On this occasion, the PAP KIII Plus console stands out among its products with a modern design and a 4.3-inch screen with 3,000 non-repeated games to offer more fun.

But, the main attraction of this device is its versatility, since it is not only a portable video game console, but also incorporates a rear camera, therefore you can take photos with it. Also, it allows you to play MP3 music, watch movies, record audio and keep yourself entertained, because it supports a 32 Gb Micro SD card. 

Consequently, through the removable memory, more games can be added to the console to expand its catalog, if you want to have more current video games. 

In this way, the CXYP console is a multifunctional and entertaining device for both children and adults. For this reason, we have summarized its most outstanding features in the following section of pros and cons. 


Screen: The LCD screen is 4.3 inches and a resolution of 480 x 272 to play with definition. 

Functions: With this device you can play video games, play music and videos, make voice recordings and even read electronic books. 

TV Out: An AV cable is included for DVD quality playback and higher definition TV play. 

Autonomy: The battery of the device is made of lithium polymer and offers up to 6 hours of autonomy, avoiding the expense of batteries and spare parts. 


Charger: Only the USB cable is included to power the battery. But you can use the mobile charger or connect the console to the computer.

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How to use a handheld game console

Decades since “Space Invaders” appeared on the market, causing a tremendous success in the year 1978 and revealing the great entertainment of video games, the consoles have evolved enormously until reaching the portable versions. Currently, both children and adults spend hours enjoying their favorite video games, which is why it has become one of the most lucrative industries in recent years.

The benefits of our consoles are many, since it has been shown that they can delay mental aging, increase intelligence, can prevent some diseases, improve motor skills and can work as an analgesic for the sick. Next we will explain in detail how to use a handheld game console.

Check the instruction

Before you start using your console, be sure to review the instructions carefully. It is always recommended that before starting any electrical device you read its instruction manual well, so that you know its characteristics and functions well. This way you will avoid any misuse that you can give it.

Make sure to charge the battery

What characterizes these consoles from traditional models is their portability, so it is common for them to work with rechargeable or interchangeable batteries.

The first thing you should do is make sure you have enough charge to power up your device. Take the charger and plug it into your console, then plug it into a power outlet. In case the model uses removable batteries, insert the correct ones in its compartment.

Set up your console

Some models will ask you to configure basic data when you start the console for the first time, such as the date or even your name and the wireless network you want to connect to. Many times it will be necessary for you to complete this step before proceeding, so that your console is personalized.

choose the game

Many models come with a large list of pre-installed games that you can select to enjoy. There are other cases where games will need to be installed by inserting the corresponding game cartridge and even copying it directly from your computer. In case your game is not inside the memory of your console and you need to copy it, proceed to connect the USB cable to the device and then to your computer.

copy the game

When you connect your console to your computer you must locate the game file and just copy it to the memory of your portable console. These games have a special format that determines compatibility with handheld consoles, so you’ll need to make sure it’s correct.

They are usually games in image format called ROMs with file extensions.ISO,.SMC,.NES or.GBA, depending on the console that game belongs to. Disconnect the device and from the menu select the title of the game. Press the start button to run the game.

After playing save the console

At the end of your time of distraction make sure to save the game so that when you return you can continue at the point where you left off. To prolong the useful life of the battery, we recommend that you remove it from the console and, if your model uses an internal battery, turn it off completely, avoiding leaving it in a suspended state, as it may continue to consume power.

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Ces produits ont été parmi les plus recommandés, mais maintenant ils ne sont plus availabilities

Zhishan LCD HD

It is one of the cheapest handheld consoles today, so knowing the following features may be worth your choice.

Se trata de un producto con 416 juegos de los 80, una década que dio bastantes frutos respecto a este tipo de entretenimiento. Asimismo, mencionamos que su pantalla LCD es de 3,5 pulgadas y proporciona alta definición, de modo que podrás disfrutar de imágenes nítidas.

Esta consola viene en 3 colores diferentes, los cuales son verde, azul y negro, quizá uno de ellos sea tu preferido. Sus botones en la parte frontal derecha están distribuidos de manera similar a un PSP, porque tienen los diseños de triángulo, cuadrado, círculo y cruz, lo que hace más fácil su uso.

Por otra parte, mencionamos que solo pesa 110 gramos, de modo que es una consola liviana, para que no te canses de tenerla en la mano mientras estás jugando por un largo rato.

Entre las opciones más baratas podrás encontrar esta consola portátil de Zhishan que, aunque no es extremadamente innovadora en ciertos aspectos, es capaz de ofrecerte bastante diversión.


Juegos clásicos: Todos los 416 juegos incluidos datan de la década de los 80 y 90, por lo tanto, padres e hijos disfrutarán del mejor entretenimiento con este divertido y práctico artefacto.

USB: Si deseas, podrás utilizar la consola mientras se encuentre conectada a la corriente a través del cable USB. Así la diversión no se acabará en ningún momento.

Peso: El peso de este artefacto es de 109 gramos, lo que lo hace un producto adecuado para niños grandes y pequeños por igual.

Batería: Si deseas utilizarla mientras se encuentre desconectada, esta consola también tiene una batería de litio recargable para cuando quieras llevarla de un lado a otro sin problemas.


Idioma: Un problema que trae este artefacto es que solo tiene 2 idiomas disponibles, el chino y el inglés. Si no posees conocimientos de ninguno, entonces es posible que te cueste entender un poco más las instrucciones.

Anbernic Retro Mini

Este modelo de consola tiene una autonomía de 6 horas, gracias a su batería de 1020 mAh. Aunado a ello, cuenta con una pantalla compacta de 2 pulgadas, la cual alcanza una resolución de 240 x 160 p.

En la Anbernic Retro Mini podrás disfrutar de muchos juegos, ya que trae 8 GB de almacenamiento y puedes colocarle una tarjeta TF de hasta 32 GB. Además, viene con 548 juegos clásicos.

Aparte de la función para jugar, también podrás ver vídeo HD, reproducir música y ver fotografías en esta consola, esto quiere decir que es una máquina completa, con la cual el entretenimiento no será un problema.

Por otro lado, cabe destacar que el paquete incluye un cable USB, de modo que no tendrás que comprar este accesorio aparte para transferir archivos a la consola.

Si no sabes qué consola de juegos de mano comprar, una buena elección sería decidirte por una muy parecida al clásico de siempre, la Game Boy Color; este es el caso de este modelo.


Tamaño: Este pequeño artefacto podrá caber perfectamente en tu bolsillo, pues mide 7 x 10.5 x 2.2 cm. Esto te dejará movilizarlo a cualquier lugar, sin complicaciones.

Memoria: Esta consola posee una memoria de 8 GB incluida donde están almacenados

508 juegos, adicionados a los 40 videojuegos que trae integrados el artefacto.

Batería: La batería de esta consola puede soportar hasta 6 horas de juego continuo e ininterrumpido, por lo tanto podrás divertirte por bastante tiempo.


Emulador: Algunos usuarios han comentado que la emulación de algunos juegos no es óptima y esto puede representar un gran problema para los más exigentes.


Es la mejor consola de juegos de mano del momento según algunos usuarios, ya que es compacta y tiene los botones similares a los mandos retro de Nintendo. Asimismo, cuenta con una pantalla a color de 2,5 pulgadas, la cual servirá para visualizar los juegos ella, de modo que resulta una consola práctica y funcional.

Aunado a ello, cabe mencionar que viene con 152 juegos, entre los cuales encontrarás a Angry Bird 3, Super Mario y Contra 1. Este último fue creado por Konami en 1987 y se trata de una historia donde tendrás que correr y disparar en medio de la jungla para detener a Red Falcon.

Por otro lado, es importante nombrar su posibilidad para conectar al TV, de modo que podrás disfrutar de los juegos en una pantalla más grande cuando lo desees. La presente consola tiene un tamaño de 11 x 6 x 2 cm, el cual es óptimo si deseas llevarla contigo en una mochila a cualquier parte.

Es probable que esta sea la mejor consola de juegos de mano por 20 euros del mercado. Aunque tenga un diseño tradicional, la diversión que podrás obtener de ella será fantástica, ya seas un niño o un adulto.


Juegos: Para que nunca se acabe la diversión, podrás elegir entre 152 juegos que vienen incorporados, incluidos los clásicos como Super Mario y Angry Birds.

TV: Si quieres ver tus grandes aventuras en pantalla grande, entonces podrás conectar la consola a tu TV para reproducir cada juego a través del cable AV que viene incluido con la compra.

Peso: El peso de esta pequeña consola es de tan solo 59 gramos, por lo tanto, será muy fácil utilizarla y llevarla a cualquier lugar que desees.


Pilas: Este artefacto electrónico no viene con las pilas incluidas y para poder utilizarlo necesita de 3 pilas AAA. Esto significa que tendrás que hacer una compra extra que acarreará un gasto adicional.

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