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Darts – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Dart throwing is an ideal activity for group fun, but it can also be done professionally. For that reason, having in mind what exactly you require is necessary in order to make the right purchase that suits you. It is possible to find models such as the IgnatGames IG1003 darts, which have a professional quality structure and come in a complete set to improve your experience, while there are also cheaper models such as the Win.Max Plastic Tip that focus more on providing the possibility of use to people of all levels and ages.

The 9 Best Darts – Opinions 2022

Choosing the best darts depends a lot on your playing style and what you are looking for in these items. For that reason, in this list you can find 9 outstanding options on the current market that could be adapted to what you want and need.

professional darts

1. IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts or

When it comes to professional darts, the material is one of the most influential aspects of your performance when using them. In this case, this IgnatGames model comes with steel tip pieces to minimize bounces and provide better precision when using them. Its structure also comes with unbreakable aluminum shafts to provide resistance to the product and, in addition, it has pressure joints made of rubber to prevent the darts from getting out of adjustment.

So that the trajectory of the dart is what you really want to give it, the body of the dart is made of knurled metal to provide a better grip. Additionally, if you happen to break a pen, you can use any of the 10 that come as a spare.

As if this were not enough, the 6-unit set comes with a free eBook with guides and illustrations to improve your technique when throwing the darts and a sharpener to keep them in excellent condition.

Choosing the best darts of the moment is something that depends on each person, however, this model could be ideal for you due to its qualities.


Extras: The purchase comes with extra accessories such as a sharpener, an electronic book and spare pens.

Set: This set includes 6 darts so you always have one ready for action.

Structure: The ribbed metal body provides a very good grip, as well as an elegant design.

Professionals: Being of professional quality, these darts can be used for practice, competitions or just for fun.


Plastic : Having steel tips, the darts are not suitable for plastic targets.

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2. Rose Kuli Steel Tip Dart Set

Buying darts can be tricky the first time, especially if you need professional darts, however, measuring 17 centimeters and weighing 24 grams each, this set could suit your needs. The best thing is that it is a product suitable for beginners too, with pens in different designs and shapes to suit your style.

As for its structure, the pieces have a steel tip that provides a good balance and a joint that will prevent the darts from getting out of adjustment when using them. The body is designed with different reliefs to provide a better grip, which will result in a more accurate launch. 

The package includes the 12 steel darts and another 12 PVC rods that will influence the style of flight. So you can choose the model you like best. Finally, it is worth noting that this product comes in a beautiful and elegant gift box.

In case you don’t know which darts to buy, this set provides professional quality pieces at a good price.


Weight: The 24 grams of weight of each dart will facilitate a straight trajectory and will give the product greater flight stability.

Box: The gift box will serve as a place to organize the darts and is also a nice addition to give someone a gift.

Structure: These darts have an elegant and very ergonomic structure to provide easier use.


Plastic: This product is suitable for cork and wood, but not for plastic and electronic dartboards.

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Plastic tipped darts

3. Win.Max Plastic Tip Darts for Electronic Dartboard

Plastic tipped darts are often the first purchase options for those who want quality at a very good price, and in this case, this set may be exactly that product. It is a very versatile kit that comes with 12 darts, 12 feathers of different designs and 100 soft tips to change them if you need it.

With black frames and bold feathers, these darts’ design stands out anywhere. In addition, it is not only relevant for its appearance, but for its manufacture. These darts are made from unbreakable aluminum to ensure durability, plus they have a fluted barrel to provide the grip you need for a good throw.

To be easy to use, the darts have a weight of 16 grams and a length of 15.29 centimeters from end to end. These dimensions are suitable for beginners, but could also be suitable for professionals who want to practice.

Among the cheapest alternatives of its kind, you will be able to find this set of darts, which is made to provide fun whenever you want.


Measurements: The dimensions of these darts are appropriate for beginners, but also for professional practice.

Set: This set is quite complete, as it comes with various darts, feathers, and tips so that you always have a piece on hand.

Grip: A good grip can determine the quality of the flight, and fortunately, the fluted body of the darts benefits this aspect.


Feathers: When feathers fall out, it can be difficult to snap them back into place, which is a disadvantage.

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4. Gyvazla Professional Darts Set

Choosing the best value for money darts might not be that difficult when you find these types of options. This pack of 12 darts stands out for its quality, but also for its design. In addition to these pieces, the set also includes 100 replacement nibs and 42 pens that stand out for displaying flags, animals, and unique designs in bright colors.

This complete pack comes in a beautiful gift box so you can give the contents to a friend or have a place to organize your new plastic tipped darts. Each of these has been made to suit people with different levels of experience, so they can be considered versatile products.

As for the structure of the darts, it is made of silver-plated brass, while its 4mm tips are plastic. The 15-gram weight provides stability, while its embossed design makes it easy to grip for a more accurate throw. 

When it comes to saving money, finding affordable, quality options like this set from Gyvazla might be the next best thing.


Pack: This set comes with various objects so you don’t miss anything. In total there are 12 darts, 42 feathers and 100 replacement tips.

Design: The design of the feathers is one of its most relevant qualities, as they show flags and other colorful motifs that will stand out.

Experience: Both beginners and professionals will enjoy these darts, as they are made for everyone.


Gaskets: These darts do not come with O-rings, so it is possible for the shaft and barrel to become misaligned.

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Harrows Darts

5. Harrows Assassin Darts

When it comes to quality, Harrows darts are usually among the best known, as the company has dedicated itself to manufacturing this type of product. In this case, the Assassin model stands out for different qualities, especially its elegant design with impeccable finishes. The black and silver contrast with the red accented feather, and from end to end, the darts reach a length appropriate for professional throwing.

One of the most outstanding aspects of this model is its structure, since the materials are of quality to provide durability and good performance. The barrel is made from 80% tungsten, while the tip has been made from steel for strength. The embossed design on the bottom provides optimal grip to direct the trajectory properly.

Unlike other fairly light darts, these weigh 22 grams to give a more stable flight.

The best dart brand might be Harrows, if you value the professional quality materials and accurate throws that the company often offers.


Design: The design of these darts is quite stylish with good color matching and slim structure.

Structure: The combination of tungsten and steel in the tip provides durability and resistance to constant use.

Ergonomics: The design gives a good grip so you can control the darts more easily.


Weight: Getting used to the weight could be difficult at first, however, afterward it will be much easier to throw the 22 gram darts.

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unicorn darts

6. Unicorn Silver Star 80% Tungsten Gary Anderson Darts

If you are looking for one of the best darts of 2022, this model is definitely one of the most outstanding, as it is endorsed by professional athlete Gary Anderson. Unicorn darts are made from natural tungsten and the barrel has been precision engineered for best performance. This pack of 3 soft tip darts could become your first choice for practice and fun.

The measures of these darts reach a good length and its diameter is 6.50 mm. These dimensions provide an adequate structure to hold comfortably, which is complemented by its relief design that facilitates grip and provides greater ergonomics. Another outstanding aspect is that the darts weigh 20 grams, which is a correct weight to have great stability.

The design of the pieces also stands out, as they have quite elegant finishes that are completed with a choice of colors that contrasts ideally.

For darts professionals, this pack could be ideal, as it has different features that, together, provide a higher quality experience when playing darts.


Weight: The weight of 20 grams is a little higher than the usual models, and this gives the darts a better flight.

Professional: Endorsed by Gary Anderson, these darts are professional quality to always give you the best.

Materials: High-performance materials not only provide good durability, but also contribute to optimal grip.


Price: For only three darts, this pack could be considered quite expensive compared to others.

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Other products

7. Grebarley 12 Darts Original Design

In case you are wondering which are the best darts, this set from Grebarley could be the answer to your question. This pack not only comes with 12 darts in bright blue and green hues, but also 9 extra PVC feathers, 6 extra bodies made of aluminum, 20 O-rings for a better fit, 50 soft tips so you always have a spare in case. you need it and a small multi-tool. The latter, in addition to helping with darts, can also function as a keychain, opener and many other things.  

Made with a plated steel frame, these darts provide strength as well as an ergonomic grip that will make throwing easier and more accurate. 

Each piece has a comfortable weight of 18 grams and a pen with dimensions of 0.3 mm. It is necessary to emphasize that the design of each pen is made by hand to give greater detail.

This product is one of the most complete on the market and, thanks to it, you will always have everything you need at hand.


Set: The pack of this brand not only comes with several darts, but also with various extra feathers, additional structures and even spare parts for the tips.

Tool: The multi-purpose tool included in the purchase is quite a practical and useful item, so it is an advantage.

Details: The handmade touch of the darts is noted due to the attention to detail of each of the pieces.


Tips: The tips could easily bend depending on the throw, so be careful.

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8. sanfeng Plastic Tip Darts for Electronic Dartboard

Among the cheapest models on the market, this set from the Sanfeng brand stands out, which stands out due to its bright green design that combines with black and silver to capture everyone’s attention. With a weight of 20 grams, these darts are made to have a precise and stable flight, which is complemented by its embossed structure on the bottom to provide an optimal and ergonomic grip.

When it comes to their structure, these darts made of unbreakable steel stand out for their durability. On top of that, by having quality o-rings, it will be more difficult for the sections to get out of adjustment when using them. The set comes with 3 pieces of black barrels, 6 flight pens, 15 soft tip refills, 6 different shafts and a practical case so you can carry everything without losing it.

Suitable for all levels of instruction, both beginners and professionals will have fun using these darts.

Everything will be organized and you will always be ready to play with this set of Sanfeng darts, therefore, it is a model to consider.


Case: So that you do not lose anything at all, this purchase comes with a comfortable and practical case.

Weight: The weight of 20 grams is adequate to provide a stable flight, with precision and balance, making it an ideal product.

Spare parts: In the event that a nib or pen is damaged, you can exchange it for the spare parts included in the purchase.


Quantity: This set only comes with 3 darts, which is a much smaller quantity than other models.

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9. Sinwind 12 Plastic Tip Darts for Electronic Dartboard

The best dart can be in your hands when you pick up any of the 12 that are included in this set from Sinwind. The pack is one of the most complete and, for that reason, many consider this product as a purchase option. With this set you will get 100 replacement soft tips, a dart storage case, 42 uniquely designed feathers, 6 aluminum shaft pieces and the darts.

Each piece has a length of 15.5 centimeters and a weight of 18 grams, so they are considered light darts. However, its quality is still great, since the materials used in its manufacture provide durability and resistance. 

The darts are made with a brass-plated steel barrel, a PET nib, a plastic tip, and a nylon shaft. Additionally, the design brings a relief section to offer a more secure and ergonomic grip.

With adequate measures to give comfort and various accessories to complement its use, these darts could become your companions in every practice or moment of fun.


Materials: All the elements used in the creation of these darts are of quality, therefore, you will be able to enjoy long durability.

Case: To avoid losses, this purchase comes with a practical case to carry all the darts.

Set: The pack is one of the most complete, as it brings several spare parts and pens of various designs to choose from.


Spikes: The plastic spikes can sometimes bounce off the dartboard, which is a downside as it could be annoying if it happens frequently.

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Shopping guide

If you want to have a perfect throw, then you need ideal darts for you that can accompany the flight. To be able to acquire them, it is necessary to know what you should look for in order to make the best possible purchase and, in this way, you will be able to practice with the appropriate equipment for your competitions or to enjoy with friends.


One of the most important characteristics when making a guide to buy the best darts is their structure. When talking about this, reference is not only made to their appearance, but also to the materials used in their manufacture and their design. How much each option costs could depend on this type of aspect and, in addition, its quality could also be determined by these qualities.

As for the materials, the most recommended when it comes to the barrels is tungsten, but also steel or plated aluminum are good alternatives. These elements are used by more experienced dart players, however, it is possible to find cheaper models made of PVC or that include these parts as spare parts.

On the other hand, the tips can be plastic or steel. The latter are the tips that professional darts should have, however, the plastic ones are becoming more and more famous due to the incursion of electronic dartboards onto the market and also due to their low cost and safety.

After verifying the materials used in the manufacture of the darts, then it is time to take a look at the design. Throwing darts depends a lot on the talent of the person, however, it also requires an ergonomic structure to be able to throw darts comfortably and easily. For this reason, it is necessary to always purchase products that have a design that allows a good grip. These are usually the ones with raised sections to prevent your fingers from slipping.


Although all darts look the same, they actually have several differences between them that can be more easily noticed when comparing darts on the current market. Understanding these small distinctions can make all the difference in your success when throwing darts, and therefore it is recommended to pay attention to these characteristics.

It is not possible to determine which are the best darts in the world by looking at their weight and measurements, however, it is possible to know which models are best suited to you and your type of game. If you are a beginner, then purchasing products according to your level of education may be the best way forward. This also happens with professionals.

If the player will be a child, then small, soft-tipped, lightweight darts may be suitable. However, when it comes to adults, the best guide is knowing that the heavier the dart, the straighter the throw. For that reason, the models have weights that vary from each other and usually range from 18 to 30 grams.

On the other hand, while most professional darts can be used by a beginner as well, the reverse is often not the case. Read the specifications very well before making the purchase.

Finally, the different tips are not just made to present options, but to adapt to different types of targets. While those made of wood or cork require a steel tip, dartboard models made of plastic or electronic ones require you to use soft tip darts.


In order to consider a model economical, when it comes to darts, it is necessary not only to look at these parts, but also those that come with them. This is because, if it is possible to get an all-inclusive set, then in the long run it will be a better investment, since you will not have to buy anything else.

Although there are some products that only bring a certain amount of darts and that’s it, other more complete packs come with different structures of different materials to serve as a spare. In addition, these barrels are sometimes complemented with other parts such as spare parts for the rubber tips, other pens with different designs, some O-rings to adjust the darts and, on certain occasions, the main product may even come with a cover or case that will keep everything organized to prevent loss.

Thanks to the existence of these small dart kits, you will be able to have everything you need in case something is damaged or if you want to experiment with different feathers, for example.

There are some more professional sets that come with little multipurpose tools so you can take care of anything that comes up with the dart parts. Also, when it comes to steel-tipped darts, certain products come with sharpeners to keep these tips in good condition.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to throw darts?

Get into a proper position, with your feet hip-width apart and your body facing the target. Focus on the target with your eyes and try to mentally draw the parabolic path that the dart will take. Remember that both shoulders and hips should be straight, always. Take the dart by the barrel for a better grip with at least 3 fingers and these should be open. Your hold should be natural.

Proceed to raise the dart to eye level and make sure your elbow is in line with your hand, pointing towards the target. Tilt the tip of the dart up slightly and with your eyes on the target, launch the dart by moving your arm forward and bending your wrist slightly before releasing. The line must be straight and your position as well.

Q2: How to train darts?

Training darts is really a trial and error process, as it all depends a lot on your comfort and preferences.

You need to train with different weights and sizes of darts to find the right one for you, as well as practicing your throwing motion and controlling your arm strength, among other things.

Q3: What darts do the pros use?

All professional darts must have tungsten as the main material, if you want to have the best performance. The barrel should be designed to be easy to grip and should usually be thin in order to provide a proper grip.

Finally, the weight of each dart should be between 21 and 25 grams. Although this varies between professional players, this weight range seems to be the right one for best performance.

Q4: How to assemble darts?

Assembling the darts is a very easy and intuitive process, so you will surely have no problems doing it. The only difference between the plastic and steel models is that, with the latter, the tip comes already mounted on a frame.

Some darts will only need the quill to fit together with some pressure, while others will require you to screw the pieces together. Attach the barrel to the tip first, then attach the rest of the body, ending with the quill.

Q5: Why do darts deflect after throwing?

The importance of learning to hold your arm position and understanding the path the darts take as they leave your hand is really important to prevent darts from going off course. If there is a slight change in the movement of the forearm, wrist, or shoulder position, then the darts are most likely not going to hit the mark you want.

Naturally, the trajectory of the dart is parabolic, and for that reason, your movement must conform to this unavoidable curve and take it into account in order to calculate your aim. In addition to this, the darts could be deflected by external conditions, such as a gust of air.

Q6: How to change the tip to the plastic darts?

Plastic tips usually screw onto the dart without much fuss, and sometimes come with o-rings to give them a better fit. So, depending on the model, you may need a small tool or just your fingers to unscrew these pieces and free the dart to fit a new tip after that.

Q7: How to get split dart tips?

It all depends on the material of said tip. If it is a dart point made of plastic, then it is possible to remove the point simply by using a pair of tweezers or a repair tool that has been included.

However, if they are steel tips, the process could take longer. Steel points are quite hard and this increases the difficulty of the process. In this case, if you don’t have a proper tool, you could damage the barrel.

For that reason, it is recommended to dissolve the tip to remove it. To do this, you can use a non-ferrous pan and add boiling water, with 6 tablespoons of alum powder per cup of water.

Doing so will allow you to submerge the dart and begin heating it over low heat. After about 3-4 hours, if the tip has remained submerged, the material will dissolve and the barrel hole will be free.

In other cases, leave the dart submerged in an airtight container of vinegar. After about 5-6 weeks, the tip will have dissolved.

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