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Whether it is to improve your aim or to have an additional means of entertainment to share with family or friends at home, a dartboard is a suitable item to install in small spaces. There are a variety of models and brands on the market, so selecting the right product can be complicated. For this reason, it is advisable to consider the opinions of other users about its quality, so you will have a first-hand impression that will make your selection easier. Among the available models, many have advantages, but there are two that lead user preferences. The first is the Winmau Darts DWIN500-5, a sports dartboard weighing 4.75 kilograms, being a model considered professional, which is manufactured with high standards of quality and resistance, as well as triangular-shaped finishes to prevent darts from rebounding. Next up is the UItrasport LED, which is an electronic model with more than 38 game modes. In addition, it comes with 12 darts included.

Buying guide – What is the best dartboard on the market?

Entertaining yourself with family and friends at home is possible if you have media or game boards that help you interact and enjoy hours of fun. This is possible with a dartboard, but before selecting a model at random, you should know that there are several brands and designs. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best dartboard on the market, in which we explain the basic properties that you must consider to get a successful model.

Manufacturing materials

To make a comparison of targets, you need to include the materials that the manufacturer used to make the item. The quality and resistance that it will have will depend to a great extent on this and will give you an idea of ​​the useful life that you will be able to use the product.

In this sense, there are materials that stand out on the board of a dartboard, one is metal and the other is plastic. The first is usually recommended for being resistant and strong, its value is a little higher, but it has against the fact that it is heavy and not very portable.

As for the plastic models, for some people this material is synonymous with flimsy, but in favor it allows the models to be light, easy to install, portable and cheaper.

Likewise, there is a third type of models that combine both materials and can even incorporate details in wood. This gives it a touch of greater elegance, although its price also increases.


Beyond a good and cheap model, you should consider the design of the dartboard and how convenient it will be according to recurring players. There are classic and simple designs that have a board and darts. The latter can be soft, sharp, round, metal or with a magnet. The score is taken manually, in addition to the fact that they are usually recommended for young children.

Other more versatile designs incorporate digital or electronic boards, as well as wide scoring segments designed for professional play. Likewise, they usually incorporate an LCD or LED screen to keep track of the scores obtained by the players during the game.

Likewise, they incorporate buttons or access keys and an on/off switch, so they are complete designs and recommended for adults who can manipulate the dartboard and darts.

Within the design you can also get models with doors that protect the dartboard and at the same time serve as a support for the darts, being convenient to keep the organization and pieces together.

Weight and measurements

The weight and dimensions of a dartboard will give you an idea of ​​where you can install it, as well as the number of players per game that can participate. As there are different models and designs, the weights and sizes vary according to the brand.

It is recommended to select target boards that are large and have a wide scoring segment to make the game more entertaining, since the more players who can participate, the more dynamic and fun the game will be.

The simplest models weigh just over a kilo, while the most elaborate weigh between 3 and 5 kilograms. Depending on the weight, its installation mechanism on the wall will be more or less difficult. In this sense, heavy targets must be installed with greater support so that they do not fall.


If you want to know how much a dartboard costs, you need to know that there are different types. However, there are two most common, electronic and magnetic, some being more expensive than others.

The first model is usually characterized by being interactive, with sound and with a digital scoring board, while the second type covers more classic designs that incorporate magnetism as the main mechanism, so that the darts reach the target.

Magnetic boards have darts with flat metal tips or with magnets, so they are recommended for young children, because there is less risk of injury.

Accessories and modalities

Before deciding, you should know what the item you are going to buy includes. To play with a dartboard you will need darts. Some models include them, while others must be purchased separately.

There are brands that include a single simple dart game, each one is made up of three units. Other models are more versatile and incorporate a greater number of darts, as well as tips for replacement.

On the other hand, you should consider targets that have a greater number of modes and game variants, as well as difficulty levels, as an appropriate option, which will make the games more entertaining.

The 5 Best Dartboards – Opinions 2022

If you want to test your shooting skills and have fun with family and friends, a dartboard is a convenient option for hours of classic home entertainment. If your plans include buying one of these, you should consider that there are a variety of models, designs, and brands, each with advantages that make them stand out. For this reason, we explain the properties of the five targets that lead the preferences, so that you can select the most appropriate one.

1. Winmau Blade 5 Diana

Main advantage:

It is a dartboard made with very bright and striking colors, in addition to having a classic design, so it can be used at any time without problems and be a decorative element for the house or a bar.

Main disadvantage:

This product does not include the darts for its use, so you must purchase them separately, taking into account that they must be with a steel tip and not plastic for greater satisfaction of use.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a high quality product, which favors its resistance and durability, making your investment successful.

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Materials and dimensions

In the market you can find targets made with different types of materials, among which plastic and wood are positioned. However, this model has a high level of resistance and durability thanks to the incorporation of metal among its main manufacturing materials, giving it a professional and sophisticated air. In addition, its carbon diffusion allows you to use it with confidence and without problems, since it certifies its high quality.

Likewise, this product has a total weight of 4.75 kg, being easy to handle and move from one place to another, according to your taste and needs. It also has beneficial dimensions with a width of 46 cm, a length of 6 cm and a height of 46 cm, maintaining a defined space for use by more than two people, making it a game for group entertainment.

Installation and fastening

The installation of a product is essential for its correct operation, so it is important to acquire equipment that you can easily manipulate. Such is the case of the Winmau Darts DWIN500-5, which has a three-level system that allows it to be installed much more easily and quickly, avoiding the need to ask for technical help or spend a lot of time assembling the product, favoring that you can test your purchase without any setbacks.

In the same way, this model has a fixing system that provides stability and comfort of use, since it uses a total of 3 screws at its inner end, making it easier for the product to remain firmly in place so that you can enjoy of it in the best possible way, without risk or damage. Likewise, it allows you to move it from the site, which favors its transfer and reinstallation in another place.

Level and score

The use of dartboards as a means of distraction has grown exponentially in recent years, which allows these products to be divided into two levels: dartboards for amateurs and for professionals.

In this sense, this particular model belongs to the professional level, since it maintains a specific wiring system that allows the scoring areas to be expanded with double 0.9 cm and triple 0.6 cm segments. In the same way, a reduction of 14% of the surface of the band and the placement of thin wires in a triangular shape are achieved. Together, all these characteristics favor that the dartboard has much less rebound effect, so it can be played without problems.

On the other hand, this same reduction in the bounce effect helps to make the game much cleaner and without errors, favoring that you can have more fun. Likewise, it is compatible with any type of darts with a steel tip, however light it may be, giving you many options to acquire.

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2. UItrasport Electronic dartboard with gates

To get a suitable model, you need to search among the best targets of 2022. Thus, you cannot lose detail of the properties of this electronic design from the manufacturer Ultrasport.

This is a target made of plastic that, due to its dimensions and structure of 65 cm wide, 7 cm high, 51.5 long and 4.35 kg in weight, supports up to a maximum of 16 players. It is designed with a protection system that includes doors that protect the dartboard when it is not in use, while the darts can be stored behind the doors, to maintain organization.

It has electronic sectors for double or triple scores and has been equipped with 38 game modes, to increase versatility and fun. It also has four levels of difficulty for beginners and experts.

The Ultrasport stands out for having an LED screen and volume regulation function, in addition to including 12 darts and 100 soft tips for replacement.

Ultrasport has been characterized by bringing numerous products to the market for the practice of various sports, it is for this reason that some users have recommended it as the best brand of targets, because its history in this category and the quality of its products make it worthy of this appointment. Thus, we have selected the LED model to summarize its positive and negative aspects.


Game modes: The target incorporates a small computer that gives you the possibility to choose between its 38 game modes, with variants and four levels of difficulty.

LED screen: This dartboard is also characterized by incorporating an LED screen that allows you to regulate the volume.

12 darts: This model includes 12 soft darts and 100 soft tips so you can replace them when necessary.


Heads: It is the most expensive target on this list, however its cost is appropriate to its properties.

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3. Bull’s Diana Magnetic

With a classic and simple design, which weighs 599 grams, this model from the manufacturer Bulls is a recommended option for those users who are wondering which is the best dartboard on the market.

It is a magnetic dartboard, since the tips of the darts are made of metal, while the dartboard has a magnet, so that they attract each other and with the right aim you will achieve a good score on the board.

This target has about 40 cm in diameter. Includes two sets of magnetic darts for a total of six units, differentiated into three green darts and three red darts.

As the tips are flat and do not have a sharp edge, this board game is suitable for children over three years of age, since there is no risk of injury. On the contrary, it allows little ones to sharpen their sense of space and aim.

Among the cheapest dartboard options, we find this Bulls model that many users recommend for its classic design, in addition to various positive and negative aspects that we describe below to help you decide which one is right for you.


Magnetic: The dartboard has a built-in magnet so the metal darts can stick to it when thrown.

Dart sets: This model includes two sets of darts of three units each, in addition to being differentiated by two colors green and red, ideal for forming teams among your friends.

Suitable for children: Both the dartboard and the darts do not have a sharp finish, so they can be used by children over 3 years of age without any problem.


Finishes: A user points out that the finishes of the scoring space is not optimal, since it is made of cardboard and cannot be used outdoors for fear of rain.

Measurements: Another customer expresses that the manufacturer indicates that the measurements are 40.5 cm x 1.5 cm, and in reality its dimensions are 37.5 cm x 1.5 cm.

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4. Win.Max Electronic Dartboard 6 Darts and 40 tips

If you enjoy spending time with your family or friends, what better than having fun tools where everyone can share pleasant moments. In this sense, an electronic dartboard, like this model, could be the best option to spend time entertained. Also, given the multiple variety of games it offers, it could be the center of attention in your meetings.

So that you always have a new alternative for fun, the Win.Max brand has designed this dartboard with 21 different games and with different levels of difficulty. In addition, it has an LCD screen where you can easily identify the numbers of the scores obtained by each of the participants.

It is an easy-to-use dartboard that includes a power adapter, in case you prefer to connect it to electricity. If, on the other hand, you do not have access to a nearby plug, you could use it with AAA batteries and take it outside the house if you prefer.

This is a modern and fun electronic dartboard, suitable for fun for the whole family. Here are its most outstanding features.


Portable: Its weight of 1.8 kg and its measurements of 51 x 43 x 2.5 cm make it portable, so you can take it on family outings or to friends’ houses, without having to take up extra space.

Accessories: The manufacturer offers you 6 darts and, in addition to this, 40 replacement tips.

Volume: You can set the volume of the dartboard in three different levels (silent, low and high), which favors adapting the game to the environment where you are.

Game modes: It offers you 21 games and 65 different modes to make the moment more dynamic and entertaining.



Language: It would be appreciated if the voice that the game reproduces were available in Spanish, since it only has the English language.

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5. PL Ociotrends Orion electronic dartboard

If you are looking for the best value for money dartboard, then you should not ignore the characteristics of this model, which is the cheapest on our list of recommended products.

It is a dartboard made up of six darts and the possibility of incorporating pieces with a sharper point, being suitable for children over eight years of age and older. With this model, you can enjoy some 18 game modes in which from one to eight players can participate.

In addition, it has a classic and simple design, with an LCD screen where the marker count is broken down. It weighs 1.2 kilograms, is easy to install on the wall, and runs on batteries or a six-watt power adapter.

It has input buttons to facilitate its use and is made with high-quality and resistant materials, among which plastic stands out.

This PL Ociotrends model has several positive characteristics that make it the best dartboard for 20 euros for many customers, which is why we list its pros and cons below.


How to use: This electronic dartboard can be used with three R6 batteries or a 6 Volt adapter socket.

Variety: Includes six darts, you can also add sharper pieces, so you and 7 other people can use it in up to 18 game modes.

Price: Due to its low cost, it is a cheap alternative to have fun at home and share with your friends.


Spanish: As with the previous model, this dartboard does not include instructions in Spanish, which is why a user affirms that it is confusing to know how to proceed in some of its modalities.

Darts: Several customers point out that the included darts are not of optimal quality. However, the sale price is according to the product.

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Winmau Blade 5 Diana

Shooting and dart games are very popular nowadays. For this reason, many brands incorporate designs with different properties, but if you are looking for the best dartboard, then it is convenient that you review the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer Winmau, which stands out for being an electronic dartboard.

It is a model made with materials of a high level of resistance and quality, among which metal stands out. In addition, it has a wiring system that expands the scoring areas with double 0.9 cm and triple 0.6 cm segments, with a 14% reduction in the surface of the band and thin triangular wires, to reduce the bounces. All of this gives the dartboard a professional level status.

On the other hand, this model is easy to install, weighs 4.75 kg and has three levelers that help it stand firmly on the wall. Its measurements are 46 cm wide, 46 cm high and 6 cm long. 

When we look for the best dartboard of the moment, we must review various aspects such as design, quality of materials and accessories, dimensions, among others, and this Winmau Darts model has almost all of them. For this reason we have selected it to tell you about its pros and cons.


Electronics: This dartboard incorporates a cable that provides an extra 0.9 cm in the double scoring area and 0.6 cm in the triple area, thus reducing the net surface by 14% for greater scoring.

Surface: The target is made of metal with carbon diffusion, which guarantees greater resistance and durability.

Assembly: It incorporates a three-level system for easier installation, as well as greater stability when placed on the wall.

Professional: It also incorporates thin wires and traction in them so that the darts do not bounce, giving you a professional quality.


Darts: This dartboard does not include darts, so you will have to do a search and an additional expense.

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How to use a dartboard

A dartboard is one of the most fun games out there, and your goal is to throw some darts, trying to accurately hit the central part of the dartboard panel. Next, we will give you some details on how you can use a dartboard and have a pleasant experience in this game.

prepare the wall

If you are a novice in this game, it is recommended that on the wall you choose to place the dartboard, adhere a sheet of cork 2 meters wide x 2 meters long, and in the middle of the sheet you can place the dartboard, which must be at a height from the ground upwards of approximately 167 centimeters.

This sheet will prevent the wall from being damaged by the wrong throws that we novices usually do. Now, measure the distance between the midpoint of the dartboard and the waistband that the board offers on the back to hang it from a nail. That will be the distance that you will determine from the bottom to the top from the midpoint of your cork sheet to select the place where the dartboard will finally rest.

know the board

All the boards have a number around their circumference from 1 to 20, and on the inside it is subdivided into sectors that are colored red and green. If the dart lands in these areas, your score will correspond to triple the value of the number reflected on the outer ring.

In the middle there are two circles, an internal one in red, which is called a double target, and the external circumference is green, called a simple target. If the dart lands on this green outer part, the player will receive a score of 25 points.

But if the dart lands on the red circumference, the score will be 50 points. In the rest of the subsectors with black and white colors, they give you the value of the number that is reflected in the first circumference.

Throw the darts

First of all, you must stand at a distance of approximately 2 meters in front of the board. Next, you must stand facing the board in an upright manner, place the foot on the side of the hand with which you are going to throw the darts and the other foot must be placed three short steps back.

Now, bend both legs so that you feel comfortable to take off and launch. Take the dart with your thumb in the middle of the lead cylinder that makes up the dart and the rest of the fingers in opposition so that you firmly grip the dart, the palm of your hand should face the board with your hand slightly backwards. Take your hand in that position backwards, with your arm bent.

aim for the center

Point the tip of the dart at the point where you want to direct it, and swinging your body and arm, take momentum from behind and launch the dart towards the target you chose on the board. If the throw was made correctly, you should be left with your arm fully stretched forward with your fingers pointing at the board.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Oneconcept Dartmaster & Dartchamp Diana automática

Si estás en busca de un modelo adecuado, puede que este diseño del fabricante OneConcept sea el conveniente. Es una diana electrónica que está dotada con una configuración de 27 modalidades de juego en unas 150 variantes y la posibilidad de ocho jugadores.

Además, dispone de un diseño práctico con puertas de madera en color blanco para protegerla cuando no se esté utilizando y un soporte para almacenar los dardos y mantenerlos organizados. El modelo incluye 12 dardos con puntas suaves de recambio. También, está dotado con una pantalla LED de puntuación, botones de acceso para llevar el marcaje de cada jugador, interruptor de encendido y sonidos que hacen más interactivo el juego, que a su vez se puede graduar en siete niveles.

La diana funciona conectada a la fuente de alimentación y tiene unas medidas de 98,5 cm de ancho, por 57 cm de alto y 6 cm de largo, mientras que su peso es de 4,4 kg y su instalación es sencilla.

Otra opción que te recomendamos revisar si aún no sabes qué diana comprar, es esta de OneConcept, pues al igual que otros modelos de la lista se destaca por ser electrónica, así como posee diversos beneficios que te contaremos en el siguiente apartado.


Modalidades y variantes: Esta diana electrónica incorpora 27 modalidades de juego que puedes usar con sus 150 variantes y la capacidad de tener ocho jugadores.

Puertas: La diana tiene un diseño con puertas elaboradas en madera que la protegerán cuando no la estés usando. Asimismo, incorporan estantes para colocar los dardos.

Eléctrica: Incorpora una pantalla LED que te permite visualizar las puntuaciones, interruptor de encendido y apagado, botones para llevar el marcaje, además de sonidos que puedes intercambiar en sus siete niveles.


Instrucciones: Un cliente afirma que la diana no incluye instrucciones de uso y montaje en español, por lo que puede resultar complicado su primer uso.

Sonidos: Otros usuarios señalan que el audio que incorpora este modelo viene en inglés.

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