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Die cutting molds are helpful tools for those who enjoy doing decorations, crafts, crafts and DIY work. In addition, they are usually quite functional pieces, since you can use them manually or with the help of a die-cutting machine. In this way, you can save time on each task. If you are a lover of wild flowers, then the Sizzix 664163 model may be the die you are looking for, as it is made up of a set of five silhouettes that will allow you to make attractive designs on different surfaces. But if perforations on leather are your thing, Heepdd Qibsdvm6n9 might be a better option, because it offers you seven precision-edged circular molds.

The 10 Best Dies – Opinions 2022

Die models are usually varied, so it will not be difficult for you to find a design that suits your needs both in terms of aesthetics and manual or mechanical handling. Below, we present 10 dies considered among the best of this year.

Sizzix Dies

1. Sizzix Thinlits Dies 5PK Wildflower Stems

Considered by many professionals and DIY lovers as the best die, you will find this model manufactured and marketed by the prestigious Sizzix house.

In fact, the positioning of the product has reached the main places of the shopping lists. This is because it incorporates various designs of wild flower stems, which will allow you to create silhouettes with a high level of attractiveness. 

In this way, you will surprise everyone with your compositions, by being able to use individual flowers or group them to obtain more showiness, depending on the concept you want to project.

Sizzix dies have a format of 12.7 centimeters high, which can be worked on different surfaces such as sheets of paper, vellum, cardboard of different thicknesses, vinyl films, metal sheets, among other materials. In addition, the product has great compatibility with die-cutting machines of the same brand such as Shot Express, Big Shot Pro, Big Shot and Big Shot Plus.

This is a product recommended as the best die of the moment, since it is quite useful and its structure is resistant. More details below.


Designs: The offered silhouettes belong to wild flowers, which are very attractive.

Format: These are 12.7-centimeter die-cutting templates, which you can easily manipulate on small surfaces.

Use: The product can be used on a variety of materials such as metal, fabric, vinyl and paper, providing versatility.

Compatibility: These dies are compatible with the wide range of Sizzix die-cutting machines, so you can develop your creativity.



Finishes: It is possible that the die offers better finishes in some materials than in others, but keep in mind that this is normal and not a limitation of the product.

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2. Sizzix Thinlits Dies 69PK Script Top and Bottom

Sizzix is ​​a renowned manufacturer in the market, whose products are characterized by offering a high level of quality, resistance and durability. It is a trusted brand, used by professionals and amateurs.

The company presents these Sizzix writing dies, made up of 69 pieces, among which the complete alphabet stands out, both in uppercase and lowercase, the numbers from 0 to 9 and some punctuation marks. The font used is script for capital letters, while lowercase letters are in italics, so you can combine them and give your compositions your own style.

These shapes can be used to cut parchment, cardstock, metallic foil, and paper. They are also compatible with a large number of Sizzix family die-cutting machines such as the big shot foldaway, big shot plus, big shot express, big shot, among others. In this way, you can save significant time in carrying out each task.

In order for you to choose a model that suits your needs, we invite you to review the highlights of this option.


Pieces: The product comprises 69 pieces in which the alphabet, numbers and punctuation marks stand out.

Use: You can use this die on normal or metallic paper surfaces of different thicknesses without inconvenience.

Typography: The typography offered is cursive and script type, which provides good aesthetics.

Compatibility: In order to save time on each task, you can implement Sizzix die-cutting machines, since the silhouettes are compatible with them.



Handling: Because the letter outlines are loose, you’ll have to sort them out one by one, which can be a bit messy.

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leather dies

3. Heepdd 7PCS Leather Cutting Die Set

This is a set of seven handmade cutters with the Heepdd quality seal, which, due to its simple method of use and the precision offered in each incision, has currently managed to position itself among the best dies of 2022. 

Its circular design will allow you to vary the creation of your designs, especially since each of the pieces has a different diameter. In this way, you will have a set of dies for leather with templates of 25, 35, 40, 45, 50, and 55 millimeters, respectively.

Each of these structures have been made of a high-end metal, which is a material characterized by its stability, lightness and for offering great resistance to both oxidation and wear, due to constant use on leather. In this sense, you will not have to worry about the early loss of the sharpness of the cutting edge of such tools. In the same way, you can sharpen them whenever you want.

Heepdd is recommended as the best brand of dies, so the positioning of this model is not surprising. Here are its pros and cons.


Storage: A practical storage and transport box is incorporated, which will prevent the deterioration of the molds.

Pieces: The product is made up of a set of seven dies, so you can vary your creations.

Design: All the incorporated molds have a circular design with variation in their diameters.

Use: Its very sharp edges will allow you to cut with precision any leather surface.



Cut: It is important that you press the molds hard on the leather so that the cut is made accurately.

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cutting dies

4. Rongwen 4 pieces cutting dies

Commented as the best price-quality die, this set from the Rongwen house stands out, which is made up of a total of four pieces with a staggered format. Each of the molds was made of carbon steel, which is a material with low ductility, high strength and light weight. 

In addition, the cutting edges of these tools have been sharpened using a special manual technique, which allows the incisions to be more precise and the sharpness to last. In this sense, we can say that it is a product that will accompany us for a long time.

On the other hand, these cutting dies have a flower-shaped format, which is quite convenient for making a wide variety of decorations, personalizing albums and carrying out manual work on paper surfaces. The best thing is that these tools are compatible with a wide variety of die cutting machines offered on the market.

Among the cheapest dies on the market are these molds with the Rongwen quality seal, whose positive and negative aspects you can evaluate below.


Manufacturing: It is a highly resistant and durable product due to its carbon steel body.

Molds: The set has four staggered molds so you can use the one that suits you best.

Design: The molds have flower designs that will be very useful for creating attractive decorations.

Use: These molds have been manufactured to be used on different types of paper and thin fabrics, so they are versatile.



Cut: It is important that you take into consideration that the precision in the cuts will probably be greater on paper surfaces.

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paper dies

5. Amazingdeal365 10 Pieces Hollow Out Labels DIY Template

This set from Amazingdeal365 could answer the question of which is the best die, since said set has been made of high-end stainless steel. In this sense, you will enjoy molds that are non-deformable and resistant to corrosion, with a very sharp cutting edge for fast and precise die-cutting.

The product is made up of a total of 10 dies with varied designs and sizes, which have been inspired by some geometric shapes such as the oval and the rectangle. In addition, each mold has a series of details with curved lines that stylize the shape, with small circles strategically arranged, which will allow you to use them to hang the decorations once they are die-cut.

On the other hand, you will like to know that with these paper dies you can make cards, decorations, albums, fun collages, DIYs and cutouts on any type of medium-thickness paper or cardboard.

If you still don’t know which die to buy, the recommendation is to review the pros and cons of this model.


Set: The product incorporates 10 cutting molds with different geometric designs, which means a good variety.

Sizes: The molds have a staggered size so that you have the one that best suits your design.

Use: This product is designed to be used on paper, hence its specific use gives it an almost professional category.

Manufacturing: Each piece was made with stainless steel, so they offer strength and a durable edge.



Handling: You must be careful when handling the smaller molds, since it could be a bit messy to make the cuts.

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scrapbooking dies

6. Best 4 Units Metal Scrapbooking Dies

The baptism is an event that we must remember despite the passing of the years. Therefore, nothing better than creating a scrapbooking or scrapbook.

It is a notebook in whose pages we will find a series of cutouts, figures in high relief and even small collages with images of the child and blank spaces. The latter, arranged so that the people who attended the event can leave their signature and some future wish for the infant.

For the realization of this type of books, albums and even to carry out any craft related to the theme of baptism, Mejoser offers you a set of four scrapbooking dies with silhouettes of doves, the chalice of the mass and two children.

Each piece is made of carbon steel, which gives it strength and a great edge, so that the incisions on the paper, cardboard or foam are very precise.

If you are looking for some dies for the baptism of your little ones, the Mejoser house has a set with quite attractive designs. Details below.


Manufacturing: The molds are made of carbon steel for greater durability and better sharpness.

Pieces: You will have four molds that are easy to handle due to their compact size.

Use: You can use these molds to punch cardboard, paper and foamy surfaces, so that they allow a variety of materials.

Design: These molds have images of doves, the chalice of the mass and a couple of children, motifs that will allow you to create crafts for baptisms, communions and children’s events.



Instruction Manual: Instructions on how to care for the earmolds can be sparse, so you’ll have to do your own research.

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Bigz Dies

7. Sizzix Multicolor Single Bigz Die 660233 Hearts

These Bigz dies are made up of a single sheet, in which you will find a total of 11 hearts with different sizes, which will be of great help to give a fun and even romantic touch to your crafts.

The template has been made of high-end stainless steel and with a fairly sharp cutting edge, which is convenient so that you do not have limitations when making incisions on various materials.

In this way, you can cut textiles, cork, foamy, cardboard, paper, chipboard, aluminum, leather, among many others. In addition, the cutting range is from 1.3 to 5.4 centimeters, which are sizes that are easy to manipulate and combine with each other to create compositions of great visual appeal.

On the other hand, you will be interested to know that these silhouettes can not only be used manually, but also with the help of a die-cutting machine, since they are compatible with the great family of Sizzix equipment.

With these molds you can give a different touch to your crafts. Learn more about this product below.


Use: You will not have any limitations when cutting, since the molds are suitable for textiles, cardboard, chipboard and paper.

Compatibility: If you want to save time cutting, you will be interested to know that the molds are compatible with Sizzix machines.

Cut: These silhouettes offer a cut diameter between 1.3 and 5.4 centimeters, which is easy to fit.

Manufacturing: The stainless steel used to manufacture these molds will provide resistance to deformity and wear.



Handling: The molds are joined in the same sheet, so, if you wish, you will not be able to punch a single heart.

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Spellbinders dies

8. Spellbinders A2 Scalloped Borders One Border Templates

Spellbinders dies have a design that is quite attractive for crafts, DIY, card decoration, albums, among other activities. This is due to the fact that the molds have a series of ornaments with geometric, abstract and curved figures, which result in the impression of movement and depth on the paper in which they have been cut.

The product is made up of a total of seven borders with a long, wide, thickness format corresponding to 15.2 x 13.3 x 0.5 centimeters. It is quite spacious dimensions, which are suitable for correct handling on the different surfaces to work. 

In this way, we refer to different types of office paper, cellophane, silk and cardboard with various densities. Each frame is made of thin, yet high-strength aluminum with razor-sharp cutting edges. Its exterior is brown in color and its weight is quite light.

These molds will help you with the punching of decorative strips for your cards or crafts. Know the positive points and aspects to improve in the model.


Design: Each mold has an ornamental design, with well-defined geometric details that contribute to good finishes.

Pieces: The set of molds offers a total of seven borders, so you can choose between varied designs.

Manufacturing: For its manufacture, a metal sheet was used whose benefit is to be resistant and anticorrosive. 

Perforation: The cutting edges of the molds offer precise incisions in materials of different thicknesses.



Flimsy: The sheet may initially seem a bit flimsy to you, but as you use it you will notice how sturdy it can be.

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Martha Stewart Dies

9. Martha Stewart Deep Edger Punch farfalle

Martha Stewart dies are products that have won many customers in the craft and DIY market, as they offer silhouettes with varied and highly attractive designs. Therefore, you will have no problems getting a model that suits your needs.

For example, this die has been inspired by the silhouette of the monarch butterfly, which is one of the most well-known species in North America. The mold shows six butterflies grouped together, for a cut of approximately 3 x 5.7 centimeters.

It should be noted that this is a tool that gives you very precise and fairly clean cuts. Plus, it will allow you to continuously slide across the edges of the sheet of paper to create decorative strips. In this way, you can use the dies to give an original touch to your cards, albums, wedding books or any composition you want to make for a special celebration.

With this die, butterfly lovers can make beautiful decorative strips inspired by them. Product details below.


Design: For the design of the die, the silhouette of the monarch butterfly was selected, which is one of the most well-known species in North America and one of great visual appeal.

Use: The equipment has been manufactured for exclusive use on paper, which makes it for professional use.

Cut: Due to the sharpness of the cutting edges you will enjoy clean and highly precise incisions.

Strips: The die engraving is suitable for making strips 2.5 centimeters wide, which is a good aesthetic result.



Type of paper: It is possible that this die has greater efficiency making cuts on 80-gram paper, compared to a heavier one.

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Scrap Dies

10. Vinfutur Dies Scrapbooking Album Photos Metal Cutting Templates

This is a set of Scrap dies from the Vinfutur house, which is among the cheapest in this list of recommended products. Its design is aimed at making crafts such as cards, albums, photo frames for baptisms, weddings, among others.

The mold is made up of a 13.3 x 17 centimeter piece, which incorporates a rectangular area, some ornamental and oval shapes. In this way, when you cut them on paper, foam, EVA-type rubber, cardboard or textile, you will obtain a fairly detailed design, with volume and depth.

For the manufacture of this cutting tool, carbon steel was used, which is a material with a high level of resistance, lightness and stability. In addition, being sharp, it will give you long life, fast, clean and precise cuts.

We also have to refer to the issue of compatibility, since you will be able to use the silhouettes with various die-cutting machines.

If you are looking for a die to decorate your photos with attractive frames, you should review the pros and cons of this model.


Versatility: You will obtain fast and precise cuts on paper, cardboard, foamy, textile and EVA rubber.

Uses: These silhouettes are suitable for creating borders for photographs and a large number of crafts.

Compatibility: You can use these molds together with a die-cutting machine, since they are compatible with various models.

Edge: Thanks to its manufacture in carbon steel, you will enjoy a long-lasting edge. 



Handling: Although this is a one-piece die, you will need to assemble a few small parts to unify the mold.

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Shopping guide

Those who enjoy making handicrafts or handicrafts know the importance of having a die at hand during the performance of these tasks. Therefore, the selection must be careful, so that you take with you a team with high standards of quality and durability. Next, we present a guide to buy the best die, which we hope will be very useful to you.


Although there are several aspects to evaluate when selecting a die, the design of the structure is the first thing we detail. This is due to the fact that the molds have different silhouettes and each person bases the search for the product focusing on their own needs at the time of making the composition, crafts, crafts or DIY work.

In this sense, there will be those who need a set of dies made up of letters, numbers, geometric figures, animals, people, flowers, ornamental shapes and photo frames. There are also templates aimed at specific themes such as baptism, communion, baby shower, marriage, among many other designs.

Another characteristic associated with the design is the number of pieces included in each set. In the same way, you will find some that must be joined to be used together, so it would be more convenient to acquire a comprehensive model. This means that, despite having several silhouettes and details, they all make up the same template. Thus, you will save time by not having to organize and attach them. However, everything will depend on the taste of each person.

method of use

Dies are very useful cutting tools when making crafts, decorations, handicrafts or any DIY task, since they help us to precisely cut ornamental, geometric, alphanumeric or specific figure silhouettes. All this on different surfaces of paper, cardboard, fabric, foam, chipboard, metal sheets, among other materials.

Although the models are usually diverse, their method of use does not vary. It is a fairly simple step by step to carry out by anyone with or without experience in this type of task.

You will only need to prepare a work surface, place the material to be punched, place the respective mold on it and then press hard on the piece to make the incision.

However, this could be a bit of a time-consuming process, which you can improve with the help of a die-cutting machine. To do this, it is necessary that, when selecting your set of molds, you confirm that they are compatible with that type of equipment. This may have an impact on how much the product costs, but in the long run it will be a worthwhile investment as you will have more options to die cut and save time in the process.

Fabrication material

The manufacturing material must be incorporated in a comparison of dies to be made, because in this way you will be able to determine the resistance that the product will offer.

Among the most used raw materials is carbon steel, since it is an alloy that, once sharpened, retains its edge for longer than other metals. This is convenient for fast, accurate incisions on a wide variety of materials. In addition, this metal is non-deformable and light, which are important qualities when handling the die.


Die-cutting molds are usually sold in small sets of several pieces, which you can use individually or in groups, as the case may be.

In any case, the important thing is that these parts are always protected from humidity and impacts, because this would cause their progressive deterioration. In this sense, we refer to the loss of the edge, which is one of the essential aspects when making the incisions so that they are fast and precise.

For these reasons, it is important that, when acquiring the set of cutting tools, we verify that a transport and storage box or cover has been attached to the purchase package. Also, this is quite convenient to prevent smaller parts from getting lost.

In the event that the manufacturer does not attach said accessory and you really feel attracted to the model with dies, the most accurate recommendation is to purchase the cover separately. This is an economical product, so the investment will not affect your budget.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use dies?

To give your dies a correct use, you must check that the cutting edge is well sharpened, so you must carry out a preliminary test before starting to work. Likewise, it is important that you verify what type of material the selected set is suitable for and do not use it on other surfaces.

On the other hand, keep the pieces clean, free of moisture and prevent the cut area from hitting the ground so that it does not deteriorate. In this sense, it is recommended that, at the end of the punching session, you store the molds in a bag or box.

Q2: How to use dies without machine?

Die-cutting without a machine is a fairly simple task to perform, but it requires time and dedication. You’ll also want to have some tools handy, like a wooden or metal board and a hammer. In this way, you can start.

Place the clipboard on your work table and lay out the piece of paper you want to punch out on it. Next, locate the mold and fix it with small pieces of adhesive tape. Then he starts pressing the die down with the help of the hammer. To do this, you must tap gently but with great precision until you completely pierce the paper. Thus, it only remains to separate the paper from the mold and you will have finished the die-cutting.

Q3: How to sharpen the dies?

If your set of dies has started to dull, you don’t need to worry or buy new ones. Sharpening these pieces is quite simple. You will only need a sheet of abrasion paper for metal surfaces. Then, proceed to die-cut said surface as you would on a normal paper or textile. Repeat the process several times until the cut edges of each of the molds are back to their original sharpness.

Q4: How to make flowers with dies?

To make flowers with dies, the first thing you must do is define the design you want and then acquire a set of molds with said silhouette. Then, place an additional wooden surface on the work table to avoid damaging it. Thus, you can proceed to extend the paper, cardboard or textile that you plan to punch, place the mold, fix it and press it until the cut is made.

Once you have the silhouette of the flower in your hand, you must add other elements to start decorating it, which will allow you to create an effect of volume or depth. Also, you can superimpose several flowers. Everything will depend on your creativity.

Q5: How to make dies?

Die making can be quite a laborious task, depending on the mold you plan to make. If it is a simple geometric figure like a circle, you can use a canned food container, remove the ends and sharpen one of the edges with abrasion paper. Thus, you will guarantee a precise cut. You can also use other materials like pieces of round or square galvanized pipe.

However, if what you need is a more elaborate design, the recommendation is to check a specialized portal that explains how to use a die-cutting machine step by step. In other cases, you can make die-cuts with cardboard, which will be a little more fragile but with good efficiency. To do this, you just have to capture the mold and make the cuts with as much detail as possible.

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