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Digitizing Tablet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Digitizing tablets are the perfect tools for those who want to dedicate themselves to graphic design and take real control of their performance, in order to optimize its operation and achieve maximum detail in their layout. For this it is necessary that the product has the quality and the adequate functioning system to respond to every minimum movement that we make. This is what the Wacom One Medium CTL-672-S model offers us, considered the best gadget at the moment, because it offers you a maximum resolution of up to 2540 lines per inch and 2048 pressure levels, which together with its digital pen realistic will give you greater writing freedom in your designs and annotations. Another interesting model is the XP-Pen G640offering a comfortable 6 x 4-inch work surface, maximum pen pressure sensitivity, and an ultra-slim body that is just 2mm thick.

Buying Guide – What is the best pen tablet on the market?

As graphic designers already know, pen tablets are ideal tools to maintain maximum control over your design using a simple pen. If you also want to equip yourself properly, we offer you our guide to buying the best digitizing tablet according to your preferences and needs.

Base Sensitivity

Depending on the type of work you do and the degree of tuning you require, you can find different models on the market. To do this, we look at a key aspect in any comparison of digitizing tablets, such as the sensitivity of the base.

This sensitivity is what establishes the product’s responsiveness based on the pressure or movements we make. Resolution or sensitivity is generally measured in lines per inch, so the higher the number, the more adjustability and sensitivity the product will have.

As a reference, a normal tablet is approximately 3,000 lines per inch, while the most sensitive models start at 5,000 lines per inch. However, if you don’t need extreme sensitivity, you can buy a cheaper pen tablet by adjusting this setting.

Active zone measurements

Since not all products have the same external measurements, they will not have the same measurements within the so-called active zone.

For reference, the usual measurements of the active zone are usually around 10 inches wide by 6 inches high approximately.

These measures are the usual market standard, although it is true that, if they fall short for you, there are products that extend the measure to what you need. Obviously with a good difference in how much it costs. In any case, these large-format tablets are usually only necessary for those who have a great need for work, so it is usual that this measure is what you need. In any case, do not let this fact be evaluated: that the active area (and not the general measure) adapts to what you really need to have in terms of space to work.

control functions

In the digitizing tablets, the control is carried out both through the pen included with the product and through the button panel that we find both on the pen and on the digitizing tablet itself.

In order for you to maintain adequate control, you need to have the maximum control options to be able to configure the product, as well as for its control. On the control side, check the number of existing options in terms of buttons in the area of ​​the pen itself and the tablet. Also check what additional functions you can perform with the tablet, such as cutting or pointing to text, editing, annotating and many more.

The latter have to do with the software of the product itself, so do not forget to check it. Finally, be sure to evaluate the customization options offered by these buttons and the control system. There’s no point in buying a product whose buttons you can’t adjust to the activities or response you need.

The 5 Best Digitizing Tablets – Opinions 2022

The digitizing tablet, also called a graphic tablet, is an ideal tool for those users who want to improve control over their work on the computer, both for design uses and other high-precision uses. So that you can also take the necessary control, we present some of the best digitizing tablets of 2022, with models suitable for all pockets and all needs.

1. Wacom One by Wacom Medium Pen Tablet

Wacom’s One Medium is a fairly efficient pen tablet, with standard USB port connectivity and a pressure-sensitive pen. Thanks to the patented electromagnetic resonance technology, with which this device is developed, and its resolution of 2540 lines per inch, it is possible to make digital designs with greater accuracy and precision. In addition, its system is compatible with MacOs, Windows and Chromebook.

Its functions include the Collaboard program that is suitable for collaborating in real time with other people and making drawings on the whiteboard, as well as adding images, documents or videos. This quality is very useful for exchanging ideas in virtual classes, creating conceptual maps, among others.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the minimalist design of this device is suitable for carrying it with you and the touch pen has ergonomics suitable for left- and right-handed users. In addition, the package includes 3 standard replacement pen nibs and a nib removal tool.

In this context, we are talking about one of the best digitizing tablets on the market, so we invite you to learn about its pros and cons.


Touch technology: The pen is designed with patented electromagnetic resonance technology and does not need batteries or recharging, being highly environmentally friendly. 

Compatibility: The use of this equipment is compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7, as well as Mac OS and Chrome OS.

Intuitive: Its use is quite simple, both at a professional level, to learn or even for your virtual classes; being compatible with different image editing and design programs.


Wired: Requires a cable with a USB port for connectivity, missing a version with Bluetooth.

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2. XP-Pen G640 6 x 4 inch Graphics Tablet Pressure Level 8192

If you are one of the professionals who travels frequently and you are looking for a graphic tablet that you can easily take with you, this XP-Pen model could be the right one; since it has an ultra-thin body of only 2 mm thickness and a lightweight design, comfortable to carry.

It is a device with great performance, since it has a highly sensitive pen that gives you speed and great precision. In addition to this, it has 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity; so you will have maximum control and fluidity in all your creations.

Likewise, it is a tablet that offers a work area of ​​6 x 4 inches and the ease of configuring it according to your needs; Regardless of whether you are right-handed or left-handed. In addition, the manufacturer includes with the purchase a very useful accessory kit that improves the user experience.

It is a graphic tablet with a modern design, suitable for professional projects, for classes or for online teaching. We present its most outstanding characteristics.


Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7. Also with Mac OS Version 10.8 and other higher versions.

Use: You can use it to work, learn or for fun; since it is also compatible to play and to use programs such as Photoshop, SAI, Painter, Clip Studio and others related to image design and editing.

Accessories: The manufacturer offers you a complete kit of accessories that facilitate its use.

Electromagnetic Technology: The pen features passive electromagnetic technology, which does not require a battery or recharge; which makes it friendly to the environment. In addition, it is ergonomic and similar to a real pen.



Protective sheet: A protective sheet is missing that prevents the tablet from rubbing on its lower part.

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3. Gaomon S620 OSU Graphic Tablet 6.5 x 4 inch 8192 Levels Pressure

This Gaomon graphic tablet is equipped with passive technology, since it does not use a battery and does not require recharging for its operation. Likewise, thinking about respect for the environment, it has the ArtPaint Pen AP32 pencil that uses a low level of energy. It also provides up to 8192 pressure levels; so you can paint, draw and even play creating lines and strokes with great precision.

Another of its qualities is that it is a very useful tool when it comes to digitizing content, since you can adapt it to your computer or your smartphone. It also has 4 express keys, which you can customize according to your needs, to increase your productivity in the project you have in mind.

Likewise, it offers you an active area of ​​6.5 x 4 inches, which is comfortable to work and take it where you need it. In addition, thanks to its non-slip rubbers, the tablet remains stable on various surfaces.

If you are looking for a tool to digitize on your computer or mobile, you could take a look at the highlights of this device.


Resolution: It has a resolution of 5080 LPI (lines per minute), which makes it a highly efficient and precise digitizing tablet.

Adapters: The manufacturer offers you two adapters, so you can use it immediately upon receipt.

Updates: To get the driver with the latest update for your tablet, you just have to go to the manufacturer’s official website and download it very easily.

Portable: Thanks to its dimensions of 6.5 x 4 inches of active area and its lightweight design, it is a portable tablet that you can take on the road, to work or to school.


Micro USB adapter: The length of the cable is a bit short, which implies less freedom of movement for the tablet, but it is not considered a very relevant inconvenience.

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4. Huion H1060P Graphics Tablet Stylus Pen Support

A high potential for creativity and an efficient graphics tablet is what is needed if you are an enthusiast of design, editing or any graphic art where you need to digitize your content. In this sense, the Huion brand offers you the tool that could be the right choice to bring to life the illustrations you have in mind.

This manufacturer has designed this pen tablet with an elegant presence. Likewise, it has been equipped with advanced technology compatible with computers and mobile phones, so it has the OTG connector. Likewise, it is a device that offers you a large work surface, with dimensions of 10 x 6.5 inches.

On the other hand, it incorporates a pencil with EMR technology; battery free; so it is not necessary to charge it and you do not run the risk of interruptions in the middle of work due to “low battery”.

As an efficient pen tablet for telecommuting, illustrations, online classes or design, this model deserves your consideration. Next, we present a summary of its pros and cons.


Office programs: In addition to conventional design applications, it is compatible with Office programs, so you can use it for online teaching, presentations, conferences, among others.

Design: It has a modern and minimalist design. In addition, it offers you a large work area of ​​10 x 6.25 inches, in which you can unleash your creativity.

Sensitivity: It has 8192 sensitivity levels that favor precision in each stroke you make.

Tilt: Gives you tilt recognition of approximately 60 degrees, which gives lines more natural angles and finishes.



Compatibility: This model is not compatible with iPhone or iPad. However, it is with operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS and Android OS.

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5. Trust Flex Design Graphic Digitizing Tablet

Compared to the rigid format of most digitizing tablets on the market, the Trust Flex Design model presents its flexible format as a novelty, so that the work area can be rolled up, folded or do whatever you need with it, being perfect for storing it without take up too much space.

This innovation in its base does not affect its functionality, since the product has 1024 pressure levels and around 2000 lines of resolution per inch, so that you can carry out all kinds of work wherever you need to do it.

As for the power supply of the product, this is carried out with two simple AAA batteries that offer optimal duration and do not add greater weight to the product, with an effective data transfer system so that you never lose control of it..

While it’s not one of the best pen tablets, its efficient performance earned it a place in our comparison guide. And as an example of this, we summarize the points for and against this graphics tablet.


Flexibility: Unlike previous models that were all rigid, this device is completely flexible for your comfort.

Autonomy: For greater freedom, the ergonomic pen is powered by two AAA batteries, so that whenever you have the replacement batteries you can count on its continuous operation.

Versatility: This tablet adapts very well if you are right or left handed so that you do not have limitations when creating.

Text: The high sensitivity of the device allows you to clearly digitize your manuscripts.

Price: It is one of the cheapest available on the market, in addition to excellent quality, making it the ideal equipment for beginners.


Compatibility: It is not compatible with Mac, so if you work with that operating system, you will have to be careful when choosing based on this factor.

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How to use a pen tablet

When we are passionate about design or it is simply our job, we want to have all those tools that facilitate the creative process and make the most of technology for it. Digitizing tablets have become an excellent option when it comes to design, so in this space you will find a guide on how to use them.

Set up the tablet

When you are designing you need all the tools you usually use always at hand; One of the great advantages that you will have when using this type of device is that you can configure it to your liking, just as if you were working on your desktop computer. Since this is what you can consider your workplace, it is important that you are comfortable.

So create the necessary icons on the bars; you can also activate the icons you need to design within the program. Always try to have all these icons, so you will save a lot of time.

Install the drivers

Digitizing tablets require drivers to perform the tasks you can do on them; one of these programs is required to perform specific tasks. That is why you must install the drivers that you need to carry out the designs that you want to do or that your work demands of you.

In principle, these drivers must be downloaded from the web; these will make your work easier and faster, even bringing new features to enhance your artistic creativity. Installation is pretty straightforward; you just need to download the driver. Next, click on the icon and wait for the process to start. When you finish you will be more prepared to create.

Adjust your precision with the pen

This type of device, due to its function, has a stylus so you can trace your designs as if you were creating them on paper. The detail is that when you start designing using your tablet, it can be a little more difficult to make firm strokes. This is why you need to adjust your precision with the pencil. To do it, you must practice using the pen on the tablet to gain confidence in what you do and, therefore, precision.

Update drivers

In order for you to continue to do high-quality work, it’s important to periodically update any drivers you have installed on your tablet. This will allow you to add tools and make your work more versatile. To make this update, you can go directly to the application and download the new versions that you have available. Follow the procedure similar to the installation.

Give it proper care

Electronic devices are highly fragile, with a soft blow some internal and external component can be affected, thus altering their operation. In principle, avoid strong blows. As it is a portable device, it is important that when you move it from one place to another, you carry it in a padded case. Do not consume liquids while working on the tablet, as it is very sensitive to moisture. It prevents your battery from being completely depleted, as it can be damaged and therefore stop working.

The most popular brands

People who engage in digital art, graphic design, and infographic preparation as a hobby or profession sooner rather than later are seduced by the performance and functionality benefits of modern pen tablets.

But if what you are looking for is to acquire a quality model, you should start by researching the most popular brands on the market; If you don’t know how to start your research, in the next section we present a list of our favorite options, so we suggest you first look at the alternatives presented here.

Wacom Co. Ltd. is a Japanese-born, international company that has become world famous for manufacturing some of the best pen tablets on the market.

Its technology is based on electromagnetic resonance through which it creates highly sensitive surfaces capable of collecting the frequency and trajectory of the pencil and perfectly translating it into a digital file. Due to the high quality of its products, this brand has become popular as one of the favorites of graphic artists, draftsmen, designers and architects from all over the world.

But, possibly, the most interesting point about its products is the great variety that it offers us, because in this brand you will be able to find models suitable for all levels of use.

Therefore, demanding users looking for a high-performance product, as well as novice users looking for a model to start experimenting with, will be able to find a suitable device for their needs. For a few years, Wacom has had an official presence on the European continent, with a headquarters in the city of Krefeld, Germany.

Huion, meanwhile, was founded in 2000 in China. It is a company specialized in the development, distribution and sale of next-generation technological items for daily use, its main field of action being digitizing tablets and other similar equipment dedicated to animation and design.

Due to the high quality of its products, the company has been able to make its way into the market and win the approval of users in very distant lands. Its products are currently distributed in all continents, with customers in America, Europe, Oceania and some countries in Africa; together they add up to a total of more than 100 countries and regions.

This is one of the brands that we recommend for all those users who are looking to get quality products at an affordable purchase price, as Huion offers the peace of mind that only a specialized manufacturer can give you. Among the brand’s most outstanding items you can find graphic tablets, drawing boards, technological accessories and much more.

The ideas that would give rise to this company began in Japan in 2005 with the research of the necessary technology for the development of graphic tablets. By 2008, the company had obtained the first prototypes and thus opened its first offices in Taiwan.

However, her interest in growing and trying new markets would lead her to establish herself in 2013 on American soil under the official name of XP-PEN Technology Co. Thus began her adventure in the North American market and also in the European market. Today, its products are sold practically all over the world, using strategic partners and local distributors, as well as the most popular e-commerce on the web.

XP-Pen is a brand that is characterized by its ability to design quality and high-performance products, which are, in turn, focused on all types of audiences. From the most enthusiastic users, to beginners or others with more experience in the sector, they will be able to find a quality article in the brand.

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Las Mejores Tabletas Gráficas – Opiniones 2022

Tableta gráfica Wacom

1. Wacom Intuos Pro M Tableta Gráfica con Lápiz Digital Pro Pen 2

Si quieres invertir en una tableta gráfica para dibujar, las de la marca Wacom son una buena alternativa. En este caso, nos encontramos ante el modelo Pro M de la línea Intuos, un equipo diseñado para ser práctico y fácil de usar.

Esta tableta gráfica tiene unas dimensiones de 37,9 x 2,6 x 27,7 centímetros con un área de trabajo de 22,4 x 14,8 centímetros y un peso de 699 gramos, por lo que su diseño es compacto para un fácil traslado, sin dejar de ser cómoda para trabajar en tus proyectos.

Asimismo, esta tableta gráfica Wacom incluye su respectivo lápiz óptico; el Pro Pen 2 que viene en un soporte para que puedas mantenerlo a mano y evitar que ruede por el escritorio. El lápiz tiene un diseño ergonómico para que puedas sostenerlo con facilidad y tanto la tableta como el dispositivo tiene botones personalizables que podrás configurar desde tu ordenador.

Siendo, quizá, la mejor tableta gráfica del momento, ahora conocerás sus ventajas y desventajas más importantes:


Multitáctil: Esta tableta tiene sensores multitáctiles en su superficie de trabajo con la que podrás realizar diferentes gestos para navegar por tu pantalla.

Presión: El sistema hace empleo de 8.192 niveles de presión diferentes para ayudarte a aplicar el efecto, grosor y concentración de color que quieras.

Inclinación: El lápiz cuenta con tecnología de reconocimiento de inclinación a más de 60 niveles diferentes, necesario para crear trazos artísticos.

Conectividad: Puedes conectar la tableta con su cable USB a tu ordenador o mediante conectividad inalámbrica por Bluetooth.



Pantalla: A diferencia de otras tabletas gráficas, este modelo no tiene una pantalla digital.

2. Wacom Intuos Draw Tableta Gráfica con Lápiz Intuos Pen

De la línea Intuos te presentamos el modelo Draw de Wacom. Se trata de una tableta gráfica de tamaño reducido para quienes necesiten una unidad compacta fácil de usar, transportar y que ocupe poco espacio en el escritorio.

Específicamente, este modelo de tableta gráfica tiene un tamaño de 16,9 x 21 x 1,1 centímetros y un peso de 290 gramos para ofrecerte un área de trabajo de 15,2 x 9,5 centímetros, suficientes para que puedas dejar reposar tu mano sobre la tableta mientras dibujas y así evitar incomodidad o cansancio.

Por otro lado, con esta tableta gráfica Wacom no tendrás necesidad de invertir en software de terceros para poder utilizar alguna aplicación de edición, dado que su compra incluye una licencia para ArtRague, un software diseñado para el dibujo, bosquejo y coloreo desde este tipo de dispositivos. Gracias a esto, algunos usuarios la consideran como la mejor tableta gráfica.

Wacom podría ser la mejor marca de tabletas gráficas y esta alternativa te ofrece beneficios llamativos:


Diseño: La tableta es sencilla y moderna, así como también fácil de usar y transportar gracias a su tamaño.

Lápiz óptico: El lápiz es un Intuos Pen con diseño cómodo y dos botones personalizables para el uso del periférico.

Software: El equipo viene con la licencia para descargar un software especial de edición y creación.

Compatibilidad: Puedes utilizar esta tableta gráfica con ordenadores Windows y Mac OS.



Conectividad: Ten en cuenta que es un modelo con conectividad limitada, dado que solo puede usarse con cable USB.

3. Wacom Cintiq 16 Monitor Interactivo y Bolígrafo Pen Pro 2

Cintiq 16 es una tableta gráfica Wacom que destaca por tener una pantalla de 16” LCD con una resolución de 1920 x 1080p en alta definición capaz de reproducir hasta 16,7 millones de colores en gamas de un 72% para NTSC, permitiéndote obtener el tono adecuado según tu proyecto.

Asimismo, algunos la comparan con la tableta gráfica Apple, dado que su pantalla le aporta la misma practicidad y libertad de uso al no requerir de un monitor externo para poder ver lo que se está trazando.

En cuanto a su diseño, el equipo tiene un tamaño de 28,5 x 2,5 x 42,2 centímetros y un peso de 1,9 kilogramos, manteniendo unas medidas cómodas de manejar para su transporte o almacenamiento. Por otra parte, se destaca que cuenta con una batería de iones de litio por si deseas trabajar en ella estando fuera de casa sin necesidad de utilizar un ordenador.

Al presentarse dudas acerca de qué tableta gráfica comprar es recomendable evaluar aspectos como los mencionados a continuación:


Presión: La pantalla de la tableta tiene sensores capaces de detectar 8.192 niveles de presión diferentes para tus trazos.

Compatibilidad: El sistema con el que trabaja la tableta es compatible con los sistemas operativos Windows de Microsoft y Mac OS de Apple.

Repuestos: La compra incluye una serie de puntas de repuesto para el lápiz óptico Pro Pen 2.

Conectividad: Viene con un cable 3 en 1 que ofrece conectividad HDMI 1.4 y USB 2.0 que, además, también sirve como adaptador de corriente.



Brillo: Para el gusto de algunos, el nivel de brillo de la pantalla y la intensidad de los colores podría ser mejorada.

Tableta gráfica con pantalla

4. Huion Kamvas GT-1911 Tableta Gráfica con Lápiz

Huion te ofrece la que podría ser la mejor tableta gráfica de relación calidad precio con su modelo GT-191V2 de la línea Kamvas. El equipo tiene un diseño moderno y atractivo con un tamaño de 47,5 x 29,8 x 3,5 centímetros y un peso de 5,64 kilogramos. Tiene integrado un pie ajustable entre 20° y 80° para determinar la inclinación de la tableta según la posición de tu muñeca y aumentar la comodidad al dibujar en ella.

Este modelo de Huion, además, puede ser más práctico de lo que te imaginas, dado que cuenta con una pantalla de 19,5” con una resolución de 1920 x 1080p y Gamut RGb al 100% para mostrar imágenes y detalles en alta definición.

Por otro lado, también destaca que sea una tableta gráfica para Photoshop de Adobe y otros programas populares como Corel Painter, ZBrush, Clip Studio, entre otras aplicaciones más.

Aparte, con esta tableta gráfica con pantalla también podrás hacer uso de un lápiz óptico PW500, con su respectiva base para mantenerlo a mano siempre que lo necesites.

Si quieres saber más acerca de este producto de Huion, te invitamos a conocer cuáles son sus pros y contras:


Contraste: La pantalla de la tableta tiene un contraste de 3000:1 junto con 16,7 millones de colores para no limitarte al trabajar.

Visión: El ángulo de visión de la pantalla asciende a los 178° para que puedas ver el contenido sin problemas desde diferentes enfoques.

Presión: Tiene 8.192 niveles de presión que, en combinación con el desempeño del lápiz óptico, te ayudarán a aplicar los detalles que necesites.

Conectividad: La tableta tiene conectores HDMI, DVI-D, VGA y USB para que la conectes como más te convenga.


Peso: En comparación con otras, esta tableta es más pesada y puede ser más incómoda de trasladar.

Tableta gráfica Huion

5. Huion New 1060Plus Tableta Gráfica 8192 Niveles 5080LPI

Si quieres adquirir una tableta gráfica Huion, te recomendamos considerar este modelo, dado que tiene un diseño realmente práctico con complementos físicos que podrían facilitar tu tarea enormemente.

Visualmente, la tableta tiene un tamaño de área activa de 25,4 x 15,87 centímetros y un peso de 1,32 kilogramos con espacio más que suficiente para realizar proyectos en casa o para el trabajo. En su superficie de trabajo encontrarás indicadores de medición, así como también botones personalizables a través de la aplicación de la tableta.

Otro aspecto que podría convertirla en una de las mejores tabletas gráficas del 2022 es el hecho de que el lápiz óptico con el que trabaja es recargable y cuenta con una batería capaz de almacenar energía para genera

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