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Diving goggles – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022


Those who practice water sports know how important it is to have anatomical, light and resistant diving goggles, capable of offering correct underwater vision throughout the tour. Therefore, it is essential that when purchasing them you carefully review the models that have the highest position in the market. Eshowee Seaview 180° are innovative diving goggles that incorporate a double breathing chamber that will allow you to leave the snorkel tube in the past. In addition, a base for GoPro is added to the front area. For its part, the Palantic Scuba prescription diving goggles offer an anatomical and resistant design, due to its manufacture in certified polymer.

The best diving goggles on the market

At the time of diving into the water, having diving goggles is completely necessary, since it is an accessory that will help us to have a better performance in our underwater journey. There are many designs, so getting one that suits our needs will not be a problem. Next, we present the best diving goggles on the market. 

Professional diving goggles

ESHOWEE Seaview 180°

If you want to leave the annoying snorkel tube of your diving mask in the past, then you should consider this model from the Eshowee house among your purchase options, manufactured with an innovative internal breathing chamber and considered to be the best diving goggles for quality price, being one of the cheapest.

It is a mechanism with a floating ball, incorporated into the snorkel, which rises blocking the air when submerged. In this way, the sea water will not enter the oral cavity, allowing you to breathe with great comfort through the mouth and nose. In addition, these professional diving goggles offer a 180° panoramic view, due to its arc mirror, which is quite convenient to enjoy all the splendor of the aquatic world.

We cannot fail to mention the attached mount for GoPro, which you can mount if you want to capture images of your underwater journey. Likewise, its anti-fog system stands out, thanks to the double breathing chamber, the breath enters through the upper part and leaves through the lower part.

If you are looking for the best diving goggles of the moment, that adapt to your face allowing you to breathe comfortably without losing detail of your journey, read the pros and cons of this model, which is among the cheapest goggles.


Vision: Due to the incorporation of an arc mirror, we will enjoy a 180 degree panoramic vision.

Support: You will be able to record your entire underwater journey with your GoPro thanks to the built-in support.

Respirator: Its internal breathing chamber blocks the air when submerged, thanks to its ball mechanism, facilitating breathing through the mouth and nose.

Anti- fog: By bringing breathing modules, the air is inhaled from above and expelled from the bottom, avoiding fogging.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual does not have a translation into Spanish, and it is necessary to review the brand’s official website to clarify any doubts.

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Snorkel Masks Man E

These are professional diving goggles that will capture your attention at first sight due to their elegant and sporty design. For its manufacture, certified polymers were used, which due to their properties will allow you to enjoy an effective adaptation to any type of face with total comfort. 

The product has “silica gel”, which provides resistance, durability and correct adhesion to the skin. This way, you won’t have to worry about leaks when diving. For its part, the field of vision is quite wide and the surface has been provided with a transparent material, resistant to moisture and small impacts that may arise unexpectedly. 

It is important to mention that all the raw material is of high quality, as well as free of toxic agents. In this sense, you will not have to worry about the generation of allergies due to the release of BPA particles.

These glasses are made of safe and resistant materials that adapt correctly to the skin. Here are some of its pros and cons.


Vision: The panoramic glass offers a wide vision so you don’t miss any detail of your journey.

Design: These glasses have an easy-to-adapt design, thanks to the ergonomics of their shape, while also being elegant and modern.

Adhesion: The edge of the glasses has a silicone skirt, which adheres to the skin avoiding leaks. 

Materials: The raw material used is free of toxic agents, it is soft and flexible.


Bag: The absence of a storage bag is missing in this model.   

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Prescription diving goggles 

Palantic Scuba 

With so many models on the market, getting the best diving goggles of 2022 is not an easy task. However, a good option is Scuba goggles, which have been accepted by both professionals and amateurs in this sport.

Its anatomical design adapts to the face, preventing water leaks after submersion, providing the necessary comfort in the area of ​​the nose and in the adjustment of the head, so that the mask goes unnoticed when diving. Regarding the manufacture of these prescription diving goggles, we have that they were built with certified polymer, resistant to moisture and with a pleasant touch. 

Aesthetically, they highlight precise manufacturing finishes in each of the cuts and joints. The crystals are transparent, the mask is white and the edges are highlighted in blue, creating a visually harmonious and elegant contrast. 

If you are looking for the best brand of diving goggles, the details of this model designed by Palantic will surely interest you.


Aesthetics: The design is aesthetically attractive for those looking for elegant but discreet glasses.

Adaptability: The glasses adapt to any type of face thanks to their anatomical and adjustable design.

Manufacturing: The polymer used, apart from being free of toxic agents, is also flexible and resistant.

Finishes: The high quality standards are present in each of the finishes of the cuts and joints of the structure.  


Availability: You must be careful in choosing the graduation you need, to avoid visibility problems, so it is advisable to go to an ophthalmologist beforehand.

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Aqua Speed ​​Dioptrien 

Aqua Speed ​​is a recognized brand in the world of water sports, whose purpose is to provide its users with the necessary tools to optimize their performance in the water. We can see this reflected in this model of prescription diving goggles, for which a combination of robust polymers with an adequate level of flexibility has been used.

The lenses are of the polished type, offering a diopter of -1.5 to -8.5, as well as positive ranges of +1.75; + 2.25; + 2.75. We cannot fail to mention that these are glasses with a traditional cut and modern aesthetics that combine shades of black, blue and yellow. 

In addition, the finishes in the cuts, embroideries and unions have been well cared for. Its format is compact, light and easily stored, taking up little space in your bag. Finally, you will find in the purchase package normal glasses without diopter, so that you can exchange them according to your needs. 

With these goggles you will not lose detail of any marine species when you dive, since the equipment incorporates interchangeable lenses for those who suffer from myopia, or hyperopia. Here its pros and cons.


Manufacturing: These glasses will offer a long useful life thanks to their manufacture in robust and resistant polymers.

Crystals: Some lenses with diopter and some normal ones are incorporated so that you can exchange them according to your needs.

Diopter: The diopter of the lenses is from -1.5 to 8.5 adjustable in intervals of 0.5 diopters.

Design: Its traditional design has a blue, black and yellow presentation that is attractive.


Flimsy: They must be used with great care so that the material of the structure does not deteriorate before the estimated time of use.

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Cressi  diving goggles

Cressi F1

Knowing which are the best diving goggles can be a somewhat complicated task, since it is a product with a high demand and, therefore, the models are usually varied.

Cressi diving goggles are a good alternative for those who want to have modern, resistant, comfortable and durable equipment at hand. Its mount is 16.5 x 8 centimeters and its weight reaches 200 grams, offering a compact, light and ergonomic format. The structure is made of flexible silicone with a soft touch, incorporating a quick-assembly mechanism in the area of ​​the tempered glass crystals.

For its part, the fastening method incorporates a tilting Push Button Buckle buckle system with easy adjustment. Thus, you will not have to worry about the deformation in the mask due to the tension generated at the height of the glass, avoiding deterioration and optimizing the optics offered.

If you still don’t know which diving goggles to buy, you should know details about this model from the Cressi house, manufactured to optimize your performance underwater. 


Manufacturing: The combination of 10% tempered glass and 90% silicone provides strength, durability and safety.

Adjustment: The buckle system allows quick and intuitive adjustment with one hand.

Dimensions: You can transport and store the glasses without taking up much space, thanks to their dimensions of 16.5 x 8 centimeters

Weight: Its weight of only 200 grams is quite light, so they are hardly noticeable when using them. 


Visibility: Goggles must be fitted correctly, otherwise visibility under water may be affected by fogging.

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Cressi Big Eyes Evolution

This is another model of Cressi diving goggles with high quality standards, whose structure has been made of 100% High Seal type silicone. It is a polymer with a pleasant touch and free of toxic agents that can cause skin allergies.

The silicone skirt allows proper adhesion to the face, preventing water from entering when submerged. This is possible thanks to the rigidity of the inner lips of the face piece that provide the necessary stability. The adjustment system is by means of buckles with a rotating mechanism with micro regulation. In addition, it allows quick handling with one hand. 

For its part, the crystals have an inclination of 15 °, quite flattering for obtaining better lower visibility. Likewise, you can use graduated glasses from -1 to -6 diopters, in case you have vision problems.

If you have myopia problems and need diving goggles with interchangeable lenses, you should review the main attributes of this model.


Crystals:  The lenses offer a 15° inclination, designed to improve inferior vision.

Adjustment:  The glasses incorporate a buckle system that will allow you a quick and precise adjustment.

Manufacturing: The product is made of 100% silicone, offering flexibility, softness and resistance.

Skirt: The variation of the inner and outer lips of this area allow a correct adaptation to the face.


Format: The shape of the mask is a bit large, compared to other models, making it necessary to emphasize the size verification.

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Goggles and snorkel

Cressi Perla Mare

Cressi is a manufacturer of Italian origin present in the market since 1946, which has managed to position itself pleasantly, achieving positive opinions about the functionality and resistance of its products.

In this specific case, Perla Mare are Cressi diving goggles made up of a mask and breathing tube, being suitable equipment for diving, snorkeling and freediving. The design is ergonomic and adapts to the face by 85%, thanks to the incorporation of liquid silicone in the skirt and fastening strips. 

For its part, the closure method is in charge of a buckle with a 360º turning mechanism, a micro-regulation system and a secure button that you can open and close with one hand. The tube is made of polyurethane, which is a polymer of medium flexibility, while the silicone mouthpiece has a variation in thickness, to avoid tension in the jaw.

If you are looking for a mask and breathing tube with a simple, safe and durable design, it would be good for you to know what is good and what can be improved in this model.


Tube: The polyurethane tube offers resistance and medium flexibility for greater comfort when handling it.

Closure: You can adjust the strap with one hand due to its push-button buckle and 360º turning mechanism.

Versatility: Due to the design of the equipment it is suitable for diving, as well as for snorkeling and freediving.

Mouthpiece: The silicone mouthpiece incorporates a variation in thickness, avoiding the accumulation of tension in the jaw.


Crystals: Although the crystals fog up completely, there are many tricks to apply to solve it.

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Children’s diving goggles

Cressi Marea Vip Jr Set

This model has been considered among the best models on this list of recommended products, thanks to its structure made of soft, flexible and hypoallergenic silicone.

In this sense, you will not have to worry about the appearance of some type of respiratory or skin allergy due to direct contact with the skin and the nose area, since it is also an odorless material.

The assembly system of these diving goggles for children is quite intuitive, so you will not have any problems carrying it out. The glasses have a slight angular format, which allows the enjoyment of a complete vision both horizontally and vertically.

As for the adjustment, it is made up of a side buckle, which has a type of unbreakable twist anchor and is flexible. In this way, you can regulate or release it with one hand whenever you want.

If you want to give your little ones comfortable, safe and durable glasses, you should consider this option. Here are its pros and cons.


Design: These children’s glasses have an anatomical design that incorporates a breathing tube.

Buckle: On one of the sides there is a buckle with a practical adjustable anchor with one hand.

Vision: Thanks to its angular format glasses you will obtain a horizontal and vertical vision.

Hypoallergenic: The silicone used for the glasses has been provided with a hypoallergenic treatment that prevents the proliferation of allergies.


Comfort: The area of ​​the sides can be a bit uncomfortable because its joints press the hair, especially for girls, so it is recommended to complement the use with a swimming cap.

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Guide to buying diving goggles

When thinking about acquiring diving goggles, it is important to keep in mind that it is a piece of equipment with a high demand in the market, so you will get variety in terms of models and brands. In this sense, the recommendation is to put aside hasty purchases and carry out an exhaustive review of its main attributes. Here is a guide to buying the best diving goggles.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

The manufacturing materials of the diving goggles to be purchased is an aspect of great relevance, since the level of quality they possess will be the durability offered by said equipment. In addition, it is advisable to verify the composition of said raw material, because some non-certified metals or polymers can release contaminating particles, causing allergic conditions and even affecting the environment. Therefore, it is important to carry out a comparison of diving goggles prior to your purchase.

If we review the most popular models and brands on the market, we will find that manufacturers have adopted silicone as one of their favorite materials, due to its multiple properties. It is a polymer of the elastane family, which has a flexible body, soft to the touch, resists immersion and the aggression caused by sea salt without deforming or deteriorating. 

Likewise, other more rigid polymers and even metals are used for the internal construction of the adjustment buckles. On the other hand, for the lenses of diving goggles, polished tempered glass is usually used.


Diving goggle designs are usually varied, so you can find full face masks, goggles with removable lenses or monovision. Likewise, other equipment incorporates an external breathing tube or through a double cabin system. 

Undoubtedly, there are many distinctive elements in diving goggle designs, so we will have no problem getting a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing model that really suits our usage needs. However, all these aspects can influence how much the product costs, so it is advisable not to skimp and remember that your purchase is more of a long-term investment than an expense.

On the other hand, when buying diving goggles it is important that you carefully review how its design has been structured, so you will need to make sure that the thickness of the edge of the frame has a variation in densities, so that it adheres more ease to the face. Likewise, it is important that the strap is flexible and incorporates a secure lateral closing mechanism, preferably rotating and opening with one hand for greater practicality.

Regarding the bridge of the nose and the upper facial piece, you will have to confirm that they do not exert too much pressure on the skin, since it could bother you and generate some type of irritation or discomfort.


Acquiring a good and cheap option is the goal of every buyer, but if the glasses you are interested in include some accessories that improve the user experience, then the purchase is much more attractive.

For example, some manufacturers incorporate a breathing tube alone or with some elements such as a mouthpiece, purge valve, splash guard, joint and strap clip. Similarly, you can find diving goggles equipped with a GoPro mount, which will allow you to mount your camera safely and capture your entire underwater journey in image or video.

Another fairly common accessory in this type of product is storage cases, made with breathable fabric and lace closure, designed so that you can keep your glasses protected at all times.


Cleaning diving goggles is of great importance to maintain their good condition, so when purchasing a specific model, it is important to ensure that it is an intuitive process. In this sense, you should not worry, since diving goggles generally require a completely simple maintenance that does not involve much time. You will only need to dip a sponge in baby shampoo or mild detergent to clean the frame, facepiece, strap and nose bridge. 

For its part, for the crystal area you should apply toothpaste with the help of a soft bristle brush, which apart from removing dirt, will also prevent the generation of annoying mist when you dive. Remember to remove all excess with plenty of water and dry the structure before storing the equipment. In this way, you will avoid the appearance of humidity, mold and bad smells.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use diving goggles?

The use of diving goggles is usually a completely intuitive process, which will logically depend on the model you have selected. The first thing you should do is study the information offered in the instruction manual. In this way you become familiar with the assembly, adjustment, cleaning and general care to have with the product. Also, you have to check the equipment verifying that each of the parts have been incorporated and are in good condition.

Next, you will need to press the mask over your eyes so that the structure fits over your nose without causing discomfort. It is necessary that there is a sensation of suction on the skin, being an indication that no water will enter when submerging. Next, you must pull a fastening strap and adjust the side buckles. If the model incorporates some accessories, you will have to place them for the breathing tube or front camera.


Q2: How to prevent the diving goggles from fogging up?

To prevent diving goggles from fogging up, the best recommendation is to purchase an anti-fog model. Some models have a double breathing chamber that will allow you to inhale at the top and release the air at the bottom. In this way, you can avoid fogging of the crystals. Similarly, there are some highly efficient home techniques to prevent fogging, one of which is cleaning the windows with toothpaste.

Q3: How to get water out of the diving goggles?

Being submerged it is common for the glasses to flood unexpectedly, so we must be prepared and know what to do. If this happens frequently, you should try to release all the air through your nose, keeping the glasses always on but slightly separated from your face. In this way, you will create an air bell effect at the top, which you should take advantage of to breathe while the water is evacuated from below.

It is a simple process that will enhance your underwater experience.


Q4: How to burn the diving goggles?

To burn your diving goggles you will have to pass the flame of a lighter through the bottom of the glasses, being careful not to damage the skirt. After a few seconds of exposure to heat you will begin to notice that the surface will darken completely. Afterwards, it is prudent to let it rest for a few minutes to continue the process. After this time, you should apply toothpaste on the burned area, leaving the toothpaste to act for a period of two to three hours. To finish, wash directly under the tap, thus removing all the excesses.

Q5: How to clean diving goggles?

Cleaning the diving goggles is very simple, since it is an equipment made of polymer and fully suitable for being exposed to water. Therefore, the only thing you will need is a soft bristle brush, bleach-free detergent or, if you wish, you can use baby shampoo.

In this way, you should proceed to rub the product both inside and outside, to remove dirt. Likewise, the application of toothpaste on the crystals with the help of a brush is recommended. Remember to remove the excesses with tap water and dry with an absorbent cloth to prevent moisture from causing mold or bad odours.

Q6: How to fix the diving goggles?

Repairing diving goggles is not always a good option, since if the deterioration is too great, it will be better to invest in new equipment. However, if it is a problem in the area of ​​the nose, you can use a special glue, preferably not neoprene, because its application is usually quite messy. For its part, if it is a small hole, you can resort to the use of a repair kit, it being recommended that this be patented by the same brand.

Q7: Who invented diving goggles?

The name of the father of diving goggles to this day is unknown, as well as the exact date of its invention. The first records of this accessory date back to Polynesia, in the case of wooden glasses whose lenses were made of tortoiseshell treated by a polishing process. However, similar equipment used in the Mediterranean is also recorded earlier, but the crystals were made of bull horn.

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