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Educational Game – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

There are many educational games and it is this variety that allows it to be possible to find a suitable model for each occasion, all age ranges and different educational objectives. Buying a product like the Bobury Magnetic toy is the solution needed to motivate children to practice mathematics in a dynamic and fun way, due to its colorful magnetic discs. Meanwhile, an educational game like the Yoptote TT-496-002 model is more suitable for writing and drawing, thanks to its magnetic boards. In addition, it manages to teach a little about marine life and beach vacations.

The 9 Best Educational Games – Opinions 2022

In this list you can find educational games for different ages, responsible for stimulating the development of children in different cognitive areas, giving them the opportunity to improve different skills and learn new things.

Educational games for children

1. Bobury Magnetic Learning Math

The best thing about this product is that, among the educational games for children, this is one of the few that is suitable for any age, since the only requirement is to be interested in mathematics to be able to solve all the operations. The smallest ones can handle addition and subtraction, while the largest ones can perform multiplication and division operations. The bright colors will attract the attention of any child and the easy turning of each disc makes it an easy toy to use.

United by magnets, it will be easy to add another set of numbers and symbols to perform more complex operations. This product, in addition to being fun, will help the little ones to solve their tasks and learn more. The toy is made of durable plastic and its 3 x 3 centimeter pieces make it easy to store and handle. It can be disassembled for better storage.

Mathematics is always an area in which it is worth reinforcing knowledge, therefore, it is not necessary to wonder which educational game to buy with this attractive option on the market.


Combination: It is possible to combine the original discs with others, as they are magnetic. This facilitates the resolution of complex operations.

Ages: This toy is suitable for all ages, as it comes with the 4 basic arithmetic operations.

Colors: The various colors make it easier to attract children’s attention, facilitating math learning.


Loss: Young children could lose discs when taking the toy apart.

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Educational games for children from 3 to 5 years old

2. Yoptote 120 Pieces Magnetic Wooden Puzzles Magnetic Board

Among the educational children’s games that you can find on the market, this is one of the most original. It is a double-sided blackboard, one to draw with chalk and the other to do it with acrylic markers. Both sides have the quality of being magnetic, to use the magnets of the different figures included. There are more than 120 pieces related to the beach and the life of marine animals. With the small magnet rod, the children will be able to fish the figures to learn about them. 

This is one of the few educational games for children from 3 to 5 years old that offers the possibility of learning different things on the same subject. For example, with this toy you can teach the names of shapes, colors and even do rounds of questions and answers about the animal. In addition to that, visual acuity, speed, fine motor skills and creativity are improved.

This toy stands out for being able to adapt to children of different ages, with different learning possibilities and with different forms of play.


Variety of game: With this toy you can draw, adhere magnetic pieces, fish with the small rod, etc., giving different options for fun.

Learning: This educational game will allow you to learn about marine life, animals, colors, people, clothes and more interesting things.

Storage: All parts and accessories can be stored in the same box so as not to take up so much space.


Small pieces: By having so many small pieces, it is possible that some are easily lost.

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Educational games for 4 years

3. Nene Toys 4 in 1 Wooden Block Tower

Young children are not the only ones who can have fun as this is one of the educational games for 4 year olds that suits people of all ages. Children and adults can use the cards and wooden blocks to build towers, remove the block without knocking over the structure, and other creative activities. 

This is the best educational game in terms of safety, as it is made of natural wood and does not contain any toxic elements. In addition, its round edges together with a polished surface minimize the possibility of accidents such as bumps or embedded splinters.

The game modes stimulate various skills such as creativity, problem solving, fine motor skills and coordination. If you play to remove the block, this can be done randomly or using the identifiers of color cards, animals or objects. The product comes with 51 blocks, 24 cards, instructions for use and 1 die.

With this toy the hours of fun will not end, as both adults and children can spend hours with the product without getting bored.


Content: The 51 blocks included and the 24 cards make the game possibilities extensive so that the fun never ends.

Adults: Parents can be a part of the game too with these fun blocks. This will motivate the little ones.

Safe: This product does not use any toxic elements to be safe for children.


Names: The colors and names only come in English, therefore, those who do not know the language will not be able to read them.

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Educational games for 5 years

4. Diset Learn To Write unique (63746)

The initiation of children in primary school can be difficult if the child does not know how to write quickly, therefore, reinforcing this skill will make their beginning easier. With animals, colorful cards and 21 sheets to write each letter of the alphabet next to a word, children will have fun while learning new words, practicing their motor skills and memorizing the order of the letters. Little ones will also be able to improve attention to detail and concentration.

The white base is luminous to be able to see the strokes and follow them until you manage to write in cursive. Although it is part of the educational games for 5 years, any child of 4 years and older can start using the toy. Having the shape of a briefcase, it is easy to move from one place to another, in addition to giving storage space to all the cards, preventing their loss.

Diset is a company that has dedicated itself to creating this type of game, which is why many consider it to be the best brand of educational games, due to its quality and versatility.


Briefcase: The briefcase shape facilitates the mobilization of the product and the storage of its drawing sheets.

Base: The luminous base of the product makes all the lines visible when writing.

Learning: With this product children will not only learn to write, but they will also practice cursive letters and learn new words.


Light: The luminosity is not uniform throughout the base, so the edges are difficult to see well.

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Educational games for 3 years

5. Bblike Tangram Wood 36 Montessori Wooden Puzzle 

The reason why many consider this product one of the best educational games of 2019 is because it has been made respecting the Montessori method, something that many parents want for their little one’s education. This Tangram-type puzzle with 36 wooden pieces allows the child’s self-development, with all the existing possibilities to assemble figures.

No element has toxic substances or sharp corners, to avoid accidents. It is considered part of the educational games collection for 3 years, however, this toy can be used by older children. The difficulty increases depending on the figure suggested by any of the 60 cards included in the game, and all of these have bright colors. These are recommended figures only, therefore the real limit is on the child’s imagination. The toy comes in iron boxes for easy storage and transportation.

The Montessori method is highly respected and having a toy that uses its rules gives the little one fun with a structured process that is beneficial for them.


Montessori: This product respects the Montessori education method, so it gives the child freedom to discover himself while playing.

Cards: The 60 cards included in the game give various ideas for creating figures to make the game more entertaining.

Boxes: Iron boxes allow for quick and easy storage, as well as convenient handling.


Pieces: 3-year-olds could lose pieces if they are not paying attention, which could affect the creation of certain figures.

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Educational games for 6 years

6. Smart Games IQ Fit

As for educational board games, this product is one of the most outstanding educational games for 6-year-olds, since it is an item that offers exactly 120 challenges to children’s ingenuity, which progress in difficulty in order to correctly develop cognitive abilities. such as logic, spatial skills, problem solving, and creativity. Even adults can have fun with this toy, by themselves or as companions of children.

The product is made of plastic to be more resistant to use, together with a case of the same material to store all the pieces and function, at the same time, as a board. The dimensions of 9.8 x 3.2 x 14.4 cm make the product easy to store and its 99.8 grams of weight make it easier to handle. The colorful pieces will make children more curious towards the game.

This product is one of the best educational games for the family, as it represents a challenge for people of all ages.


Ages: All children from 6 years old can play and even adults can also have fun with this product.

Dimensions: Small dimensions and light weight make this toy portable so you can have fun anywhere.

Challenges: Despite being just a toy, this product offers more than 100 challenges to never get bored when using it.


Tokens: Tokens are easy to lose due to their small size and this can affect gameplay.

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Educational games for 2 years

7. Goula Baby color for children from 2 years

Finding educational games for 2-year-olds is easier than it seems, since this is a key learning stage for children. In case you are wondering what is the best educational game for a baby, this product may be your answer. These are various sheets of cardboard with original and colorful illustrations that will help to learn the colors by fitting large pivots made of wood and designed for young children. The size allows better handling by your children.

The sheets have a progressive difficulty to adapt to the development of children and, in addition to the colors, the little ones will be able to learn to have more control of their movements, better concentration and manual/visual coordination. Parents can add more learning by teaching the names of animals and even using another language to expose the child at an early age.

The little ones in the house also deserve to have fun while they learn, and this game is specifically designed to achieve this.


Illustrations: Susana Holset has been in charge of drawing each original illustration for this game. They are all adorable and eye-catching for children.

Pieces: The pieces have a suitable size to be manipulated by small children without much difficulty.

Material: The wood of the pieces makes them resistant and completely safe for children.


Age: Its basic game type makes it an exclusive product for this stage, therefore, when the child grows up, they will no longer be able to use it.

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Educational games for 7 years

8. Clementoni 55117 Interactive Globe

This product does not qualify as among the cheapest, however, its quality makes it remain a prominent option. This terrestrial globe will make learning subjects such as geography and history easy, as well as offering the possibility of getting closer to the culture of different countries. With the interactive pen and using the free app, compatible with Android and iOS, you can find information about: countries, capitals, continents, areas, language, territory, mountains, population, time zones, history, government, weather, typical products, hymns national and even curiosities.

Like educational games for 7 year olds, this device seeks to test knowledge, as well as teach it. For this reason, the globe comes with 33 game modes, with 3 levels of difficulty, accumulating more than 6 hours of information about different countries in the world encompassed in more than 500 questions for all ages. The pen speaks, and just by pointing to a spot, it will start reciting important information.

If you are looking for technology, this is the best educational game at the moment, since it is quite modern and the amount of information you will find is incredible.


Variety: The varied game modes will make the artifact not become boring, as it can be used individually or in a group.

Compatibility: The compatibility with the application makes the experience more complete and dynamic. In addition, it is suitable for iOS and Android.

Information: The diverse information that you can find allows the education to be more extensive.


Price: This product has a somewhat high cost, compared to other toys.

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Educational games for children from 10 to 12 years old

9. Diset MIA sews your doll (52028.0)

Looking for educational games for 10-12 year olds can be a bit more difficult than finding one for a little one, however, those who enjoy crafts and dolls will be able to play with this amazing product, considered the best educational relationship game. price quality. With an instruction manual included along with detailed images, this purchase is a kit that will allow you to make a doll step by step.

The box, with dimensions of 14 x 2 x 31 cm, comes with everything you need to make the Mia doll. You can find thread, needle, stuffing and all the felt pieces you need to decorate it. Even though the process is for big kids, the end result can be fun for little ones too, as the doll is cute and soft. In addition to having fun, children will learn to sew, a practical skill for life.

This is one of the cheapest alternatives on the market for educational fun for older kids.


Skills: Unlike those games that are based on theoretical knowledge, this one bases learning on practical skills.

Group: Parents can help little ones by making the doll a family project.

For everyone: Although it can only be created by big children, the little ones can also play with it after it is finished.


Flimsy: Some sections of the doll have a somewhat flimsy finish, so extra care is needed.

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Shopping guide

Taking into account certain characteristics before buying a children’s educational game can help you make a better decision, since you will adapt to the needs of the child who will receive the gift and you will be able to buy something ideal for him.

Age range

If you want to find a cheap educational game to give to your nephew, son or any child, you must take several things into account. Not all educational games are suitable for certain ages, since these are made to be able to adapt to the different stages of development of the child. A toy for children of 8 years is very advanced for a little one of 5, therefore, before making your purchase, check the ages for which the product has been created. There are some models that you can also use to have fun.

In addition to this, also take into account the independence that the toy offers. There are products that, despite being suitable for children of certain ages, need the accompaniment of an adult to be able to use them. Check this out if you want to find something for the child to distract and learn on her own, as you might come across a toy that you need to use as well.

In addition to the ages, it is recommended that the difficulty is suitable for the child. Some games, despite being recommended for certain stages, can be more difficult than they seem and this could frustrate children. However, on the other hand, games that do not present an interesting challenge could be boring for children. What is suggested is to acquire a product that means a progressive challenge, that is, with a difficulty that progresses little by little. That way, children can feel motivated to play at all times.


Before definitively making a guide to buying the best educational game for children, you should focus on exactly what you want your little one to learn. There are children who are 3 years old and already know how to read, while there are others who are 6 years old and still have difficulties. Development is completely personal from child to child, so you should customize your purchase to what the person receiving the toy needs.

There are different models on the market that can be adapted to different tastes and needs. If a child is struggling with math or you want to prepare them for school, then an arithmetic game is a good alternative. However, if you have a child who is ace with numbers but struggles a bit with writing, then it’s best to get a toy to help with literacy.

This is recommended for school ages, however, if it is very young children, it is better to acquire toys that develop cognitive and physical abilities such as fine motor skills, understanding of abstract concepts, creativity, coordination, concentration and perception. visual. On the other hand, children over 10 years of age will enjoy more with games that develop practical skills or that offer theoretical knowledge of general culture, history, geography, etc.

Before looking at how much it costs, pay attention to whether the product is providing a fun teaching method, as this is what will determine the success of the game with children.

Format and security

If you are making a comparison of educational games, assess the safety that the toy offers your child, depending on their age. For example, no matter how interesting a game is for a two-year-old, if the product has parts that can be easily swallowed, then it is unsafe for him and it is not recommended to give it to him for entertainment.

In addition to things like these, make sure at all times that the elements used in the manufacture of the toy do not contain toxic substances. Check that the toy has safety and quality certifications, in addition to a structure that cannot hurt the child in any way.

As for the format, some qualities that are worth highlighting are mobilization, handling and storage. A small-sized product will be easier to store in your home, as well as easy to transport. If lightness is added to this, then both things become easier. The storage offered by the game, through a box or case, not only protects the product, but also offers a place to keep all the pieces, preventing them from being lost.

Also buy resistant and durable materials, to be able to withstand constant handling by children, especially the smallest ones.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an educational game?

Educational games are used as teaching methods or companions of various methodologies to facilitate the understanding of certain topics by children. They can be used at home or in the classroom, as they will also reinforce children’s knowledge and promote their healthy development.

Q2: How to make an educational game in Scratch?

The first thing to do is download the program. Scratch is software that allows children and adults to start programming, creating animations and games with ease.

Keeping in mind the objective of the game you want to create, find a background and the characters that will participate. Then, heading over to the programs section, choose “events” to start telling Scratch what is going to happen as you hit certain keys and make specific moves.

The program is quite intuitive and at the end you will be able to test it to make sure that everything is fine, before making the definitive adjustments.

Q3: What advantage do interactive educational games have?

These games, as their name suggests, allow more interaction and more active participation by the players. This allows children to become more involved with the game, which facilitates the educational process, due to the didactic and fun methodology.

These games stimulate memory, sharpen the mind, facilitate reasoning, give the child freedom to explore, provide entertainment and make it possible for learning to follow the child outside the classroom.

Q4: What are Montessori educational games?

Montessori educational games are all those that consist of offering fun and education while respecting the parameters established by the Montessori educational model. This type of games should encourage the child’s autonomy, motivate the child’s imagination and exploration, with pieces and elements appropriate to their size.

In these games, parents should only be observers and not participants, since the Montessori goal is to allow children to discover their potential through play.

Q5: What skills do educational games develop?

It all depends on the type of educational game and for what ages it has been made, since not all children need to develop the same skills or focus on the same areas.

Some skills that can be improved or discovered with educational games at an early age are: manual and visual coordination, fine motor skills, spatial perception, prolonged attention, concentration, logic and problem solving, creativity, among others.

Regarding academic knowledge, games can promote arithmetic and linguistic learning and the retention of information on various social, historical, cultural topics, etc.

Q6: From what age can children play educational games?

As long as they can sit up on their own, as long as these educational games are made specifically for their age range.

It is advisable to wait until the age of 2, however, there are some toys with educational qualities that can advance the learning process in younger children. Although the baby may not be as independent as an older child, early exposure will give him an incredible learning advantage.

Q7: What are the advantages of using educational games in the classroom?

The different teaching methodologies and the pace of learning of children have been the subject of studies for years, however, although some scholars may have differences in certain aspects, they all agree on the importance of fun when learning.

Relating the study with a fun factor stimulates the brain and facilitates the retention of information, as well as offering a better global understanding of certain topics. This, in a classroom, also benefits the social relations between the children and between the teacher and her students. Also, different sets can be used for different areas.

Q8: How to create an educational game?

The creation of a game does not have any type of rules, since like any other game, everything depends on the creativity and the objective of its manufacturer. However, there are certain parameters that you should follow when creating an educational game.

The first thing is to focus on the needs of the children, for example, if they are more effective with drawings or with letters or with dynamics that involve motor skills or with methodologies that promote the use of the voice, etc. Not all children learn in the same way.

Then, choose the objective to be covered, such as mathematics or literature, for example. Finally, think about the dynamics. Will you need dice or cards? Will you require a board? Take inspiration from already created games and add unique personal touches.

» Review information from previous years

Los 3 mejores videojuegos educativos

Cada vez más presentes en el ámbito educativo, los videojuegos son considerados en la actualidad como una de las herramientas más eficientes para motivar a los alumnos dentro de las aulas. En tal sentido, la gamificación ha permitido que numerosos títulos pasen de lo lúdico a lo educativo.

Convertidos en una de las mejores herramientas que existen en la actualidad para reforzar la formación de los niños, los videojuegos han pasado a ocupar uno de los mejores puestos en el aprendizaje de manera lúdica. Esto tiene una razón y es que a través del juego la educación y la retención de nueva información en el cerebro son mucho más efectivas. Este es uno de los motivos principales por el que la gamificación ha tenido tanto éxito dentro de las aulas.

Esto no es de extrañar, ya que los juegos en general son una de las herramientas más efectivas que existen en la era moderna para motivar a los alumnos a aprender nuevas cosas. Esta “gamificación” ha permitido que muchos títulos conocidos como, por ejemplo, Minecraft, Spore y SimCity, se empleen para enseñar o reforzar determinadas asignaturas.

No es un secreto que una de las mejores formas de aprender es mediante el juego y a través de actividades lúdicas, por lo que, muchos desarrolladores de videojuegos han visto en el ámbito educativo un espacio por explotar, llevando una gran ventaja frente a los tradicionales libros de historia, matemáticas, entre otros.

Entre las principales ventajas de los videojuegos, se encuentra la facilidad de captación y retención de nueva información, motivando implícitamente a los niños a cumplir ciertos objetivos para ganar una misión. Esto, además, incentiva el trabajo en equipo y la participación, mejorando notablemente el desarrollo automotriz y la autoestima, a la vez que nutre la imaginación y la lógica.

Lo expuesto en líneas anteriores no son afirmaciones a la ligera ni son para defender a los videojuegos a capa y espada. Sencillamente nos basamos en estudios educativos que lo avalan formalmente, por lo que, si estás interesado en adquirir el mejor juego educativo del momento, te recomendamos seguir leyendo este artículo.

En la actualidad, todos los niños están adaptados a los formatos digitales, por lo que la mayoría de los juegos en línea, además de ser los más buscados tanto por representante como docentes, son una excelente herramienta recomendada para la educación. A continuación, te presentamos sus ventajas principales:

Capacidad de retención fácil 

Una de las ventajas más conocidas que presentan los juegos de video es que aumentan la retención de lo que se aprende, ya que el usuario pasa de ser u

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