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Fabric Paint – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

There is fabric paint for all tastes, therefore, just by taking a look at the different paint options on the market, you will surely find the model that helps you create the design you imagine. Those who want a set to paint large sections will enjoy a product like Nevskaya Palitra 12 paints; this one brings different tonalities that can be easily transferred. On the other hand, a product like Marabu MR171950073 is ideal for those who need a quick paint job of a specific color. As you can see, there are alternatives for different projects and it only takes a little reading to find the right one.

The 8 Best Fabric Paints – Opinions 2022

Getting a design to look good depends a lot on the paint you use. It takes not only talent, but also the right materials, and for that reason, it is recommended that you take the time to check the good and bad aspects of the different options on the market. Next, you will be able to know some of the most outstanding models. 

acrylic paint for fabric

1. Nevskaya Palitra High Quality Acrylic Textile Paint

For the most creative people, one acrylic fabric paint might not be enough for all their ideas. For that reason, this Nevskaya Palitra set comes with a set of 12 paints in various shades; so you can choose the ones you need for your design.

Thanks to this variety, the drawings will be able to have more details and, since they are easy to mix paints with bright tones, it will not be complicated to use them and the result will be very good.

The formula of the paints stands out because it is resistant to water, however, it is very easy to remove the color from the skin after finishing the artistic session.

On the other hand, each unit can be easily used on any type of fabric and it is even possible to apply it on surfaces such as wood, without difficulty. In addition to this, children three years and older can be part of the experience with these non-toxic, vegan and ecological paints.

The best fabric paint of the moment could be in this 12-unit set, as each unit has a vivid hue and is water resistant.


Children: All children over 3 years old can use these paints.

Formula: The formula of this product is non-toxic, ecological and, in addition to this, it is also vegan.

Quantity: There are 12 paintings in the same purchase; that way, you can choose the color you want when you need it.

Uses: It is possible to use the paints on any fabric, but also on wood.



Size: The pots could be bigger, however, they are enough to make several paintings.

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2. Nazca Colors Professional Fabric and Clothing Paint

If you are looking for a professional quality acrylic paint for fabric, Nazca Colors offers you 6 so you can choose the one you want. Each pot of paint comes with 100ml content and on top of that they all have a formula that can be easily mixed for more shades without any hassle. This set comes in the colors blue, yellow, black, white, green, and red; and all leave a vivid, glossy finish.

Ideal for beginners and experts, these paints stand out because they adhere correctly to different types of fabric; With them you can cover natural and synthetic fabrics.

In terms of density, the paints are thick and this will help you achieve good pigmentation, although it is possible to dilute them in water if you prefer. After carrying out the ironing process to adhere the colors to the fabric, the paintings will not deteriorate in contact with water.

Nazca Colors could become the best fabric paint brand if it continues to make quality items, as is the case with this set, which has garnered a lot of positive feedback.


Fabrics: The colors can be used in different types of fabrics to give you a greater opportunity for use.

Water: When they are already adhered to the fabric, the paints become resistant to water.

Long-lasting: The thickness and the content of 100 ml of each bottle will make the colors last for quite a long time.



Drying: Paints take a while to dry, however this does not affect their quality.

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spray fabric paint

3. Marabu Textile Paint with sprayer 100 ml

Spray paint for fabric is a good alternative for those who prefer not to stain their hands, as this type of product makes application easier.

In this case, this 100 ml content model stands out for having a water-based formula without unpleasant odours; that way, you won’t have to cover your nose when using the product. As for surfaces, this fabric paint can be used on light colored fabrics, even those with up to 20% synthetic fibres.

On the other hand, to give you more creative freedom, the spray will give you the opportunity to do stenciling, freehand spraying and various other techniques.

No matter which one you choose, you’ll notice a glossy finish that won’t fade with exposure to light. When finishing painting and carrying out the fixing process, the fabric can be washed at a maximum temperature of 40°C without the paint deteriorating.

If you want to buy fabric paint and prefer to use spray paint and not brushes, then this model could be suitable for your tastes and needs.


Resistance: The finish of this paint is resistant to washing and also to light, so its duration will be long.

Techniques: With this product you can perform stenciling and other painting techniques; that way, you will have more freedom of use.

Content: The 100 ml content of this spray will allow you to cover large surfaces.



Color: This color is not as opaque as other products, however, with a few coats you can achieve the shade you are looking for.

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4. Createx CR5310-60 Textile & Fabric Paint

Among the best fabric paints of 2022, this product stands out, not only for its quality, but also for its versatility. This item is specifically designed to be used with an airbrush to cover a variety of surfaces, no matter if they are dark or light.

With ease, you will be able to apply this brilliant paint on paper, ceramics, clay, wood, leather, canvas, plastic, metals and of course fabrics. In addition to this, although it is a paint made for professionals, anyone can use it.

Its formula is water-based and brings quality pigments; Likewise, to give you the greatest security, it complies with the ASTM D-4236 standards. This certification indicates that the composition does not have any toxic elements and that there is no risk of use. On the other hand, the finish of this spray paint for fabric is of quality and has a pearl effect; so when the surface is in the light, the painting will look brighter.

Createx is a company recognized by professionals due to the quality of its products, which is why it could be considered the best brand of fabric paint on the market today.


Safety: The formula of this product is non-toxic and follows high international quality standards.

Finish: The finish left by this product is shiny, making it suitable for marking details in designs.

Surfaces: The paint can be applied to different surfaces, from fabrics to pieces of wood and metal.



Colour: Pearly white is best seen for detailing and not as a main hue; however, this depends on your tastes.

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Spray Fabric Paint

5. Montana Colors Pack Water Based Spray Set 6 Pieces

One of the great advantages of painting fabric using a spray product, like the one offered by Montana Colors, is that you will be able to distribute the paint evenly on the fabric, without staining your hands and without using a brush; likewise, thanks to its water base, it does not alter the texture of the fabric.

It is a spray paint with water-soluble resins, which provides a matte and durable finish. Likewise, thanks to its odor-free formula, you can use it without any risk in poorly ventilated spaces. On the other hand, it is recommended for use not only on textiles, but also on various surfaces such as metal, wood and even expanded polystyrene.

Its presentation is given in a practical pack of 6 pots containing 6 basic colors: yellow, blue, red, green, black and white; with which you can create infinite combinations. In addition, given its high quality, you can use this paint to design art or graffiti outdoors.

It is a high quality painting that can be used equally by adults or children. Next, a section with its strengths and possible disadvantages.


Utility: You can use it to paint fabric and other surfaces. Likewise, it is recommended for interiors and exteriors, thanks to its water resistant quality.

Pack: You will receive a pack of 6 paint pots in assorted colors, which offer high quality pigments.

Anti-clogging: Thanks to its bottle equipped with an anti-clogging valve, painting will be easier.



Quantity: A bottle with a greater quantity of the product is missing; however, it is an easy-to-manage size for children.

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Paint for fabric La Pajarita

6. La Pajarita T-Shirt Fabric Painting Kit

T-shirt fabric painting is a good way to decorate clothes, and painting them can also be a fun activity for children; For this reason, this La Pajarita fabric paint kit stands out in the market, as it is a set designed for the little ones.

The purchase comes with 5 pots of paint, 1 pencil, 1 brush, 1 tracing paper and additionally comes with a 100% cotton t-shirt suitable for color covering.

Each bottle has 25 ml of content and, among the colors offered, are yellow, blue, red, white and black. This variety, together with the quality of being able to be mixed to obtain different shades, makes many users see it as the best fabric paint. On the other hand, the formula of the paints is suitable to be used on any fabric and, in addition, it is easy to clean from your skin.

This La Pajarita fabric paint is a good alternative for creative kids who want to decorate some t-shirts.


Kit: The paint set comes with 5 pots of different colors, a t-shirt, pencil, brush and tracing paper; that is, you will have everything in a single purchase.

Fabrics: The paints are suitable for covering any type of textile surface, that is, they adapt to all fabrics.

Application: Using the brush included in the purchase, it will be very easy to use the paint; In addition, it is easy to remove from the skin.



Bottles: The content of the bottles is 25 ml each, therefore, it could run out quickly if you want to cover very large surfaces.

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fluorescent fabric paint

7. UVibe Fluorescent Fabric Paint 

It is a set of fluorescent fabric paint that has 8 containers of 35 ml each. It also offers the colors red, blue, light orange, yellow, white, fuchsia and dark orange, which allows you to use the product for different projects.

In addition, these paints have a neon finish with an intense shine, which can be better appreciated under ultraviolet light, as it increases their attractiveness. In this sense, it is possible to use them to paint t-shirts, cloth bags, accessories, among others.

Once applied to a fabric, these paints can withstand machine wash cycles and even ironing, providing great resistance. As if that were not enough, the set is presented in an attractive cardboard box, which allows you to store the paints safely or as a gift to an arts and crafts lover.

If you are looking for a set of fluorescent paints, then it is best to review the main characteristics of this model in more detail before selecting one.


Set: The set includes 8 paints in the colors red, white, green, fuchsia, light orange, blue, dark orange and yellow.

Application: They are easy to apply paints with a brush or sponge, which favors practicality.

Finish: They have a bright color and offer an intense neon color under black light, which increases versatility.



Surface: The surface of the dried paint may be a little sticky, which can collect lint.

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gold fabric paint

8. Tulip Pearl Embossed Fabric Paint 118ml

For those looking for a suitable product to make decorations, this gold fabric paint is positioned as a good model. With 118 ml of content, the embossed formula offers a correct finish on different surfaces, not just fabric.

It is possible to cover wood, ceramics, glass and other areas with ease and great adhesion; Thanks to this detail, you can add decorative 3D touches to all kinds of places. On the other hand, even though the paint has no glitter, the result is still shiny.

To give you more control over the amount of paint, the bottle comes with a dispenser tip with which you can write and make fine lines; plus, just by applying a little pressure you can see the paint flow.

In the case of safety, the paint formula has been manufactured under the ASTM D4236 quality standards, therefore, its composition is non-toxic, for your greater peace of mind. 

In addition to its quality and versatility, this is one of the cheapest paints you can get. Suitable for people who want good results while saving a little money.


Embossing: In addition to a beautiful sheen, the paint also provides an embossed surface for added detail.

Content: The content of this product is greater than that of other similar paints, since it contains 118 ml.

Dispensing: The dispensing tip makes it easy to make fine lines and control the amount of paint.



Drying: Waiting 6-7 hours is required to see the final results, so patience is needed to get what you want.

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Shopping guide

Those who want to show their creativity by decorating fabrics with beautiful colors need the best fabric paint; however, finding the perfect painting for you depends a lot on what you need. For that reason, taking the time to evaluate the good and bad of each product will give you the opportunity to make a more successful purchase.


One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when making a guide to buying the best fabric paint is its resistance and quality. It is possible to get carried away with bright colors or quantity, however, it is useless to get a nice color that will not last as long as you need, because you must touch up the paint frequently, since you will end up using a bottle in a short time. A good pigmentation is an aspect that you should not miss.

In addition to that, when comparing fabric paints, verify that the option you like best offers adequate resistance to the environment, because that is what will ensure a long-lasting design. For example, it is necessary that the paint is suitable for washing in a washing machine without being damaged. It does not matter if certain precautions are required, such as using a delicate cycle or having a maximum temperature, what is really relevant is that the water does not deteriorate the paint.

To this must also be added the impact of light. There are some fabric paints that wear off with constant exposure to sunlight, so these aren’t the best alternatives for painting clothes you’ll wear outside the home. 


When you have already verified that the resistance of the paint is adequate for the use you want to give it, then it is time to pay attention to the content of the purchase. It is possible to find a good and cheap paint that does not come alone, that is, that brings with it various accessories to make the painting process much easier, and this is one of the best options.

There are various manufacturers that offer complete sets with paint, brushes, pencils and various accessories; meanwhile, other models come with dispensing tips or other accessories. The former are especially suitable for children, since they will be able to have everything at hand to get started in this activity, while the latter are better alternatives for professionals who require precise lines.

On the other hand, if you want your paint to last for a long time, then buy those products that have 100 ml or more of content. Remember that many times, depending on the fabric, it is possible to need more than one coat of paint and, for that reason, it is advisable to have enough product. Also, if you know exactly what you’ll be doing and want to save money, then it’s worth going for a smaller amount of paint. It all depends on your needs.

Finally, a good investment is to acquire the products that offer more variety of colors. This small detail will allow you to create designs with greater detail, using different shades. It will also give you the opportunity to mix colors to obtain personalized results, suitable for the artistic project that you are going to develop.


Your purchase should be guided specifically by the use you want to give the paint, therefore, it is advisable to look for versatile products that adapt to your requirements. For example, if you are still unsure of the fabric you want to paint, then it is important to purchase a paint that is compatible with all textile materials to maximize the use of the product. In fact, it is possible to find paints that are not limited to fabrics, since they can also cover other surfaces such as glass, wood, plastic and metal.

In addition to that, you could buy paints that give you more than color. There are various models that come in pearlescent shades, embossed and even with fluorescence effects to glow in the dark. These details will make the work extraordinary, as it will give the designs more personality. Choosing one effect or another depends a lot on the objective you have.

Finally, remember that there are liquid options with brushes and others that come in aerosol format. Choose the most comfortable alternative for you, as the results differ from one model to another.


To finish and before focusing on how much each painting costs, pay attention to the safety offered by the product you like. It is necessary that any item you take home meets the quality standards required for that specific product; in the case of paint, it is necessary that the composition is not toxic and that, in addition, it can be easily cleaned from the skin.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a fabric paint?

Painting on canvas is as simple as filling a canvas with paint; in fact, it involves the same steps.

The first thing you should do is prepare the surface you will be painting on by placing the fabric on a firm area. This will prevent it from slipping or wrinkling, which could damage your design.

After that, put a piece of cardboard under it to prevent the paint from going through to the other side. Remember that the fabric must be clean and dry, so as not to have problems with the adherence of the product.

If you already have an idea for your drawing, trace the design you want with a pencil. On the other hand, if you want to make a free drawing, then it is not necessary.

To finish preparing and start painting, you just need to wet the brush with a little water and get down to work.

Q2: How to seal acrylic paint on fabric?

The sealing of acrylic paint is done with an iron. Depending on the manufacturer, each paint will have its drying time and, after that, you can iron the fabric.

Do it on the back of the design first, then iron over it. This will help the paint adhere and not fall off with the first wash.

Q3: How to remove fabric paint?

If paint has fallen and it is not the place where you wanted to place it, take advantage of the fact that the paint is fresh to rub the stain with cold water and wash the garment. This will be enough.  

On the other hand, if the paint is dry, try scraping it off with a brush. When you’re done, add a solvent like acetone or isopropyl alcohol all over the place. Rub after a few seconds and finish the process by washing the garment with cold water.

Q4: What paint is used to paint on fabric?

Acrylic fabric paint and textile paint, which can come in different presentations, are the two types of paint used to properly paint fabrics.

Q5: How to dilute fabric paint?

To get started, pour the amount of paint you need into a small container or palette.

Take your brush and wet it; then, start mixing the paint so that it starts to get wet. After that, if the paint doesn’t thin out, pour in a little more water. You must make sure that the paint does not have lumps or a different color than the original.

When finished, check the consistency. If it’s not okay, continue with the process. It is possible to use solvents instead of water, however this is entirely up to you.

Q6: How to make homemade fabric paint?

If you do not need to do a professional job, it is possible to do homemade fabric painting and have fun creating designs with your little ones. For this you need acrylic paints, white glue and a little patience.

As a first step, you should mix the same amount of paint and glue in a container. And, to finish, you just need to apply your creation on the fabric you need.

After letting the paint dry, simply iron the fabric on the back and you’re good to go. 

Q7: How to smudge the paint on the fabric?

To properly blend the paint it is necessary to add a bit of white paint to the design, in the area you wish to soften. It shouldn’t be too much, it just takes a little bit and stretches the paint layer nicely. This trick will make the paint look washed out.

Q8: How to recover dried fabric paint?

Fabric paint, when dry, can be very difficult to recover; however, it is not impossible, depending on the state.

If you notice that the paint is completely dry and does not have a bit of moisture, then it could be said that it is not recoverable. However, if you see that the paint has some lumps and certain areas are hard, it is possible to rehydrate them so that they can get the fluidity they had before.

With a toothpick you can start to mix the paint to try to recover it and if it works, continue until it is ready. On the other hand, if you do not notice a change, then another process is necessary.

Find kitchen paper, toothpick and a syringe.

To start, add 0.25 ml of water and start stirring the paint with the toothpick. The paint should start to soften, if not, add an additional 0.25ml of water. Depending on the state of the paint, you may need more or less quantity, but the important thing is not to pour all the liquid, but to apply small doses. Carrying out this process will have the paintings as new after a while.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Dupli Color 319945 Spray de Textil

Si deseas una cantidad de contenido adecuada, esta pintura para tela en aerosol es una buena alternativa que se adaptará a tus necesidades. El envase trae 150 ml de pintura para que puedas aplicarla en diferentes áreas, sin importar el tamaño. Lo mejor de este producto es que es compatible con todo tipo de tejidos, para darte más oportunidad para utilizarlo.

Considerada la mejor pintura de relación calidad precio por ser uno de los artículos más baratos del mercado, el spray de Dupli tiene un tiempo de secado rápido y ofrece un resultado brillante y vivo. 

Además de eso, la pintura es resistente a la luz y no se deteriora por el sol, por lo que podrás usar tu ropa pintada al salir, sin ningún problema. Por último, es posible lavar las telas con una temperatura máxima de 30 grados centígrados y con un ciclo delicado para que no se desgasten y se mantengan en buenas condiciones.

Para quienes prefieren el aerosol, esta pintura para tela puede ser la mejor alternativa. Se trata de un producto económico y de calidad.


Contenido: Son 150 ml de contenido los que trae este aerosol, por lo que podrás cubrir amplias secciones con facilidad.

Tejidos: La pintura es adecuada para todo tipo de tejidos, sin problema.

Resistencia: El resultado final es resistente a la luz y a la lavadora, para que puedas disfrutar del diseño por más tiempo.



Olor: Este producto cuenta con un olor fuerte que podría ser desagradable para algunas personas, sin embargo, esto no afecta la calidad de la pintura.

NighTec Pintura Textil 100 ml

No es necesario preguntarte cuál es la mejor pintura para tela si buscas innovación, pues esta alternativa es una de las más destacadas. Este bote trae 100 ml de pintura fluorescente para tela, lo que permitirá que puedas cubrir espacios amplios y que los diseños brillen cuando la luz se encuentre apagada.

Este efecto luminoso que brinda la pintura hace que sea una buena opción para decorar disfraces o prendas a utilizar en lugares oscuros; lo mejor de esto, es que no se necesita luz UV para poder apreciar los colores.

Fabricada en Alemania y con una composición a base de agua, esta pintura es de calidad y puede utilizarse en diferentes materiales textiles como, por ejemplo: la fibra sintética, el algodón, el poliéster y los tejidos mixtos. Asimismo, la fórmula es resistente al lavado hasta los 40°C y puede mantener el efecto de brillo durante muchos años.

Si deseas destacar en todas partes pero no tienes idea de qué pintura para tela comprar, este producto fluorescente puede ser una buena compra para ti.


Brillo: El brillo de esta pintura no necesita de luz negra o UV para notarse, por lo que servirá en cualquier ambiente de poca luz.

Superficies: Es posible aplicar las pinturas a distintas superficies textiles, sin importar si se trata de un tejido mixto o no.

Duración: A pesar de que laves la tela constantemente, la pintura mantendrá su efecto por largo tiempo sin desgastarse.



Blanco: Es necesario pintar en superficies blancas para obtener el mejor efecto.

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