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Fishing Rod – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you enjoy fishing or want to start this activity, you need to be equipped with a fishing rod. There is a wide range of options available in the market, with different brands and specifications. Among them, two appear recurrently as the favorites of the users. Initially, there is the Bntteam Mini model, a telescopic fishing rod with compact dimensions, which has been made of carbon fiber, making it light and resistant. Then, we find the Shimano Aernos AX model, a professional rod made up of 8 rings designed to better distribute the tension when catching a fish. In addition, it is suitable for practicing twitching, jerking and jigging.

The 7 Best Fishing Rods – Opinions 2022

Lovers of outdoor sports activities such as hiking, mountaineering, camping and fishing need to have a fishing rod that provides the possibility of taking a good specimen out of the water. With so many models available, making the right purchase may be complex. However, it is possible to get an idea of ​​quality by knowing the characteristics and disadvantages of the alternatives that are recognized as the best fishing rods.

mini fishing rod

1. Bntteam Mini Spinning Reel and Rods 

If you want to acquire the best fishing rod on the market, then you should review the attributes of this set, which is made up of several elements, in order to adjust to the demands of both beginners and advanced users.

It is a mini fishing rod that is made of carbon fiber and plastic, so it is lightweight and foldable, so it can be stored in a bag and save space when traveling or camping. 

It has dimensions of 1.5 meters in telescopic length and can be used for sea fishing or boat fishing. In addition to the rod, this kit is made up of a fishing reel with 3 ball bearings, a fishing line, lure, hook and fishing floats, so that you have all the elements to enjoy the activity, without investments. additional. 

Being considered the best fishing rod of the moment, it is best to know the pros and cons of this option.


Design: It has a modern design that combines two colors and includes a length of 150 cm.

Kit: In addition to the rod, it includes other elements such as line, hook, lures and floats.

Construction: Its construction is robust and of quality, made with carbon fiber and plastic, so it is light. 

Folded: It is convenient to take on camping trips, because it is foldable and does not take up space.


Level: Due to its specifications, it is a simple rod for beginners or children.

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2. Lixada Mini Fishing Rod Similar Aluminum Pen

To make your choice of the best value for money fishing rod, it would be appropriate for you to consider this alternative from the manufacturer Lixada on your list of interest, because, in addition to having a striking and portable design, it is practical for fishing and one of the most cheap.

Since its pocket size, it is considered as a mini fishing rod, so it is convenient to carry in a small bag along with the rest of the equipment. It is made of an aluminum alloy, with a lightweight fiberglass body of only 55 grams.

Additionally, the reel incorporates forward and reverse steering, drag control, and ratchet stop. Also, it can be attached to two slots in the body. The closed dimension of this rod is 20 cm in length, while extended is 96.2 cm. Its design is delicate and it is available in blue. It is suitable for fishing or for collectors.

This model has a good rating and is one of the cheapest rods, but knowing its pros and cons, you will be able to evaluate it directly.


Construction: Despite being lightweight, it has a robust construction made of aluminum alloy and fiberglass. 

Design: Its design is foldable in blue, so that it can be carried in your pocket.

Weight: Its weight is only 55 grams, making it easy to maneuver.

Accessories: Along with the rod, a fishing reel with its respective thread is delivered.


Capacity: Being small, it only serves to fish specimens of no more than 3 kilos. 

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Shimano fishing rod

3. Shimano Aernos AX Spinning 2 Piece Fishing Rod

This is a Shimano fishing rod that offers extra fast action with a flex point quite far from the handle. In this way, you can get more control over the lure and better distribute the force when fighting a big fish.

In this sense, it offers an optimal blank response for use in different fishing techniques such as jigging, twitching and jerking, which increases its versatility. Likewise, it is a modern rod suitable for use in different situations that require resistance.

Also, it is important to note that it has been made with XT100 carbon, which provides lightness and strength, which favors practicality and allows you to use it comfortably and safely. Similarly, it has a length of 2.08 m and its weight is only 98 grams.

If you are looking for a practical and versatile fishing rod, then this model could interest you. For this reason, it is best to review its positive and negative aspects in detail.


Rings: Its structure has 8 rings to correctly distribute the pressure through the rod.

Transport: It has a cloth bag to transport the rod comfortably and safely.

Action: Provides a fast action that gives you more control over the lure.


Length: Its length is less than that of other fishing rods on the list, since it can reach only 2.08 m.

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4. Shimano TLD A Stand Up 1 Section Fishing Rod

Shimano is a leading brand in the world market for its high quality, specializing in designing components for various sports such as fishing, canoeing, cycling, among others. In particular, this rod is designed for those who want to catch large fish, such as tuna.

Today’s TLD is a rod made with an improved blank, compared to the previous model. In this sense, although it can be seen with the naked eye with a thinner body, the truth is that it has an XT60 carbon and Biofiber blank, which provides great strength to this sports instrument.

Likewise, it is a rod of high power and reliability, with which you can fish large specimens in the open sea. In addition, the manufacturer gives you the option to choose between several available models in the range; with roller rings or normal rings, depending on your needs.

It is a versatile rod with great performance. For more information, we present some of its highlights.


Capacity: Its robustness offers you high durability and the possibility of fishing large specimens.

Roller rings: This model is equipped with six roller rings designed to roll more easily, preserving the condition of the fishing lines.

Weight: With a weight of 752 grams, it is a light and easy to handle fishing rod.

Variety: The manufacturer offers you 4 options to choose from with different capacities.


Folding: It is missing that its structure can be folded for transport. However, its size does not imply a great need for space.

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children’s fishing rod

5. Magreel Fishing Rod for Kids

This model from the manufacturer Magreel is recommended for those who want to buy a fishing rod for children, because it is of the spinning type and includes all the necessary kit to carry out the activity. 

The set is made up of a telescopic fishing rod, a spinning reel, hooks, lines, baits, lures, fishing tackle and other implements, as well as a practical bag to store and transport all the components safely.

It has an appropriate size for the little ones, but you can select between 1.2 meter or 1.5 meter poles. In addition, this rod has a soft touch handle, is lightweight and easy to use.

The cane is made of fiberglass and has a delicate finish. Being made of a robust material, the model has a long useful life, with low incidence of wear due to continuous use. Similarly, the handle is made of EVA. 

If you are interested in this proposal, it would be prudent for you to review its pros and cons to verify that it meets your requirements.


Accessories: This model includes several accessories in a complete and educational set.

Construction: The construction of the rod has been made with carbon fiber, so it is light.

Handle: It has a handle made of EVA, so it is ergonomic to hold.

Dimensions: According to the requirements, the user can select between rods of 1.2 and 1.5 meters.


Uses: It is a children’s model, so it may not be efficient for professional fishing.

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Fishing rod for surfcasting

6. Seaquest Surf Fishing Rod Carbon Fishing Rod

It is a fishing rod made of carbon fiber, a synthetic polymer similar to graphite. In this sense, it can provide 3 times greater resistance than steel, so it not only withstands stress, but also fire, corrosion and chemicals, which increases its useful life.

On the other hand, being a fishing rod for surfcasting, it is appropriate for sport fishing from the shore of the beach or in port areas. Also, it is capable of supporting a weight between 100 and 250 g, which increases its versatility.

Importantly, it offers a length of 119.5cm and when fully open it can reach up to 4.5m in length, so it is possible to keep the fishing end away to allow fish to come in close.

A high-quality fishing rod should provide a long life, such as the SeaQuest 4504 model. Let’s take a closer look at its main features before deciding.


Length: It is a 4-piece fishing rod that can provide a maximum length of 4.5m.

Resistance: Its structure is made of carbon fiber, a material capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.

Use: It is appropriate for surfcasting in port areas or on the seashore.


Weight: It weighs 680 g, making it heavier than other models on the list. However, this does not diminish its functionality.

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Daiwa fishing rod

7. Daiwa Megaforce Tele Telescopic Fishing Rod

If you are new to the world of fishing and among the number of options available you have not been able to make a decision, you may find it favorable to know the specifications of this Daiwa fishing rod, which is among the best. 

This telescopic fishing instrument is suitable for all types of modality, because it has an improved design, with components that have been reinforced. Due to its dimensions, it is practical to carry in a backpack. Its body has been manufactured with several areas of carbon fiber, so it is light and has an adequate flex curve, as well as favorable properties for launching.

In addition, its handle is made of EVA, making it ergonomic and easy to grip. Similarly, it incorporates titanium oxide rings, with other inserts that favor performance in the fishing discipline. Its weight is light and balanced. 

Before making a hasty decision, you can take a look at both the positive and negative features of this model.


Handle: It has an ergonomic handle that favors grip and improves performance.

Construction: It has a body that has been made almost entirely of carbon fiber, so it is balanced and manageable.

Rings: It has rings that have been made of titanium oxide, providing resistance and efficiency. 

Flexion: The telescopic rod has a flex curve that enhances the launch.


Size: Depending on the size, its price varies and there may be confusion if this property is not specified.

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Fishing rod accessories

fishing rod reel

Shimano AX FB

The fishing rod reel is one of the most important elements to complete the task of hunting fish. Among all the available models, Shimano presents a spinning reel with robust properties, but with a graphite frame that stands out for its lightness, so its weight is 322 grams. 

This alternative provides adequate performance as it has a large line roller that minimizes twisting for fast recovery. In addition, it has a conical surface that favors the line. Therefore, it is a model that works strongly, effectively and has a competitive price.

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fishing rod holder

Hongzer Fishing Rod Holder

If you need a fishing rod holder, the Hongzer manufacturer presents one of the most recommended by buyers, since, thanks to its dimensions, it has capacity for a total of 16 rods and is lightweight. 

This piece of fishing equipment is made of plastic, but has a solid base that provides firmness and stability. In addition, it has an attractive and innovative double-sided fish-shaped design. Its assembly is simple and it adjusts to the majority of fishing rods available on the market, since it has a diameter of 4.2 cm.

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Rings for fishing rod

Lixada 75pcs Sea Rod Guide Tip Set

Those who enjoy fishing know that it is necessary to have spare fishing rod rings, so if you want quality, the recommended thing is this model from the manufacturer Lixada, which is made up of a 75-piece kit.

Within the components, you can find eight types of guides numbered 30, 25, 20, 16, 12, 10, 8 and 6, respectively. The rings are resistant to use and have a low level of wear, because they are built with a solid structure of steel and ceramic material. In addition, this proposal incorporates a small storage box, which allows you to keep the pieces organized.

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fishing rod cover

Behr Angelspor Carry Bag

As important as the main equipment is having a fishing rod cover that efficiently protects the structure during transfers and ensures the portability of all the pieces. In this sense, one of the most recommended models is that of Behr Angelspor, which is available in various sizes to fit the dimensions of the rod.

This rod holder is olive green in color and is made of robust materials that give it resistance. In addition, it has careful details and applications that make its use more efficient, since it has strong zippers, additional pockets and handles that facilitate holding.

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Shopping guide 

Fishing is a discipline that is gaining more and more followers as it is an outdoor activity that is usually practiced by amateurs or professionals. In any case, to be able to practice it requires equipment that includes a fishing rod. So, if you want to make a convenient purchase, it would be helpful if you could review the following guide to buying the best fishing rod on the market, in which we will review the main features that you should consider. 

Construction and parts

If it is within your plans to acquire a good and cheap fishing rod, then you should analyze the materials that the manufacturer has used to make its structure, body and other elements that make up the piece, since these tend to give signs of quality. robustness and even durability that the proposal will have.

The first thing you should know is that fishing rods are delicate products, which generally have light and reduced weights to allow better control and handling by the user. For this reason, they can be made with a body in different materials that, according to the brand and model, serve to favor fishing performance. 

In this sense, most companies agree to present light rods that have been made of plastic, aluminum alloy or carbon fiber. All are resistant raw materials and have been added to the rods, as a product of the research of the specialized developers of the manufacturing houses.

Models made of carbon fiber or fiberglass may have a higher cost, but their performance is optimized to provide better elasticity and curve when fishing, so that different species of fish can be obtained. 

In fact, there are various densities of carbon fiber, so one model may have better quality than another, even if both are made of the same material. In addition, within the construction it is necessary to mention the rings that, in the most sought-after proposals, are made with an anodized steel frame, with an aluminum oxide insert. Similarly, the handle and its ergonomics should be considered.

kit or set

Those who want to have an estimate of how much a fishing rod costs should consider the number of elements and parts that make up the model, since some of the alternatives that are presented on the market have several components, so they are a kit or set with everything you need to start the fishing activity.

In general, these kits include all the elements, but they are recommended for the initiation stage, beginners and children who venture into the world of angling. The price of these proposals tends to be competitive and varies according to the quality of the accessories that are included.

The most popular models are made up of the fishing rod, a spinning reel, lures, a set of lines, hooks, lines, bait and other elements. Similarly, there are some options that only include the fishing rod, so that, depending on the needs, the rest of the elements must be purchased separately. 

Portability and case

If you have a fishing rod, it is necessary to be equipped with a cover that allows you to carry the equipment from one place to another, in a safe way when you go on a trip. Aware of this, some manufacturers incorporate, along with the fishing rod, a carrying case with a handle, which favors storage conditions to protect the body of the piece and preserve its properties. Some sleeves are plain, while others are equipped with padded material to protect the rod from shocks. 

design and type

Before rushing into a purchase, it is wisest to do a fishing rod comparison that includes design and type. Those who are not familiar with this fishing equipment should know that there are different types of rods that fit different disciplines, as well as that they are equipped with structures that fit different demands in relation to style and modality. 

Most are rods for sea fishing but, within this category, you can find fishing rods for surfcasting, for running fishing, casting, rockfishing, spinning, classic fishing and rigid ones.

Regarding the designs, you can differentiate between folding rods, three-piece rods and mini rods, as well as alternatives for children, among others. It is also possible to select the style, in relation to the decorative aesthetics of the color.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a fishing rod?

The first thing to do is select a bait, which must be added. To do this, you need to tie the line to the reel using an arbor knot and then make another knot to tie the bait or hook. Then, the bait must be selected and added to the hook. The way to do it is to cross it with the hook, in two parts, so that it is secured. 

To continue, you will have to cast the line. For this, force must be used strategically, so that it reaches a greater distance. The next thing is to wait for a fish to catch the bait and this will be the time to reel in the line, by using the spinning reel to take the prey out of the water.

Q2: How to assemble a fishing rod?

The reel must be placed on the rod. To do this, you have to fit the handle on the reel seat and adjust the knob firmly, without pressing excessively. To continue, proceed to wind the line on the coil. You will have to pass the line through the lower ring, and then make a knot that covers the coil, until the line is close to the edge. 

The next thing will be to pass the end of the line from the reel to the tip of the fishing rod, through all the rings. In addition, the spool brake will have to be released, so that the thread is easily released. To conclude, the rigging must be joined with the main line, by means of a special knot. 

Q3: What ties the hook to the fishing rod?

The hook is tied to the fishing rod by means of a thread, which must be knotted so that the piece stays in position and does not come loose when the rod is cast, or when the fish bites it. Knots for hooks are generally simple and quick. 

Q4: What is the name of the tip of the fishing rod?

The fishing rod is an instrument that serves to facilitate the fishing process and is made up of different parts. The tip of a fishing rod is called pointer. In general, the piece is provided with different hardnesses according to the model. In fact, its flexibility will be what provides the greatest distance when throwing. 

Q5: How to cast the fishing rod?

If you want to cover a long distance, then the form of throwing will be over the top. To do this, press the reel button with your thumb while moving the rod backwards. Then, with force, the equipment should be propelled forward in a single movement, while the thumb should be withdrawn. 

Q6: How to make a homemade bamboo fishing rod?

You should find a piece of bamboo, with approximate measurements between two and three meters. Afterwards, it will be necessary to work the wood and remove any irregularities on its surface. To continue, you’ll need to find a joint in the thick end of the pole and close it, so the handle doesn’t have any openings. 

Also, with sandpaper you should smooth the surface and give it a little time to dry. Once dry, it should be tested to verify that it does not split. The next thing will be to add the fishing line and tie one of the ends two inches above the handle. To finish, it is necessary to add the float, the hook and the sinker.

Q7: How to prepare a fishing rod to buoy?

The regular rig requires a line. In addition, it must be fixed with lead ballast at the bottom of the buoy. Similarly, you need to place four 9mm sinkers, gauze and a super clinch knot. At a distance of one meter, the knot must be tightened strongly and the excesses cut off, to later add a 6 mm perforated ball, which will have to be threaded. Take the buoy, remove the blocker from the thread and close with a bow. The perforated ball must be pushed over the knot, until it reaches the desired size. In this way, the stop and depth are regulated. 

Q8: How to put the line on a fishing rod?

To put the line on the rod it is necessary that it is first placed on the spool. Therefore, it is necessary to verify that the spool of this part rotates in the direction in which the thread will be unwound. Then, the thread should be passed through the main ring and a firm but not thick knot must be tied. The next thing will be to tie the thread to the spool of the spool and it is necessary to verify that the knot will not come loose when turning the crank. To continue, you will have to close the coil and start winding. This is accomplished by turning the crank until it fills the reel’s full capacity. Afterwards, the thread is cut according to the needs.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Shimano Rod Vengeance Bx Sea Bass 166

En caso de que sigas preguntándote cuál es la mejor caña de pescar del mercado, puede que este modelo sea el conveniente para dar respuesta a la interrogante, porque tiene un diseño que mejora el rendimiento durante la pesca y es de propiedades livianas, por lo que se puede llevar y utilizar con facilidad.

Esta caña de pescar Shimano está fabricada con materiales de alto grado de calidad, con la incorporación de materias primas resistentes, como una membrana en fibra de carbono, así como una línea de guía en acero, de modo que es relativamente liviana gracias a su blank, que a su vez es reactivo para mejores clavados. 

De acuerdo a su tipo, es una caña de spinning cuyas medidas, en relación a la longitud, son de entre 2,1 metros y 2,4 metros. Además, incluye un mango ergonómico que facilita el agarre y permite aplicar movimientos ondulados al sedal.

Para determinar qué caña de pescar comprar, conocer los aspectos positivos y negativos de este modelo sería conveniente.


Accesorios: Incluye la caña de pescar y una bolsa para almacenar de forma segura.

Anillas: Dispone de anillas resistentes de fabricación propia de Shimano, por lo que son fiables.

Construcción: Tiene una construcción sólida, pero al mismo tiempo liviana, con acero, TX30 y fibra de carbono.

Dimensiones: Su longitud se estima entre los 2,1 y 2,4 metros, resultando una distancia adecuada.


Frágil: Dependiendo del cuidado que se tenga al manipularla, la punta de la caña puede resultar algo frágil.

Shimano TX1123003 Tribal TX1 12300 Caña de Pescar

Si eres de los que valoran una marca reconocida y deseas adquirir una de las mejores cañas de pescar del 2022, puede que este modelo te resulte conveniente, porque es práctico, liviano y eficiente para mejorar la técnica de pesca.

Se trata de una vara integrada por tres piezas de la serie Tribal TX1, con blank de color negro y estilo vintage, que sirve tanto para principiantes como para avanzados, porque tiene un mango ergonómico y moderno fabricado en EVA. Mientras tanto, el resto del cuerpo está construido en fibra de carbono XT.

A su vez, los anillos de esta caña de pescar Shimano son de acero inoxidable, combinados con un arco de acero anodizado, por lo que el equipo es resistente y conveniente para diferentes modalidades de pesca. Tiene un peso general liviano de 365 gramos y su longitud es de 3,66 metros, mientras que su tamaño portable se reduce a 126 cm. Asimismo, incluye un forro de tela para almacenar y proteger la estructura.

Las decisiones apresuradas pueden ser sinónimo de malas compras, pero esto se puede evitar al conocer los pros y contras de este modelo.


Diseño: Es una caña de pescar de estilo retro integrada por tres piezas en un diseño clásico.

Construcción: Su construcción es sólida, hecha con un cuerpo de fibra de carbono y anillos de acero.

Funda: Incluye una funda fabricada en tela que sirve para almacenarla y transportarla de forma segura.

Peso: Su peso es relativamente liviano y se estima en unos 365 gramos.


Estética: Su estética es sencilla, por lo que puede resultar un poco simple.


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