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Fishing Reel – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To enjoy fishing, you need a rod that, in turn, must be equipped with a reel that will allow you to deploy and retrieve the line. There are several brands that present interesting sports lines for fishing. In relation to the reels, one of the most recommended is the Shimano Sienna 1000, a model that has been made of aluminum, equipped with three bearings and a Varispeed system, as well as a coil. Another model that stands out is the Trabucco Oceanic Pro Surf, a reel made of graphite that, due to its properties, is recommended for bottom fishing, as it is equipped with a cross-winding system.

The 8 Best Fishing Reels – Opinions 2022

Those who are dedicated to sport or bottom fishing will know how important it is to have a suitable and efficient fishing reel, with properties that adjust to the needs of the activity. If you want to ensure quality with a successful purchase, you could review the following section, in which we will explain the most outstanding characteristics of eight of the best fishing reels.

Shimano fishing reel

1. Shimano Sienna FE Reel

Made of aluminum and attractive for having a competitive price, this model is positioned among the favorites of users, who assure that it is the best fishing reel on the market.

The model is available in different sizes and has been designed with a line capacity of 0.18 mm and 170 meters long, making it efficient and versatile, with a gear ratio of 5.0. Also, the Shimano fishing reel incorporates three A-RB bearings and a roller bearing. It works with the Varispeed system and AR-C spool, which favors the casting technique and increases balance. 

On the other hand, its design is classic and it is available in gray, with a light weight of 210 grams. In addition, it is practical to be used in fishing in small rivers and using spoon-type lures.

Although some claim that this is the best fishing reel of the moment, it will be the verification of its pros and cons that will help you determine it. 


Line: This 210 gram model has a capacity for 0.18 mm threads and is 170 meters long, which is a good level of compatibility. 

Design: Its design is classic, silver in color, with three A-RB bearings and an easy-to-handle roller bearing.

Uses: Due to its properties and size, it is efficient for fishing in small rivers and with the use of spoons.

Construction: It has a construction made of metal that gives it a considerable useful life.



Salt water: Signs of rust may begin to appear after excessive use in salt water.

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2. Shimano Stradic CI4+ FB

A Shimano fishing reel is usually synonymous with quality, so it is recommended to be equipped with one of them. Being a manufacturer with such an extensive history, it is normal for it to present several models, but the Stradic CI4+ FB is one of the most recognized for being premium and offering adequate performance. 

The product is available in different colors and, depending on the tone, its price usually varies. According to its manufacturer, the characteristics of this proposal have been renewed, making it more efficient, while having a striking design, weighing 190 grams. 

In addition, technologies such as Hagane Gear, Core Protect and a Magnum Lite motor have been incorporated into the manufacture of this equipment, making it durable and appearing as one of the best fishing reels of 2022. 

Shimano is recognized as the possible best brand of fishing reels and this model can be an example of it. Here its pros and cons. 


Construction: Its structure has been made of metal and is available in various colors, which means durability and diversity to choose from.

Technology: The manufacturer has added technologies to the structure such as Hagane Gear, Core Protect and Magnum motor for better overall performance.

Capacity: It is used for wires of 0.20 mm in diameter and 240 meters long, which is a wide and compatible capacity.

Properties: It has a maximum strength and brake of 9 kg, with bearings that will rotate 5 times per revolution, which is a favorable level.



Finishes: Despite being a high-end product, with careful finishes, some areas may look flimsy. 

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Fishing reels for surfcasting

3. Trabucco Oceanic Pro Surf Reel

Being made of durable but low-cost materials, this model presented by the manufacturer Trabucco is considered by many users as the best possible value for money fishing reel, as it is one of the cheapest and works well. 

The piece has an elegant design, but at the same time functional, with metallic-style finishes. However, its weight is 699 grams, so it is manageable but somewhat heavier than other options. It consists of a bearing and a cross winding system that accepts 0.40 mm threads up to 250 meters. 

It also has a 4.1:1 recovery ratio, so it will turn 4.1 times for each turn of the crank. In addition, being made of graphite and due to its properties, it is one of the fishing reels for surfcasting and other modalities such as bottom sport fishing, because its size is 8000.

This fishing reel may be among the cheapest, but this does not mean that it is of less quality. Below, you can analyze its pros and cons.


Reel: It has a light reel, which allows to cover a great distance in casting, with a capacity for 0.40 mm and 250 meter threads.

Uses: Its 8000 size makes it suitable for fishing modalities such as surfcasting.

Construction: It has a strong graphite construction, but with lightweight properties.

Ratio: Its recovery ratio is 4.1 turns per turn, which is an adequate level.



Stability: The model may shake a bit during line retrieval, making it appear flimsy.

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4. Jarvan Fishing Reel 13BB New LJ9000

Another model of the most recommended on the market, within the surfcasting fishing reels, is this one from the manufacturer Jarvan, because it has been designed with strong properties and a high-capacity coil, which make it suitable for this modality and others such as fishing. deep in the sea. 

The product is equipped with precise ball bearings and a spare spool. In addition, it is made of robust metal, specifically an aluminum alloy, with a special system that prevents water and impurities from coming into contact with the reel mechanism. 

Likewise, it consists of a fast lateral unloading system, which provides effortless use, with a comfortable feeling in the handle. Therefore, this may be the right answer for those wondering what is the best fishing reel on the market, as it also has a convenient line capacity of 0.35mm / 560m.

Deciding which fishing reel to buy is not easy, but knowing the pros and cons of this model could make it easier.


Modality: Due to its properties and size, it is convenient to be used in modalities such as surfcasting.

Construction: Its construction is made of aluminum alloy and has a system that prevents impurities from entering the interior. 

Bearing: It consists of a high-precision ball bearing, which facilitates fishing.

Capacity: It has a line capacity of 0.35 mm over 560 meters long, which favors the correct adaptation to the threads. 



System: Although it usually meets expectations, the central axis of the piece can be low in certain cases.

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Mitchell Fishing Reels

5. Mitchell Avocet Rz Rear Spinning Reel

Equipped with four bearings with an instant anti-reverse mechanism for smooth control and handling, this model stands out as another of the most recommended of our selection, because it belongs to the Mitchell line of fishing reels, a brand that provides reliability through its parts.

This proposal is made of aluminum and provides strength, but has a comfortable and smooth touch thanks to its crank. In addition, it has a fast turning system with a multi-disc drag. It is also equipped with Neverfail safety springs. 

Likewise, it has a double support pinion, which ensures less fatigue when using it. For this reason, it is convenient for many fishermen in different sports modalities. The size of this reel is 2000, so it is relatively small, suitable for about 220 meters of lines with a diameter of 0.20 mm, which is enough for a day of fishing. 

If this model seemed interesting to you, its pros and cons will be even more so, so you should review them. 


Construction: This is a 2000 size reel, with a strong aluminum construction.

Touch: It has a comfortable and soft touch on the handle, so that fatigue is reduced when using it.

Mechanism: It has a fast turning mechanism with multi-disc drive and double-support pinion that give its execution efficiency.

Capacity: It has a capacity for about 220 meters of 0.20 mm thread, which is a convenient level. 



Utility: Due to its small size, this equipment is limited to river fishing. 

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Daiwa Fishing Reels

6. Daiwa Ninja Front Drag Fishing Reel

Daiwa fishing reels are one of the best alternatives that you can find on the market, because they have a resistant and comfortable construction, which improves the experience of use through a structure with a modern design, which incorporates an ergonomic and soft-touch handle. 

Because it is size 1000, this model is recommended for fishing trout and other small fish, as well as in modern fishing modalities, since it is light, fast and has a precise brake. It is equipped with four bearings and a ratio of 4.8:1, with 62 centimeters of recovery, which falls within the medium-high level. The total weight is 245 grams, so casting is facilitated, without reducing precision.

In addition, it has a line capacity of 140 meters, with 0.20 mm diameter wires. Likewise, its structure is made of aluminium, it is compact in size and has delicate finishes. Its brake is precise, works progressively and includes a spare coil.

This model has properties that make it stand out, but it will be its positive and negative aspects that will allow you to make a decision.


Design: It has an ergonomic and compact design, with a smooth and easy-to-use handle.

Construction: Its structure is made of aluminum, so it is a lightweight, but precise equipment with a ratio of 4.8:1.

Properties: It is equipped with four bearings and its weight is 245 grams, making it manageable and comfortable.

Capacity: Being small, it has a capacity for about 140 meters of 0.20 mm thread, an adequate level in its category.



Fish: Due to its size and other properties, the model is not recommended for large fish.  

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Spinning fishing reels

7. SeaKnight Rapid Anticorrosion Sea Spinning Fishing Reels

If when fishing you use different modalities, among them, the modern techniques practiced in river and sea, then you must have one of the spinning fishing reels. This model from the manufacturer SeaKnight is positioned among the favorites, for having a resistant structure, with anti-corrosion properties that extend its useful life.

The reel has been expertly developed as a piece of equipment and innovations for saltwater fishing, with a maximum resistance of 15 kilos and fast operation, despite having a heavy spool. 

It is available in different colors and sizes. According to this, its price, drag characteristics, transmission and ratio vary. The 5000 size option has a weight of 363 grams, making it light and controllable. In addition, it has a sporty design, with a smooth and ergonomic handle that provides greater precision of use. 

Knowing the pros and cons of this model will be a way to decide if it is suitable for the requirements.


Resistance: It is strong, made with quality materials, with a maximum resistance of 15 kilos.

Sizes: This version is 5000 size with a 4.7:1 ratio, but the model is available in various sizes to suit different types and modalities of fishing.

Innovations: Its structure has been developed by the brand’s innovation department to be lighter, more precise and ergonomic.

Uses: Due to its characteristics, it is a model that is usually used for fishing in spinning mode.



Durability: Despite being of quality, there are those who have had problems with certain areas of its structure.

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Penn Fishing Reels

8. Penn-Plax II Fierce Spin Master Reel

Although there are many brands that present appropriate models for their quality, Penn fishing reels have a high-end performance, with an innovative construction that facilitates the activity and allows controlled and precise launches, to obtain better fish at the end of the day. 

This model is equipped with four ball bearings, made of sealed stainless steel, so that impurities do not enter and they are free of corrosion. It also has an anodized aluminum spool and a stainless steel roller shaft, so it’s strong, because its handle is also made of aluminum alloy, so it’s soft to the touch and lightweight.

Although its price does not make it stand out among cheap fishing reels (it varies according to size), its quality and appearance are remarkable, since it has a modern design that is available in black, with red details and matte finishes..

Knowing about the positive and negative characteristics of this model would be a convenient way to pin down its quality. 


Stability: The model is made of an aluminum alloy casing, so it is light but stable. 

Bearings: It is equipped with four bearings made of stainless steel and sealed for higher quality.

Crank: It has a comfortable and smooth crank, which ensures control of the equipment. 

Design: It has innovative finishes, since its design is elegant and sporty, available in predominantly matte black with red details. 



Brake: The type of brake must be verified, since in some cases the location of this varies, in the front or rear area.

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Fishing Reel Accessories 

Fishing reel covers

Penn-Plax Spinning Reel Cover 

Something common for those who are dedicated to this sports modality is to have covers for fishing reels that protect the device.

Among all the proposals that can be found on the market, one of the most convenient is the Penn-Plax cover for spinning reel, which is made of neoprene and available in black, as well as in various sizes, with sizes from S to the XL.

This cover is robustly constructed with 5mm thick neoprene and Velcro inserts to keep the compartment closed.

Likewise, its construction has been made with triple seams for greater reinforcement.

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Grease for fishing reels

Shimano Dura-Ace Grease

In the fishing mode, you must be equipped with different devices, supplies and accessories that will help you have a better experience during the activity, and one of them is the grease for fishing reels.

Although there are many options, this model from the manufacturer Shimano is usually highlighted as one of the best for its premium quality.

It is available in a presentation of a plastic bottle with a lid and a content of 50 grams, enough to apply on the bearings of the reels.

Its color can be green or black. It has soft properties and offers adequate adherence once it has been applied. 

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Shopping guide

Fishing is an activity that many people practice and, for this, it is necessary to have equipment that is usually made up of a rod and a fishing reel. Therefore, if you want guidance to choose, take a look at the following guide to buy the best fishing reel on the market. 


A particularity about this equipment is that the pieces must be light, which will allow adequate control and handling to make it easier to remove the specimen from the water. The weight of these products is given by the manufacturing materials with which they are made. Also, these will give an indication as to how much a fishing reel costs. 

Usually these items are made of metal. In most cases, they incorporate an anodized aluminum or graphite frame, which tends to be lightweight. Likewise, the reel is made up of other parts that are also made of aluminum or, failing that, of stainless steel, in order to make them more resistant to corrosion that water can create, whether fresh or salty. 

In any case, the main material of the structure is worked with technological innovations so that the result is light. For this reason, the reels do not usually have weights greater than 500 grams. This lightness allows greater precision when making a launch and controlling the equipment. 

On the other hand, although the structure is made of metal, in the case of the knob or crank, there are many brands that apply a coating of soft, non-slip material that provides a better grip, making the reels more ergonomic.


Fishing equipment is usually specific, so before making a random purchase, it is necessary to be familiar with some concepts that will lead to an efficient choice. Therefore, the indicated thing is to make a comparison of fishing reels that includes the size. 

In general, the reels are identified with a nomenclature that can go from 1,000, through 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 6,000, 8,000 and even 12,000 or more. This figure is given to know the size of the reel (the most common fixed spool). To select a size, you must know what type of fishing will be carried out. 

The large size models are recommended for surfcasting, bottom fishing, deep sea fishing, carp fishing, among other modalities, because they require a large amount of line, so the reels will have to be of great capacity. Now, if the fishing modality is spinning, rockfishing or for light casting and catching low-weight fish, then you can opt for a smaller reel.

Bearings and mechanism 

An economical fishing reel is an alternative that will interest more than one user, but the price of this equipment usually varies according to the number of bearings it includes and the braking system. 

Each make and model comes with a number of bearings. These parts are responsible for providing greater smoothness in the equipment during operation, so that the more it incorporates, the smoother its use will be. Alternatives can be found on the market that are equipped with 4 bearings, while others offer 6 or more.

In addition, in the reels, not only the smoothness should be analyzed, but also the braking mechanism that they incorporate. The fast turning system with multi-disc drag is one of the most recommended, because it is efficient. In any case, the brake must be precise and gradual.

Capacity, design and ratio

In the market you can find all kinds of fishing reel designs, from classic to modern, which have ergonomic properties for greater enjoyment of the activity. Similarly, they are available in various colors but, beyond aesthetics, they must be functional and comfortable to ensure correct handling. 

Likewise, these equipments have a bobbin, whose capacity will determine the amount of thread that can be stored in it. This characteristic changes according to the reel and is usually represented by a figure that stipulates the number of meters and the diameter of the thread. In addition, the ratio is another characteristic in these devices that supposes the speed of recovery and is usually represented by three numbers. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a fishing reel?

To use a fishing reel you must be familiar with the equipment and its parts. The crank is the element that will allow the line to be picked up. Similarly, it has an element that, when pressed, results in the release of the coil. This will allow you to launch.

Then, with the crank you can pick up the thread. Also, depending on the model, it may have a brake, which is usually near the crank and must be tightened when removing the fish, to achieve greater resistance. At the end of the fishing day, it is best to clean, order and leave the pieces ready for a new use.

Q2: Where to repair a fishing reel?

For the repair of these elements, it is best to take the equipment to a specialized fishing center, since it will be in these places where they carry out a better handling of the pieces and, by learning about their operation, they will be able to solve the problem. Depending on the brand, even each type of reel can have its own authorized service center.

Q3: How do you disassemble a fishing reel?

Fishing reels are made up of a large number of parts, so taking them apart can be complex. The way to do it changes according to the model and the brand, as well as the type of reel. 

If you decide to do it, it is necessary to work on a stable, clean surface free of other elements, because the reel parts could get lost. To begin, the reel housing needs to be removed along with the spool. Afterwards, the crank will have to be removed. This will come out when the screws that secure it have been removed and that will in turn allow the spring and the brake to be removed. The order of disassembly is strict, since if a part is missing, the entire mechanism could be damaged. 

Q4: How to oil a fishing reel?

This lubrication means having to disassemble some parts. To do so, two types of parts must be identified, those that require grease and those that require oil. In both cases, small amounts of lubricant should be added. The first thing will be to grease the mobile and articulated areas of the reel such as the spool, the brake, the main axis, the crank and the pulley.

To lubricate the shaft, the liquid should be spread throughout this part and then insert the coil to turn in two directions. In the case of the gears in the brake, it is recommended to use a brush with thick bristles. 

Q5: How to wind a fishing reel?

This is one of the easiest processes in fishing, but you will still need to be familiar with the equipment. To wind the fishing reel you must use the crank and turn it. In this way, the thread will begin to collect and wind. 

Q6: How to use the fishing reel brake?

Depending on the type of reel, the brake can be front or rear. In the case of front brakes, it is a disc that is in front of the coil. To use, it will need to be tightened or loosened with a front knob. In case it is a rear brake, then the knob is in the rear area and the spool adjustment is in both directions. 

Q7: How to make a homemade electric fishing reel?

To make this element you will need a motor that is responsible for providing the force. To do this, you can use that of a drill or a car windshield wiper motor, to which a metal-bodied spool must be added.

It is necessary to consider the alignment with the drum and add a small box, so that the salt water does not generate corrosion. Likewise, a power cable and an oversized fuse will have to be incorporated, as well as a 16 A plug to circulate the energy. The project could be complex and expensive, so you could also opt for a ready-made one. 

Q8: How to put line on a fishing reel?

The first thing will be to place the line by one of the ends of the rod. Then, it will have to be opened and a knot made, which will allow the line to be incorporated into the reel. Once the knot is complete, it should be placed and tightened to close the area. 

Next, tension must be applied to the line and it must be turned so that the reel fills. It is recommended to place the line in a tube so that it rotates or ask a second person for help to speed up the process.

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