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Frisbee – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The frisbee is a disk with certain special characteristics that allows it to be thrown through the air, with the purpose of fulfilling a certain trajectory. It is an Olympic recognized sports practice and also a recreational activity that has been present in the lives of many people around the world. Among the most recommended frisbees on the market is the Eurodisc ED5133W, which is a professional piece of equipment with a light body, pleasant aesthetics and that, when launched, manages to move very quickly. For its part, Goliath 31835 is a frisbee with a dual design, since when it is thrown it automatically changes from a ball to a disk.

The 9 Best Frisbees – Opinions 2022

With so many models of frisbees on the market it is important not to make a selection lightly. Instead, carefully review the models that catch your eye to ensure a successful purchase. For our part, we present a small selection of frisbees that brings together nine models that, according to users, could be the best this year.

Ultimate Frisbee

1. Eurodisc Ultimate Creature 175 gr Sport Disc ed5133 W

Eurodisc is a brand that, throughout its history, has achieved a great position, due to the high levels of quality applied to each of its products, which is praised on purchase portals by its followers. Therefore, it is not surprising that this model is valued as the best frisbee.

It is a professional cutting disc, made of robust white polymer, in which some black details stand out, which give the design a striking but minimalist touch. In addition, the material has a pleasant soft touch and is easy to wash, so you will only need to rub a damp cloth and then a dry one over the entire structure.

This Ultimate Frisbee has a light body of 175 grams that will not only give you a long flight path, but also you will be able to manipulate it without generating fatigue in your hands.

For many this could be the best frisbee of the moment. Know the positive and negative of this model, below.


Weight: Because it is a light disk, you can handle it without causing discomfort in your hands.

Manufacture: For the manufacture of the product, international regulations were followed regarding the practice of frisbee.

Design: The white structure with black details of the design is pleasant and minimalist.

Cleaning: The synthetic material of the frisbee is easy to clean with the help of a damp cloth.



Usage: This is a professional product that may not be suitable for young children.

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frisbee ball

2. Goliath Phlat Ball Flash with led light

When reviewing the purchase portals, we find that there are many users who consider that this could be one of the best frisbees of 2022, since it has a highly attractive dual design, both for children and adults, who want to spend a fun afternoon.

The ball-shaped structure of this product has been provided with an innovative opening mechanism, which allows it to become a puck after being thrown between the players. In addition, its colorful exterior and incorporation of a lighting system make it eye-catching, both during the day and at night.

The equipment was made of light synthetic material, pleasant to the touch and easy to clean, so you won’t have any inconveniences when using it at the beach, the park or the pool. Likewise, it is characterized by its intuitive method of use. All you have to do is pick up the frisbee ball, squeeze it and throw it to your partner.

Goliath is recommended as the best brand of frisbees due to its quality. Here, the pros and cons of one of their models.


Cleaning: Its synthetic structure provides quick cleaning with a damp cloth.

Lighting: The built-in lighting system is suitable for you to play at night.

Colours: This toy is available in several colours, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste.

Target: The toy can be used from the age of five, so it is suitable for children and adults.



Opening time: The change from ball to disc occurs at any time, since there is no set time for it.

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frisbee disc

3. Discraft 175 Gram Ultra Star Flying Disc

On this occasion, Discraft has managed to surprise its followers with a frisbee disc with a professional cut line and contoured structure, to provide ergonomic support, when throwing the equipment and when receiving it.

Likewise, thanks to the light weight of the structure, your hands will not get tired or hurt when handling it, while the 27-centimeter diameter format of the disk means that you can easily carry it with you in your backpack, without taking up much space.

It is important to mention that the product is available in a wide palette of vibrant colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. In addition, it is recommended as an alternative to decide which is the best frisbee, since, after being launched, it offers a long, stable and controlled flight path.

This is possible thanks to its aerodynamic design, which follows the manufacturing principles used by the teams, for ultimate sports practices.

This model is a good alternative for those who do not know which frisbee to buy. Let us know more details of the model.


Colors: The variety of vibrant colors in which the discs have been manufactured will allow you to select the one you like best.

Storage: The disc will not take up much space in your backpack, due to its diameter of only 27 centimeters.

Cleaning: You will not have problems cleaning the frisbee, thanks to its synthetic manufacture.

Grip: You will be able to hold the disc easily, since the design is contoured.



Pets: In order to extend its useful life, this frisbee is not recommended for use with pets.

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professional frisbee

4. Schildkroet Funsports Aerobie Flying Ring Sprint Smaller Version

This frisbee, manufactured by Schildkroet Funsports, has an ergonomic compact and light body design that, in short, has nothing to envy any professional frisbee. Therefore, it is a good option for children or adults who want to have a fun time playing at the beach, pool, park or in the garden.

For the manufacture of this frisbee of 25 centimeters in diameter, high-end polymer and a convenient rubber edge were used, specially designed to improve grip when throwing and receiving the disc. It is a product resistant to impacts and humidity, which can be easily washed with water and detergent, to maintain its good condition.

In addition, it is worth noting that this frisbee is capable of reaching a long line of flight after being launched into the air, due to its aerodynamic design, which allows it to duplicate the trajectory completed by conventional type models.

This frisbee has pros and cons that might be of interest to those looking for a colorful and sturdy piece of equipment.


Contour: Its rubber contour allows greater ergonomics in gripping the disc.

Flight: Thanks to its aerodynamic design, you will obtain a powerful flight line.

Cleaning: You can clean the frisbee with water and detergent, because it is made of resistant polymer.

Multicolor: The discs are designed in attractive colors, so you will not have limitations to find one that you like.



Does not float: The disc does not float in water, so you must be careful when using it on the beach.

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beach frisbee

5. Tesoky 2 Pack Flying Discs Beach Playground Toys

This is a beach frisbee marketed by Tesoky, whose colorful and aerodynamic design will provide hours of fun to children and adults, since its use is recommended from four years of age.

The disc has a diameter of 28 centimeters with a holed center and a thickness of only 1.5 centimeters, which provides a better displacement in the launch trajectory. This is because such a hoop shape is able to balance the high and low resistance exerted by the wind on the top and bottom face of the dish.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this model consists of a pair of frisbees in various colors, highlighting among them yellow, blue, orange and red. Both structures have a light weight so that, when holding them, they do not cause any discomfort in the hand and wrist. In this way, you will have fun and practice coordination in the launch.

This is a frisbee for children and adults, whose positive and negative aspects we can learn about below.


Pack: You will have a spare frisbee, because the product incorporates two units.

Weight: Its weight will not cause discomfort in the wrist, since it is a light disc.

Flight: This disc offers a long flight path, thanks to the design of the ring.

Use: The disc can be used by children and adults as a recreational object and with the purpose of enhancing coordination in movements when throwing it.



Pets: It is not a recommended frisbee for dogs, as it could easily deteriorate.

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frisbee toy

6. Discraft Flying Disc Frisbee Skystyle Freestyle 160g

Discraft is a manufacturer with a long history in the manufacture of frisbees, which incorporates into the sports market a disc with a 28-centimeter format and a weight corresponding to 160 grams.

It is a product that, due to these specifications, offers an ergonomic grip, suitable for the hand of children or adults. In addition, being so light, it will not generate abuse or fatigue in the wrist region, allowing you to turn it easily, to carry out any type of throw.

It is important to mention that this product has been made of high quality polymer, has a pleasant soft touch and reaches a long stable flight path, due to the design used on its upper and lower face.

For all these reasons, this equipment can be used in discus competitions, in the freestyle mode or as a frisbee toy in the pool, beach or garden.

This is a product with a series of good and less positive aspects that you will soon be able to discover.


Format: Its 28-centimeter format fits the hands of children and adults.

Flight: The frisbee offers a smooth, constant flight path for greater range.

Weight: Thanks to its light weight, you will be able to make various throws without sacrificing the comfort of your wrist.

Usage: This is a disc suitable for freestyle competitions or for having fun on summer evenings.



Colour: If you are looking for a disk in a fluorescent tone, you will have to bet on another model, since this one is available in a light blue color.

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Other products

7. Sunflex Sport Beee Frisbee

When looking at any web of sites specialized in the commercialization of frisbees, we will find this model with the Sunflex Sport quality seal, made of robust flexible type polymer. This is a material that allows a comfortable grip, both when launching the equipment and when receiving it.

In addition, it is easy to clean, since it can be exposed to water, without fear of deterioration or loss of its vibrant yellow, blue or red color, as the case may be.

On the other hand, this product, indicated as the best value for money frisbee, has a diameter of 23.5 centimeters, which is a suitable format to be carried in a backpack or stored in a closet, without taking up considerable space.

Also, the weight of the plate, corresponding to only 140 grams, will not be an inconvenience for you to make any movement in the hand and wrist, so it is possible to throw the plate without hurting yourself.

Among the cheapest frisbees is this model, whose pros and cons you can review below.


Format: The format of 23.5 centimeters in diameter of the disk provides a comfortable grip, regardless of the size of your hands.

Cleaning: Due to the synthetic manufacture of the frisbee, it is possible to wash it directly under the tap and use detergent.

Colors: You can choose the tone that you like the most between yellow, blue and red.

Weight: You will not have problems handling the disc when throwing it, because its weight is light.



Flexible: Its use with pets is not recommended, as it is too rigid.

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8. SchwabMarken 5 Frisbee Flying Disc

With this SchwabMarken frisbee you will have a varied set, made up of five discs with a format of 21.5 centimeters in diameter each. It is a plate with adequate dimensions to be used by children and adults, because it adapts to the shape of the hand, offering a comfortable and safe grip.

In addition, it is important to mention that this equipment is not recommended for use with pets, because its structure is rigid. In this sense, it could quickly deteriorate when bitten by the dog. Similarly, said polymer used to manufacture the product is not suitable for use in the sea or swimming pool, because it does not float.

However, it is a material characterized by its resistance, pleasant soft touch and lightness, so when holding it, it will not generate fatigue in the hand or wrist, so you can exercise any movement when throwing it.

By acquiring this frisbee you will be carrying a resistant and aesthetically attractive product. Here, more details about him.


Set: This set includes five units in assorted colors, so you can save time and money by not purchasing them separately.

Format: The diameter of the frisbee adapts to any type of hand, to offer an ergonomic grip.

Lightweight: You won’t have to worry about excess weight in your hand when holding the disc, as it is a lightweight piece of equipment.

Washable: Thanks to the synthetic composition of the disc, you can wash it with water and mild detergent.



Pets: Due to its level of hardness, it is not a suitable disc to be used with dogs, but this does not limit its performance as an aerial toy.

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9. Eqlef Flying Non-Slip Flight Disc Soft Toy

Mentioned among the cheapest frisbees in this selection of recommended products, we find this set made up of two units in random tones, made of flexible food-grade silicone. 

Its composition is made of a material free of BPA or any other type of toxic agent, which can generate an allergic reaction on the skin, due to direct contact when playing. In addition, this is a polymer that is characterized by its resistance, pleasant soft touch, light body and is washable.

This is a disk with a diameter of 17 centimeters, which adapts to the anatomy of any hand, but especially of children, due to its compact format.

In fact, the incorporation of a smooth edge allows a comfortable grip in each of the launches. Likewise, it is convenient for those who want to use the frisbee with their dogs, since when they bite it, they will not easily damage it, nor will they harm themselves.

There are good and bad aspects to this product that may appeal to someone looking for a flexible silicone frisbee.


Format: Thanks to its compact format, the disc is suitable for both children and pets.

Edges: Its smooth edges enhance a comfortable grip without hurting your hands.

Cleaning: Because it is a silicone device, you will have no problem cleaning it under the tap.

Set: With this set you will have an extra disc, in case one of them is lost or damaged.



Colours: Disc tones are random so there is no way to choose a specific one, although all colors are visually pleasing.

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Shopping guide

A frisbee is a sports or recreational equipment that, when thrown into the air, acquires a constant flight, which can only be obtained if the structure has been provided with specific characteristics, in terms of size, weight, manufacturing material, among others.. Here is a guide to buying the best frisbee, which we hope will help you.

Manufacturing raw material

The raw material used to manufacture the disc to be purchased is an aspect that cannot be missing in any comparison of frisbees, since the good level of operation and practical handling of the equipment will depend on the high or low quality of said material.

In this sense, the manufacturers have been in charge of using, in the different models of their Frisbee collections, a series of polymers with specific characteristics. Thus, it is possible to enhance a comfortable grip and greater effectiveness, in each of the launches.

It is a resistant plastic, but with a fairly flexible body that generally stands out for being light, so as not to cause discomfort in the wrist when turning said joint to throw the frisbee. For its part, the pleasant soft touch of the material and the rubber edge incorporated in some opportunities to the disk, facilitate the positioning of the hand at the moment of launching.


Despite the fact that frisbees are pieces with a characteristic disk design, it is also true that there are some specific details that make the difference between one model and another. These characteristics can influence the level of flight, grip and aesthetics of the disc. They could also significantly determine how much the product costs.

When reviewing the options that the market has for us, we will find frisbees with a completely flat upper face, while the back is concave. On the other hand, other designs incorporate a hole in the middle, simulating the shape of a doughnut.

Whatever the case, you should check that the upper part has some strategically manufactured folds, since, thanks to them, the plate will cut the wind and generate an adequate level of low pressure. In this way, the high pressure built up under the frisbee will quickly balance out, in order to provide a constant, long and stable flight path.

In addition, there is the aesthetic theme of the design determined by the manufacturer, which generally offers users several options of discreet, vibrant and fluorescent colors. Likewise, there are the printed frisbees or those in which the brand’s logo and slogan stand out.

Presentation and use

The frisbee is a very popular piece of equipment on the market, available as a unit or in small sets, made up of two disks, which will allow you to have a spare in case one of them is damaged or lost. Likewise, you will find inexpensive equipment and others with a higher cost, an aspect that is closely related to the use that we will give to the plate.

In this sense, we can mention the professional frisbees, which are used at a competitive level and whose design is in accordance with the needs of the athlete, when taking the plate in his hands and manipulating it, to launch or receive it.

In the same way, there are the designs aimed at children, which are usually a little smaller, to achieve a complete adaptation to the anatomy of their small hands, while others, with a couple of additional centimeters in diameter, are more convenient for children. Adults.

Finally, there are the dog discs, which have a more flexible body than any other frisbee. Thus, your pet can easily bite it when caught, without causing damage to the equipment or the pet’s teeth.


Cleaning the frisbee is a task that must be done constantly, to preserve the good condition of the structure, since it is an object that will be used on the beach, pool, park, patio or garden. Therefore, the disc will be exposed to dust, sand, humidity, among other deterioration agents.

The ideal, in this sense, is that you corroborate that the frisbee has been made of a high-quality polymer, capable of withstanding the effects caused by chlorine or salt contained in the water.

In this way, you can be sure that the vibrant color of the material with which the disc was made will not be lost in contact with these compounds in the water, nor when rubbed with detergent and a sponge, to get rid of dirt. accumulated after each game session.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to throw the frisbee?

To throw your frisbee correctly, you need to start by learning how to catch it. In this sense, you will have to position your middle, ring and little finger below the disk, while the index must be on the edge, following the curvature of the structure. Finally, on the upper face will be the thumb. In this way, you will grip the frisbee.

Next, bend the wrist of the hand with which you hold the disk and direct it towards your body. You will have to make a quick movement of the arm towards your target and release the frisbee energetically, to execute the launch.

Regarding body posture, it is important that your feet form an angle of approximately 90°, heading towards the target. Also, remember to vary the height of the arm, to achieve different effects when throwing.

Q2: How to make a frisbee?

Making a frisbee is a simple task, for which you will not need much time. You will only require a couple of disposable plates, scissors, glue, colors, markers or tempera, and a little imagination to carry out the decoration.

The first thing you should do is carefully cut out the central area of ​​the plates and proceed to decorate the outside of both, as desired. Afterwards, fix the pieces together with glue and wait until it dries completely. In this way, both adults and children can start having fun with the frisbee.

Q3: Why does the frisbee fly?

The frisbee is kept in flight due to the combination of pressures exerted by the air on the upper and lower face of the object.

In this sense, the disc is thrown and, thanks to its circular movement, it manages to easily penetrate the layers of air, which is precisely the moment in which a considerable increase in air speed is generated over the frisbee and the pressure drops, while in the posterior area, the passage of air becomes slower and the pressure increases. By this process, the disk can fly stably.

Q4: What is ultimate frisbee sport?

Ultimate frisbee is a sport that is practiced between two teams of seven members each, who compete on a playing field with a format similar in size to that of a soccer field. It is an Olympic-style sport, which is identified by being non-contact and whose main element is a frisbee disc with specific manufacturing and design characteristics.

Q5: Why doesn’t my frisbee fly well?

If your frisbee doesn’t fly well it could be for any number of reasons. The first one is that the design does not have the upper channels in charge of allowing the passage of air, for the correct generation of the pressure necessary to fly.

For its part, the problem could be much simpler, being a bad launch. Let’s remember that the grip, the concentrated force when throwing the plate and the level of the height at which we position it, could have a significant influence.

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