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Gaming Controller – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To make sure you maintain the highest level of performance and be able to carry out each of the strategies that will lead you to victory in your favorite video games, it is important that you make sure you have a gaming controller. This must be adapted to the platform on which you are going to use it. It should also be comfortable and easy to handle. In the market you will find different models such as joysticks for PS4, Xbox or PC. Of course, designs for use with smartphones are also offered. Finally, the EasySMX ESM-9013-Blue, for example, is compatible with different equipment and has a stable wireless transmission range of 10 meters, as well as various levels of vibration to give your video games more excitement. As for autonomy, this device has a battery that reaches up to 90 hours of use without vibration mode. On the other hand, Logitech F310 S has a design similar to the controls of Xbox and Playstation. In addition, the crosshead slides on four different switches, to offer better sensitivity and precision.

Buying guide – What is the best gaming controller on the market?

Given the variety of designs that are available, it can be a bit difficult to choose one in particular. Therefore, we present a guide to buying the best gaming controller, in which you will learn about some of its features. Our goal is to help you make a good purchase decision. Maybe you can get a cheap one that suits your needs and tastes.


Gaming controllers are controllers used to direct the actions of people and things in video games. But, due to the variety of models there are, it is possible to find different designs on the market. However, the gamepad is one of the most used. It is used with both hands and has a series of buttons that must be pressed to indicate the commands to execute.

At first only the thumbs had access to the buttons on these controllers, but they have evolved and now have more buttons. Therefore, sometimes the other fingers of the hand must be used.

Some of these devices vibrate when you perform an action or when certain situations occur in the game. They do this to keep you on your toes and give you a more realistic feel when playing.

There are knobs of different sizes. If you are going to buy a small one for iPhone, you will find it easily. You can also get larger ones, depending on your tastes.

The fact of knowing how much one of these products costs is something important, but the main thing is that you choose one that you like and combine with the equipment in which you are going to connect it.

By the way, some include a protective cover in their package. However, if the one you are going to buy does not have it, we recommend you buy it separately, since it extends the useful life of your controller, as it protects it from the sweat of your hands and minimizes the impact if you drop it on the ground.

Controller for PC or Xbox

Video games are not only available for consoles, but there are also designs that can be installed on the computer. The number of users who choose them is increasing, due to their practicality when playing.

There are those who prefer them with a design similar to those of the Xbox One and 360 consoles, others to the Sony Dualshock. However, some merge aspects of the two. The latter are also well known today by players.

Each model has its possibilities. In this sense, there are those that bring a switch, so that the user can choose if they want to connect them as generic controls or in Xbox mode.

Before purchasing a controller, you must consider the type of connectivity they offer, which can be wireless or via USB cable. Of course, you also have to check if they work for Apple, Microsoft or Google operating systems.  

If you have found it impossible to overcome some challenges in computer games using the keyboard and mouse, don’t wait any longer, try a gaming controller for PC, it may be easier for you to overcome all the missions.

Controller for iOS and Android devices

When playing certain apps on your tablet or smartphone, it can be a bit awkward to do all the motions by touching the touch screen. But, this problem has a solution, because there are controls that are exclusive to these devices.

Its design is similar to common controls, but, unlike them, some have a piece where it is possible to place the phone to prevent it from falling while you are playing.

If you are going to buy one of them, it is important to make sure that its fastening system offers a high level of security. It is also necessary to evaluate the connectivity and compatibility of the controller with the phone or tablet, since some are only suitable for Apple equipment.

It is important to clarify that to connect a gaming controller to your tablet or iPhone, special converters are needed for each case, since normally these products only come with a USB cable. However, there are some that will be able to connect to your phone via Bluetooth technology, for added convenience.

Sometimes when you connect a controller to your phone, some areas of it don’t work. For example, the upper triggers may not react. But don’t worry if this happens, because not all games require the same number of buttons or commands.

Below, you will find a comparison of gaming controls, among which you can choose the one that offers you the most comfort when playing and allows you to quickly make the moves that guarantee your victory.

The 5 Best Gaming Controllers – Opinions 2022

We know that there are many products in this category on the market, but surely you want to find the best one, so that it serves to entertain you to the fullest at various times. For that reason, we present you a list with the best gaming controllers of 2022. Among them may be the one that meets your requirements.

1. EasySMX Controller for PC Wireless Controller PS3 Gamepad Wireless

For an amateur or professional gamer, having a powerful and ergonomic controller can be the difference between a fun session or one that generates stress, especially when spending many hours playing. In this sense, the EasySMX has positioned itself in the market for its design and technology that have been brought together in compact and lightweight dimensions.

The ESM-9013-Blue controller weighs 340 g and measures 18 x 8 x 13.5 cm. Additionally, the grip format offers stability and comfort to the player, with a pleasant non-slip rubber touch and strategically arranged buttons for better control of plays. 

This device works with 2.4 GHz wireless technology, therefore it allows a stable operating range of up to 10 meters. It also uses two AA batteries that must be purchased separately and includes a nano USB receiver for easy setup.

Regarding compatibility, this controller can be used in almost all popular video games like Fifa or Assassin’s Creed to mention just a few.

For all its qualities, this product can be considered the best gaming controller of the moment. Consequently, we analyze other of its characteristics in the following section.


Compatibility: With this device you can play on PCs running Windows XP and Vista, Windows 8 operating systems, as well as Android 4.0 and PS3.

Vibration: The control has a double vibration, offering several levels of configuration and intensity. In this way, you will feel the vibration when shooting, making explosions, among others, to give the video game greater realism.

Autonomy: The batteries can reach up to 20 hours of play with the vibration mode activated and more than 90 hours without this function.

Buttons: This controller has 18 front buttons to give you greater precision in your plays, with an ergonomic layout and a soft touch.


LED: If you like to play in low-light environments, the blue light from the LED might seem too bright, as some users find it uncomfortable.

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2. Logitech F310 Gaming Controller for PC

If you need to know which is the best gaming controller today, perhaps this is the answer. Thanks to its design, you will be able to play from the most recent video games, to those that marked your childhood.

The distribution of the buttons has been done in the classic way. For this reason, the present product will allow you to play more easily. In addition, it is used for many computer games. For example, Dragon Ball Xenoverse uses the classic Xbox controller setup, so it’s fully supported.

Another advantage that this model offers you is its cable, which has a length of 1.8 meters, which gives you the mobility that is required when playing.

Finally, it should be noted that it also works for Android devices. Of course, you must purchase the common USB to micro-USB converter cable separately.

The Logitech F310 S model is a controller with a classic appearance, but it is effective, functional and one of the cheapest on the list. In this sense, we will show you in detail its pros and cons:


Compatibility : It is a multifunctional wired controller that is especially recommended for computer games. In addition, it has an aesthetic similar to that of the PlayStation.

Design : This controller features a classic appearance design. Likewise, the distribution of the buttons provides comfort, since it is the usual distribution since the beginning of video game controls.

Battery : Works with 2 AA batteries. On the other hand, it does not need drivers for a correct installation, so it is ready to use.


Cable : According to the opinion of some users, the connection cable could be somewhat short, which would represent a difficulty, since that detail reduces the ability to move. However, it has 1.8 meters that could be enough.

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3. Diswoe Xbox 360 Gamepad Controller

If you are looking for a generic Xbox 360 compatible device at a good price, this controller may be the answer. The ergonomic design and quality materials are noticeable at first contact; Plus, the buttons, analog sticks, and D-Pad respond quickly and accurately.

In the same way, the connection to the computer is automatically recognized by the operating systems and its installation will not take you too long. The same thing happens when you adapt it to the Xbox console, showing good compatibility.

To optimize the user experience, this controller incorporates a powerful double vibration motor, which allows adequate feedback in the video game, thus increasing the emotion of gamers. 

In terms of connectivity, the controller is a 1.7 meter long USB cable which, while it may seem limited, is an advantage when it comes to purchasing batteries for wireless controllers. 

Now, we invite you to learn about other highlights of this model that has been positively valued by its users.


Audio: The controller incorporates a port to connect headphones and thus play at any time without disturbing the people around you.

Robust: The construction of the device with good quality materials is perceived in its weight of 300 g, which is also light and comfortable.

Recognition: When you connect the controller to your computer, it is automatically detected as an Xbox 360 controller and setup is quick.

Quality-price: The cost of the device is competitive and it responds efficiently to the features expected of it: precision, ergonomics and good performance.


Technology: The remote works correctly, but it would be more versatile if its design were wireless, according to some users, since it has the limitation that the cable is barely 170 cm.

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4. Sony Ardistel Premium Online Gaming Kit

With this gaming controller for PS4 you can feel as if you were inside the video game that you like the most, thanks to the level of sensitivity and immediate response that it offers you. Therefore, you will be one step away from defeating your opponents.

The package includes a headset with a microphone, which can be used to listen to video games or when you want to chat with other gamers online. These plug into the 3.5mm input on the controller. In addition, it comes with a silicone case to protect it, 2 thumb grips and 1 cable to charge it.

Since this is the latest Dualshock 4 version, it comes with a touchpad. This is located on the front of the controller. Through it, users can enjoy a new way of interacting with applications. Also, another novelty of it is that it has LED light, which changes color, depending on the action you perform in the game.

When you are interested in the world of video games, you need functional and good quality accessories that adapt to your requirements. For this reason, we will help you decide which gaming controller to buy by showing you the positive and negative characteristics of this model:


Compatibility : It is a wireless controller, specifically designed to play with the PlayStation 4. In addition, it is a new version of the DualShock4 V2.

Accessories : Offers a three-month subscription to the PS Plus service, to provide you with more entertainment and backup in case of any problem with the equipment. On the other hand, it has headphones with a built-in microphone and volume controller.

Cable : Offers a one-meter-long charging cable with a USB-microUSB port.


Extras : The silicone protective case also covers the buttons and joysticks of the remote, which, according to the opinion of some users, could hinder its operation. However, it is a good option to avoid damage to the controller caused by falls.

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5. Trust Gaming GXT 24 Wired Controller for PC

This model will allow you optimal precision when making each move. It has 2 integrated analog joysticks, which are useful when you want greater ease to make the movements of each character. It also has other buttons located just like a Sony Dualshock 3.

It is one of the most optimal and cheap equipment, that is why it is considered the best value for money gaming controller of the moment. You’ll be able to use it with your PC, because it’s compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8 operating systems. Furthermore, connecting it to a computer will be easy, since it doesn’t require installing drivers via CD for it to start working.

To guarantee a good level of comfort when using it, it has been designed with a rubber coating, making its grip more solid. These features make it suitable for use by those with small hands, for example children.

The characteristics of the Trust GXT 24 make this model a good option to be the best gaming controller for 10 euros. In addition, it offers a compact design of great quality and durability over time. In this sense, we detail its main characteristics:


Compatibility : It is a controller with cable and USB 2.0 connector. In addition, it offers the turbo repeat function, with which you can select up to 8 buttons individually. On the other hand, it does not require installation software.

Design : It offers a compact design, with a rubber layer that provides greater comfort and grip.

Accessories : This model includes two analog joysticks, which have ergonomic buttons that help control the game better.


Size: Some users think that the size of the controller is too small, so for a person with large hands the model loses functionality. However, it is a device recommended for children or people with small hands.

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How to use a gaming controller

If you consider yourself a regular video game player or a professional gamer, you will know how important it is to have a good controller to be able to play everything you want. A controller is the connection that you, as a player, have with the console, the PC or any other device; in fact, the actions that happen in the game depend on which button you press and how you use the joysticks. Choosing the best control option is necessary if you want to have a good gaming experience.

Find out what kind of controls your device accepts

Depending on what type of console you have or what type of PC you own, gaming controllers will vary. There are original remotes manufactured by the same brand as your device or generic remotes that usually work only wired. There are even controls that work for two devices, such as the XBOX 360 console, since they work with Windows computers as long as they have a special sensor.

Make sure you have everything you need to use it

It is important to have each necessary part so that any control can work correctly. Depending on your previous choice, the parts may change; for that reason, it is advisable to read the user manual and know what should come with your purchase. Usually, these purchases consist of the controller and a USB connection device; this can be a connecting cable or receiver.

Try the buttons and joysticks

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the buttons; check that they all give easily under pressure and that the joysticks move in all possible directions. If you feel any damage, then take advantage of any guarantee and return it as a bad button can damage your gaming experience.

Install batteries if necessary

Some controls require batteries to work and to go to the next step it is necessary to be able to turn on the control. If your chosen controller is of this type, then buy the compatible batteries and place them so that it can turn on.

Sync your controller with your device

Depending on the device you use to play, this process will vary, but it is very important because otherwise your controller will not be able to be recognized. This step is only done the first time.

On some consoles, the process consists of pressing a specific button on the controller and on the console at the same time until synchronization is achieved; in others, you will have to connect the controller with the USB cable to the device and proceed to turn it on; driver synchronization will be automatic.

Turn on the remote

After synchronization, you just have to turn on the remote by pressing the button indicated for it. The controller should react normally and be immediately recognized by the device over a wired or wireless connection. If this doesn’t happen, then you need to go back to sync.

Check the connection

Test each button and joystick to verify that each one works with the device. In addition to that, if it is a wireless controller, use it for a while to make sure that the connection is always stable and there are no disconnections.

Keep a correct distance with the device

For the connection to be maintained, you should not be too far from the device so that it can continue to recognize your gaming controller and if you have a wired controller, make sure you do not stretch the cable more than necessary, as it could be damaged.

start having fun

If everything works fine, then the last step is to play for as long as you want and take care of your controller so it will last much longer.

The most popular brands

If you are a professional or amateur player, you should know that a defective button could cost you one of your lives in the game or even lose the game, so having a good high-quality gaming controller will increase your gaming experience. That is why in this space we will tell you a little about the trajectory of some brands that are known for producing a wide variety of high-quality products.

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational company dedicated to the development of electronic equipment and is currently one of the world market leaders in the manufacture, distribution and sale of electronic devices.

Its origin began in 1946 when Masaru Ibuka gathered a group of workers and founded the Tokyo Institute of Telecommunications. It was a small company dedicated to the repair of radios. But then they decided to transform them into short-distance wave converters and adapters that could turn the radios into receiving devices for waves of any distance range. As the years passed, the company had enough popularity and, in 1958, they decided to change the name of the company to Sony Corporation.

Cameras, calculators, sound recorders, video recorders, transistorized radios and color televisions were some of the products that made the brand popular, but when Sony launched the PlayStation console in 1994, it was the success of the moment; selling more than 104 million units and that currently the most recent version of the console is the PlayStation 4.

It is a multinational technology company that designs and produces software licenses for computers and electronic equipment. It was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen to develop a program that would be able to analyze the Altair 8800 computer. In 1980 it reached the top of the market, dominating it with the MS-DOS operating system for personal computers.

Currently, the company is one of the world leaders in the computer market in terms of operating systems, computer services, and its flagship product is software for Windows computers. Additionally, it has a wide line of products in which we can mention the Office suite and the Outlook email messaging services, previously known as Hotmail. Another of the products that the brand dominates is the operating system of the Xbox video game console, based on a set of APIs that gives high performance to graphics.

It should be noted that Microsoft has more than 93,820 million revenues and more than 134,944 employees worldwide.

This company is dedicated to the manufacture of electronic devices to be used in computers such as mice, headphones and keyboards. It was founded in Switzerland in 1981 by Daniel Borel, Pierluigi Zappacosta and Giacomo Marini. In addition, his first projects were OEM mice and, due to their good reception in the market, they included peripherals for computers and keyboards.

Among its most commercialized products you can find webcams, optical and laser mice, wired and wireless keyboards, peripherals and speakers for computers, headphones with microphones, remote controls, among other accessories for laptops. It should be noted that while the technology was constantly evolving, Logitech was also taking it over and including it in its products; upgrading their common models and transforming them into high-capacity electronic equipment. Among the best sellers on online sales pages you will find mice, headphones, gamepads and special keyboards for gaming that have a high performance index.

Currently the brand is an active and solid company, generating more than 1,000 million dollars a year and has offices, subsidiaries and points of sale in more than 100 countries including the US, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, in addition, has more than 9,000 employees on the payroll around the world.

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