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Kraft Paper – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Kraft paper is a great ecological substitute to avoid the use of plastic, since it is made mainly from wood pulp and often retains its natural brown tone. In addition, it is a material highly resistant to traction and tearing. In the market we can find two good options, such as Unipapel 25113, a roll that contains 25 meters of brown Kraft paper suitable for preserving or packing things. On the other hand, there is the Clairefontaine 4957D1C, a roll of white paper suitable for covering large surfaces or being used for other purposes.

The 9 Best Kraft Papers – Opinions 2022


The word Kraft with which this type of paper is known derives from German and means resistant and thick. This paper is manufactured in most cases with sustainable and biodegradable resources, while on the other hand it is easy to recycle and use in different ways. Therefore, below, we present some formats that offer different advantages to any user.

Kraft paper in roll


1. Unipapel 25113 Wrapping paper roll

Sheets can be handy for small projects, however they limit us if we want to wrap larger items. Thinking about it, Unipapel brings us a presentation of resistant Kraft paper in roll format, which will be very convenient for you to cut it and pack multiple objects without tearing problems. 

In addition, it is made with renewable and biodegradable materials, following a manufacturing process that respects the environment. For these reasons, it could be considered one of the best Kraft papers of 2022.

Regarding the quantity, this Kraft paper in a roll comes in 25 meters, so it can last for a long time. Likewise, it has a practical width that allows covering surfaces of approximately one meter. On the other hand, this product is available in a coffee brown shade, therefore, it can be personalized as you wish without losing its rustic touch.

Given the different qualities that this product offers, it could be estimated as the best Kraft paper of the moment, which is why we invite you to know the following pros and cons.


Resistance: The paper does not break easily when handled, since it has a thickness that offers good resistance.

Roll: It comes in a roll format, so you can choose the length you want when using it.

Quantity: By offering 25 meters, you can have enough Kraft paper for various uses, whether at home, work or school.


Glossy: The color of Kraft paper tends to be a little glossy, so it’s not entirely opaque.

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white kraft paper


2. Clairefontaine Kraft Roll

The best Kraft paper does not necessarily have to be brown, in fact it can be found in a wide variety of shades, which allow you to give the wrappers a better presentation.

In this sense, if you need white Kraft, Clairefontaine has an option that you could even use for painting and drawing; Its surface is smooth and its consistency is solid, which allows easy and large strokes to be made. In addition, you can use it for packaging and cut it to adapt to the size of the object without problems.

In relation to its format, it has dimensions of 25 meters long by one meter wide and a weight of 60 g, that is, it offers good resistance. Therefore, it is common to find this paper inside magazines and books, crafts such as invitation cards, billboards and gift bags.

Knowing the characteristics of this product will allow you to analyze in detail if it suits your needs and tastes. Therefore read the following pros and cons.


Space: This roll takes up little space, so you can store it anywhere.

Multifunctionality: You can use it in multiple ways, whether at home, in the office, in the business sector or in the school environment.

Ecological: This paper minimizes the carbon footprint of those who use it, as it is completely recyclable.



Colour: It must be worked on delicately to prevent it from getting dirty, because due to its colour, any stain tends to be easily noticed.

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colored kraft paper


3. Wowoss Kraft Craft Paper Sheets

The Wowoss brand introduces Kraft paper sheets in A4 format to the market in a palette of 10 bright colors such as pink, navy blue, black, orange, red, grey, grey-black, brown and green. Which result from the addition of dyes or pigments to the paper pulp in its manufacturing process, causing it to change its natural color. Likewise, each tone comes with 5 pieces of cardboard for a total of 50 sheets.

Regarding the material, these sheets are made with recyclable and ecological elements and in a grammage of 300 grams per square meter, therefore, we can say with certainty that they are resistant, thick and durable. Similarly, this colored Kraft paper package is popular in the market, as it can be used for all kinds of crafts, such as origami, invitation or greeting cards, gift wrapping, drawing and any kind of craft. art projects. 

With this multicolored pack, Wowoss could compete for the title of the best colored Kraft paper brand. Next, we will show you more of its characteristics.


No Fading: Sheets come in bright colors that are lightfast, leaving no traces of ink.

Thickness: The surface of each paper is smooth and medium thickness, convenient for easy folding or cutting.

Grammage: By providing a density of 300 grams per square meter, it is a strong and durable paper.


Size: As it is the size of an A4 sheet, it cannot be used to pack large objects. However, it is an original presentation for small items.

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Laid Kraft Paper


4. Pakot Natural Laid Kraft Paper Coil

Laid Kraft paper is stronger and firmer than plain Kraft paper, as well as being a more elegant and decorative option for making cards or wrapping gifts, as it adds distinction to any presentation. The laid texture of this paper can be seen against the light when observing horizontal and vertical stripes that intersect parallel and perpendicular, which are made by means of a metallic net or filigree cylinder. These lines can be felt to the touch as they have a soft relief.

If you are wondering which is the best Kraft laid paper on the market, in this model you can find different advantages, one of them is the size. The coil has a width of 70 cm and is 100 meters long. On the other hand, the paper has a density of 60 grams per square meter, being a resistant paper to pack different types of surfaces or to pack articles or objects of various sizes. 

Due to the good qualities that this model offers, we invite you to read more about its advantages and disadvantages.


Dimensions: This coil has a size of 70 cm wide by 100 meters long, so you will have a large quantity to carry out any project.

Texture: The laid texture that this paper provides gives a decorative and distinguished touch to business cards, invitations or gift bags.

Color: The coffee brown hue of this Kraft paper offers a feel that evokes concepts such as “warmth”, “classic” and “made with love”.



Cost: This is the most expensive product on our list. However, its quality and resistance is worth the investment.

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brown kraft paper


5. East-West Trading Kraft Paper Din A4

This pack of brown Kraft paper from the East – West Trading brand brings 50 sheets of good quality so that you always have them at your disposal. In turn, unlike other regular cardboard, these sheets are more resistant, since they have a low amount of lignin in their composition and are free of acids and bleach that prevent them from weakening.

The sheets in this pack retain their natural brown color and this shade makes them practical for crafts with a vintage touch. It also has a grammage of 170 grams per square meter; quality that avoids its deformation by paint or ink and its Din A4 format allows these sheets to be adapted to certain printers for large jobs. In addition, the cost of this Kraft paper adapts to any pocket, since it is less than other similar products, since in this list it is one of the cheapest.

If you like the classic style, this model is practical to create crafts and give it different uses.


Compatible: The sheets are compatible to be used in laser and ink printers, since each one has a dimension of 21 by 29.7 cm.

Vintage: The vintage style of these cards can be a great ally when creating handmade crafts.

Versatility: The quality of the sheet and its versatile use allow it to be used in school projects, corporate and professional work.



Colour: The 50 sheets of this pack are coffee brown, therefore, if you are looking for a variety of shades, this product may not be the one for you.

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Kraft paper for printing


6. Wowoss Brown Kraft Paper for Printer and DIY Craft

Made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials, these Kraft paper sheets are of good quality and contribute to the environment. The package comes with 50 sheets of natural brown paper; Enough quantity to carry out multiple projects.

These cardboards are designed to give them any type of use, from artistic activities, to being used as DIY in menus, invitations, cards, etc. As for its size, each sheet has the measurements of an A4 format, with 29.7 cm long by 21 cm wide. These dimensions make them compatible for any type of inkjet and laser printers. In addition, this Kraft paper for printing has a good printing effect as it allows the ink to dry quickly without bleeding or bleeding. The package itself has a weight of 422 grams and each sheet has a grammage of 150, offering strength and durability.

If you are wondering what Kraft paper to buy, on which you can make good quality prints, you can find many advantages in this option.



Quantity: This package contains 50 sheets of Kraft cardboard, so you will have a considerable quantity depending on the use you give it.

Size: Being a standard size, these sheets can have many uses as they are printer friendly.

Material: They are made with high quality, recyclable and biodegradable wood pulp.


Thin: The paper as it is used for printing is a bit thin, therefore, it is not as resistant if you want to package something.

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thick kraft paper


7. Absofine 60 Sheets Kraft Paper Din A4

In this product you will find a thick Kraft paper in a pack of 60 sheets. Each sheet measures 21 cm wide by 29.7 cm long, so they are characterized by having a Din A4 format; They are also practical to use in any printer without any problem, since the results in this type of project are good.

On the other hand, the thickness of 320 grams per square meter of this paper makes it a more resistant and durable cardboard than other similar products with lower grammage. Therefore, these sheets withstand the use of different materials on them, such as paint, stickers and ink, without deteriorating.

With these cards your imagination can run wild, since with them it is easy to create any type of craft or craft, such as scrapbooks, invitations, business cards and menus. In addition, we must highlight that this paper is made with recycled materials from wood fiber waste.

You can bet on this product if you are looking for a Kraft paper that is more resistant and harder than other regular papers. Next, know the pros and cons of this product.


Thickness: The thickness of each sheet is denser than cardboard, which is why it is good for making beautiful boxes. 

Quality: It is suitable for printers and photocopiers, because thanks to the quality of the paper the prints are very good.

Package: Users appreciate that the sheets come well packaged, without suffering damage or deterioration.



Printer: Despite being compatible with printers, we recommend that you review its configuration and settings before using it.

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A4 Kraft Paper


8. Absofine A4 Sheets Recycled Kraft Paper for Arts and Crafts

A4 Kraft paper (21cm wide x 29.7 long) is easy to work with, as its size allows each sheet to be used in different ways. Each sheet has a grammage of 170 grams per square meter, therefore, this pack of 60 sheets provides strength and durability during use. There are many qualities that we can find in this product, one that is important to highlight is that it is positioned in our list as the best value for money Kraft paper, since its cost is low compared to other similar papers.

The material with which these sheets are made contributes to the environment, since they are recyclable, biodegradable and renewable. With this Kraft paper you can make crafts with a vintage, classic and elegant touch. Users currently look for these sheets to make wedding invitations, birthdays and business cards, although they are also used by professionals and businessmen.

Being one of the cheapest alternatives, you should analyze its pros and cons in detail.


Quantity: The package comes with 60 sheets, so you have a significant amount of Kraft paper on hand.

A4 format: The A4 format has enough space to make drawings, as well as each sheet is capable of providing enough material to cut.

Cut: It can be seen that the cut of each leaf is clean and smooth on each of its sides.



Grammage: If you are looking for a Kraft paper to pack glassware, this product, due to its thickness, may not meet said requirement.

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black kraft paper


9. Ruspepa Black Kraft Paper Roll

This black Kraft paper draws the attention of users who want to give their creations an original and elegant touch. This roll is made with 100% recyclable materials, which are also biodegradable, that is, when they decompose they do not leave waste or toxic residues on the ground. The sheet has a density of 40 grams, so it is practical for wrapping gifts or making decorative crafts that do not require much resistance. It can also be given other kinds of uses, since it can be used to protect furniture and as a table cover during celebrations.

Regarding the size, this roll of Kraft paper has a size of 30 meters in length by 30.5 centimeters in width. Likewise, the roll is protected by a plastic layer that prevents it from folding, bending or deteriorating. It is a wise option for those users who want to try something new.

Thanks to its characteristics, this Kraft paper is an original choice to create unique designs that stand out from the rest. Learn more pros and cons.


Color: A unique, high-volume black kraft paper that lends elegance to any decorative, design, or commercial work. 

Packaging : This roll of Kraft paper is protected with plastic so that it does not deteriorate during shipping.

Quantity: This coil is 30 meters long, a considerable amount to make many crafts.


Width: Although it has a great length, its width can limit the wrapping of large items or gifts, so it should be added to expand this quality.

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Shopping guide


Nowadays, the popularity and demand of Kraft paper has increased greatly, it stopped being an ordinary brown paper, to become a paper that evokes quality, charm and warmth. In the following guide to buying the best Kraft paper, you will find some features that will help you learn more about this type of product before purchasing it.

Types of Kraft paper

Many users use this kind of paper to communicate concepts such as “original handcrafted products”, “handmade with love”, or simply to give an original and ecological touch to their presentations or designs. There are various utilities that can be given to this product, for this reason, when making a comparison of Kraft papers, we can find different types on the market, which are used for specific purposes.

For example, solid bleached Kraft paper is commonly used in products such as butter, ice cream, juice and milk cartons, among others, since it offers good resistance when in contact with fatty and moist foods; Likewise, this coffee-brown paper can be obtained with different textures such as smooth, rough or satin. On the other hand, natural Kraft paper is a 100% ecological and recyclable product, which is practical for packing objects, although it also works as a filler.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that although kraft paper is available in different colors, white is the most popular in the grocery department, as users choose it so that their brand logo stands out more. Unlike paraffin-coated Kraft paper, which is used mainly in the automotive and metallurgical sectors, since it is anti-grease and, because it is coated with paraffin, it has anti-corrosion qualities. Finally, we have the Kraft paper for bags, this is rough and of higher density, so it is used for packaging due to its resistance and support.

Grammage and utility

When choosing a Kraft paper it is very important to think about its grammage, since its resistance and the purpose for which it will be suitable will depend on that quality. Now, the grammage is a fundamental variable when determining how much a bag or a reel of Kraft paper costs, as well as the utility that will be given to it.

If we need a Kraft paper with a capacity to support weight, weights that are above 50 gr/m2 can be used, taking into account as a reference that a 100 gr/m2 bag supports a weight of up to 12 kilograms. In the market, the bags used in pharmacies and bakeries are 30 gr/m2; while the bags for clothing stores or supermarkets are 90 or 100 gr/m2. On the other hand, there is Kraft paper with higher weights, to make special bags that have long durability, such as those that can be found in perfumeries, jewelry stores and lingerie stores.


The use given to Kraft paper is so varied today, that there are many elements in different sizes that are made with this material, and that we use in the office or at home, such as envelopes, bags, folders, etc. food packaging etc. That said, on the market it is common to find sheet Kraft paper with standard measurements of DIN-A0, DIN-A1, DIN-A2, DIN-A3, DIN-A4, DIN-A5, among others, which can have large or small lengths. For example, the DIN-A0 have approximately the dimensions of a school billboard (841x1189mm).

On the other hand, Kraft paper reels are a convenient option for large companies that have a greater demand for this product, since they come both in industrial format and in smaller presentations. In addition, one of the main advantages of these rolls is that you can choose the length according to the size you need. 


The cost of Kraft paper, in addition to being linked to quality, size and weight, also varies according to color, since the paper that has the original brown-brown hue is usually cheaper than the colored ones. However, there is currently a wide range of options to choose from, with which many users seek to give an original touch to their creations, gifts or projects.

Hence, the stationery sector offers a whole palette of Kraft paper with bright colors, such as orange, pink, purple, yellow, etc., or in classic shades, such as white, gray, black, red, navy blue, among others. others. But also, we can find this type of product with different prints and designs.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use Kraft paper?

Kraft paper has multiple applications and is a good alternative to replace the use of plastic. Thanks to its thickness and resistance, this type of paper can be used both for packaging large and small surfaces, and for packaging marketing products. With the Kraft paper you can also carry out any craft or craft, such as cards and gift bags. Also, it can be used to protect food; and in stationery, this material can be found in different colors and weights, perfect for printing or capturing any design or idea. 

Q2: How is Kraft paper made?

The manufacturing process of Kraft paper is similar to that of recycled paper, which is why it is biodegradable, renewable and recyclable. The wood is first transformed into cellulose pulp through a chemical conversion. For this, wood chips are boiled to form a white paste made from sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide. This procedure separates the components of wood, lignin and cellulose, leaving solid wood pulp as a result, together with a dark paste. Consecutively, the material begins to be washed and filtered, to give rise to a paper without major impurities.

Q3: How to make Kraft paper envelopes?

Kraft paper is used to make different crafts, one of them is envelopes. To make them you will need a square sheet of Kraft paper the size you want the envelope, a pencil, scissors or a cutter, a ruler and a glue stick. First, the upper right corner is joined with the lower left corner and vice versa, making X-shaped folds. Next, the two side tabs are brought to the center of the sheet. Then, the lower part is taken, folding it over the lateral folds, leaving the point a little protruding; the procedure is repeated again in the upper part that would be the cover of the envelope. Having all the folds well marked, cut each corner of these in the shape of a triangle, and consecutively fold the envelope again, fixing it with glue as the last step. 

Q4: What is Kraft laid paper?

Laid paper differs from normal Kraft paper in its finish, as it has scratches that can be seen against the light. These stripes vary in size according to the filigree cylindrical mold (metal mesh) or also known as verjuro, used in their creation. The stripes intersect vertically perpendicularly, and horizontally parallel to each other, forming squares. 

Q5: How is Kraft paper pasted?

Thanks to its characteristics and the quality of the materials with which it is made, this kind of paper can be easily glued to any object with the use of different products. For example, to make cards, bags, or other crafts, you can use the water-based glue stick or liquid. On the other hand, if you want to wallpaper a surface, gummed paper tape or traditional tape can work. 

Q6: How to print on Kraft paper?

To print on Kraft paper you must take into account different factors, one of them is the choice of colors. Since this kind of paper is mainly brown in color, it is suggested to use inks with strong and intense tones, such as black, green, blue or red inks, since pastel colors tend to fade and do not create a good contrast well. Also, it is important to consider the weight when printing, since if it is light, the printing preferences should be changed to rough paper, and if it is heavy, the heavy paper option should be chosen. 

Q7: What is the grammage of Kraft paper?

The grammage is the number of grams that a paper has for each square meter. In the market you can find Kraft paper in different weights, ranging from 20 to 100 grams. In general, plain Kraft paper is 35 grams, and this is used for bakery or pharmacy bags; while the most resistant are those that have between 50 to 100 and are usually used for bags in clothing stores or supermarkets.

Q8: Is Kraft paper recyclable?

In the manufacture of Kraft paper, wood extracted from sustainably managed forests is used, and the rest of the wood is also used; reasons why the materials used are renewable and biodegradable. Being an ecological paper, Kraft paper is easy to recycle and contributes to reducing the carbon footprint and affecting the ecosystem less.

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