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Coloring Mandala – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In addition to doing yoga or a difficult workout, coloring can be a great method of distraction and total relaxation. However, for greater effectiveness, it is preferable not to devote yourself to all kinds of coloring, but to mandalas. These illustrations continue to show their efficiency to control emotions in the best way and options such as Papeterie Bleu Naturaleza Viva Volume 1, is a book full of animals and beautiful designs. You can also look at the book Susaeta Mandalas To Color, with complex drawings to enjoy for a long time while you relax.

The 8 Best Mandalas for Coloring – Opinions 2022

Although it may seem easy to choose some mandalas, sometimes it is necessary to verify alternatives in order to choose the best one. Is it for a child or for an adult? Do you enjoy animals or flowers? Among these models you will surely find the best option for you.

Animal mandala for coloring

1. Papeterie Bleu Living Nature Coloring Book For Adults

For people who do not yet use mandalas frequently, it could be difficult to choose the best mandala to color, however, a motif that is often enjoyed by many is that of animals. For that reason, this small paperback book with 37 animal designs is a good buy for beginning adults and anyone who wants to color a mandala.

The paper used in this coloring animal mandala has a grammage of 90g/m2, which allows a suitable thickness for different coloring methods. You will be able to use markers, paint or colors without the paper deteriorating or the color passing through it, since the back of the pages is completely dark. Additionally, the format of the pages reaches the dimensions of 21.5 x 28 cm so that the images look large and with various details. Likewise, the drawings include motivational phrases for you to release stress by drawing with positive reaffirmations.

This book is suitable for those who love nature and want to color it while relaxing, with detailed and large images for a better experience.


Animals: There are 37 unique mandalas included in this product, with a variety of animals so that you always color something new.

Coloring: Due to the back of the pages and their quality, you can color with different styles without worrying about the book being damaged.

Size: The measurements of the pages are adequate to enjoy large images and color comfortably.

Phrases: In addition to the drawings you can motivate yourself with beautiful phrases included on the back of each mandala.


Division: The dividing lines between the animal and the background can be confusing to some people, especially older adults.

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2. Calm workshop Animal mandalas

When it comes to obtaining an animal mandala for coloring, this little book is one of the best alternatives for children and adults, because, despite being of great quality, its drawings are simple and suitable for children 6 years of age and older. Being a children’s product, it is specialized in combating children’s stress, while improving their attention and concentration. However, it is not only suitable for them, as it can also be used by adults.

The illustrations can be counted as one of the best coloring mandalas of 2022 for children, as they bring painted sections to inspire and guide the little ones to continue. On the other hand, the motif of the mandalas is of animals, with backgrounds of nature. Being large drawings, there are many details that stand out on each of the pages, so it will be possible to concentrate for a few hours to finish.

A mandala coloring book can be a good gift for children, whether it is to improve concentration, control emotions or have fun.


Children: This product is a good way to introduce the mandalas to the smallest of the house, as it is designed for them.

Benefits: The designs are made to combat stress and anxiety in children and adults.

Guidance: To provide motivation, the mandala pages have a small colored section.


Difficulty: Although some find it an advantage that the mandalas are large and detailed, some young children may find the illustrations complex.

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Difficult Coloring Mandalas

3. Susaeta Mandalas para colorear Paperback Coloring Book

These difficult coloring mandalas are ideal for people looking for a challenge that will keep them drawing for many hours, as this paperback book has 144 pages of complex illustrations, designed to capture the attention of adults for an adequate time; helping them, in this way, to relax and concentrate while they color the different drawings. The difficulty is progressive, therefore, it is possible to start with simpler mandalas before coloring the more complicated ones.

The sheets are a good thickness for you to color without worry using colored pencils or markers. Each mandala comes on an individual page with a white back, and on top of that, the pages are easy to detach from the book. For that reason, if you’re looking to frame, you won’t have to wonder which is the best mandala to color. In addition, the size of each page is approximately half a page, so the book will not take up much space.

With quite complex drawings that can take time to color, these mandalas are ideal for adults who want to spend time on the activity and enjoy the best quality.


Quantity: This book comes with 144 pages and each sheet has a blank backed mandala, so you will have several to color.  

Framing: Since the mandalas can be easily detached from the book, they can be framed more easily.

Sheets: The sheets are thick enough to allow you to color with a marker without damaging them or transferring to the other drawing.


Size: The complexity of the mandalas and the size of the sheets mean that certain areas can be very difficult to paint.

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4. Papeterie Bleu Mandalas Adult Coloring Book

This is a very good option for you if you enjoy floral type illustrations and difficult coloring mandalas, as it is a book with 50 unique mandala-style flower designs to spend hours painting each section in detail. The book is made up of 106 white pages with a glossy finish and a grammage of 90g/m2, to avoid wear on them due to handling.

In addition to this, the prints are single-sided and the back of the pages is black. These aspects mean that, regardless of whether you use paints or markers, the color does not cross the page and affect another mandala. Likewise, the sheets are letter size, with dimensions of 21.5 x 28 centimeters, to give you a comfortable space to color, as well as to be able to store the book and carry it comfortably. As an extra detail, each sheet has a motivational phrase to brighten your day.

Papeterie Bleu can be considered the best brand of mandalas for coloring, as it is a company dedicated to the creation of this type of book; all of them of great quality, like this model.


Phrase: The motivational phrases are a very unique and special extra touch that stand out when using the book.

Color: You can use any type of coloring to complete your book of mandalas, since the black background will prevent the ink from penetrating.

Sheets: The sheets have a good grammage and finish to avoid wear due to handling.


Printing: The printing strokes are not completely linear due to lack of definition when printing, an aspect that could be improved.

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Coloring mandala for kids

5. Fantastic Mandalas Kids Edition Coloring Book Club

De-stressing is not an activity reserved for adults, therefore, having a coloring mandala for children is a good option to help children control their emotions, concentrate better, relax and deal with stress or anxiety. This specific model has 100 pages and 48 unique drawings, of low difficulty, to keep them busy without coloring each mandala becoming too complicated for them. The illustrations are of floral motifs, with enough space to color.

Its low cost means that it is considered the best value for money mandala, however, this does not negatively affect its quality. The cover colors remain bright and the sheets are strong enough for constant handling. Each page measures 8.5″ x 8.5″, a suitable size for products like this, and can be easily removed if desired.

In addition to being a product designed for children, this model is one of the cheapest options on the market. Good quality and easy to use.


Illustrations: The illustrations in this book are floral and easy to paint to suit young children.

Cover: The bright colors of the cover will serve to attract children’s attention and motivate them to color.

Variety: For a low price it is possible to paint 48 different mandalas, to avoid boredom and have variety.


Ages: Although it is recommended for children from 6 to 12 years old, some mandalas can be very simple for children over 10 years old.

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Easy Coloring Mandalas

6. Easy Adult Coloring Books For Seniors

If you are looking for cheap easy mandala coloring books, this model may be the right alternative for your needs. The brand has created an article that comes with mandalas that, instead of presenting a challenge, accompany the beginner in a pleasant way in a process of relaxation and de-stressing, without pressure. Children from the age of 8 will be able to use the book, however, so can adults and older people. Floral motif illustrations, in addition to being beautiful, are easy to color.

The product brings, in total, 48 incredible mandalas distributed in 100 pages; each of them with dimensions of 21.59 x 21.59 centimeters to offer an adequate size that facilitates the process of painting the drawings. This mandala coloring book stands out for its soft cover with a dark background with an illustration that mixes bright tones to stand out.

Without a doubt, this is a beautiful book of mandalas for people of all ages who want to relax while coloring and letting their imagination run free.


For everyone: Children as well as adults and the elderly will be able to entertain themselves by coloring the mandalas included in the purchase.

Illustrations: The book comes with 48 different mandalas, all of them with a beautiful floral and nature motif.

Difficulty: Being large mandalas with adequate spaces, the difficulty of coloring the illustrations is quite low.


Paper: The pages could have a higher grammage, this would make them suitable for use with markers and paints with a higher degree of humidity. However, you can use colors without any inconvenience for your creations. 

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Wolf mandala for coloring

7. Colorvelvet L094 Design Lupo

A wolf mandala to color might be your next favorite relaxation activity, but it can also make an awesome gift. This product is suitable for those who are looking for mandala coloring pages, instead of a book with various illustrations. It is an absorbent grid cardboard that, based on velvet and cardboard, offers a resistant surface to color an amazing wolf drawing; noted for its great amount of detail. Absorbent coating allows colors to shine through.

The dimensions of the cardboard are 47 x 35 centimeters, so it is a large illustration that will keep you busy for some time. The materials make it possible to color the mandala with markers, watercolors or tempera, as well as with classic colored pencils. The weight of the illustration is 118 grams, therefore, if you want to frame your finished wolf you will have no problem.

If you like animals, this could definitely be the best coloring mandala of the moment, as it is a product with a beautiful and unique design.


Wolf: The wolf is a unique illustration with various details so you can enjoy the coloring process until the end.

Materials: The combination of cardboard, velvet and absorbent cardboard give greater resistance and brighter and more vivid results.

Frameable: Being a unique and lightweight mandala, framing the illustration will be really easy and will take very little time.


Difficulty: With so many details and small areas it can be difficult to color this wolf, therefore it is not the best option for beginners.

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Simple mandala for coloring

8. Colorvelvet coloring with a box of markers

For those who want a simple mandala to color but with a lot of style, this product may be the solution, since it is a fairly easy mandala version of Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”. Despite having an illustration of great notoriety, it is still a model designed to help stress, concentration, anxiety and creativity. Suitable for children and adults, anyone who wants to have a fun time can do so by coloring this large illustration of 47 x 35 centimeters, with strokes that offer a suitable size for painting.

The design is printed on a sheet of black and white card stock with velvet, covered with a glossy paper so that the colors are quite vivid. In addition, the product is designed to be painted with markers and being a single light weight unit, it is much easier to frame the final result, since you will not need to separate it from anything or make a lot of effort.

Don’t wonder which mandala to color to buy when you have the opportunity to color Van Gogh’s greatest work from the comfort of your home.


Artwork: This is a renowned artwork that you will surely enjoy coloring from start to finish.

Ages: Both children and adults can relax coloring this beautiful illustration, as it is easy to paint.

Framing: You will be able to frame the final result of your work with ease, since the mandala is light and you will not need to separate it from any book.


Details: By becoming a mandala, some details of the original work are lost and this can be a drawback for art lovers.

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Shopping guide

It is quite easy to find a mandala coloring book in bookstores or markets of all kinds, however, getting the best option can be difficult among so many alternatives. Knowing what to consider when buying will facilitate the selection process and make you happier with your purchase. Remember that, before verifying any aspect, you must keep in mind if it is a product for a child or an adult.

Benefits and difficulty

Although coloring mandalas is quite a fun hobby, it is necessary to remember that this activity is ideal for helping people psychologically and emotionally. Keeping this detail in mind will make you spend more time comparing mandalas to color, because getting the best one could make a difference and turn your moments of fun into situations of personal enrichment.

Mandalas are designed to help with different abilities, while minimizing the effects of certain negative conditions on well-being. By coloring you can improve your concentration and help your brain to relax, while treating stress and anxiety at the same time.

Getting the most out of these benefits depends on getting good illustrations with a level of difficulty appropriate to what you need. Children, for example, should only color simple, large mandalas, as they may become easily frustrated if they are unable to paint complex figures due to having a bad hand and going out of line. On the other hand, adults should find more complicated mandalas and with a greater number of small sections, in order to exercise the mind to the fullest.

Before looking at how much it costs, check that you have chosen the appropriate mandalas for your age range and your level of experience with this type of product.


Although when buying a book, most of the time it is more important that it be cheap than that it has good pages, when it comes to mandalas, the quality of the pages is quite an important aspect. You must bear in mind that the manipulation that you must give to the sheets brings with it a coloring process that, if done on low-quality paper, could cause deterioration when painting.

Mandala books usually bring the specific weight of the paper used for printing so you have an idea of ​​its durability and resistance. Look for products with sheets of a suitable thickness to avoid wear due to the use of items such as colors, markers or paints.

In addition to this, it is also advisable to look at the finish of the sheets and the back of the pages. If a sheet has two mandalas, this will make it impossible to frame both of them, and it can also cause ink to bleed from one illustration to another. It’s best to get products with one mandala per sheet and even better if the back is dark, as there will be no way your colors will affect the back page. The finish of the sheets can be a determining factor in the absorption of colors, making some results look brighter than others.

Finally, you will find different sizes of sheets that will affect the dimensions of the book. The size to choose depends entirely on what you like, however, if the sheets are large it will be more comfortable to color and the mandalas can have more intricate details. In addition to this, try to get products with several sheets, as this means more mandalas to give them life and color.


A really good and economical option will be one that, without minimizing the benefits of coloring a mandala, gives you those extra details that will increase your fun or make the moment more special. For example, there are some alternatives on the market that, in addition to drawings, include coloring legends or motivational phrases that will inspire you to continue coloring.

Another relevant detail that can maximize your experience with mandalas is the fact that you can use different coloring methods to paint them. While some models can only be colored with colored pencils, others accept the use of watercolours, markers and temperas. This will allow you to exploit your creativity. In addition to that, if it is a product for children, there are some models with pre-colored sections to guide the little ones to follow the example.

In your guide to buying the best mandala for coloring, take into account additional details such as the ease of framing the finished illustrations. The simplicity of detaching the page from the book and adequate resistance to place it in a frame without damaging it can turn your work into a great work.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to color a mandala?

As long as you stay within the lines, there are no rules to coloring a mandala. It is recommended to choose colors that complement each other and rotate them from one space to another to create a beautiful contrast, however, apart from this recommendation, you are free to color as you wish.

Q2: How to preserve a finished coloring mandala?

To prevent the colors from fading due to handling and your mandala to be preserved after painting, no matter what elements you use, it is ideal to use some artistic resin.

Adhere the mandala to a support such as cardboard. Lift the drawing off the table and make sure it is completely level. Put on some protective gloves to be able to use the resin.

Follow the instructions of the resin you have purchased and pour the necessary amount on the mandala, while helping yourself with a spreader to ensure that the resin covers the entire mandala. If the bubbles don’t pop on their own, use a torch or blow on them until you can’t see them anymore.

At the end of the process, which should not exceed 40 minutes, cover the work with something that keeps it in the dark without touching it. After 24 hours, you will notice that the resin has dried and it will appear that your mandala has glass on it.

Q3: How to create a coloring mandala?

The first thing you should do is find pencils, colors, a compass, a ruler and a sheet of paper.

Start by making a square on the sheet with the dimensions you want. This should be marked very well, as they will be the edges of the drawing.

With a lighter shade, make lines in the middle vertical and horizontal part of the square. Also, join the corners diagonally, going through the square. Make sure the lines are clear, as you will have to draw over them.

Take the compass and, adjusting its distance, start making circles that go from a small size in the center, to the largest you can near the edge. Again, the lines should be clear.

By having these guide lines, you begin to sharpen your pencil more as you draw your designs. Remember that you must start from the central part and gradually expand to the outside. When you finish all your designs, all you have to do is paint them and relax.

Q4: How to frame a mandala for coloring?

Framing a mandala is as easy as framing any other drawing or photograph; you just need to find a frame, preferably with a glass or plastic barrier to protect the drawing, and choose the best place to hang it.

Some mandala books allow you to remove the sheets quite easily so you can avoid using scissors or tearing the paper in a way that could damage it.

Q5: What are the best coloring mandalas for children?

Children are born with a love of coloring and drawing, however, because mandalas are illustrations that limit the artist to coloring their details, little ones could easily get tired or frustrated.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to choose small-sized mandalas with few details, but more importantly, with striking motifs for children to avoid boredom. For example, animal mandalas.

Q6: How should easy coloring mandalas be?

The two characteristics that a mandala must have to be considered easy or to qualify as an illustration for children are: few details and wide spaces between the lines.

The great difficulty of coloring mandalas lies in their large number of details to paint and the little space between lines. This makes it easier to get out of the correct space to color and also takes more time to complete.

It is best to start with simple illustrations before moving on to more complicated mandalas.

Q7: How long does it take to complete a coloring mandala?

There is no specific or correct time to complete a coloring mandala, since this depends on several things. For example, the difficulty of the mandala, the age and experience of the artist, the size of the illustration, among other things.

Larger, more detailed mandalas can take hours or even days, depending on the model. For that reason, these drawings are made to improve concentration and, above all, patience.

Children are likely to last longer coloring, as their little hands can tire more quickly and it’s also harder for them to keep a steady hand. Therefore, adults will always be faster.

A mandala for children can be completed in minutes by an older person, while children can take hours to do it.

The most important thing is that you keep in mind that there are no rules and that the time you spend coloring, whether it is a little or a lot, is adequate.

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