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Markers are often used by a large number of people to carry out different types of tasks. Of these, they exist in many brands, sizes, quantities and models, among which the Copic Ciao 72 A stands out, a product that is supplied in a total of 72 units with a variety of colors at your disposal. You could also use them to create illustrations, graphic designs, even manga. On the other hand, we have the Posca F804325 model that works with a water-based, permanent and non-toxic ink, while the tip is made of polyester, extra-fine and with a width of 1 millimeter in total.

The 10 Best Markers – Opinions 2022


Markers are a fundamental work tool for those who are passionate about art, although they could also be aimed at schoolchildren or even office workers. In this sense, regardless of the use you are going to give it, this should be the most appropriate to prolong its useful life. Thus, below, we will present some models that stand out in the market for their quality and practicality.

copic markers 

1. Copic Ciao 72 Markers

This time we present you the Copic brand Ciao model, which is characterized by offering you a total of 72 markers in different shades, so you can choose the ones you prefer when carrying out a particular task.

Likewise, we are talking about universal Copic markers that have 2 tips. That is, a beveled and a brush type which means that the brush tip is ideal for quick sketches while the beveled is the universal semi-coarse.

As for the use that you could give these markers, it is important to mention that they have been designed to be used during some graphic design, as well as illustrations, manga, and even professional and amateur cartoonists could enjoy each of the qualities that are available in this model.

Among other details, we must mention the fact that each of the markers work with alcohol inks and have a maximum capacity of 2.5 milliliters.

The choice of good markers will depend on each of the qualities that a specific model can offer you, for this reason you must inform yourself very well before making the purchase.


Quantity: This model is supplied in a total of 72 markers of different shades so that you can use the ones you prefer.

Use: Its use is intended for professional and amateur cartoonists who enjoy making graphic designs, illustrations or even manga.

Durability: Each marker works with alcohol ink and has a capacity of 2.5 milliliters, which means a good durability time.


Ink: It is important to mention that the ink of these markers usually passes through the paper and even the cardboard easily, therefore, you must take this problem into account before making your choice.

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posca pens

2. Posca PC 1M Pack of 16 water-based paint markers 

Now let’s talk about the pack offered by the Posca brand with a total of 16 water-based paint markers, so you can perform different types of tasks. That’s right, it is a model that has an extra-fine 1-millimeter polyester tip. Likewise, said tip can be replaced and you could wash it if necessary, it is also characterized by being ideal for small surfaces.

And speaking of surfaces, let us tell you that you could use these Posca markers to paint on photographic paper, clay, cardboard, rocks, wood, metal, plastics, glass, leather and cement, which means endless possibilities to create. They can also be considered fabric markers, since they easily penetrate it.

As for the ink, this is non-toxic, water-based, permanent and best of all, it does not run, it also flows with a simple mechanism that consists of a click and an internal ball that mixes the paint. so you can achieve a combination of precision with quality lines.

When choosing a marker you should always think about the use you will give it so that you can confirm if the model you are about to acquire is the right one for you.


Tip: Each marker has an extra-fine 1-millimeter polyester tip that can also be easily removed and replaced.

Usage: You could use these markers on different surfaces such as wood, cement, plastic, glass, fabric and many more.

Ink: The ink of the markers stands out for being non-toxic and water-based. It is also non-slipping and permanent for added comfort.


Colors: Although many of the colors present in this model are a success when it comes to painting, white may not penetrate very well on fabric surfaces.

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Stabilo markers


3. Stabilo Fine tip marker pen point 88

This time we present you a product that could be the best quality-price marker, it is the Stabilo brand and its Point 88 fine tip models, with a variety of features that make them very useful and suitable for each use. 

Stabilo markers come in a wide range of colors, 30 in total, including 5 neon type, this model offers you 15 of them so you can give way to your imagination by adding the shades you prefer to your drawings, texts and ideas in general.

It should be noted that the tip of these markers is fine and is made of fiber with metal reinforcement. Likewise, it is suitable for use with rulers and templates, and you could also write texts, draw pictures, and color small parts without any inconvenience. For these reasons it is considered by some to be the number one point in Europe.

On the other hand, the design of each marker is of the hexagonal striped type and, for greater comfort of use, you could leave them without a cap for a long period of time without running the risk that the tip could dry out or in the worst case, ink in general. 

The purchase of good and cheap markers will depend largely on all the details that a special model can offer, for this reason we provide you with information about Stabilo point 88.


Tip: With a fine tip made of fiber with metal reinforcement, these markers are suitable for use with rulers and templates, as well as being able to write texts, draw and color without problems.

Colours: The Stabilo brand offers you a selection of 15 shades in this model, including some neon-type so you can create as much as you want.

Design: The design of each pen is hexagonal scratched, therefore, you could use them comfortably. 


Neon: Neon pens may not be as suitable for writing messages as they don’t offer much contrast to the paper, so they are better for underlining or marking things.

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Tombow Pens


4. Tombow Set Of 6 Dual Brush Markers

Now is the time for Tombow and its 6 Dual Brush pens available in pastel colors, suitable for creating stamp designs, sketches, cards, comics, handwritten letters and illustrations as well as a wide variety of crafts, drawings and the texts you prefer.

Likewise, they have been equipped with a double tip, that is, one at each end, being the fine one to create precise lines and the wide one for those areas that are wider. In this way, we are talking about functional markers with which to carry out different tasks in the most comfortable way, since their practicality and functionality is considerably good for those creative minds.

As for the ink in these Tombow markers, it is important that you know that it does not contain acids, it is not toxic and it is supplied without any odour. In addition, we are talking about a water-based model, so the colors could be mixed with each other to achieve better results.

Before choosing the markers that you think are convenient for you, first look at the quantity in which they are offered, the type of ink they work with or even the practicality they could provide you with each use.


Quantity: It is a total of 6 markers suitable for you to put your imagination to flight, being able to create different wonders.

Usage: With the use of these pens you could create handwritten letters, sketches, cards, stamp designs, comics and much more.

Ink: Regarding the ink of this model, it is important to mention that it does not have an odor, it is not toxic and it is acid-free for greater safety.


Tip: The tip of these markers may be a little more delicate than that of other models, therefore, avoid improper use or on very rough surfaces.

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Lettering Pens 


5. Staedtler Desing Journey 3200 TB36 Lettering Pens

If you are looking for double-ended markers then this could be the ideal option for you, since the Staedtler brand offers you a box with 36 units with double fiber tip so that you can carry out calligraphy on paper as well as colorations, manga and illustrations.

For its part, in terms of the width of the lines, one tip offers a total of 3 millimeters while the other finer could draw lines of 0.5 to 0.8 millimeters. Likewise, these Lettering markers are of varied colored inks so that you can carry out a wide use of these.

If we talk a little about the body and cap of each pen, we must mention that these are made of ventilated polypropylene, which means a much longer lifespan.

Knowing in detail the description of the model of markers you want to buy could help you significantly to choose those that are capable of satisfying your needs.


Tips: At one end there is a tip capable of drawing lines of 3 millimeters, while at the other end the ultra fine tip could draw lines of 0.5 to 0.8 millimeters.

Manufacturing: Regarding the manufacturing of these markers, both the body and the cap are made of ventilated polypropylene, which means a long useful life.

Quantity: It is a total of 36 markers in assorted colors so you can carry out different types of calligraphy, as well as illustrations, manga and coloring.


Use: during use, if you happen to stain your clothes with one of these markers, the ink may not completely come out of the fabric.

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Edding Pens

6. Edding e1200-20s Pack With 16+4 ROT

Edding markers are known for the quality they offer, since the tip with which they have been designed is rounded and 1 millimeter thick, so being so fine you could write personal messages on cards or postcard surfaces without any problem.

Likewise, the ink of these is water-based, resistant to light and, as if that were not enough, does not go through the paper, which means that it works properly on any surface that you decide to paint, providing lasting results on paper and cardboard. light color. In addition, for greater comfort they are fast drying, an advantage that not all markers offer today.

This edition is made up of 20 markers where 16 of them offer basic colors while the remaining 4 are neon so you can add more fun to your creations.

If you are looking for a model that is supplied in assorted colors, you should look for the one that offers maximum durability in terms of ink. In this way, we invite you to learn a little more about Edding markers.


Edition: This time we present you a pack of 20 markers that you could use to create, paint and draw on surfaces such as postcards or cards.

Colors: 16 of these markers are provided in assorted colors while the remaining 4 are neon, so you can enjoy bringing the phrases and drawings you want to life.

Ink: The ink of these is water-based and the best thing is that it is resistant to light, it also does not go through paper and offers good results.


Tip: As these are fine-tipped markers, you should consider using them delicately to prevent them from being easily damaged.

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Watercolor markers


7. Diaocare Brush Markers Set of 24 Watercolor Markers

If you are still searching for the best marker, it is time to introduce you to the Diaocare brand and its set of 24 markers, which can be ideal for art projects, as well as calligraphy or even drawings and greeting cards.

They are watercolor markers that offer easy use, as well as a very nice watercolor effect. For its part, the ink pigment included in these is based on the one used for traditional Japanese paintings, so we are talking about a vivid color that is difficult to fade.

As for the tip of the markers, this is of the brush type and is made of soft nylon. Likewise, this is a non-toxic, acid-free, flavorless and very safe product for the use of the smallest of the house.

Finally we must mention that these are offered in a transparent storage box so you can easily see the colors you need.

If you want to know which marker to buy, then we present you the Diaocare brand watercolorable model, so you can check if it is what you are looking for.


Tip: The tip of each of these markers is made of nylon and is of the brush type, which makes it easier to use as it is a water-soluble product.

Safe: These markers are non-toxic, acid-free, taste-free and safe to use, even for the little ones in the house.

Pigment: The ink pigment is composed based on some characteristics of traditional Japanese painting, so we are talking about vivid colors that are difficult to fade.


Paper: These pens do not work on thin paper. If you want to achieve appropriate effects for each art you make, you will have to use special thick watercolor paper.

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Sharpie pens


8. Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers

Among the best markers of 2022 you will find the Sharpie brand and its fine tip permanent markers, made with good quality both in terms of color and permanence, therefore, you will be able to transform your simplest creations into creative, cheerful and fun expressions.

That’s right, the ink used for this model, in addition to being permanent, can easily mark paper, as well as a wide variety of surfaces, including plastic and metal. In addition, said ink is resistant to contact with water, dries quickly and withstands wear.

On the other hand, the fine tip that these Sharpie markers have helps you to mark precise lines, which means an optimal finish in each of your creations. Finally, we must mention that the package consists of 24 units in total so you have the color you need on hand.

For a long time Sharpie has been considered the best brand of markers for offering you quality products and for the practicality and level of durability they provide.


Pack: This pack consists of 24 markers with different types of shades so you can let your imagination fly, creating cheerful and striking art.

Ink: Each marker is permanent ink and easy to adhere to different surfaces such as plastic and metal, thus being versatile.

Tip: The markers have a fine tip that will help you to mark the lines with precision, being able to obtain optimal results.


Use: To mention a downside to these markers, they may sometimes generate an annoying drip at the beginning of each stroke. Thus, you must take your precautions.

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Brush tip pens

9. Arteza Box of 48 Brush Tip Pens 

After seeing so many models available on the market, you are probably wondering which is the best marker you could buy to meet your needs.

For this reason we present you the box of 48 Arteza brand brush tip pens with a variety of unique colors so you can draw and create without stopping.

These have water-based ink so you can make the famous watercolor effect whenever you want. Also, the tip is made of flexible nylon, to make it easier for you to create thick, medium and fine lines without any inconvenience.

Likewise, they are non-toxic brush tip markers that also comply with ASTM standards for greater safety, which means a product suitable for use by children. The best of all is that you can always transport them in an orderly manner thanks to the case where they are supplied, which also allows you to see the tip of each marker with the corresponding color.

This could be the best marker of the moment, since it offers different ideal features for you to create your watercolor-style drawings.


Tip: These are markers with a brush tip made of flexible nylon that will allow you to create thin, medium and thick lines with ease.

Quantity: You will have the possibility of enjoying 48 markers in total, where each one of them has striking colors so you can draw.

Use: even the smallest of the house will be able to use these markers since they are non-toxic and comply with ASMT standards.


Refillable: It is important that you know that these markers are not rechargeable, therefore, once the ink runs out, you must dispose of them properly.

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Staedtler Markers


10. Staedtler 326 Wp20 Pack Of 20 Markers

If you need markers but your budget is not very high, you could opt for the 326 Wp20 model from the Staedtler brand. This stands out not only for its quality but also for being one of the cheapest on our list of recommendations.

In this sense, we could first mention that Staedtler markers have a fine fiber tip that is very resistant to pressure, with a width of 1 millimeter, so they could be suitable for creating strokes involving fine details.

Also, the water-based ink as well as food dyes that these markers have is washable on most fabrics for your convenience. Among other details, this model is environmentally friendly and has a technology called Dry Safe characterized by preventing the ink from drying out.

Now, if we talk about the presentation, you will have at your disposal a total of 20 markers that are supplied inside a transparent plastic, while the diversity of colors will allow you to make the most beautiful drawings.

These are considered one of the cheapest and highest quality markers. Therefore, we invite you to know some of its characteristics.


Tip: The tip is fine and resistant to pressure, with a width of 1 millimeter suitable for creating finely detailed lines.

Ink: The ink in the markers is water-based and contains food dyes. Likewise, it is washable in most fabrics in case an incident ever occurs.

Quantity: You will have at your disposal 20 markers with Dry Safe technology, which will prevent the ink from drying out easily so that you can enjoy them for a long time.


Stroke: These markers are used to draw lines of 1 millimeter thickness, in this way, if you want to draw thicker lines, you should look at another option.

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Shopping guide


Markers are considered a great writing and drawing instrument designed for use when doing homework, as well as to carry out some artistic work as a designer, painter or even for home use. These today are available in a variety of models, each with details that make them special; It is for this reason that we have created a guide to buy the best marker where you will find the appropriate information that you should take into account before making your choice.

Types of markers

Before creating a comparison of markers, the first thing you should take into account to confirm that a model is the right one for you will be the type. In this sense, it is important to mention that there are many of these, among which the permanent ones stand out.

These markers, also called indelible markers, are usually used so that the drawings and other tasks you carry out last over time. The main feature is the fact that they are resistant to water, at the same time that they are manufactured with substances such as xylene and toluene.

These markers have many points in their favor, such as being able to write or draw on any surface, be it fabric, metal, plastic, wood, although this issue will also depend on the type of tip they have.

We also have the appropriate watercolor markers to create watercolor effects in your creations thanks to the dry ink that, together with water, is capable of giving you a very peculiar finish.

Likewise, Sharpie markers are the most common and used throughout the world. This is due to the quality of each of its components, starting with the ink and the tip they have. In this sense, the strokes that they are capable of creating provide you with very beautiful and striking drawings on almost any type of surface.

As main qualities of this type in particular, we can mention that they are resistant to water and offer almost instant drying for greater comfort, likewise, their components are not harmful to health, so they could be part of the learning process and encourage creativity. the smallest of the house.

Finally, we have the special textile markers to paint on almost any type of fabric. According to the opinions of some experts, different models of this type work perfectly on polyester while others are capable of penetrating any type of fabric with their ink. Today, the most advanced are resistant to light, are washable and free of toxic components.


A very important detail that you should not let go unnoticed is about the type of tip that the markers that you like the most have, since it will depend on this that you can make the strokes you need.

In this sense, you will find models with a fine point, these generally have a maximum thickness of 1, 2 and 3 millimeters and allow you to easily make simple, delicate and precise lines. There are those who usually use them to create calligraphies, write on cards, postcards or even mark very thin lines and in detail.

On the other hand, there are medium tip markers that can measure from 3.5 millimeters and those with thick tips that can reach 10 millimeters in total, so that you can draw the most robust lines in the type of drawing or task that you are working on. doing.

Just as you find tips of thin, medium and thick sizes, there are also those made with fibers, that is, made with filaments that are compacted longitudinally. These are characterized by giving the user better control of the amount of ink they want the marker to release before each use. 

In conclusion, regardless of the type of tip, you should consider that it is of good quality and resistant to the constant use that you could give it.


In addition to taking into account how cheap the type of marker you are about to buy or the type of tip they have, you should also consider all the details related to the ink, which is usually made up of very fine water-based chemical pigments. or booze.

In this sense, in addition to looking at how much a pack of markers costs, consider whether they are water-based, since these are the so-called school ones that you could easily find in any establishment and are characterized by giving you a line that, in the case of being necessary you could dilute with water in a matter of seconds. For their part, there are also alcohol-based markers or better known as professional markers, which allow you to create overlapping layers without mixing with the rest of the tones present in your drawing.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a marker pens?

The first thing you should take into account is the fact of using the markers on suitable surfaces, so that you can prolong their useful life for longer. In this sense, avoid using this product on wet or lumpy surfaces, since otherwise the tip would tend to be damaged more easily. On the other hand, the most appropriate thing will always be to use your marker delicately and when it comes to finishing the task you are doing, always try to put the cap on it immediately. Only then the tip will not dry out.


Q2: How to make the marker pens repaint?

If you want to recover the markers that no longer paint, the first thing you should do is try them one by one and put aside all the dry ones. After the election it will be important to confirm that each one has its lid, since this element is essential to prevent them from drying out again. In this way, now take a bowl and pour a cup of hot water into it and consecutively the markers. You will need to leave them on for as long as necessary until they soak up the water and can get wet well.

Once the time has elapsed, it will be time to remove them from the water and dry them with the help of a towel. Just be sure to remove any excess water from the tip so you don’t soak the paper. Finally, after giving them the use you prefer, it will be time to store them properly so that they can last a long time.

Q3: How to store the marker pens?

Storing markers is usually a very simple task to carry out, you just have to avoid hot places or where the sun can reach them. In this sense, you must take into account a fresh and easily accessible space so that you can use them when necessary. Consider the option of a bag so you can keep them together and in good condition, while enjoying transporting them from one place to another with ease.


Q4: Where are the markers thrown away?

There are those who think that the correct way to dispose of a marker is to throw it in the yellow container, however, it is time to put an end to this common mistake that people who are not informed about it tend to make. It should be noted that said yellow bucket is only suitable for recycling plastic containers, including bags and bottles. Therefore, the markers must be taken to the clean points or, failing that, you could resort to the new alternative called Terracycle.

It is a recycling program aimed at writing instruments that has various points where they collect each marker and pen to later store, clean and recycle them in one of their factories located in France, where they then proceed to transform them, turning them into products. such as chairs, pipes, containers or even textile fibers.

Q5: How to paint T-shirts with marker pens?

If you want to paint a t-shirt using a marker, the first thing you should do is have cardboard, an iron, some clothespins, a pencil and tracing paper, a cotton t-shirt and most importantly, fabric markers. In this way, proceed by choosing the design that you like the most and then trace it with a pencil on the sheet for this purpose. Next, it will be time to place said paper on the shirt to transfer the design with the help of a hot iron.

Now, take the cardboard and place it in the middle of the shirt, separating the front from the back and fix it with the clothespins to start outlining the outline of the drawing, only then

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