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Model – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Having a model to study, decorate rooms or entertain yourself assembling it can be useful. Therefore, in this article we present you several outstanding models such as the Brainstorm Solar System model, which has the 8 planets of the solar system. In addition, the planets revolve around the sun and illuminate with bright colors, so it is an excellent product for children. On the other hand, we recommend the Learning Resources LER1900, a model that has various names of animal cells in a ball of soft foam. It is a model that stimulates the learning of the smallest of the home.

The best models on the market

Sometimes it is difficult to decide on a specific product, especially when there are so many on the Internet. Therefore, we present you with a list of the best mockups of 2022, perhaps some of them will meet your expectations.

solar system model

Brainstorm Solar System

This could be the best model, since it motivates the little ones in the house to learn the names of the planets of the solar system. Also, the package includes a colorful booklet with some important facts about each planet.

On the other hand, it is an elegant model that will look great on the ceiling of your child’s bedroom, so that he can play with it by spinning the planets with the remote control.

In addition to this, the light emitted by the little sun is simple, so it won’t bother if your child wants to sleep with it on. It should even be noted that it is not necessary to connect to the home electrical network, since it works with 3 AA batteries. As if that were not enough, the installation of this model of the solar system on the roof is easy, since the package includes the accessories to do it, however, it is a task that must be carried out by adults. 

According to some buyers, this is the best model of the moment, as it entertains and teaches your children, so review the following advantages and disadvantages, perhaps they will help you make the best purchase decision.


Planets: It brings the 8 planets of the solar system and all can be recognized by reviewing the learning booklet that comes in the package.

Entertainment: Not only does it serve to decorate your child’s room, but it will also entertain the little one while learning curious facts about the solar system.

Light: The sun has lighting, so the planets can be seen even if the bedroom light is off.


Replacement: It would be better if the parents did not have to disassemble the ceiling model to change the batteries.

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animal cell mockup

Learning Resources LER1900

Perhaps it is the best quality-price model of the moment, as it is one of the cheapest and serves as a tool for children’s learning. In addition, this animal cell model is specially designed for your child, as it is made of a soft foam material, so if the child drops it from a high place, it will not be damaged. 

Also, we mention that it is a spherical model divided into two equal parts. The child will have to find a way to join both pieces correctly; To do this, one side has the names of the parts of an animal cell, but the other only has letters. This means that this model will serve as a memory game and at the same time will stimulate the child’s motor area.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the package includes a reference guide, in which the child will find important information about an animal cell.

This is one of the cheapest models on the market, however, it has features that make it stand out from other models on the Internet. Therefore, reviewing its pros and cons could help you choose an optimal product.


Biology: It is a model that can be useful for the entertaining learning of biology, as it shows the internal parts of an animal cell.

Material: Being made of soft foam, it is quite practical for children, as it will not be damaged when it falls to the ground. However, the manufacturer recommends this model for children over 9 years of age.

Memory: Children can stimulate memory with this animal cell model. This is because they must record in their minds the shapes and names of each part of the cell.


Simplicity: It is a model of 12.7 cm in diameter, therefore, it does not contain all the parts of an animal cell, for example, the proteins.

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plant cell mockup

Juler 7134140295

If you don’t know which is the best model, this could be the right answer, since this product has the different parts of a plant cell, for the children to identify them. In addition, the model comes with a support that you can use to place it anywhere, for example, in the biology laboratory.

Also, it should be noted that, thanks to its elegance, it can serve as a decoration in your child’s room or the science laboratory.

On the other hand, the size of this plant cell mockup is 30 x 51 cm. In this way, the internal parts of the cell can be easily seen, so that your child learns the names and shapes of each one. Among them, we can mention the nucleus, the chloroplast, the mitochondria, the cytoplasm, among others. In other words, it is an ideal model to facilitate the learning of the parts of a plant cell.

To know which model to buy, the first thing you should do is to know some of the most prominent on the Internet. For example, this is a good option if you are looking for a model for teaching and learning in homes or schools.


Parts: It has the parts of a plant cell, so that children become familiar with them from an early age. Therefore, it is a useful model in biology teaching and learning.

Support: It comes with a practical support, so you can stand this model on any surface, including tables in educational laboratories.

Size: Unlike other biology models, this one is a little larger, 30 x 51 cm, so it will be more comfortable to explain in class.


Cover: It would be nice if this model came with a cover, so that it can be protected from dust when not in use, as well as from bumps when it is moved from one place to another.

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ship model

Revell RMS Titanic

It is one of the most striking models on the market today. It is the model of the Titanic, one of the largest and most beautiful ships in all of history.

The design of this model is very well done, respecting each part of the ship in great detail. The colors are also well distributed around the Titanic in the right way, mimicking the British ocean liner that sank on her opening day in April 1912.

As if that weren’t enough, this model ship has highly detailed decks made of wood planks, plus the package includes a separate rudder and three propellers. The model even includes the chimneys, access stairs and lifeboats similar to the original ocean liner. 

This could be the best brand of model kits, as Revell has made and sold several such products. Therefore, we present one of its most emblematic models, the Titanic.


Design: What stands out most about this model is its design, which is similar to the RMS Titanic, so you can use it to decorate the living room of the house, the library or other areas of the home.

Parts: The product is made up of 262 parts, so it is a very well-crafted model, with the smallest details you can imagine.

Size: It has a length of 67 cm, so that you can place it on TV cabinets, office desks, among other places.


Assembly: According to some users, the instruction manual could better explain the use of the paint and the assembly of the parts. However, they have been able to install the boat and are satisfied with its design.

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model with train

mehano ice 3

This is a mockup for children over 8 years old. It is a white and red train made of plastic and metal, so it is strong and durable.

This model with an electric train offers a lot of entertainment to children, in addition, due to its elegance, it can be used to decorate living rooms, offices or other places. Being electric, the train is able to slide along the rails without any problem, reaching high speed, so that children can have maximum fun with it.

In addition to this, it is important to note that the package includes a charger and speed regulator, so that parents do not have to purchase these accessories separately.

As if that were not enough, this model is compatible with other Mehano brand products, for example, trains and rails. We even mentioned that the train tracks are 3.90 meters long.

This product is one of the most suitable for your child’s entertainment, so in the following section we present its most important positive and negative aspects.


Wagons: The wagons are divided into 3 parts, so that when going through the curves of the tracks the train will not be derailed.

Model: The train will go through the entire model, in which there are very well designed buildings, sports complex, bridges and roads.

Control: It comes with a remote control, through which the child can adjust the speed of the train.


Price: It is one of the most expensive models, so some people may not have the budget to acquire it.

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house model

Domus Mura

This is a kit to make a model of a modern and elegant house, so it will look great to decorate any area of ​​the house or company. Plus, it has overall dimensions of 27.5 x 30 x 11 cm, so it won’t take up much space on decorative furniture, office desks or living room tables.

On the other hand, the scale used for the elaboration of this model is 1:87, so that the pieces are not so small and the assembly will be a little easier. In addition, the number of pieces included in the package is 960, among which we mention the mini-building blocks.

In addition to this, the product comes with everything you need to assemble the model without problems, although, if you want to add a touch of paint, you will have to purchase this separately. Likewise, it should be noted that due to the number of pieces it comes with, it is a product recommended for people over 8 years of age.

If you want to build an elegant model that requires time and patience to assemble, this could be the right option, so check out its pros and cons, which we explain below.


Finishes: It has luxury finishes, very similar to the original Titanic, in addition, the paint can be applied by the user to their liking. 

Parts: 960 assembly parts come in the package, so the construction task is quite complex, something very characteristic of this type of product.

Realism: When assembling you will enjoy a beautiful modern and very realistic house, with many details that will stand out wherever you place it.


Instructions: According to some buyers, the instruction manual could be more explanatory for children, however, with the help of adults, the assembly can be carried out.

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Millennium Falcon scale model

Hot Wheels Elite Star Wars

This model of the Millennium Falcon is quite striking, as it is based on the Star Wars franchise and has paint details that make it look like an old ship. In addition, it is the vehicle that Han Solo uses with his friends in the movies.

Lovers of these films will be able to purchase this product and use it as a decorative item in their homes. We also mentioned that the landing stand can be used to display the model as if it were flying through the skies.

In addition to this, this Star Wars model brings the two figures or pilots, that is, Han and Chewie, which can be seen in the flight deck. On the other hand, it should be noted that the model fits in the palm of your hand, being quite compact to place as a decoration on TV cabinets without taking up too much space.

This small design of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars is to be admired, so reviewing its most important features is worth it, so we present them to you in the next section.


Design: It has a very realistic design, so Star Wars fans may be satisfied with this model.

Painting: The painting that it wears is very well thought out, since it gives the impression that it is the Millennium Falcon used in the films of the saga.

Figures: The product comes with the 2 main figures of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo and Chewbacca.


Turret: This part is made of plastic, so it may not have the same durability as the rest of the model.

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airplane model

Revell B-17F Memphis Belle

This model airplane is made at a scale of 1:72 and has all the details of the original Memphis Belle, so it seems that it was the real thing. For collectors of warplanes, this product should not be missing, because, according to history, it is the first bomber to complete 25 missions in 1943.

In addition, we mentioned that the model has a very well detailed cockpit and on it is the double machine gun. Likewise, under the plane it has the landing gear and the hatches through which the bombs were dropped. This means that it is an aircraft with a lot of offensive potential, for that reason, it was quite successful in World War II.  

As if that were not enough, this plane has machine guns in the side windows and the 4 detailed engines with their exhaust rings. In this way, you will be able to enjoy a versatile and very well built model.

Aircraft collectors will probably be fascinated by this model, as it is the Memphis Belle, one of the most powerful bombers of World War II. Next, we present its main qualities.


Scale: With an optimal scale of 1:72, this product offers a size that will serve to display in different places in the house.

Finishes: It has an elegant design with luxury finishes, respecting even the smallest details of the original Memphis Belle.

Compartments: It has lateral and lower compartments, including 4 bombs, which were the most important weapons of this type of aircraft.


Difficulty: The assembly presents a high difficulty, especially for modeling beginners.

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DeLorean model

Welly Back to the Future II

It is a model car with a scale of 1:24, therefore, it has approximate dimensions of 18 cm in length. In addition, it is made of metal with some plastic parts, resistant materials so that your children can play with it as many times as they want. Even its elegant design is also suitable for adults and children to use this car as a decorative element in their homes.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the car’s wheels can be placed horizontally, so that this product becomes a flying time machine. This is because it is the DeLorean from the famous Back to the Future trilogy.

In addition to this, this model of the DeLorean offers the possibility of opening the doors upwards, just like the original car. Likewise, inside the car you can see the seats, the steering wheel and the dashboard with excellent finishes.

Car lovers can opt for this model as it is a collector’s item from the DeLorean from Back to the Future. Below we will explain its most important qualities.


Details: Throughout the car you can see the excellent finishes that the manufacturer has done, respecting the originality of the DeLorean.

Scale: This model was made with a scale of 1:24, so that its approximate size is 18 cm long.

Materials: It is made of metal and resistant plastic, so when you hold it in your hand you will feel its quality and durability.


Support: It would be nice if this product came with some support to be able to display the car in flight mode.

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Guide to buying models

Some people do not know how to choose such a product as it is a new task for many. Therefore, we present this guide to buy the best model, through which we want to clarify various doubts that users have.

Shopping guide

mockup type

There are models that come already assembled, so you will not have to spend minutes or hours putting parts together or reading the instruction manual. These are very useful for people who want a mockup that they can display in the room right away.

On the other hand, there are the models that are built, which come with instructions on how to put each piece together. Some of them are for children, others for adults, due to their complexity of construction. Of course, there are also models that parents can build with their children, so that they can spend a pleasant and different time with the family. 

In addition to this, we mention the movie models, which are based on the latest movie releases or on those classics from the 80s. For example, at this point are vehicles such as the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars or the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

Another type of models are those inspired by historical events, such as the Second World War or the sinking of the Titanic ocean liner. Generally, these models are used to decorate living rooms, offices, bedrooms, etc., but some are also used by children for entertainment. 

As if that were not enough, there are also educational models, which are used for children to learn about history, science or biology. In addition, these work as a teaching method and memory stimulation. In short, they are a way to make education more fun for the little ones in the house. For that reason, some educators in schools use these types of models.

The scale

In a comparison of models it is important to review this aspect, since the scale is the relationship between the real size of the object and its miniature reproduction, being expressed with numbers, for example, 1:72. In this case, 1mm on the mockup refers to 72mm on the original version. Of course, it should be noted that some models do not put this information in the product description, but if they do, pay attention before making the purchase.

Amount of pieces

The models that require assembly come in small pieces, so you can put them together later as if you were putting together a puzzle. In this sense, the more parts the product has, the more difficult the assembly will be, especially when the parts are very small.

Some people prefer models with many pieces, because they seem fun and are like a challenge that they must overcome. Subsequently, the satisfaction of building the model is much greater. On the other hand, other people who are beginners in this field prefer models with few parts, which are easier to assemble.


Before thinking about how much a certain model costs, check its finishes, since it will depend on this whether it looks good as a decorative element. For this reason, most model makers make their products of good quality and with luxurious finishes, so that users opt for them without any inconvenience.

In addition to this, there are models whose finishes must be done by the buyers themselves, since in their packages they bring several containers with paints of different colors. Also, some products come with brushes, so you will not have to purchase these accessories separately to be able to apply the paints.

It should be noted that the models with the possibility of painting them provide flexibility to the user, since they can decide whether to follow the instructions or apply the paint according to their preferences.


Accessories are essential to complement the functionality of the models. For example, there are some of these that need a charger or batteries, so you should check in the product description if they come with these accessories or you have to buy them separately.

Also, there are models that need a remote control to turn lights or motors on or off. In this sense, it is best that the package includes said accessory, so that you do not spend extra money.

As if that were not enough, depending on the model you choose, you will need mini figures to complete the product. By this we mean small characters made to the same scale as the models. For example, the mini figures that go inside vehicles or ships.

Some models even have supports, so that they serve to display them more easily and elegantly. These supports are useful for airplanes, cars, spaceships, among other models.

In addition, it is important to note that sometimes, due to the fact that the package includes several accessories, the price of the model is much higher. However, there are so many options on the Internet that you can find a good and cheap mockup.   

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a mockup?

It’s easy, you just have to know what you want it for. For example, if you are buying a model for children, they will most likely play with it, so it must be robust and durable. On the other hand, there are models with which you can decorate living rooms, offices, bedrooms and other areas of the home or company.

If you want to decorate with a model, find a place in the house where it stands out, for example, the coffee table in the living room, the TV cabinet, the library, etc.

Of course, there are models that work with electricity or batteries. Normally, these use a remote control through which you can turn lights and motors on or off, as is the case with model trains.

Q2: How to build a model railway step by step?

First of all, it is necessary to read the instruction manual that comes in the package, since the steps to install this type of product vary according to each model. Secondly, the assembly of the model must be started with a lot of concentration and patience. In addition to this, we recommend stopping to rest every so often, as there are model trains with so many pieces that construction becomes tedious or boring. 

Q3: How to make artificial smoke for a model?

When a person makes a model and it has chimneys somewhere, it is important to create artificial smoke, so that they look real. One way to make this smoke is using nichrome wire, edible glycerin, a power cord, and a minimum 2V battery. The nichrome wire is used to create a resistance that is heated, then the glycerin is placed in the form of drops directly on the resistance, so that when it touches the latter, artificial smoke is produced. It should be noted that the resistor will get hot enough when it is connected to the battery via the copper wire.

Q4: How to make a model of a volcano?

For this, various materials will be necessary such as cardboard, adhesive tape and recycled paper, can of coke, paste, brushes, paints, toilet paper and scissors. In addition, for the volcano to erupt it is necessary to use water, red dye, baking soda, vinegar and liquid dish soap.

Thanks to these materials you can create the model with the design you want and, of course, it is mandatory to use the coke can as the container where the volcano will erupt. This is because metal is a material that will withstand the melting of liquid that you will do with baking soda, vinegar and other things. 

Q5: How to make a model windmill?

With an empty tube of toilet paper you can make the base of the blades. In addition to this, the cardboard tube is painted with any striking color. In addition, recycled cardboard can be used for the blades, since this material absorbs almost any paint very well and is easy to obtain. Subsequently, with a small two-pronged hook, the blades and the base are joined, so that they can rotate freely. Finally, it is possible to use a wooden board or resistant cardboard where the windmill can be glued and make the final decorative touches.

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