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Wetsuit – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Neoprene suits are part of the necessary equipment for those who enjoy sports activities such as triathlon, open water swimming, surfing, among others. Its purpose is to protect the skin and provide us with better performance to move around in the water. Therefore, it is important to have a model that meets our expectations. Such is the case of the Billabong Intruder 302 wetsuit, which has a long cut design with flat seams, which fits the man’s body without limiting his mobility and with great comfort. But if you need a kids’ one-piece, full-body, heat-retaining one-piece, the Mountain Warehouse Complete may be the one for you.

The 9 Best Wetsuits – Opinions 2022

The market has a wide collection of wetsuits, made to meet the different needs of all those who enjoy practicing water sports. For this reason, you will be interested in knowing a little about nine wetsuits that are currently positioned among the best of this year.

Wetsuit for swimming

1. Billabong Intruder 302 GBS Men’s Swim Suit

If you are looking for a wetsuit for swimming, you cannot ignore the proposals that the well-known manufacturer Billabong has for you. Its extensive purchase catalog incorporates this model in black, aimed at the male target.

It is a garment with long sleeves and legs, recommended as the best wetsuit due to its flat seams, which do not cause discomfort when in contact with the skin, and its finishes, which highlight the quality of the clothing.

It is important to mention that the textile material used in this garment is a combination of 2% polyester fabric and 98% neoprene, which provide the design with an adequate level of breathability and flexibility, a necessary characteristic for you to move underwater. without any kind of limitation. In addition, you will like to know that this is a highly resistant fabric, comfortable to the touch and with waterproof properties.

This product has been rated as the possible best wetsuit of the moment. Know then its positive and negative aspects.


Seams: You will experience maximum comfort when wearing the suit thanks to its flat seams. 

Breathability: The polyester incorporated into the suit provides an adequate level of breathability.

Washing: You can wash the suit manually with plenty of cold water or eventually in the washing machine.

Flexibility: You will have total control of your movements when swimming due to the flexibility of the textile.


Waterproofing: You may detect a low level of humidity inside the suit, as the collar is not completely waterproof.

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2. Gogokids Wetsuit for Boys Girls

This is a wetsuit for swimming that has been made with high-end synthetic fabrics, flat seams that enhance maximum comfort and a long cut design that completely covers the child’s body. It also has an easy-open zipper and a velcro strap at the neck.

The suit is one of the cheapest in this comparison and offers great benefits of protection against jellyfish stings and even insects when the child is out of the water, as well as keeping the infant’s skin protected against ultraviolet rays. 

Likewise, the combination of neoprene fibers with 90 and 10% polyamide fibers respectively stands out, creating a fabric that is robust enough not to be easily penetrated and to concentrate body heat, in order to avoid hypothermia. In addition, the textile incorporates a convenient sunscreen with 50+ protection.

If you want a wetsuit with great benefits for your children, do not hesitate to review the details of this model.


Sun protection: Ultraviolet rays will not affect the child’s skin due to the 50+ sun protection filter of the textile.

Closure: Thanks to its zipper and velcro, you will enjoy a quick and secure fit.

Fabric: The jellyfish sting will not be a problem, since the fabric is quite thick.

Usage: Kids will be able to swim, surf, paddle or do any other water activity in the suit, so it’s versatile.


Fit: Your child may feel the suit too tight, but when they enter the water, they won’t even notice they’re wearing it.

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Neoprene suit for boy

3. Mountain Warehouse Kids Full Wetsuit

This model is positioned among the best neoprene suits of 2022, which has a stylized cut line that fits the child’s body without causing discomfort or limiting their movements.

This boys’ wetsuit features an easy-release zipper, flatlock seams for next-to-skin comfort; plus long sleeves and legs that cover the entire body for better underwater protection. 

On the other hand, it incorporates a small pocket to place a small important object in it. For its part, the interior area of ​​the suit has been lined with low-density foam, which retains body heat without sacrificing the correct perspiration process.

The textile material used to make the suit has been treated with a special filter with a sun protection factor of 50+, which blocks ultraviolet radiation for the care of the child’s delicate skin.

Mountain Warehouse is recognized as possibly the best wetsuit brand. Next, we present the pros and cons of one of its models.


Design: The suit is one piece and has a long cut that covers the entire body. 

Sun protection: Its fabric with 50+ protection will prevent ultraviolet radiation from damaging the skin.

Washing: You can add the garment to the washing machine, so cleaning it is very easy.

Heat retention: The inner foam retains body heat and prevents hypothermia.


Scent: The scent of the fabric may be a bit strong, but will diminish when washed.

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Women’s wetsuit

4. Cressi Lei Diving Monopiece in 2.5 mm Neoprene

The Cressi house is a family business with a long history, which on this occasion presents us with a women’s wetsuit with an easy-to-open front zipper and a flap that prevents water seepage. 

In addition, the legs and sleeves are long for total body protection, while the flat seams used to join the cuts, together with the Overlok-type piping, promote greater comfort when in contact with the skin.

This is a garment for warm waters with high quality standards, which, according to some users, could answer the question of which is the best wetsuit, since robust 2.5-millimeter synthetic rubber was used for its construction. His knees and shin area have been reinforced with Tatex, which is a higher strength fabric, but with a high level of flexibility, so it won’t limit movement when moving underwater.

If you are wondering which wetsuit to buy, you should review the pros and cons of this Cressi Lei women’s model.


Reinforcements: Reinforcements on the knees and shin enhance greater protection.

Flap: The incorporation of a flap in the chest closure prevents the passage of water.

Seams: Its flat seams are imperceptible to the skin, so you will be very comfortable.

Lining: The incorporated nylon lining improves flexibility and breathability.


Pectoral Fit: The pectoral area is likely to be a bit tight for larger cup women. In any case, you can select a size larger than the one usually used.

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Men’s wetsuit

5. Cressi Summer Man 2.5mm Men’s Wetsuit

The prestigious manufacturer Cressi, with around 74 years in the water sports equipment market, is present in this list of selected products, offering its followers a neoprene suit for men with a long cut design on the sleeves and legs.

High-end neoprene with a thickness of 2.5 millimeters and double lining was used to make the garment. This material gives the garment resistance and flexibility, which will allow you to carry out any aquatic practice as a professional or amateur with great comfort and safety.

It is important to mention that the built-in zipper not only has an easy opening, but it has also been provided with an Aquastop type flap, to prevent moisture from penetrating the suit. Likewise, the arm and leg cuffs have joints with anti-filtration technology, while the neck is preformed.

This product has advantages and disadvantages that may be of interest to those who want to have a comfortable and resistant neoprene suit.


Seams: A series of flat seams have been used that will not cause discomfort when in contact with the skin.

Lining: The double lining incorporated into the neoprene gives you a high level of flexibility when you move.

Flap: A protective flap is incorporated into the zipper, which prevents the passage of water inside.

Usage: This suit is suitable for immersion, surfing, snorkeling and other water sports, so its use is varied.


Color: If you are looking for a wetsuit with a colorful touch, you should keep in mind that this model is black.

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Wetsuit for surfing

6. O’Neill Reactor Ii 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

This neoprene surfing suit made by the prestigious O’Neill brand offers an attractive design in black with long sleeves and legs, which has managed to capture the attention of a large number of buyers.

The garment has been made with neoprene and ultraflex fabric, which allow a total adjustment to the body without limiting its natural mobility when moving underwater. Similarly, you will find reinforcements on the chest and back, which are quite soft and resistant, to provide protection against blizzards.

It is also important to mention that the built-in zipper on the back is easy to open, as is the velcro strap in the neck area, which, thanks to its good fit, prevents the passage of water inside. For its part, the flat seams made for the joints of the cuts will not cause discomfort when in contact with the skin.

Here you can find out the details of a men’s wetsuit suitable for use in the pool or in open water. 


Seams: The incorporation of flat seams improves the feeling of interior comfort by not experiencing chafing.

Zipper: A short zipper with a secure closure and easy opening is incorporated in the back area.

Flexible: You can move without limitations thanks to the elasticity provided by the ultraflex fabric.

Neck: The velcro incorporated in the neck allows a more secure closure, which prevents the passage of moisture.


Washing: You will not be able to put the garment in the washing machine, since the manufacturer recommends carrying out this process manually to avoid deterioration of the textile.

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baby wetsuit

7. Aquajoy Warmsy Neoprene Swimsuit for Boys

Recommended as the best value for money neoprene suit, this reversible design stands out, with a printed side and the other in a solid tone, aimed at a target from zero to two years of age.

It is a neoprene suit for babies made by the well-known brand Aquajoy Warmsy, whose loose cut line has long sleeves and legs. Likewise, the garment has a convenient anti-leak closure, while the cuffs and collar have been contoured to provide the child with greater comfort.

Regarding the textile used, we have that the manufacturer has combined polyester with neoprene at 10 and 90% respectively, giving the suit an adequate level of elasticity, retention of body heat and softness to the touch. In addition, the fabric incorporates an exclusive sunscreen with a protection factor of 50+, responsible for preventing the baby’s delicate skin from being directly exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

Among the cheapest suits, but with a good level of quality, is this model, whose details we present below.


Sun protection: The sunscreen incorporated into the fabric will keep the baby’s skin protected.

Reversible: Its reversible design allows you to vary the appearance of the suit between a tropical print side and another in a solid color.

Fabric: The combination of neoprene and polyester gives the suit elasticity, warmth and softness.

Flat seams: Thanks to the flat seams, the child’s skin will not experience annoying chafing.


Textile color: If you are looking for a suit with different colors, you should know that this design is only available in blue and pink.

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triathlon wetsuit

8. Synergy 3/2mm Triathlon Wetsuit

If you are looking for a triathlon wetsuit with a low neckline, long sleeves and long legs, then you cannot leave this model with the Synergy quality seal out of your shopping list, which could provide the athlete with high performance when traveling under Water.

This garment has a stylized, modern and completely anatomical cut, so when you put it on, it will adapt to your skin without leaving annoying wrinkles. Additionally, some strategically placed panels are incorporated into the suit for better buoyancy, which, in conjunction with the 3/2 millimeter thick neoprene used for the overall garment, will dramatically improve mobility while saving you energy.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that this garment for aquatic use has been provided with an anticorrosive metal zipper that is easy to open, capable of reducing the level of drag while you are submerged and in motion.

This wetsuit could help you increase your performance underwater. More details below.


Zipper: Its internal zipper avoids the annoying feeling of dragging under water.

Neck: The low design and smooth neck covers allow a correct fit and maximum comfort.

Elasticity: You will be able to move freely in and out of the water, since the fabric has a high level of elasticity.

Use: The garment provides the necessary protection to be used in open water or swimming pools.


Size: It is important that you check the measurements of the garment so that you avoid inconveniences when putting it on.

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short wetsuit

9. Cressi Med X Monoshort Suit without Hood in Neoprene

With this short neoprene suit you will be able to practice any type of water sport, since it has a design without pressure areas and great flexibility, thanks to the incorporation of ultraspan and extra flexible nylon in the articulated areas. Thus, you will not have limitations for your body to enjoy complete mobility in and out of the water.

On the other hand, if we emphasize a little on the subject of clothing, it would be convenient to comment that for this men’s suit neoprene with a thickness of 2.5 millimeters was used, which is a material of notorious resistance and fast drying.

Similarly, the presence of a velcro tape on the neck stands out, so you can make a quick adjustment according to your anatomy, while the zipper, together with the sealing tape placed on the back, provide a secure closure. In addition, we cannot forget to mention the flat seams, which prevent chafing.

This is a short neoprene suit with anatomical and resistant design. Learn about its pros and cons below.


Use: You will have no limitations when using the garment, since it is suitable for any water sport.

Lining: An ultra-flexible nylon lining is incorporated into the articulated areas for complete freedom of movement.

Seams: The incorporation of flat seams in the garment prevents annoying chafing.

Neck: Thanks to the velcro closure on the neck, you can adjust this area according to your anatomy.


Fit: Although the legs and sleeves are quite stretchy, the torso area may lack some of this flexibility.

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Shopping guide

Among the necessary equipment to carry out aquatic sports activities, neoprene suits stand out, which provide protection to the skin and benefit the performance of the athlete in the water. Below, you will find a small guide to buying the best wetsuit.


The issue of seams is one of the details associated with the construction of the wetsuit that most people let go unnoticed, not knowing that this will significantly influence the level of comfort enjoyed when wearing the garment. Also, strong seams made with the right thread will determine part of the durability of the suit.

In general, wetsuits usually incorporate flat seams, which are convenient compared to the traditional stitches that we are used to seeing in different garments. This occurs because these flat-type seams do not generate uncomfortable carvings on the skin, which is why it is a very flattering attribute, since it is a textile that is totally adjusted to our body.

Also, it is essential that the seams have been reinforced, since neoprene suits are garments that must be stretched to fit correctly without wrinkles or folds. Therefore, if they are not quality seams, they could gradually give way and deteriorate.


There are many aspects to evaluate when making a comparison of wetsuits, among which the type of fabric that the manufacturer has used to make them stands out. In this sense, we must remain vigilant and confirm if it is a material that is robust enough to protect us from the sting of jellyfish, but at the same time so light that it does not detract from agility when moving. Similarly, it is important to know the thermal capacity of the garment and the level of flexibility in the articulated areas.

Although this type of suit must necessarily be made of synthetic rubber or neoprene, it is also true that manufacturers incorporate internal and external linings in fibers such as polyester or nylon. Thus, the resistance of the garment is greater, as well as its elasticity, which will allow us to experience complete freedom of movement in and out of the water. In the same way, we will find some designs whose coating is made of silicone, designed in this way to provide a better adaptation to the skin and quick drying.

Design and protection

Neoprene suits are very popular sports garments among lovers of water activities, since their designs are made to provide protection to the body and even improve performance under water. Of course, everything will depend on the design you select.

The first thing you should know is that the market has a wide variety of models of wetsuits for men, women, children and babies. Some of them with an economic cost and others with a higher price, among which the designs with long legs and arms that completely cover the body stand out, as well as the short ones, which could be more suitable for warm waters.

Also, keep in mind that some designs incorporate special panels on the back and legs that promote better flotation, while others have preformed knees that favor mobility. Likewise, there are neoprene suits whose fabrics have been provided with sunscreen to prevent ultraviolet radiation from penetrating your skin.


When thinking about purchasing a wetsuit, there are many questions that may arise regarding how much the product costs, type of design and, of course, what is the correct cleaning method to avoid damaging the fabrics.

With regard to the issue of cleaning the garment, we must be quite careful. Let us remember that, although these types of suits are made of neoprene, they do not always require the same cleaning treatment due to the variation in the fabric of the incorporated linings. In this sense, we will find models suitable for being incorporated into the washing machine, as well as others that can only be rubbed manually.

In any case, the important thing is that you avoid the use of bleach or any other product with a composition that is abrasive for the fibers. Also, remember that these garments are dried in the open air, since exposing them to the heat of a machine could deform the suit.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a wetsuit?

Putting on a wetsuit is a fairly simple and intuitive task as with any other garment, but you must be careful so that the textile piece fits correctly in each part of your body.

Start by introducing your legs to the height of the calves and continue raising the suit to the hips. You will need to pull a little upwards so that the fabric conforms to the skin without leaving wrinkles.

Then, you will have to insert your arms through the sleeves and, depending on the model, you will have to raise the chest or back zipper, as well as close the velcro on the neck.

Q2: How to clean a wetsuit?

To wash your wetsuit, the first thing you should do is check the manufacturing label supplied by the manufacturer, since it contains information about the type of detergent and the appropriate temperature to treat the textile.

In any case, the ideal is to wash the suit with plenty of cold water after each use and let it dry in the open air. Similarly, you can apply mild detergent, free of abrasive components. 

Remember that some models can be incorporated into the washing machine, but you must be careful and start a gentle cycle, short, with cold water and without spin.

Q3: How should a wetsuit fit?

If you are looking for a wetsuit, but you do not know how it should fit when you put it on, you will be interested to know that these types of garments are designed to fit completely to the body.

In this sense, when selecting a model, you will not be able to settle for the first option just because you like it aesthetically or because it is economically accessible. It is important that you measure the piece and check that there are no folds or wrinkles. Of course, you will also need to assess the comfort factor, so you will have to find a balance between a correct fit and your comfort. Thus, you can move freely underwater.

Q4: When was the wetsuit invented?

The invention of the wetsuit is credited to Jack O’Neill, who in life was passionate about surfing and tried to create a suit that would allow him to move freely and safely in the water.

Thus, after a long period experimenting with different synthetic fabrics, finally, during the 70s, it gave rise to an innovative, versatile garment that would win a large number of followers until it became essential equipment for water sports. This is what is known today as a neoprene suit.

Q5: What do you wear under the wetsuit?

It is true that neoprene suits should be tight to the skin, so the most sensible thing would be for us to put this garment directly on the body so that it is completely smooth. However, there are those who prefer to wear a swimsuit under the wetsuit to feel more comfortable.

Both options are completely valid and the decision to use a swimsuit between your skin and the neoprene will depend solely on your taste. In any case, remember that the fabric of the swimsuit must be thin and fit tight so that it does not cause roughness.

Q6: What temperature can a wetsuit withstand?

Polychloroprene is a synthetic rubber with high chemical stability that allows it to adequately resist heat and cold, which is why it is the material used to make neoprene suits. In any case, this type of membrane can withstand temperatures below 0 °C and above. However, this will depend on the thickness of the textile.

Q7: How is a wetsuit sewn?

Let’s assume that the suit has an area that is completely worn out and therefore leaks water into it. If so, you will have to start by carefully trimming the entire damaged part. Then, you must obtain neoprene fabric and cut an identical piece on it, trying as much as possible to ensure that the edges are completely clean, smooth and dry. Thus, you can proceed to apply the special glue for neoprene with a metal spatula or brush, letting it rest for at least 10 minutes before fixing it on the garment.

Next, you will have to wait 24 hours for the glue to dry and the pieces to join properly. Thus, it only remains to thread the needle and start sewing the entire edge of the patch both on the inside and outside of the garment. In this way, you will prevent the patch from coming off with constant use.

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