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Nintendo Console – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

For very few people, the Nintendo brand is completely unknown, as it brings back childhood memories to many users who, today, are adults, but who had the opportunity to play with the first Nintendo consoles. Currently, Nintendo is one of the three leading brands in video game consoles and makes a wide market vibrate with the recent Nintendo Switch, a console that stands out for combining the portability of portables and the power of domestic ones. In addition, it allows you to separate the controls to expand the game possibilities. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a completely portable model that you can carry in your pocket and offer spectacular 3D images, a Nintendo 3DS is the one to go for.

The best Nintendo consoles on the market

Buying the best Nintendo console is a difficult task, especially if it is a gift, because you have to take into account all the positive and negative characteristics of each model. On the other hand, if we have a limited budget, it is important to choose among the cheapest.

nintendo switch console



Considered one of the best Nintendo consoles of 2022, the Nintendo Switch console stands out for being the only console that works both in a portable way but with all the power of a desktop console and that works for one or two players, regardless of the mode.

You’ll be able to gather all your friends in front of a big screen and play in a group and then continue with the game, on any walk, thanks to the high-definition screen that integrates the same console.

It will allow you to split a controller in two to be able to share the gameplay and you will be able to connect with eight friends in multiplayer games. If you are about to buy a Nintendo Switch console, it is important to know that it has dimensions of 19.8 x 35 x 9.3 centimeters and weighs approximately 1.5 kilograms.

Before deciding which is the best console, it is important that you take into account its price, since not all models are cheap. This console is designed for users looking for an individual and group gaming experience with a single device.


Controller: The Joy-Con controller stands out for its HD realistic vibration effect, which provides an experience unmatched by any other controller.

Region : You will be able to use the games you buy anywhere, since it is an open region console.

Versatility : It is a console designed for players looking for a solution when they want to play individually or in a group.

Memory : It is compatible with SD memory cards, so you can store the most important data of your games. 


Games : This product does not include any pre-installed games, so you will be required to purchase one to start playing.

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Nintendo 3DS console


Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS console can be considered the best Nintendo console of the moment thanks to its great features as a quality and totally portable entertainment station. It has a camera for 3D photos.

This version of the Nintendo 3DS comes in white, so it looks cool and stylish. In addition, it has dimensions of 134 x 74 x 21 millimeters and an approximate weight of 230 grams. On the other hand, you will be able to play all the games of your old Nintendo DS thanks to its great compatibility.

You will be able to observe some amazing images in three dimensions thanks to its superior 3D screen of 3.53 inches and 800 x 240 pixels of resolution. In addition, the lower screen is a full touch screen of 3.02 inches and 320 x 240 pixels of resolution.

If you still don’t know which Nintendo console to buy, we recommend paying attention to its connectivity. This way you can make sure you can play your games in streaming. This pocket console has a wireless WiFi connection, with which you can connect with your friends.



Screen : This device has a dual screen system, which allows for an amplified and novel gaming experience.

3D : The great novelty of this device is its superior 3D screen, allowing you to enjoy special images in three dimensions.  

Touch : On the other hand, this console has a touch screen that allows interaction with a special pencil.


Comfort : For some users, carrying the weight of the top screen is a bit uncomfortable.

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nintendo wii console

nintendo wii mini

This Nintendo Wii console stands out for being the most compact and portable version of the famous Nintendo Wii, since the manufacturers wanted to provide a portability solution to one of the most successful consoles, subtracting up to 40% of its original size.

Thanks to its quality products, for many users the best console brand is Nintendo. This product includes a Wii Remote Plus controller and a Red Nunchaku, a sensor bar, a video cable and a power adapter cable.

It is fully compatible with the Wii Balance Board and other accessories. Its beautiful red with black design, compact size of 26 x 21.8 x 13.4 centimeters and weight of 499 grams allow you to comfortably carry this console.

If you are looking for a new Nintendo console, you should be very attentive to the accessories it comes with. This model includes everything you need to start playing immediately.


Size : This model stands out for its size that is up to 40% more compact than the classic model.

Compatibility : This product is fully compatible with Nintendo Wii classic accessories and games.

Design : It sports a new and compact design with black and red colors that turns out to be an attraction wherever you place it.


WiFi : As a negative point, the absence of a WiFi connection and SD card slot can be noted.

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nintendo nes console


The Nintendo NES console is considered the best value for money Nintendo console, since it is a model adjusted to any pocket. Remember old times with this updated version of the Nintendo classic.

With this console, you only have to plug it in to start playing at any time, since it includes 30 great pre-installed games to play. In addition, you will have the opportunity to view your favorite games on your HDTV thanks to its HDMI cable.

It includes a classic design controller and USB cable that is used to charge the device. Its compact size has dimensions of 7.62 x 22.60 x 16.51 centimeters and weighs about 998 grams.

When choosing your new Nintendo console, it is very important to take into account a series of relevant features such as display modes. With this Nintendo NES you can choose between three display modes.


Visualization : This console allows you to choose between old television, 4:3 and square pixels (original).

HDMI : You will be able to connect this retro console to the most current TV on the market thanks to its compatibility with the HDMI connection.

Saved : If you have to get up in the middle of a game, don’t worry, since each game has suspension points to pause any game.

Practical : This console has a compact size and 30 pre-installed games, so you can take it on your travels comfortably.


Games : You will not be able to install or add any more games on this console, which forces you to play the ones that come pre-installed.

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retro nintendo console

nintendo super nes

If you are looking for a retro Nintendo console that includes two Super NES Classic controllers so you can play together with your friends, this is an ideal option. Plus, with 21 great pre-installed games, all you need to do is plug in and turn on the console to start enjoying it.

This console includes an HDMI cable connection, ensuring perfect compatibility with the latest HDTVs. Moreover, this console is charged with a USB power cable.

In addition, this version improves the sprites of the original console. Among the titles that are preinstalled is the classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy III, Star Fox 2, Street Fighter II Turbo, among many others. It is 16.5 x 22.5 x 7.8 centimeters and weighs approximately 299 grams.

One of the most important features when choosing your next console is the number of controls that are included in the purchase. This Nintendo console includes two classic Super NES controllers for accompanying play.


Compact : This model has a compact size, so you can store it comfortably anywhere.

HDMI : You will have the possibility to easily connect this console to any HD television thanks to its HDMI cable.

Games : This model has 21 of the most famous games of this console pre-installed.


Adapter : This product does not include the power adapter, so you must buy the model indicated for the plugs of your country.

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nintendo 2ds console

Nintendo 2DS

One of the most recent Nintendo consoles is known as the Nintendo 2DS console, which is perfect for those who are just starting out in the world of Nintendo handheld consoles.

This console is a good and cheap alternative to the Nintendo 3DS, so it is compatible with all its games, however, you can only enjoy them in two dimensions. In addition, this model has Mario Kart 7 pre-installed, so you can enjoy a free game.

It is a console with a lightweight design of approximately 299 grams and very affordable, which has compact dimensions that you can take advantage of to comfortably carry the console in your backpack. On the other hand, the charger is included with the purchase, so you will not have to purchase it independently.

One of the most relevant features when choosing our next Nintendo console is its ease of use. This model is indicated for users with little experience with Nintendo consoles.


Compact : It is a fairly compact console, which you can comfortably carry on your trips.

Compatibility : Being part of the Nintendo 3DS family, this console is fully compatible with all games.

Ergonomics : It is a fairly ergonomic and comfortable portable console to use thanks to the location of the lever and side buttons.


Triggers: The triggers on the top of the console are relatively uncomfortable for people with large hands.

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Guide to buying Nintendo consoles

Faced with a market full of alternatives and console models to choose from, acquiring the best console is a somewhat difficult task, especially if you don’t know the world of video games very well. It is important to consider that the market offers everything from models to enjoy with the family connected to your television to compact and completely portable consoles. The idea of ​​the following guide to buy the best Nintendo console is to help you choose the most suitable model for you, so that you choose the most economical and functional model on the market.

Shopping guide

console cost

In any comparison of Nintendo consoles, the cost is of great importance when choosing, since there are from expensive models to very cheap ones. It all depends on your budget and what you are considering investing in the console. This is why, before asking how much it costs, it is preferable that you look at what type of console you need.

In a group or on a trip

Another of the most important characteristics that you should take into account when choosing your new Nintendo console is if you are going to use it in a group with your friends or if you are going to play independently. If your thing is to play in the comfort of your home, the ideal is that you acquire a desktop console that you can connect and enjoy with your HD television, in addition to being able to invite several friends to witness the games in a group. 

On the other hand, portable consoles are ideal if you are looking for a model that you can take on your trips and that does not take up much space. In addition, by including a screen, it reduces the need to use a television to a minimum.


Food and autonomy

Electric consoles operate on electricity, so they require a power source that comes from a plug or a battery. Do not forget to be very attentive to the type of electrical power that the console needs, whether it is portable or desktop, so you should check the compatibility of the type of plug that the console uses to connect to electricity and if it is compatible with the outlets in your house. 

On the other hand, in the case of portable Nintendo consoles, it is important that you take into account the battery life, so that you can enjoy your games for longer.

ergonomics and comfort

Obviously, ergonomics is going to play a very important role in our decision making, so it is necessary to look at this feature carefully. In the case of desktop consoles, different types of controllers and other accessories such as dance mats or skateboards are used, whether digital or analog. It is essential that the controls have a high level of comfort so that you can use them for a full hour, without suffering any injury. 

In the case of portable consoles, the same thing happens. They must have a high level of comfort, considering that the weight of the screen and the processor is added, among many other components. This forces the muscles of the hands to act and tense until they find a point of comfort. For this reason, it is recommended that the portable console be light and thus we can avoid an injury such as carpal tunnel.


The market is growing and evolving at an incredible rate, which is why consoles with better graphics and greater immersion appear. So, in some cases, some consoles are not compatible with each other and, by stopping production, some games lose the possibility of being played. 

If you keep a lot of games on your shelf, try to make sure that the console you choose has the possibility to play them, otherwise, you will have to save them. For example, the Nintendo 2DS system is fully compatible with Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL games.


Currently, there is a new trend of streaming games, where users spend hours playing with each other, connecting through a WiFi network. This new trend has forced manufacturers to incorporate the possibility of WiFi connection and Internet connectivity. 

In this way, you can enjoy downloading games from the store or playing your favorite games online with some of your friends. Also, if you want to keep your console up to date, we recommend that you check carefully if the model you are looking for has an Internet connection. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which console is better, Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita?

Actually, both consoles are very good, so to define which of the consoles is better, a detailed analysis of each model would have to be done. For some users, the Nintendo 3DS is a more complete console thanks to the possibility of taking photos and recording videos in three dimensions, playing with Nintendo Miis, enjoying the Eurospot, Nintendo eShop and Nintendo video platforms, among many others.. On the other hand, the PS Vita portable console stands out for its great power and touch screen. It is considered a console for more “adult” players, since it is technically composed of a 4-core Cortex A9 core CPU that provides powerful operation and a game speed of up to 120 fps.

Q2: Which is the better console, PS4 or Nintendo Switch?

To be able to decide which is the best console between a PS4 and the Nintendo Switch, first of all, it is important that you know what your needs are, since each model has a series of special features. In the case of the Nintendo Switch, this console stands out for providing a comprehensive solution to the needs of players, since it can be used as a desktop console or as a portable console thanks to the screen it integrates. On the PS4 side, what stands out about this team is its great power thanks to its 8-core AMD processor and 4 Teraflops graphics chip, making it the console of choice for professional players.

Q3: When did the first Nintendo console come out?

The first Nintendo console was released in 1983, with the console known as the Nintendo NES. This marked history immediately and achieved success with the Zelda. Shortly after, in 1988, the game list of this console reached 65 titles, among which was one of the favorites Duck Hunt, with which the famous and remembered Nintendo pistol was used.

Q4: How to connect the Nintendo 3DS system to the internet?

It is important to remember that it is necessary to have a wireless broadband internet connection in the place where you are going to connect the console. First of all, turn on your Nintendo 3DS system and enter the system settings represented by the icon of a small wrench. Next, access the section indicated as Internet Configuration and Internet Connection. At this point, you will need to choose a New Connection and a manual connection. Then, press on the touch screen where it says Find Access Point and your console will start searching and showing you the networks within its range. Find your wireless network and select it to show you the keyboard with which you will enter the access code and touch the button that says accept. Finally,

Q5: How to update the Nintendo 3DS system?

The Nintendo console manufacturer is concerned with constantly updating its consoles, improving the functions and services of the console, in order to provide a better and more pleasant user experience. For this reason, Nintendo makes updates available for the Nintendo 3DS system. To perform this step, first of all, open the configuration menu of the console by pressing the Home button. Choose Other Options and go to the last part, where you will find the word Update. Choose that button and it will start the process automatically.

Q6: Which console is better, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch?

Both consoles undoubtedly offer you a great gaming experience, showing spectacular and completely sharp images, which will flow without interruptions thanks to the power of both teams. However, each model has its own features, as in the case of the Nintendo Switch, a product that acts as a hybrid console, which provides a comprehensive solution to the needs of the user who is looking for a desktop console and a portable console. On the Xbox One side, it is a team that stands out for its power thanks to the 8 GB of RAM and FullHD resolution.

Q7: How to clean Nintendo 64 console?

To clean the slot of a Nintendo 64, it is highly recommended to use a brush that does not release any hair. This way you can give it several passes with the certainty that you will not leave any strands unintentionally. Then we recommend you run a vacuum cleaner to help you remove all the dust, making sure that it is not in the air blowing function. Remember that you should never blow the slots of the console or the video game cartridge, as they rust easily.

How to use a Nintendo console

Consoles have now become a center of fun for both children and adults, so it is very common to see grandparents playing against their grandchildren, couples playing with each other or groups of young people of any age. Above all, as is the case with the Nintendo company, which has been characterized by focusing on the video game experience as a completely family activity. In case you are a bit rusty in the world of video games, we recommend you follow the tips that we expose in the following guide to install and use a Nintendo console.

Check the instruction

In the first place, it is very important to review the instructions that are included in the package, since, although the operation of the console seems simple to us, it is better to go at a safe pace, so that you know the operation of each button and manage to avoid any console malfunction. We recommend that you first take the time to understand the instruction manual and then configure the console.

Put the console in place

It is important to choose the right place where you are going to place your console, since it must be close to your television and an electrical outlet. Normally, it is placed on a coffee table or cabinet next to the TV, so that the A/V connection cable can be easily connected. Also, remember that the power outlet must have at least one space available to connect the console. On the other hand, make sure that the table where you are going to place the console is completely clean.

Make the connection

After placing the console on its corresponding table, you must proceed to connect the audio/video cables corresponding to your console model, whether these are RCA or HDMI. Then connect the corresponding cable to the power supply and connect the remaining accessories such as controllers, Nintendo motion sensor.

Initial setup

These days, most consoles are treated like any handheld device, so you’ll probably get a splash screen where you’ll need to set the current date and customize the details of the first user of the console. This happens, above all, because the Nintendo eShop requires an account to which downloads and purchases made by users can be attributed.

choose your game

Now, finally, all you have to do is choose the title you want to play and insert it into the console, whether it’s a cartridge or a compact disc, and enjoy a good amount of entertainment. Remember to choose the correct profile so that the saved data of the game is backed up in your personal account.

Power off and unplug

Although there are many users who constantly leave their consoles connected to the power source, some other users recommend, especially if you are looking for greater savings on the electricity bill, to unplug your console from the electrical outlet.

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