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Painting Easel – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Easels are special supports designed to more comfortably use tools when painting. You can find them in different sizes and for various types of canvas, as well as in various manufacturing materials. A good alternative in painting easels could be the Aibecy 150 cm, since it is made of pine wood and can be used by children or adults without problems. Another good option may be the Chely Intermarket 56811, a small-sized painting easel, quite comfortable for doing work at home. It takes up very little space and you can even use it to display your finished paintings.

The 9 Best Painting Easels – Opinions 2022


Finding the best painting easel to equip your art studio can be a challenge, so we have prepared a selection with models that offer various advantages depending on your needs. We invite you to meet them in order to choose the best one to paint.

Children’s painting easel


1. Aibecy Wooden Painting Easel

From the Aibecy brand we present you a painting easel for children, which will help your little one to express their art in a comfortable and free way.

It is an easel made of pine wood, offering a natural aesthetic, relaxed and pleasing to the eye. Likewise, it is also resistant to be able to hold the canvases without problems.

As for its size, it has a height of 150 centimeters, while the frame can go up to 110 centimeters. The weight, on the other hand, is light with just 2.1 kilograms, facilitating the handling of the easel, as well as its assembly and transport.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the folding rear leg, with which you will easily change the angle of inclination, which will help you find the best position to work or display the paintings.

If you want to know better what is perhaps the best painting easel of the moment, here you will find its most important characteristics:


Design: This easel has a clean and aesthetic tripod design, which will let your art shine if you put it on display.

Materials: The pine wood used in the structure is resistant, durable and maintains its natural finish.

Adjustments: The adjustments of the stirrups will help you to hold stable any canvas that you place.

Applications: You can use this easel for paintings, photographs and exhibitions in general.



Instructions: The instructions in the manual are in Chinese, complicating the assembly of the easel.

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2. Chely Intermarket Easel desktop painting

This product from the Chely Intermarket brand could be the best price-quality painting easel, thanks to its compact, but practical design.

It has a size of 50 centimeters high and 26 centimeters long, so it is considered a desktop model, having the right design to hold a small or medium canvas. It has a resistant construction with robust joints, in addition to having a structure made of solid wood, which provides durability to the painting easel.

In addition, the solid wood finish makes it pleasant to the touch and the eye, as it maintains the natural appearance with sanded edges, to avoid accidents, as well as an easy folding mechanism. Because of this, it could be a good alternative if you are looking for a comfortable children’s painting easel to use at home.

One of the cheapest purchase alternatives is that of Chely Intermarket, so it would be good to take into account its pros and cons:


Style: It is an easel model designed for desktop use, being quite practical to work sitting down.

Exhibitions: It can also be used for exhibitions thanks to its manageable size and support mode.

Materials: Its manufacture is robust with solid wood, natural finish and resistant joints.

Safety: You will be able to easily keep your canvas or photo upright, considering the shape of the bottom base.



Stirrup: The height of the stirrup cannot be changed, which may affect the aesthetics on small canvases.

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professional painting easel


3. Meister Rio Aluminum Trestle 

For buyers who are interested in a professional painting easel, we present the Meister Rio model.

This alternative could be very useful for those looking for a portable model, since its weight is just 1.2 kilograms, including a carrying bag with your purchase to load it. The structure is made of aluminium, providing good mobility of its pieces when the easel changes position. Plus, it’s durable and wear-resistant so you can use it with confidence.

It has dimensions of 65 x 10 x 12 centimeters and is suitable for holding canvases between 15 and 120 centimeters thanks to the adjustable frame. The height, meanwhile, can be changed to a minimum of 58 centimeters and a maximum of 164 centimeters, while the width remains at 44.5 centimeters.

 Meister is likely to become the best brand for painting easels and its Rio model has very striking advantages:


Design: Being a black easel, all attention can easily be focused on the artwork.

Materials: The structure made of aluminum is light, but quite resistant for regular use of the product.

Adjustments: You will be able to change the shape of the easel according to the size of the painting or photograph that you place on it.

Bag: Its transport bag will allow you to carry it without causing discomfort, also considering its light weight.



Stability: Stability could be improved to prevent accidental wobbling.

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4. Artina Verona Professional Studio Painting Easel With Wheels

Having the best painting easel at home is crucial for any artist, since it is their space to express themselves more freely, which is why we want you to get to know the Artina Verona.

Here we are faced with a professional easel with dimensions of 70 x 70 x 185 centimeters, allowing use with canvases that are up to 210 centimeters high, since its footboard measures 57 centimeters. In addition, you can adjust its height from 60 to 91 centimeters maximum.

Its manufacture also stands out, which is made up of solid beech wood, to provide robustness to the structure, as well as an attractive design that also has a special drawer to accommodate paints and brushes.

Lastly, the Artina professional painting easel is easy to assemble and move thanks to the presence of 4 wheels on its base.

If you think that the Artina model may be the answer to which painting easel to buy, you will be interested in knowing these details:


Professional: This alternative is for those looking for a professional model, since it has the required dimensions.

Materials: Its manufacture is resistant as it has solid beech wood for the posts and stirrups.

Canvases: It can accommodate XXL size canvases without problems, being suitable for work or exhibition.

Wheels: The wheels on its base allow it to be easily rotated and moved around the room.


Instructions: The instruction manual could be more explanatory to facilitate the use of the easel.

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Painting easel with case


5. Royal & Langnickel All-Purpose Artist Easel Set

If you are still having a hard time deciding which is the best painting easel, we invite you to discover everything that the Royal & Langnickel REA6000 has to offer.

This product offers a complete easel set with the basic tools to start painting, highlighting the different types of paint, as well as brushes, palettes, boards and spatulas.

Evaluating its design, it has a size of 40 x 15.7 x 29.1 centimeters and a weight of 7.5 kilograms, since its design includes the canvas support and the storage drawers in one piece.

It is made of wood with a polished finish along with sturdy gold-colored hinges, which give the set an elegant look. Also, this painting easel with case will be comfortable to carry thanks to the sturdy handle with PU leather coating located on the top.

With the practicality of this model, you can paint practically anywhere. Here are its most notable pros and cons:


Set: This set includes everything you need so you can start painting with your own portable easel.

Design: Its design allows it to become a briefcase, helping to transport all the materials easily.

Materials: The entire case is made of wood with sturdy hinges to support the folding easel.

Paintings: You will be able to work with acrylic paints, watercolors, oil, colored pencils and many more tools.



Exhibitions: Its aesthetic is not the most appropriate if you want to use it for artistic exhibitions.

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metal painting easel


6. Walimex 18429 Aluminum Easel for Painting

Walimex has one that could be among the best painting easels of 2022, since it stands out for its resistance, practicality, and ergonomics for regular use.

The 18429 model is an aluminum easel capable of supporting a weight of up to 6 kilograms to support your canvases up to 122 centimeters without problems. Its weight is 1.24 kilograms and it has a height of 165 centimeters, and can be folded up to 54 centimeters for transport, which is comfortable thanks to the transport bag that is included with the purchase.

It should also be noted that this metal painting easel has an integrated practical support for brushes, where you can keep them in a vertical position and thus prevent them from staining surfaces with paint, in addition to rubber protectors on each of its legs.

Walimex offers you a resistant and durable model that also has a lot to offer for your comfort:


Adjustments: It has a quick release system for adjusting the height of the stirrup.

Capacity: Its robust construction allows it to support a weight of up to 6 kilograms, avoiding problems when using large canvases.

Legs: It has rubber protectors on its legs, which prevent the floor from being damaged and increase stability.

Bag: Thanks to the transport bag, you can easily store your easel and take it wherever you want.



Instructions: The purchase does not include assembly instructions, so you will have to use your intuition for this project.

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folding painting easel


7. Artina Aluminum Easel Paris de Campo

Artina has a folding painting easel for you if you are looking to invest in a practical model that does not take up as much space as a standard one: the 340252.

The Paris model easel can be used with small and large canvases with a height of up to 82 centimeters, since you can adjust the position of the frame between 51 and 165 centimeters in height.

The most compact position is a very practical means of displaying a photograph or small canvas and also has support for brushes and palettes; so that you have all your work tools close at the time of painting on the easel.

Its weight, on the other hand, is light, barely reaching 1.18 kilograms, which considerably facilitates its transport, in addition to having a case made of nylon with a shoulder strap.

To find out if this Artina option is what you are looking for, here are some important advantages and disadvantages:


Folding: It has a folding structure that will allow you to transport it comfortably from one place to another.

Settings: You can change the height of the rack from a minimum of 51 centimeters to a maximum of 165 centimeters.

Brushes: It has a special support where you can accommodate all your brushes without staining.

Lightweight: Its weight is light enough to be carried in your bag without causing discomfort.



Stability: It is considered that the stability should be increased to avoid wobbling when using it.

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wooden easel for painting


8. Chely Intermarket pine wood painting easel

Another of the cheapest models in painting easels is the one offered by the Chely Intermarket brand with the 56801, a striking and practical alternative for artists of all ages.

The easel is made of pine wood, presenting the characteristic marks of the material, but with a sanded finish. Its height reaches 170 centimeters and you can place canvases with a maximum size of 121 centimeters. In addition, it has an easy assembly system so as not to complicate yourself too much and have it ready in a short time.

On the other hand, you should know that the Chely Intermarket wooden painting easel is foldable, which will allow you to change the opening angle of the rear leg to vary the inclination, thus adding to the stirrup adjustment screw, with which you can adjust its height to use it with canvases of different sizes.

Considered a good option for savers, you probably want to evaluate this product further:


Capacity: Its wide design will allow you to easily place large canvases, as well as posters or photographs.

Materials: It is made of wood, so it has a sufficiently robust structure.

Tilt: The folding arm will allow you to change the angle of inclination according to your comfort or location when painting.

Assembly: Its assembly is easy to follow thanks to the assembly instructions included with the easel.


Beginners: Keep in mind that it is a model designed more than anything for the use of beginners.

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Children’s painting easel


9. Catekro Wooden Desk Easel with Portable Drawer

Catekro has a good alternative in case you want to buy a children’s painting easel, so that your child can paint at ease: the OA028 model.

It is a practical case with an included easel where, in addition to being able to accommodate your small canvases, you can also store your art supplies, such as paints, brushes, palettes, spatulas and more.

It has a size of 33.5 x 25.8 x 4.5 centimeters and its weight is 1.22 kilograms, providing a handle with a synthetic leather grip to carry it. It is made of pine wood with a polished finish and the opening hinges are golden, providing an elegant detail to the product.

For your protection and that of the surfaces, the easel has rubber protectors on the corners, so you can place it on the table without worrying about scratches.

To get rid of doubts about whether or not it is the best painting easel for you, here we have more details about it:


Design: The Catekro model is briefcase style, maintaining a pleasant aesthetic with a natural wood finish.

Handle: It has a top handle that will let you carry it comfortably when you go out with it.

Practical: It is practical to paint anywhere thanks to its size and accessibility.

Storage: It has an integrated drawer where you can store your art supplies and thus have them at hand when inspiration strikes.



Paints: Do not overlook that only the briefcase easel is offered, paints or brushes are not included.

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Shopping guide


If you require information to be able to buy a good painting easel, in the following space you will find the most important characteristics. Evaluating them according to the degree of influence, as well as relevance, can help you choose wisely which one is the best in a painting easel comparison.

painting easel design

In a guide to buying the best painting easel, the first thing that users usually consider is the design of the product itself. This category includes aspects such as the size, capacity for canvases and the weight of the easel, since, being a work tool, it must provide comfort and ergonomics.

Easels can be divided into several types, the most common being the tripod easel. This, as its name suggests, has 3 legs and crossbars that provide strength to the structure. It is found in several sizes, being able to acquire models for the use of infants, youth and adults.

Another model is the H-frame model, which stands out for its right-angled design and better support for finished paintings due to its structural system. These types of easels usually have adjustment mechanisms, to change the height of the support, which helps to better appreciate the painting that is being exhibited or created.

The last one is the tabletop easel. The design of this piece of furniture is intended to be placed on a flat surface, such as a table. They are usually smaller in size than the other easels, as well as inconspicuous.

structural supports

Although a painting easel is practical, in itself, there are certain “accessories” that could considerably increase the comfort when using it. We will refer to these as structural supports, which are spaces cleverly created within the frame of the easel to offer extra storage.

Depending on the model and size of the easel, you can look for options that have shelves where you can accommodate your brushes, paints or any other tool you need for your painting. These shelves can vary in size, capacity, and indentations, so keep an eye on the details.

Others even have a special internal design designed for the storage of your products, helping you to have them at hand whenever you need them. These types of easels are also very practical for those who want to take them with them, since their size and distribution allow them to create paintings while outside the studio. A good example of this type of model is the briefcase-type easel.

Manufacturing materials

In case you are interested in acquiring a model that is economical, one of the main aspects that you should review are the manufacturing materials, since they are usually one of the most important factors in determining how much a painting easel costs.

Since it is a piece of furniture/tool, the painting easel can be made of different materials, although wood is mostly seen as a preferred choice by manufacturers. This provides rigidity, robustness and resistance for constant use, which is necessary considering the weight that some canvases can have.

However, it is also important to mention that you can buy metal trestles, whether it is steel, aluminum or derivatives. These may be lighter in weight than wood, as well as easier to manipulate, and offer larger adjustment mechanisms for easel use.

Allowed Settings

Considering that painting easels can be chosen in various sizes, it is also worth noting that many of them have folding systems, which allow the support style, orientation or height to be adjusted. These models are quite useful, since they can be used by people of different ages.

Therefore, when you are reviewing the properties of any painting easel of your interest, pay special attention to whether it has the aforementioned mechanisms. These will help you get more out of your investment, as well as being more practical than other models. However, do not forget to verify that the safety devices for changing height or position are reliable enough to support your work.

overall portability

Finally, you may also want to evaluate the overall portability of the painting easel you want to purchase. Since inspiration can come from different places, having a model on hand that you can easily transport will be very useful, as well as preventing it from getting in the way inside the house.

In this sense, it may be convenient that the easel has a folding design, since this way it can reduce its size considerably to allow you to carry it in the car, for example. Likewise, it is also advisable to evaluate the general weight of the entire piece of furniture, avoiding choosing a model that is too bulky and heavy.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a painting easel?

To prepare a painting easel, the first thing will be to choose a room that is sufficiently lit and ventilated. Place it on the ground and stretch its rear leg, which is attached by a folding arm that allows you to change the inclination of the easel according to your preferences.

Then locate the security screws that hold the frame of the easel at the bottom and turn it to release it. Place the canvas in position to secure the stretcher and you’re all set to start painting on your easel.

Q2: How to make a painting easel?

To build a painting easel yourself, you’ll need some DIY experience, as well as the necessary materials.

Following the structure of a basic tripod model, you will have to acquire two 15-centimeter boards for the sides, one for the 8-centimeter joint that will also work as a fixed stirrup and a last one, which you will use as a 15-centimeter rear adjustable leg. We advise you to sand both boards until you get a smooth touch and without splinters, for greater comfort of use.

Start by drilling a hole through the 3 largest boards, creating a hole that allows you to place a piece of wood to join them without keeping them fixed, this way you can change the angle of the rear leg to vary the inclination of the easel. Then install the board that will be the joint, leaving a space of 6.5 centimeters between each of the legs.

To finish, you can apply a layer of varnish, which will help highlight the marks on the wood and protect its integrity.


Q3: How to assemble a painting easel?

Release the straps that hold the easel closed and loosen the screws on the legs to lower them all the way. Raise the mast, unlock the side locks to open the structure and, with it, form the tripod by adjusting the inclination of the rear leg.

Now, you can place the easel on the ground to install the footboard, which is supported by a base also secured with screws, which you must loosen to change the height. Remember to place the crossbar that will support the canvas from the top and you will have everything ready to start using it.


Q4: Which is better, a wooden or metal painting easel?

Wooden easels are designed to work in a fixed space, since they are heavier, especially if they are professional models. However, they have high stability compared to others.

For their part, metal easels are usually made of aluminum, since they must maintain a light weight to be easy to transport. These types of easels are usually designed with folding structures, which allow them to be loaded into carrying bags or cases, since they are more used for painting outdoors or for exhibitions.

In conclusion, both types of easels are good as long as they are used for the purpose for which they were made.


Q5: Why is my painting easel limp?

If you notice that your painting easel lacks stability, is not straight or wobbles, it is very likely that it is installed incorrectly. In these cases, it is advisable to check the joints and the tilt adjustments to verify that the legs are open the same distance, as well as that they have been lowered completely.

Another cause that could be causing your easel to limp is the leg protectors. If these are not well placed or one has been worn more than another, the whole structure will be uneven and you will notice the annoying limp when applying the minimum pressure on the canvas.


Q6: What is a field painting easel?

Field painting easels are those that have folding and lightweight structures designed to easily transport the furniture. In general, they are made of aluminum, since it is a resistant material that does not add much weight to the structure and is easy to handle.

These types of easels are very practical for use outdoors, being preferred by artists who like to paint natural or urban landscapes.

Q7: How to clean the painting easel?

To properly clean your painting easel, you must first consider the type of material; whether it is made of wood or metal.

In the first case, the paint stains will be a bit difficult to remove once dry, so you can focus on keeping it dust free and try to clean up paint spills right away. This way you can keep it looking like new for longer.

In the second case, aluminum is easier to care for, since you can use a damp cloth to remove paint residue or alcohol to loosen dried stains.

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