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Paper Bag – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

An alternative to plastic bags are paper bags, due to their versatility, the different formats in which they are available and the shorter degradation time. For this reason they have become very popular at parties, especially models like the Aovowog Pack 45 pcs that measure 24 x 13 cm, come in three different patterns of various colors and are ideal for storing souvenir gifts, sweets for children and much more. Another option to consider is the ZJW 35 pcs, with 5 different colors, without prints and made of kraft paper, ideal for craft projects or personalizing Christmas gifts. 

The 9 Best Paper Bags – Opinions 2022

If you are planning a celebration or you like “Do it yourself” projects to decorate paper bags, which you can later use for gifts, we recommend you review our selection of the best products in this category, in which we talk about their characteristics, pros and cons.


custom paper bags

1. Aovowog Paper Gift Bags with Sticker for Parties

At children’s parties, it has become a trend to use personalized paper bags for the gifts of the guests, especially the colorful designs that give a nice touch to the souvenir table to decorate the place.

So, if you are looking for the best paper bag for these celebrations, we suggest this Aovowog set that includes 45 pieces in three different styles: polka dots, waves and solid colors, offering 15 models of each design, in various colors to increase its appeal..

Complementing the bags are colorful heart-shaped stickers, which are suitable for sealing them. Regarding the size, this model measures 24 x 13 cm and is made of craft paper, whose grammage is 120 g/m², offering good resistance to handling.

This model may be the best paper bag of the moment, ideal for parties and celebrations. So we made a summary of the pros and cons that we found in it so that you can make a comparison of its characteristics.


Utility: This set of bags can be ideal for courtesy gifts at a birthday, baby shower or other themed celebration. In addition to being a good acquisition to present Christmas gifts.

Designs: The three styles that these bags come in are very attractive and versatile to suit different occasions.

Quantity: There are 45 paper bags included in this set, representing a good investment for its affordable cost. 



Resistance: Heavy objects cannot be stored inside, because the bag can break.

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kraft paper bags

2. ZJW 35pcs Kraft Paper Bags

The use of kraft paper in craft projects, DIY, scrapbook, among others, has spread due to the versatility of this material. For this reason, kraft paper bags are very popular for presenting courtesy gifts for an anniversary party, wedding, and other celebrations.

In this sense, many users recommend ZJW bags for being among the best paper bags of 2022, due to its presentation of 35 pieces in 5 solid colors: green, red, blue, black and beige, typical of kraft paper..

These bags measure 14.8 x 8.1 x 21 cm, and material-wise they are made from 120g paper, so they are sturdy and the color printing is long-lasting. In addition, they have built-in handles to facilitate their grip.

ZWL has a wide catalog of this type of supplies, so it could stand out as the best brand of paper bags, and with respect to this model we have observed some pros and cons, which we mention below. 


Dimensions: The bags measure 14.8 x 8.1 x 21 cm, and they work efficiently to store different types of gifts.

Creativity: You have the freedom to decorate or personalize each bag with a different design and add details such as ribbons, flowers or cutouts.

Resistance: The manufacturing material is 120 g/m² thick kraft, so it is resistant to support contents that are not so light and carry them easily, thanks to the handles. 



Occasions: The colors of these bags are neutral and sober tones, so they are not entirely adaptable to children’s and colorful themes. 

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printed paper bags

3. Serwoo 30pcs Christmas Kraft Gift Bags

If you want to give your event a vintage touch and you don’t know where to store the guests’ souvenirs, we suggest you review the characteristics of this Serwoo pack, which may well be the best value for money paper bags, due to their low cost.

It consists of 30 printed paper bags, which contrast the brown color with white lace edges. A delicate and very romantic touch that will not go unnoticed at any celebration.

Due to their size, 22 x 12 x 6 cm, these bags are suitable for storing cookies, candies, chocolates, meringues or other light items that serve as courtesy gifts. They are also ideal for Mother’s Day or Teacher’s Day gifts, in short, there are many uses that you can give these cheap paper bags.

Now we show you the positive and negative aspects of this model to make it easier for you to decide which paper bag to buy.


Design: The white lace pattern printed on the bags gives it great appeal, a timeless vintage design. 

Uses: Due to their style and size, these bags are suitable for storing sweets, cookies and other light objects, which can be given as souvenirs in different celebrations such as weddings, First Communion, anniversaries, among others.

Quality: The thickness of the paper gives the bags good resistance and appearance. 



Grip: This product does not have handles and does not include stickers for its closure. 

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small paper bags

4. Deomor 100pcs Kraft Paper Sachet Bags

Although the main use of kraft paper is packaging, its quality and resistance has allowed it to be the raw material for different bag formats, such as these from Deomor, small and cheap paper bags that come in a pack of 100 pieces.

Its measurements of 9 x 13 cm and the envelope type design make them useful for giving gifts such as jewelry, sweets and even storing dried flowers, if you are thinking of a gift for guests at an event; so they can be the answer if you are looking for the best paper bag. 

On the other hand, if gardening and cultivation are your favorite leisure activities, you should buy paper bags like these to store the seeds and keep them longer, since they are better preserved, resisting different temperature changes and expanding their viability For some months. 

This is one of the cheapest bags in our selection and we could not forget to summarize its characteristics, in the pros and cons section.


Size: The bags measure 9 x 13 cm, so they offer enough space to place sweets, jewelry, store seeds and much more.

Pack: The pack comes with 100 units, and due to its low price, it compensates the investment to have a good supply of these bags.

Material: Kraft paper is the material with which these bags were made, offering good resistance and its typical brown color. 



Closure: Despite their envelope-type format, the bags do not have adhesive to close them.

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recycled paper bags

5. LucyStudio Kraft Paper Bags 100 Bags

Concern for the environment and the garbage we throw away is a behavior that is spreading among consumers on a large scale, which is why thinking about using recycled paper bags is an alternative if you want to reduce your consumption of plastic packaging.

In this sense, LucyStudio offers a pack of 100 bags, with the right size to store sandwiches, fruit or children’s snacks for school. 

Likewise, these bags can also be used to personalize them and make beautiful gifts on any special occasion, taking into account that they measure 12 x 7 x 21 cm, so their contents should measure a little less to be stored without problems. 

An advantage of its simple design is that you can decorate the bags and give each one a creative touch, to make them more special to give as a gift.

Below we show you the positive and negative aspects of this product.


Uses: These bags can be used to store a snack, fruit for the children’s snack or a sandwich for lunch. They can also be used as gift packaging.

Quantity: The 100-unit pack provides a good supply of bags in a single purchase, to offset shipping costs and take advantage of its utility.

Appearance: The unicolor design of the bags allows you to decorate them, in case you use them to store gifts and want to give a personalized detail.



Resistance: It is not advisable to store heavy objects in these bags, because they can break.

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paper gift bags

6. Gikpal Christmas Gift Bags with 48 Stickers

Wrapping gifts for Christmas, birthdays or other celebrations is a relaxing activity, but if you don’t have the time, or the skills to do it, you can also use paper gift bags like these from Gikpal.

There are 24 bags made of kraft paper that retain their brown color. Regarding the size, they measure 22 x 15 x 6 cm, so they are spacious. In addition, regarding their manufacture, we can tell you that they are made with 150 g paper, so they have good resistance and can be reused. 

To close them, these bags are perforated, come with a drawstring, clips and labels on which you can make your own designs. On the other hand, the included stickers help to give a different touch to the packaging, as there are 24 thank-you stickers and another 24 with Christmas motifs.

This model could be the one to store gifts next Christmas. But, before buying it, take a look at its pros and cons. 


Thickness: The paper is thick, so it is evidence of good strength and durability for the bags to be reused.

Accessories: The bags have a perforated mouth, include a roll of tape to close them with a decorative bow and clips to better secure them. 

Utility: This kit is ideal for Christmas, so as not to waste time wrapping gifts, it can also be used to deliver souvenirs at a celebration. 



Sizes: A variety of sizes is missing in this product, since they are resistant bags, but they would not be the ones indicated for very large gifts.

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Decorated paper bags

7. Yizeda Unicorn Party Favor Bags Set of 16 Bags 

The Unicorn theme is very fashionable for children’s parties and one of the elements that cannot be missing is the thank you gifts for the guests. Our suggestion is to use these Yizeda decorated paper bags to store sweets, toys or any other item that you have decided to use as a souvenir. 

These bags are resistant and reusable, so guests can give them other uses and even make gifts out of them, as their white design and pastel print give them a very peculiar appeal.

You should know that this kit is made up of 16 bags, which measure approximately 14 x 8 x 21 cm and incorporate handles to be able to transport them more easily. 

When reviewing the characteristics of this product, we have distinguished some positive and negative aspects that we point out below.


Design: The design of the white bags, with the unicorn print in pastel colors, combines very well with this theme. 

Handles: The bags are resistant and incorporate handles so that they are easy to transport.

Dimensions: Each bag measures approximately 14 x 8 x 21 cm, offering enough space to store the souvenirs that are used to giving at children’s parties.



Price: The price of the kit is a bit high, considering the few pieces it includes. 

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Paper bags without handles

8. Wowoss 45Pcs Kraft Paper Gift Bags

Thinking of parties and celebrations, Wowoos offers this kit of 45 paper bags without handles, made of recycled and biodegradable kraft, which come in assorted colors. In addition, they include smiley emoji stickers to seal the bags.

As for the size, each piece measures 24 x 13 x 8 cm, its base is square and foldable for easy storage. On the other hand, these dimensions are comfortable for storing different objects, taking care that they are not too heavy to prevent the bag from breaking. 

Regarding the colors of the kit, the bags come in nine different shades: pink, light pink, purple, red, yellow, green, orange, blue and sky blue. This range of colors is ideal for children’s parties, tropical-themed celebrations, carnival parties, among others. 

Below, you can read the summary of the characteristics of this product, separated into pros and cons.


Colors: The kit has 5 bags for each color: orange, yellow, red, green, purple, two shades of blue and pink, to offer variety. 

Kit: There are 45 bags that come in total, with a roll of 100 smiley face stickers, enough to cover the demand at a birthday party and even have some spare bags.

Utility: The uses and applications of these bags are very wide: they can serve as souvenirs in different celebrations, pack gifts at Christmas or give gifts to the children’s teachers at the end of the school year. 



Grip: These bags do not come with handles, so it can be an aspect to improve in their design.

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white paper bags

9. Kgpack 50x DIY Kraft Paper Bags

If your passion is DIY, crafts and personalized gifts, we think it will be a good idea to have white paper bags, like these offered by KgPack.

First of all, there are 50 units included in the package, so unless you have to prepare souvenirs for an event, we are sure that this supply will serve you for a long time.

Secondly, they are made of good quality kraft paper, so they are very resistant, even if you use them to store food or popcorn.

Another aspect that we cannot forget to mention is the infinite possibilities of use, since being plain white, the bags can be adapted to many themes, as long as you apply the details and decorative elements to combine with the occasion. 

If you see in these bags a “blank canvas” to empty all your creativity, we suggest you read the summary of its positive and negative aspects below.


Manufacturing: Kraft paper is biodegradable, as well as resistant, so these bags can be recycled or reused in different ways.

Resistance: Due to the thickness of the paper and the quality of manufacture, sandwiches, snacks and even popcorn can be stored in these bags, without deteriorating due to humidity. 

Size: The bags measure 14 x 26 x 8 cm, so their standard size adapts to the different souvenirs or gifts that you can store in them. 



Accessories: Some stickers or clamps for closing the bags are missing.

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Shopping guide

Currently, consumers and merchants question the use of plastic bags due to their environmental impact. That is why the trend of using paper bags continues to grow and we can see them in our day to day, present in stores, gifts, takeaways and much more, due to their versatility. If you want to know more about it, we recommend you review our guide to buying the best paper bag and have this useful element in your home or work.


Every day we use many bags, whether they are plastic or paper, and we hardly stop to think about their manufacture and degradation. Nowadays, many people and companies are concerned about being more sustainable, so they use paper bags for the packaging of their products. But it is not just any type of paper and to learn a little more about it, we will talk below about the materials used to make these bags.

The best known today is kraft paper, a resistant material in its different thicknesses, which is obtained with a process similar to that of recycled paper. Kraft paper generally maintains a brown color because it does not go through any bleaching processes. However, the wide versatility of this product has increased its demand in different colors, including white, to customize them according to the use for which it is intended.

Other types of paper used to make bags are cardboard, illustration paper, construction paper, and other materials thick enough to give it strength, durability, and stability, so that it can maintain its shape and fold. These are more appropriate for making sophisticated bags with brand designs and prints, a very popular option in stores and shops.

Formats and presentation

When making a comparison of paper bags, you will find a wide variety of sizes and formats, from the smallest bags to store seeds or pieces of jewelry, to large bags for market purchases. In short, there is a wide range of options, so we suggest you have a ruler at hand so you can see the measurements offered by the manufacturer and know if they suit your needs.

In the same way, you will notice that the bags can be rectangular, elongated or wide, there are also more square or envelope-shaped ones, so you must have a general idea of ​​the content that you will store in them, to know what the most appropriate measure is. 

In terms of quantity, the most common is to get this product in presentations of several pieces, being possible to buy a kit of 14 or 16 bags, a pack of 50 to 100 units for quite competitive prices, since paper bags are cheap., compensating the investment for its utility. 

colors and designs

The appeal of these bags is that you can get them in different colors and patterned designs, to make it easier to adapt them to your events or special occasions. 

This aspect can determine how much the bag costs, since the solid colors are cheaper than the printed models, but the latter can come with specific designs for the theme of your party. 

On the other hand, there is the adaptability of paper bags in brown, white or plain tones, in which you can add various elements to decorate them and give each one a personalized touch. From decorating them with mini paper doilies, dried flowers, ribbons and bows, to making drawings on them to express your creativity in each piece. Especially if you plan to use them for a gift.

grip and accessories

A good, inexpensive paper bag should be functional, which is why many designs include handles to make it easier to hold, especially the sturdier models. These handles can be cord, ribbon or perforated. 

Others, on the other hand, do not include a grip design, but kits are available with accessories for closing the bags, using stickers, small wooden clips or cord to make holes in the bag and close them with a delicate bow. 

All these options allow you to give a nice finish to the bag for the moment of presentation. Also very useful are those sets that include a label that you can attach to the bow or clip, to write a small dedication or place the name of the person who will receive the gift. This option is a good way to identify gifts at Christmas, secret friend parties, among others. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a paper bag?

There are many uses that you can give to a paper bag, such as storing the children’s snack, a sandwich or fruit, presenting gifts in them or decorating them to give homemade cookies to your friends. 

As you can see, paper bags are very versatile and we frequently see them in stores and businesses that use them as efficient packaging, because it also allows them to project their brand wherever their customers go.

Q2: How to make a paper bag?

You will need newsprint, wrapping paper, cardstock, or kraft paper to make your bag, along with scissors, glue, and a ruler. When you have the materials ready, place the paper on a clean surface and fold it into two equal parts, accentuating the line with the ruler. In this way when unfolding the paper there will be a mark left. This will serve as a reference, since you must fold the sides of the sheet over it, pressing to join them with the glue.

Once this is done, you must measure 5 cm at the bottom, open and close it with your thumbs, then fold on one side, repeating the procedure on the other side and joining them with glue.

Next, fold each side of the bag 1 cm wide to shape it. Now you can use a double hole punch to punch holes in the center of the top, or mouth, of the bag and thread a string through to make the handles. You can also leave that part open if you don’t need to close it or it’s not a gift bag. 

Q3: How to decorate a paper bag?

Your creativity will be the limit to decorate the bag and get a personalized detail to store your belongings or make a gift to a loved one. And if you’re short on ideas, you’ll find thousands of paper bag decoration tutorials and projects on the Internet to inspire you.

One of the prettiest is to use mini paper doilies, blank if the bag is brown, or contrasting colors depending on the tone of the bag, fold them in half in the mouth and close them. You can use a stapler or a wooden clothespin.

If it is a children’s party, you can decorate the bag with cardboard and designs alluding to the theme of the party. 

Q4: How to reuse a paper bag?

There are people who keep the paper bags they receive in stores or with gifts in good condition, so they can reuse them to give a gift or to transport their belongings when they leave home.

They can also be used for DIY projects or crafts with children, such as making party masks or decorations for the Christmas tree, scrapbook projects and even using the bags to cover notebooks with a very original style. 

Q5: How to wrap gifts in paper bag?

You can simply place the gift inside the bag and decorate it with a pretty bow. But if the gift comes in a box, you can unfold the bag to use as a piece of paper to wrap the gift. On the Internet you can find different tutorials with simple techniques to correctly fold the wrapper and get a nice way to deliver your presents.

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