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Ping pong table – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Whether to have fun with friends and family or to practice professionally, ping pong tables are a good idea to relax and have some fun in a healthy way. There are different types of tables on the market. However, of all the available options, there are two that stand out for having the approval of the user community. So if you want a folding and portable table, the Cornilleau 131725 model is made of resin and has a locking system, with 2.5 cm legs, an adjustable base and wheels. Now, if what you want is a more conventional model, the Klarfit King Pong takes up little space and has the regulatory measurements of the playing surface, being made with a special shockproof coating.

The best ping pong tables on the market

Ping pong is an entertaining sports discipline that is used to spend a pleasant time with friends and family. However, in order to play it you need to have a table. Currently, there are all kinds of proposals, from different brands and models, with interesting attributes to analyze and we present some of them below.

Outdoor ping pong table

Cornilleau 131725

With an approximate weight of 52 kilos, this table is usually the recurring option of users, as it is considered by many to be the best ping pong table on the market. This model is equipped with rack and net. In addition, it has a structure made of metal bases that provides robustness. Meanwhile, the board is made of wood, with a resin coating, which guarantees adequate rebound, with fixed ABS net supports and tension adjustment. 

On the other hand, this outdoor ping pong table complies with the international regulatory measures set by the International Table Tennis Federation, with a surface of 152.5 cm wide and a length of 275 cm. 

For easy portability and storage, it has collapsible properties and is equipped with 15 cm double wheels that improve mobility. At the same time, its closing system is simple and consists of eight automatic points.

For a successful purchase, it is convenient to select the best ping pong table of the moment and this Cornilleau alternative competes for it.


Measurements: It is equipped with the regulatory measures of the International Table Tennis Federation.

Manufacturing: It is made with a metal structure and a wooden surface with resin that suppose resistance.

Accessories: Includes tension-adjustable net and shoe rack to keep everything organized. 

Portability: To improve its movement, it includes 15 cm wide wheels and is foldable.


Assembly: Although the assembly is simple and guided, it can be a bit tedious and takes time to achieve. 

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Cornilleau Proline 510

Frequently included in all lists as one of the best ping pong tables of 2022, Cornilleau’s Proline 510 model has quality attributes for games of high distinction. The product has been designed to be an outdoor table tennis table, so the playing surface is durable and suitable for weather and rain, including a cover. 

In addition, the table is equipped with a steel net, with anti-corrosion properties, as well as corner protectors and ball dispensers. On the other hand, it can be fixed to the ground, so it is static. Its structure is made of high-density steel, with a shock-proof laminated board.

It has a 0.7 cm laminated resin playing surface and anti-reflective treatment, which is responsible for reducing the reflection of the sun by up to 10 times. Being built with dense materials, the table has a weight of 77 kilos.

Cornilleau is a renowned manufacturer, considered by many to be the best brand of ping pong tables. Read details about his model.


Design: It has a static design, suitable to be placed outdoors, with a resistant base.

Resistance: It is made of high-density steel, with a robust shock-proof board.

Surface: The playing surface has an additional layer of laminated resin, with a thickness of 0.7 cm.

Treatment: To avoid the reflection of the sun, the board has a special treatment that reduces it up to 10 times.


Portability: It is a fixed model that does not have folding properties, so its portability is made difficult by weight.

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folding ping pong table

Klarfit King Pong

There are those who, before making a purchase decision, want to know which is the best ping pong table on the market. In this sense, this alternative from the manufacturer Klarfit could be the answer to this question. Due to its properties, it is a folding ping pong table with a surface of 75 cm by 153 cm. Its board is blue and has a special treatment, which makes it shockproof. 

The playing surface has large and adequate dimensions. On the other hand, it includes all the accessories required for a game, including two 1.2 cm thick paddles, three balls and a blue and white net. 

Being foldable, its size is reduced to store easily, in addition to its light weight and its folded form is that of a suitcase with a handle. It has a metal frame and locking closures of the same material. 

If you don’t know which ping pong table to buy, you should take a look at the attributes of this model.


Folding: Its construction is of folding properties, with metal locking closures.

Portability: It is light in weight and when folded, its portability is enhanced by a top handle.

Surface: It has a playing surface of 75 cm, by 153 cm, which includes a shockproof coating.

Accessories: It includes all the game accessories as it is equipped with a net, three balls and two paddles.


Manual: The instruction manual is not available in Spanish, only in English and German. 

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hj mdf

Some alternatives stand out for their cost. In this case, the Hj model can be considered as a cheap ping pong table that has the size standards adapted to international measurements. The board of this alternative is made of MDF fiber, medium density, with a thickness of 1.5 cm and available in blue, while its structure and bases are made of steel, providing resistance. 

This folding ping pong table incorporates a pair of wheels and a brake, so thanks to these attributes it remains firm on the ground, but its portability and movement are also facilitated, since its weight is approximately 29 kilos. 

As this is a model made up of several boards that can be folded, its size is reduced to store easily in small spaces. In addition, it incorporates a protective cover for when it is not being used. Due to its construction, this table is designed for interiors.

Before making a decision, it would be prudent for you to know the properties that stand out from this model. 


Brake: Includes a locking brake that keeps the table stationary while in use.

Portability: It has a folding structure, which includes wheels to facilitate its portability.

Weight: It is light, since it weighs about 29 kilos, so it is easy to move and carry.

Construction: It has a resistant construction in steel and MDF fiber board, 1.5 cm thick.


Resistance: Although it is suitable for interior and exterior, it should not be exposed to extreme climates. 

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Other products

Joola 19110

If you are looking for a ping pong table that is simple but of quality, it may be convenient for you to know this model from the manufacturer Joola, which stands out for being a convenient alternative for small spaces. This table has dimensions of 182 cm long, 91 cm wide and 76 cm high. It is made of high quality and resistant materials, with a flat and thick surface that improves the bounce of the ball. 

The surface of this model is blue and includes the game net. Due to its properties and specifications, it is recommended as a training table or for beginners in the world of table tennis. 

In addition, it has folding features and can be quickly separated into two parts, making it a versatile option for other group activities such as card games or puzzles. 

This Joola model is an alternative that is suitable for its versatility and functionality in the game. Know its pros and cons.


Versatility: It is a table that can be used to play ping pong or to share in other table games.

Resistance: It is built with high quality and resistance materials, incorporating a stable base.

Surface: It has a thick blue surface that improves the bounce of the ball.

Training: Due to its properties, it is a table that is suitable for training or for amateurs.


Armed: It has been expressed that the model did not arrive with the complete kit for the assembly, as it was offered.

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Garland Challenge indoor

Some alternatives are worth analyzing because they are ping pong tables that have versatile attributes, both for the game and for storage. Such is the case of this Garlando prototype that is recognized among the best, for being equipped with an ergonomic ECS system, to unlock easily and safely when unfolding. 

This folding table is an indoor model that is suitable for amateurs or professionals, because it has the standardized and regulatory measurements, with a play area of ​​274 cm, 152.5 cm wide and 76 cm high. 

It has a quick and automatic closing system, which compacts and folds the table to improve its portability and storage, while it includes swivel wheels for movement. The top of this table is made of wood, with a special treatment and a blue surface, weighing 69 kilos.

Garlando Challenge Indoor is an alternative that you should know thoroughly. Here its pros and cons.


Folding: Despite its dimensions, the model can be folded to reduce its size and store.

Portability: It incorporates a pair of swivel wheels that facilitate its movement and portability.

Systems: It has an ergonomic ECS system that serves to unlock safely and quickly.

Construction: This table has a sturdy construction, with a wooden table top in blue color and surface treatment.


Instructions: This model does not include instructions in Spanish and its understanding is difficult.

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HLC Multigames

If you are looking for versatility, it would be appropriate for you to take a look at the attributes presented by this HLC model, which stands out for being the best value for money ping pong table, being one of the cheapest. It is a 4-in-1 game table that stands out for having folding properties and for including different interchangeable boards within its alternatives. 

The table has a board for billiards, ping pong, hockey and foosball. Within its design it has a folding base, which facilitates its storage and saves space. It is built with high quality and resistant materials, such as MDF, PVC and PB, each of them being solid and robust. 

Its design is striking, incorporating various colors. In addition, it includes all the accessories to play, from soccer balls to cleats, triangle, chalk, rackets, net, puck, tennis balls and more, making it a practical table for hours of entertainment. 

It is a fun alternative, multifunctional and one of the cheapest on the market, which is used to have hours of entertainment. Here its pros and cons.


Design: Its design is avant-garde and multifunctional because it includes several boards, being foldable for storage.

Games: With just one table you can enjoy different games such as billiards, table tennis, foosball and hockey.

Construction: It has a solid and robust construction, with materials such as PVC, MDF and PB.

Accessories: Includes all the accessories to be able to play the different games available.


Assembly: This model has not been easy to assemble, because the instructions are poor.

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Ping pong table accessories

ping pong table cover 

Xiliy Black

As important as having a computer is being able to protect it. For this reason, Xiliy presents a ping pong table cover that stands out for being made of polyester fabric, in black Oxford fabric, being a protective cover for boards with dimensions of 165 cm, 70 cm and 185 cm. 

This element is surrounded by a rope and is not toxic. On the contrary, it has a double plastic face and serves to keep the table protected from dust, scratches, corrosion and rain, because it is waterproof. In addition, it has an elastic base that improves the fit.

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Guide to buying ping pong tables

Ping pong tables are suitable for practicing table tennis or for enjoying time with family or friends with fun games. There are many manufacturers that present these products to the market. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best ping pong table, with the attributes that will lead you to make a purchase according to your needs.

Shopping guide 

Manufacturing materials 

Some people make a purchase decision based on how much a ping pong table costs. To have an estimate of this cost, it is necessary to analyze the materials that the manufacturer incorporated to make the table. In this regard, there are different materials. 

In general, ping pong tables are usually made in two parts. One of them is the board that tends to be made of wood or MDF sheets. In both cases, the manufacturers include a resin coating or other material that protects and improves the ball’s bounce. On the other hand, there is the base or the structure, which tends to be made of metallic material, which can be steel or worked aluminium. Similarly, there are some alternatives that have steel boards. 

When making a decision considering the materials, it is important to know their resistance and tolerance to adverse weather conditions, such as rain and sun, since if the table will be outdoors, it must be suitable for outdoor use.  


A ping pong table can be good and cheap, but in addition to these properties, it is necessary to analyze whether it is a portable or fixed model. In the market you can get these two types of tables. There are some that remain fixed and that, in fact, can be anchored to the ground. 

On the other hand, there are some alternatives that have a portable design, which includes swivel wheels to facilitate moving from one place to another. In this sense, portable models represent an alternative of greater versatility and at the same time comfort, which can be placed both outside and inside the home. 


When buying a ping pong table, it is important to consider the space you have at home to install it. In addition, it is prudent to analyze whether the table has a structure that is collapsible. If so, it will be a convenient model to save space, because when it is not in use it is possible to reduce its size and store it properly in small spaces, such as closets, under the bed or a corner where it is not in the way. 

The ping pong table models that include a folding structure are generally equipped with a safety system that guarantees the closing and locking of the table through simple and safe activation mechanisms. These alternatives are a convenient option that prevents the table from opening unexpectedly. 


If we look at the comparison of ping pong tables, we will find that there are tables of different dimensions. According to the space you have in the home, you should select a model. However, beyond the full size of the table, it is important that the dimensions of the table top be considered. 

According to the use that will be given to it, it is recommended that these dimensions correspond to the official measurements established as an international standard by the Table Tennis Federation. In this way, it will be ensured that the practices and games will be done with the real measures established. 


Before buying a ping pong table, it would be appropriate to be aware of the accessories that it includes. In order to play, you need more than just the board; this must have a network or maya. Similarly, you must have balls and rackets or paddles to hit. If the model includes these accessories, then it will not be necessary to purchase them separately and the table can be used immediately, without having to make an additional investment. 

On the other hand, there are some brands that provide their models with protective covers, as well as rack holders to keep the elements of the game organized. Likewise, within the accessories, it is important to note that there are some tables that include several boards for different games. If so, each board must have its respective accessories.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make an outdoor ping pong table?

To make an outdoor ping pong table, you must follow the same steps as when building an indoor structure. A resistant wooden board must be made with the official measurements and a base structure in PVC, which will guarantee a lower cost and greater manageability of the element to create the bases. The difference of an exterior model is the coating that is applied to the surface. It is recommended to add a layer of thick resin or other waterproof material. On the one hand, this material will make it resistant to shocks and rain, while, on the other, it will allow a better quality of play, with controlled rebounds.  

Q2: How to fold a ping pong table?

Folding a ping pong table will depend on the model, since each one has its own folding system. In most models, just press a button that will activate the mechanism and the table will be compacted. The next thing is to lock the locks at each point to ensure that the table will stay folded. In other models, it is first necessary to remove the net. Similarly, there are some alternatives that just require removing the top or separating the table. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the instructions and guide that the manufacturer presents through the manual, where these considerations are specified.

Q3: How to paint a ping pong table?

Painting a ping pong table is a simple process that only requires passing the varnish over the structure and board. However, the difficulty of the process is in the paint, which must have special properties. Therefore, it is necessary to have several layers of paint and different varnishes. Among them, some people recommend using a matt white polyurethane primer that will cover the wood.

Next, sanding should be done to remove impurities from the surface. The lines must then be accurately drawn, to be masked with bodywork tape. Subsequently, a new layer of matte lacquer in the desired color must be applied; this must be based on polyurethane. To conclude, it is necessary to let it dry, remove the tape and then give a final application of transparent polyurethane lacquer. This can be satin, matte or shiny, everything will depend on taste. 

Q4: What is the size of a ping pong table?

Ping pong tables have different sizes. However, if you want to play with professional standards, which are those established as the official measures regulated by the International Table Tennis Federation, the board must be rectangular 274 cm long by 152.5 cm wide and with a height from the surface to the ground of 76 cm. On the other hand, the height established for the net is 15.25 cm.

Q5: How to assemble a folding ping pong table?

Assembling a folding ping pong table will depend on the model and brand of the product, since the system and mechanism change accordingly. This is usually a simple process that only requires a couple of adjustments and screw joints. However, the general recommendation is to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer through the instruction manual, since the instructions and keys that will lead to the successful completion of the process are contained therein.

How to use a ping pong table

Ping pong tables are fun and training instruments that have become popular among users for being practical and functional. Despite the fact that many may know about them, there are still those who do not know how to use a ping pong table, so below we will give some indications that will facilitate their use, while allowing better operation and durability of the equipment.

Review the content and extract all the pieces

When receiving a ping pong table, the first thing to do is check all the contents of the package. To do this, open the box and remove all the contents inside. If necessary, request the help of a second person to be able to move and lift the pieces that are heavier. Once all the elements are out, it is time to verify that the pieces are complete and that they are the ones indicated by the manufacturer. In general, these products indicate on the outside what elements can be obtained inside and what is needed to proceed to assemble the table.

Locate the instruction manual and read it

When you already have all the elements out of the box, you need to look for the guide that the manufacturer incorporated and where the recommendations and steps to follow are established to complete the ping pong table assembly process. Take a look at these steps, check what additional items or tools are required, and if necessary, search for them.

Find a place to set the table 

Once you have read the manufacturer’s manual, it is convenient that you locate the place where you will install the ping pong table. This in order that you do not have to move the table after it is assembled to the place where it will be installed. 

Assemble the ping pong table 

With all the pieces at your disposal, as well as the necessary tools and screws, you should begin to assemble the table by following the steps in the manual. Each model in particular has its way of assembling. In fact, some prototypes come in one piece and require no assembly. Likewise, there are some alternatives that just need to snap a couple of pieces together and they’ll be ready to go.

Place and apply tension on the network

Once the table has been assembled, the net or mesh that will separate the board or the playing area into two parts must be installed. To do this, take the mesh and proceed to stretch it, place the bases and then place the net. This must be completely upright, so it is necessary to apply tension and adjust on the sides. In this way, the net will be without folds and correctly raised.

Use the ping pong table

With these last touches, the table is ready to be used. So if you include the balls and paddles you can play. If the game will be of two contestants, then they must stand opposite each other, separated by the net and make the first serve, then hit and follow the rules of the game.

Clean or fold after use

Finally, after using the table, you must clean it and, if it has a protective cover, it is necessary to place it. If it is a folding model and space is required, then the folding mechanism can be activated to reduce its size and store.

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