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Plasticine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Plasticine is a polymer with a flexible and completely moldable body with which children have fun and release the stress of their age. In addition, it is an educational element that will help them learn about colors and create a wide variety of figures related to their environment such as animals, geometric figures, flowers, among others. The Play Doh A7924EU6 model is a set that offers you 20 colored clays, all of which are packaged in a small plastic container with an easy-to-open or close lid. On the other hand, Purple Ladybug Novelty Puttering Putty is a smart putty, which, when exposed to heat or ultraviolet rays, changes its hue.

The 8 Best Plasticines – Opinions 2022

Plasticines are very popular products aimed at both children and adults, so it is not surprising to find a wide variety of presentations. In this sense, the selection could be difficult, which is why we present you the eight best clays of the year.

Play Doh Plasticine

1. Play-Doh Pack 20 Cans Hasbro A7924EU6

Play Doh is a trusted brand that will allow you to put in the hands of your children a product considered by many users as the best modeling clay, with the purpose of having fun while developing their imagination and learning by molding different figures. It is a set made up of a total of 20 pots of plasticine of different colors, incorporated in a cardboard box with a colorful bus design and a handle for greater practicality. 

The plasticine has a composition free of toxic agents, so you will not have to worry about its direct contact with the child’s skin. In addition, it has a soft body and a medium build. In this way, the child will be able to easily knead and mold his projects on his own.

It is important to mention that this Play Doh modeling clay is aimed at children over two years of age, as well as that each container is plastic and its lid opens and closes with pressure easily.

Thanks to the pros and cons that we will mention, this product has been considered to represent the best plasticine of the moment.


Set: You will have a wide variety of colors thanks to the fact that the set includes 20 different bottles.

Packaging: The plastic containers incorporate a closure with a pressure lid, making it easy for the child to use.

Safety: As it does not contain toxic agents, it will not generate an allergic reaction in the child.

Storage: A robust cardboard box with a bus format is incorporated in which you can store the plasticines.


Texture: The plasticine becomes a bit sticky when you knead it, but you can leave it in the open air so that it dries and acquires a better consistency.

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2. Play-Doh Magic Oven Hasbro B9740EU4

This Play Doh modeling clay has managed to capture the attention of buyers, because it not only presents six pots with said product in different shades, but also incorporates a new magic oven. This equipment has been provided with a lighting and buzzer system, which indicate the completion of the recipe preparation time, without using heat. 

In addition, it includes a plate, a knife, a fork, a spoon, five accessories that represent food, a rolling pin and three cutters. All of them, made of food-grade polymer, with rounded and blunt edges. In this way, the little ones will be able to prepare a wide variety of side dishes, plasticine ice cream, cakes, pizzas and cupcakes. 

Regarding plasticine, it complies with the necessary safety regulations to be handled by children from the age of three, since it is a product free of toxic particles. Also, its body is quite flexible so it can be easily molded.

With this magical oven, your children can become little chefs. Next, the good and the bad of said product.


Accessories: Thanks to the attached food utensils and accessories, the child will be able to recreate various side dishes.

Safety: The plasticine is not toxic, the oven does not heat and the accessories have rounded tips, so it is a fairly safe set.

Oven: The oven has lighting and a buzzer to make the process more real.

Plasticine: The child will have six pots of plasticine to give free rein to his imagination molding various foods.  


Hardness: This clay tends to harden easily, but you can restore its elasticity by moistening it and kneading it.

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smart plasticine

3. Purple Ladybug Novelty Magical Smart Plasticine

If you want to surprise the little ones with a product that will allow them to have fun while developing their imagination, then giving them a smart modeling clay as a gift is a good option. In this case, it is a set of three cans of 48 grams each, considered one of the best clays of 2019 because its composition has been enriched with cutting-edge technology. 

Thus, Purple Ladybug Novelty offers a product that, apart from being shaped by our hands, also changes color. In this way, the content of the red can, when exposed to heat, acquires a yellow hue. 

For its part, the green glows in the dark and the orange also changes color, only these reactions occur when rays of ultraviolet light incorporated in the purchase package are projected on them. Remember that this product is suitable for children from three years of age, adolescents and adults.

Purple Ladybug Novelty has managed to position itself as the best modeling clay brand thanks to the advanced technology incorporated into its composition. Next, we present its positive and negative aspects.


Presentation: It is a package of three cans with red, green and blue plasticine.

Technology: The plasticine reacts to heat and ultraviolet rays, changing color and glowing in the dark. 

Content: Each of the cans has 48 grams of plasticine, which is an adequate amount to handle with both hands.

Use: The product can be used by children, adolescents and adults for educational or therapeutic purposes. 


Aroma: Its aroma, although not annoying, could be improved.

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4. Leehur Clay and Smart Playdough Creative DIY Clay

This could very well be the best value for money and one of the cheapest clays featured in this list of recommendations. With this magnetic plasticine, both children and adults will have fun moments, creating little monsters or any other animated figure. 

Its body is flexible and quite moldable, so you can easily stretch, tear or bend it. The best thing is that, thanks to its magnetic properties, you can mold it with the help of a built-in magnet. In addition, they attach a pair of eyes so that you can place them on the plasticine and make your creations more real.

Regarding the packaging of this intelligent plasticine, we have that it is a can with a diameter of 6.5 centimeters, a height of 2.5 centimeters and only 80 grams of weight, which you can open and close easily because it incorporates a lid with snap closure.

This clever modeling clay has nothing to envy to the others, as it offers a rather ingenious method of molding with a magnet. In addition, it is one of the cheapest plasticines.


Plasticine: This blue plasticine is quite flexible for better handling.

Composition: Its magnetic particles allow it to be molded with the help of a magnet.

Packaging: The presentation of this plasticine is a compact metal can that you can take with you without taking up much space.

Accessories: A pair of eyes are incorporated to create funny little monsters, as well as a magnet to mold.


Oily texture: Its body is oily due to the incorporation of organic oils that keep it hydrated.

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Plasticine Jovi

5. Jovi Vegetable Plasticine a package of 30 units

If you’re still wondering which is the best modeling clay, you probably haven’t reviewed the specifications of this set of 30 units patented by the well-known manufacturer Jovi. Each bar has a rectangular format, weighs 50 grams and has been covered with a plastic wrap. In addition, the bars are contained in chromatic order in a robust cardboard box.

It is important to mention that Jovi plasticine is of vegetable origin, it is not toxic and its body is very easy to mold, because it does not harden easily. That is, unless you open the stick of clay and don’t use it for several weeks. In this case it could dry out. However, you only need to add a couple of drops of warm water and knead it to re-hydrate and soften it. Another aspect to highlight in this plasticine is that it can be colored with any type of crayons.

When asked what modeling clay to buy, we invite you to review the advantages and disadvantages of this set of 30 moldable components.


Moldable: Its flexible body is easy to mold. Thus, you can cut, stretch or crush it easily.

Can be colored: Children can color the clay using crayons or markers to personalize the molded figures.

Presentation: The set includes 30 bars of plasticine individually packed in assorted colors.

Weight: Each of the bars has a weight of 50 grams, which gives us a total of 1,500 kg of moldable product to create various figures.


Colors: The colors of the plasticines are repeated, so you will find two bars of the same color.

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Peppa Pig Plasticine

6. Peppa Pig Set for the creation of 3D Characters

With this Peppa Pig modeling clay, the fun never ends, since the little ones can easily mold 3D figures of this cute little pig and her friends. Likewise, they will be able to make other figures with the help of the built-in cutting molds.

The package includes five pots with 56 grams of plasticine in pink, yellow, red, green and blue. Each container is plastic and has a lid with an easy-release snap closure, so the child can handle them by himself without any inconvenience. Best of all, the jars are reusable. Thus, at the end of the game time, they will be able to store the plasticine in them again to prevent them from getting lost.

On the other hand, you will be interested to know that this set of plasticines has a fairly soft and flexible body, which allows them to be molded comfortably. Plus, they’re non-toxic, and since they don’t dry out quickly, you won’t have to worry about them getting hard.

If your little ones are followers of Peppa Pig, you can surprise them with this playdough set inspired by the cute little pig.


Containers: The plasticine storage containers are reusable and have an easy-to-open pressure-sealed lid. 

Safety: Being a product free of toxic agents, the problem of generating allergies or irritation in the child is eliminated.

Colors: The set includes plasticine in pink, green, yellow, blue and red.

Plasticine: The body of the plasticine is flexible and soft enough so that the child can mold it without inconvenience.


Moulds: The number of incorporated molds could be greater, as well as their format.

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Plasticine Paw Patrol

7. Paw Patrol Paw Patrol 6026740

This Paw Patrol plasticine set is a toy with which your children will spend great moments, recreating these fun characters. A total of seven special molds are included in the package, which will allow the little ones to create various figures. They just have to knead the plasticine, open the mold, incorporate inside them and close the structure so that the shape is marked. 

Thus, when opening said last, they will be able to enjoy figures of the puppies in a 3D format. The product incorporates three pots with blue, yellow and red plasticine, as well as a bay made of food polymer and with a height – width of 38 x 25 centimeters, which the child can easily manipulate. 

Likewise, we cannot fail to mention that this modeling clay for children can be used from three years of age, it is non-toxic and it is very easy to mold due to its flexibility.

This is a Paw Patrol toy that your little ones will have hours of fun with as they can easily mold their characters out of modeling clay. These are its pros and cons.


Accessories: A plastic bay identical to the one in the series is incorporated so that children can play.

Jars: It consists of a set of three reusable plastic jars with lids and inside there is blue, yellow and red plasticine.

Molds: With its molds you can make small 3D figures, which makes them much more real.

Security: If the plasticine is ingested by mistake, you will not have to worry, since it is not toxic.


Plasticine: The texture of the plasticine could be better, because it becomes sticky and this influences its handling.

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Magnetic Plasticine

8. DmHirmg Colorful Slime Bouncing Putty Creative Thinking DIY Plasticine

This is a magnetic modeling clay aimed at children from six years of age. With it, they will be able to create fun monsters with the help of a “U”-shaped magnet and some accessories included in the purchase package, such as a pair of eyes, hands, arms and a hat. In the same way, the little ones will be able to mold animals, flowers and any other figure that comes to mind.

These plasticine sets are quite flexible, they do not dry out easily and are not sticky, so the child will be able to play with them for an unlimited time. In addition, the material does not have annoying aromas and its components are not toxic.

Regarding the packaging, you will have a small can with a pressure closure lid. In this way, when you finish playing, it is possible to store the plasticine back in the container to prevent it from drying out or getting lost.

This green magnetic plasticine, which children can easily mold to make fun monsters, has some positive and negative characteristics that we will learn about below.


Storage: The can is reusable, so you can use it to store the plasticine.

Use: Its use is recommended for children over six years of age, since it incorporates small accessories. 

Accessories: A hat, a pair of feet, arms, and eyes are added to complement the aesthetics of the molded figures.

Aroma: The plasticine does not have annoying odors, so the user experience is better compared to other similar plasticines.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual does not have a translation into Spanish. However, the use of this product is intuitive.

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Accessories for plasticine

plasticine molds

Ultnice Play Doh Kits 20pcs Smart Paste Tools

Among the plasticine accessories on the market is this set developed by the well-known Ultnice brand, made up of a total of 20 colorful, medium-sized, highly ergonomic tools. It is a series of plasticine molds made of ABS polymer. This is a material free of toxic agents and with a pleasant soft touch.

In the package you will find 12 molds with varied silhouettes, as well as eight cutting and kneading tools. Finally, the child will have five extrusion accessories. All of them have been designed with the purpose of improving the kneading and cutting experience experienced by children when molding plasticine.

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Shopping guide

Plasticine can be considered a pedagogical element with which children learn and have fun at the same time, since the moldable body allows them to develop their imagination by creating characters, animals, geometric shapes, among many other figures. The selection of this type of products is not usually complicated. However, there are some quality indicators to keep in mind when purchasing them. Therefore, you should review the following guide to buy the best plasticine.

Composition and safety

Plasticine is a product that is in direct contact with children’s skin, so it is vital that its composition is free of toxic agents. In this way, you will not have to worry about the generation of some type of irritation in the skin, the sight or the digestive system in case it is ingested by mistake. For all these reasons, it is best to make a comparison of plasticines prior to purchase. Thus, you will be able to corroborate the issue of the ingredients that make up said moldable dough and, later, evaluate if it is safe enough for your children.

With regard to the plasticine manufacturers with the best positioning in the market, we have that they use components free of chemical agents that can harm your health, such as aliphatic compounds, calcium salts, petroleum jelly and stearic acid. Likewise, it is important to confirm that they have been tested in the laboratory and certified for greater reliability of use.


The presentation of the plasticine to be purchased will surely directly influence how much the product costs, since each manufacturer usually varies the size, the design of the container, the weight and even the number of boats included in the package. The important thing is that you choose a modeling clay with a reusable container, in which the child can store the modeling clay once he has finished playing with it. Also, that it has an easy to open and close lid. Thus, you will prevent the plasticine from getting lost and you will help keep it in good condition for much longer, so that the child can continue having fun with it.

In relation to the presentations of this type of product, you can find from a single pot to a set of 36 plasticines or more. Each of them is contained in small plastic or brass bottles with a more compact format. For their part, the lids can have a screw closure or pressure adjustment.

In the case of the set that exceeds three units, the different brands usually pack them in a cardboard or plastic box with a themed exterior in which some cartoons stand out that will attract the attention of children.

type of plasticine

It is possible that at first glance all the plasticines seem the same to you, but it is not like that. There are some peculiarities attributed by the manufacturer that make them different and that you must take into consideration. First of all, the color of the dough can vary, so depending on the number of jars included in the set, such will be the variety of shades. In addition, some products are classified as intelligent plasticines, because they have been provided with cutting-edge technology, which allows them to change color depending on the level of ambient temperature to which they are exposed. 

In this sense, if the plasticine is orange, for example, being in a cold environment, once the temperature rises, it could become red. Of course, these color changes depend on each brand and, thanks to the fact that they are specified in the purchase package, you will be able to select the product according to the child’s favorite colors. On the other hand, there are also the clays that glow in the dark.


The accessories are elements attached by the manufacturer to the plasticine kit, which are intended to improve the user’s experience with the product. For this reason, when making the selection, it is important that the plasticine is not only good and cheap, since, if it does not incorporate accessories, you will have to make an extra investment by acquiring this type of element separately. 

In conclusion, what you will save with said product you will have to spend with the annexes. In this sense, it is advisable to try to adapt your budget to a more complete kit.

When reviewing the proposals of the different brands, you will find some kits provided with a series of molds with the silhouette of animals and fruits, as well as tools made of food-grade polymer with a soft touch and a colorful body. These include small rollers, cutters, extruders, among others.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the plasticine?

Whether the plasticine is going to be used by a child or by adults, it is important that, before acquiring it, you verify its components, avoiding that it has toxic particles. In addition, you will need to define what type of clay you want, since, apart from the traditional clay, there is also the intelligent type. It is a mass that can change color depending on the ambient temperature and even glow in the dark. Remember that plasticine can be used by the little ones in the house to have fun, but it is also a very helpful material when making models or crafts.

When using it, remember to keep the container so that you can store it again and prevent it from deteriorating. Also, if it is hard, you can soften the product with water and kneading vigorously. However, those who want to harden it can apply a specific sealing technique to preserve the molded part for many years.

Q2: How to make homemade playdough?

To make homemade plasticine you will need a cup of tap water, the same measure of salt with fine grains and flour. Also, two to five tablespoons of oil and a few drops of food coloring, to color the clay. Once you collect all the materials, you will have to pour them one by one into a bowl. Start with the dry ingredients and, with a palette, mix them well, then add the liquids and start mixing with enveloping movements until you get a consistent dough. In this way, the plasticine will be ready for your little ones.

Q3: How to soften the plasticine?

Softening modeling clay is easier than you think. You will only need to place the product on a plastic surface and start adding small amounts of water while kneading it vigorously. In this way, the liquid will begin to hydrate the plasticine by penetrating it and will gradually soften.

Q4: How to remove plasticine from clothes?

To remove plasticine from clothes you can put into practice a couple of quite effective and simple tricks. The first of them is to place a piece of microporous adhesive tape on the affected area, press it with the palm of your hand so that it adheres to the plasticine and pull it. You will see how the plasticine begins to peel off. Remember that you must repeat this procedure several times until the plasticine is completely eliminated.

Another technique is to carefully scrape the plasticine with the help of a knife with a plastic body. Then, you will need to apply some solvent for the grease, which you already have at home, rub a little and wash with plenty of water.

Q5: What is the plasticine that dries made of?

Drying clay is made from particular ingredients whose formula has not been fully disclosed by the major brand manufacturer. However, it is known that it is composed of an aroma that has musk and vanilla. Also, the modeling clay contains flour, salt and is designed to be non-toxic. Also, it is warned that the mixture may contain gluten, so children with allergies to this ingredient should be more careful when handling the plasticine.

Q6: How to make easy plasticine figures for children?

If you want to surprise the little ones in the house with easy-to-make plasticine figures, you will need to check some specialized sites on the web, where they will explain step by step how to mold the plasticine. Similarly, you can use some molds to outline geometric figures, animals and a wide variety of silhouettes. Also, with the help of your imagination you can add some elements to the clay to give it a 3D finish.

Q7: How to harden plasticine?

Once you finish molding the desired figure, you will probably want to harden the plasticine to prevent it from deteriorating, so you should know that there are several fairly simple methods to apply. You can put the piece of plasticine in the oven for a period of no more than 30 minutes, since it can crack. Then let it rest to dry and harden.

Another method is to wrap the figure in waxed paper and leave it in the open air for a day. Thus, the plasticine will dry naturally losing its characteristic moisture.

On the other hand, if you want to give your clay figurine a much more durable and professional finish, you will need to use sealant-type products. Start by applying a layer of white rubber, then varnish the piece with liquid cold silicone and apply white glue again, but this time two layers. Follow up by spraying the frame with a professional spray varnish. Go over the body of the figure once more with translucent acrylic and finish with another layer of varnish. Always keep in mind that between each application of the products you must let them dry in the open air.

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