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Poker Chips – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are a lover of card games, such as poker or similar, and enjoy the thrill of gambling, whether as a beginner or a professional, you may need some poker chips to make the games more entertaining and real. When buying one, it is recommended to make a comparison between the options. There are two models that lead the preferences of users. The first is Rparty Texas Hold’em, which has a very elegant metal box, incorporates 200 game chips made of highly resistant materials and two boxes of 54 cards each. In addition, it includes all the necessary accessories to create your own casino at home. The next model is the Maxstore Ultimate Black Edition, a complete poker game that has everything from chips, to plastic cards and decks, all included in a comfortable black case.

Buying Guide – What are the best poker chips on the market?

If you are a fan of poker and you enjoy tournaments, games for fun or professionally with your friends, the best thing to do is to have a set of chips. In the following text, we present a guide to buying the best poker chips, in which we explain these qualities that you should look for to make an efficient purchase.


There are different materials manufacturers use to make poker chips, the most common being ceramic and lightweight plastic. So if you are wondering how much some poker chips cost, you should know that this value is usually determined by the material from which they are made.

The cheapest chips are usually the light plastic ones and are used for entertainment games or as chips for different leisure games. On the downside, these models do not have the luxurious look of professional parts and are not suitable for mountain stacking.

On the other hand, those made of composite material are a little more expensive and heavier, which allows them to be stacked more easily, since they are made of resin and have a metal center, which gives them the weight of a professional card.

Finally, there are ceramic tiles also made of a mixture of materials such as sand, earth or clay. These are the most expensive and the ones with the best texture. They are the ones used in casinos and are easily stacked.


According to the materials with which they are made, poker chips have specific weights that make them easier to handle, have better acoustics when hitting the table or other chips, and mold properly to the hands and fingers. It is important that the chips are good and cheap, but also that they have a suitable weight that is close to that of professional models.

Although there is no official standard weight, the chips are usually around 11-12 grams or more. Likewise, those made of composite materials have a weight between 8 and 13 grams, but if they have a metallic center, their weight can be even greater. Meanwhile, the light plastic ones are the lightest and simplest, weighing between 2 and 5 grams.


To choose a model you must consider the number of pieces that are available in the package. When making a comparison of poker chips, you must analyze the price and the amount of chips that the manufacturer offers you for a certain value.

A larger number of chips gives you more game modes, the possibility of including a greater number of players and also gives you a wide margin in case some are lost.

In the market you can get presentations of large quantities, which can bring about a thousand chips. Other models include 500, 200, or 100-chip packs, which are generally recommended for individual use. That is, each player should have at least a pack of 100 chips to make the tournament more interactive.


Part of the dynamics of poker lies in the chips and the colors they have, since according to this characteristic they can be assigned a value, which is supposed to be later exchanged for real money.

Simple, lightweight plastic tokens tend to be red, white, and blue, so they are small in size. Those made of composite materials have printed designs and can be of varied colors, knowing that the more colors, the greater its value.

On the other hand, the ceramic ones have paper or plastic engravings that are integrated through a compression process. These usually have the printed value and other designs, which are usually pints or suits (heart, spade, diamond and club).

The variety of colors will give you the possibility to expand the modes and options of the game, to make it more entertaining and real, since you will be able to assign a value according to the color. For example, greens could be worth 1, yellow 5, black 10, and blue 15. However, there is a standard table that assigns a specific value to each color, starting with white being 1 and ending with brown being 1. It’s worth 5,000.

Accessories and complements

There are various models and presentations of poker chips on the market. Some comprise only the set of chips, while other models are made up of the chips and other accessories. The latter includes a sturdy silver or black case with a fabric-covered interior, which allows for chip storage and portability.

Some models even incorporate decks of cards, dice, croupier chips and other accessories. The idea of ​​these sets is to provide complete accessories for poker games or other games of chance, as it would be a kind of portable casino in which all the pieces will be organized in a box with locks and handles.  

The 5 Best Poker Chips – Opinions 2022

If you want to buy some poker chips, you need to know that there are different brands. However, there are five models of poker chips that are frequently recommended by users. Therefore, we present the broken down characteristics of each of them.

1. Rparty Poker Set Metal Box 200 Poker Chips

For those people who want to learn to play poker and want to have a complete set at home, it is advisable to choose among the best poker chips of 2022, so the Texas Hold ́em Poker Set model from the manufacturer Rparty could be suitable for you.

This game set is made up of a metal box that includes all the basic pieces to set up a casino, two sets of cards, a croupier button and a game mat. It has 200 professional looking chips, made of good quality plastic and are numbered with a reference value.

The weight of each of the chips that make up this game set is 4 grams and their sensation in the fingers is comfortable and pleasant, so they are an almost professional option to learn to play. In addition, the chips have five different colors, 40 white, 40 red, 40 blue, 40 green and 40 black.

We recommend you take a look at this game set, which could be considered by many as the best poker chips of the moment. Here are its main features.


Box: This product comes in a practical metal box made of aluminum, which allows you to keep the poker set organized, facilitating its transfer. In addition, it has dimensions of 24.5 x 12 x 11.5 centimeters.

Quantity: The set in total includes 200 poker chips divided into 40 pieces of 5 different colors, 2 sets of decks, big blind button, dealer button, small blind button and Spielmatte. 

Tokens: The game tokens have been manufactured with a plastic material that provides great rigidity and resistance, offering an adequate and comfortable diameter for handling with the fingers.


Cards: The material of the cards could be much more resistant and waterproof, but it fulfills its function efficiently.

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2. Maxstore Ultimate Black Edition Poker Game

If you want to feel like a poker professional and have a complete and quality team, the best thing is that you can choose between the best poker chips of 2022, because under this premise the Ultimate Black Edition model from the manufacturer Maxstore may be the right one for you. you.

This is a model that is made up of a briefcase that contains all the basic pieces of a casino, two sets of plastic cards, dice and a croupier button. It stands out for incorporating 300 professional-looking cards with holograms that reflect light, depending on the angle.

Each of these chips has a weight of 12 grams and is equipped with a metal core that provides weight and a good feeling to the touch, just like in professional games. The pieces have five colors for value scales, 100 gray, 50 red, 50 blue, 25 green, 25 black, 25 purple and 25 yellow.

To choose which poker chips to buy, we advise you to take into account all possible important characteristics so that you do not waste your money:


Set: Maxstore offers you a set that includes 300 chips of different colors to easily identify their value. In addition, you will also find two packs of cards.

Materials: The chips are made with a metal core that adds weight so you can handle them comfortably and the cards are made of plastic, being more resistant and pleasant to the touch.

Briefcase: The purchase has a briefcase where you can organize all your implements to play and even take them to your friends’ houses to vary the environment.

Dice: As if that weren’t enough, this set also has five red dice in case you want to enjoy variations of classic poker.


Numbering: Apparently one of the flaws with the tiles is that the numbers are a bit small and this could confuse those who are not familiar with color value.

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3. Homcom Professional Poker Game Case

If you still don’t know which are the best poker chips, you may want to review the characteristics of these parts from the manufacturer Homcom. This model is presented with 500 chips with an elegant design, in five colors to give them different value: green, blue, black, white and red.

Each of the pieces has white details and dimensions of 4 cm, with a weight to the touch suitable for professional games.

In addition, it is a portable casino that, in addition to the chips, includes a waterproof and scratch-resistant aluminum case, with a thick lined interior in which all the pieces can be transported and organized, so that they do not get damaged.

This pack has a security lock and handles that facilitate portability. Also, it has five acrylic dice, two decks of cards and a croupier chip. In total, it weighs less than seven kilos.

Homcom could have everything you are looking for when it comes to the best brand of poker chips on the market and this option is a good example of why:


Design: This option has a professional looking design so you can complement your poker table with an attractive and good quality set.

Chips: There are a total of 500 chips, where you will find two cylinders for each color, offering an equivalent number of chips of equal value.

Briefcase: The briefcase has a foam rubber on its base and lid to protect the content and keep it looking new for longer as well as tidy.


Cards: Although it includes a set of cards, buyers are not satisfied with their finishes and consider them to be of poor quality.

Numbers: There are no numbers printed on the chips either, so you will have to assign the value yourself when playing.

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4. Bicycle Playing Cards Heracli Fournier Premium Tournament Poker Chips

This Bicycle model is one of those recommended by users as being of the highest quality for playing poker, because the chips have a good weight. They are suitable chips for tournaments or entertainment, since each one has a weight of eight grams, similar to that of the pieces used for professional poker.

They are made of clay, which gives them solidity and balance, they even sound when in contact with the table. The package is made up of 100 chips in four colours: blue, red, black and green, so that each color has a certain value. In addition, it has a tray in which you can place the units to maintain organization.

Likewise, each one has a two-color design, with white details with the brand name and finishes with the pints of clover, heart, spade and diamond. These are pieces recommended for the modality of Texas Hold-em Poker.

Poker chips are a very practical additive to complement the famous card game and the Bicycle brand has a good option for you:


Dimensions: This alternative is small, its box barely has dimensions of 21 x 8 x 5.5 centimeters, so you can easily move it wherever you want.

Colors: You will find a total of four colors divided equally among the number of chips, this being useful to keep accounts more clearly.

Finishes: The chips have good manufacturing finishes and each one has the brand logo printed on it.


Quantity: One detail to consider is that, being a small set, it only contains 100 poker chips.

Numbers: You will also not find the numbers that give value to the chips when playing, so you will have to determine it for yourself.

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5. Set 100 Ceramic Rated Poker Chips

For those who are looking for the best value for money poker chips, this could be the right model, since it is the cheapest chips in our list of recommended products.

The Italian manufacturer Game presents these simple pieces, made of high-density plastic that are resistant to bumps and dents. Although they are not made of ceramic, they have a good weight to the touch, similar to that of casino chips.

It is a model made up of 100 chips that are distributed in three colors: blue, red and white, so that the user can give value to each color and play tournaments professionally.

They are recommended for playing poker or any other type of casino game that requires the use of chips or pieces to replace money and give the impression of a real professional tournament.

If you want some units for a low price, the Game ones are the cheapest in the selection and could be the best poker chips for 10 euros:


Simple: If you don’t want to invest too much, these Game tiles are simple in terms of painting details, so they are cheap and good for beginners.

Colors: They come in three colors: white, blue and red, the basic ones to be able to play classic and short games.

Box: The box, in addition to helping you keep them stored and organized, will also allow you to take them wherever you want.


Design: However, they are quite simple in terms of paint design, which perhaps makes them look too cheap.

Quantity: This package is made up of 100 poker chips, less compared to other alternatives in this list.

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Trademark Poker 1000 11.5-gram Suited Chips

If you are a poker pro or enjoy the game, then you require the best poker chips on the market. Thus, you should consider the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer Trademark.

The brand presents these chips in an elegant silver case, made of aluminum, with a felt lining that keeps the pieces organized, protected and provides greater portability to carry them from one place to another.

It is a professional game that contains about a thousand chips, available in five colors: black, white, red, green and blue. Each of them has a weight of 11.5 grams and a circumference of 3.9 cm in diameter.

The tokens are made under high quality standards, from materials such as resin. In addition, all the pieces have been treated in detail to take care of the finishes and give a realistic impression of professional casino chips.  

Trademark offers you an option that some would consider to be the best poker chips of the moment, so if you want to complement your set of cards, we advise you to take a look at them:


Materials: Trademark brand poker chips are made of rigid plastic and have a comfortable diameter for your fingers to handle so you can place your bets comfortably.

Quantity: The set in total includes 1,000 units of poker chips, more than enough for you to set up games with your friends at home on a Saturday night.

Colors: In the 1,000 chips you will notice that there are percentages in different colors, which determine the value of the chip to maintain order when betting: white for 1, red for 5, blue for 10, green for 25 and black for 100.

Briefcase: The poker chips are delivered in a briefcase made of aluminum, which is resistant, reliable and will help you keep the chips in order. The dimensions are 7.6 x 38.1 x 49.5 centimeters.

Interior: In addition, it stands out that the interior of the briefcase has been lined with felt so that the poker chips are not damaged during transport and are not scratched by rubbing against the surface.


Price: Its main disadvantage is that it is the most expensive set of chips in this list.

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How to use some poker chips

In poker and in some other table games it is necessary to have chips to maintain better control of the bets that are made and in this guide we will show you some steps so that you can make use of your chips and get the most out of them.

know the product

After you have made the purchase of your product, it is time to open it so that you can familiarize yourself with it. There are some models that could come in packages or briefcases from 100 chips, 200, 500, 1000 or more; and, in addition, its packaging will help you keep them in order. If you wish, you can play with more numbers of people, but for that you must know that you will have to have a greater number of chips so that there are no inconveniences when distributing them or betting. Additionally, these come in various colors that will help you differentiate the amount of what each one will be worth in the game.

use your tokens

At the time of playing poker, you must distribute to each of the players a stack of chips of the same amount or, the equivalent amounts so that they can then bet as they wish. At the end of each hand, the winner takes all the chips on the table.

Some models are marked to facilitate how much each of them is worth, but others may not; that’s when you will decide what value they will have. However, the denominations established by some experienced poker players for each chip would be as follows: white 1, red 5, blue 10, green 25 and black 100. It should be noted that, in products with a greater number of colors, the values ​​will change and will be adapted by the dealer or by unanimous rules among all participants to avoid confusion when betting or collecting.

Product care

After many games the chips will get worn or dirty and to help give them a longer lifespan you should clean them from time to time. You can use a special cleaner to avoid adding strong chemicals that can fade the color or, it is also valid and healthier for the chips to use only room temperature water.

Lightly dampen a soft or microfiber cloth with water. Then, gently rub the chip in a circular motion on both sides and around the edges. Proceed to dry them with another completely dry cloth.

On the other hand, if you have acquired a special chemical to clean the chips, the procedure will be the same as that mentioned with water, but the only difference is that you must rinse them with plenty of water to avoid adhesions or that the chemical can fade their color. Afterwards, you will have to dry them and store them.

General recommendations

To prevent your chips from being lost, you can store them in an acrylic or wooden container where they cannot be scratched; or failing that, wrap them in a fabric, microfiber or chamois cloth.

Very important, avoid at all costs that children under 10 years of age handle the chips, they can scratch them, break them or, in the worst case, swallow them.

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