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poker set. Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Poker is probably the most famous gambling game in the world and many people want to learn how to play it like a pro. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have a poker set at home so you can practice and improve every day. Fortunately, there are practical and economical options on the market, such as the Maxstore 20030018 model, which consists of 300 tokens made of aluminum and plastic, as well as other accessories for your games such as cards and dice. For its part, the option of the brand Homcom ESA70-0140731 adds a stylish metal case, which allows all the pieces to be organized and can be easily transported to play elsewhere.

Buying Guide – What is the best poker set on the market?

For years, poker has been one of the main and favorite games among players, because it requires great skill to know how to combine the cards and achieve each of the winning hands during the game.

This game is not just for professionals; Every day there are more people who are interested in it and it is so exciting that there are already thousands of men and women playing online. That is why having a poker set at home is one of the wishes of many players.

There are some basic characteristics to know which is the best poker set on the market, and these are the quality of its materials, including decks and chips, as well as their weight and resistance.   

But, choosing one for our personal games at home may not be an easy task and if we are not very well informed, we can make the wrong decision about what to buy. In order to make your choice easier, we have prepared a guide for you to buy the best poker set.

Why buy a poker set?

Being able to have fun at home during our free time or vacations with our loved ones is paramount and even more so if we do it with our favorite games like poker, but before taking this game home you should study how to choose the most suitable one, since there are many for play as a couple and with up to 10 other people. This is a point that you must define before buying a set.  

When making a comparison of poker sets in the commercial world, we find some basic parameters that you must take into account before buying one to enjoy in your home or favorite places and these are:


The decks are the first point you should analyze. These are mostly made of different materials, among which laminated cardboard stands out, which are less resistant and tend to deteriorate easily, in addition to bending easily; and those that are completely plastic.

The latter are the most recommended because they are much more resistant, including to water, and are more flexible for when you have to stir or shuffle them. They do not deteriorate or break easily.

There are also different sizes: those used in casinos for this game are the traditional poker ones that have dimensions of 62 mm x 88 mm and those known as “bridge” that are 57 mm x 89 mm; The latter are less popular in gambling houses, but are sometimes used because they are easier to manipulate.


As with the playing cards, the chips are another point that you should not forget, these will determine if you have an experience as if you were in a real game house; There are different materials and types on the market, although you must take into account that their weight is standard, between 14 and 30 grams.

There are ABS or polypropylene, composite, a mixture of clay and plastic, and ceramic; all of these with similar characteristics; They all seek to make your experience as real as possible, similar to that lived in a casino. Each token has its own value and, depending on the material, its weight will vary.


Being able to take the poker set wherever you want is the best thing, and most of the models that are offered in the market offer you with the purchase of it, a comfortable briefcase or carrying case. This will not only allow you to play wherever you want, but it will also help you keep all the pieces protected so as not to lose them and will keep them out of the reach of external agents that can cause damage and deteriorate them.  

It is important that the case that your set brings is made of resistant materials in case it suffers any kind of unwanted blow or fall. This contributes to the safety of all gaming accessories.

You should also analyze if the materials of the case have the capacity to support the transport weight of each of the items in the poker set, so that you can rest assured that everything will be well stored.


Knowing how much it costs is paramount. We can find from luxurious super expensive sets to the traditional economic game, which allows you to have fun at home or with your friends.

The prices of poker games can be varied. Depending on the number of decks, chips and dice, this can change; Still, the cost could go up or down depending on the quality of the materials. The better they are, the more expensive in most cases. Also the number of players can make the figure rise, because you will require a greater number of pieces.

Currently and according to the latest review of the Amazon.es online store, we have a set that can cost between 17 euros as the cheapest and more than 100 euros.  

The 5 Best Poker Sets – Opinions 2022

Playing poker in the comfort of your home or wherever you want is a privilege that not everyone has and if you want to be one of the privileged, you must purchase a game set that you can take wherever you want. In the market you will be able to find many models, brands and types that allow you to play as a couple or even with a large group, but so that you know which are the best poker sets of 2022, we will describe here the main characteristics of 5 of them.   

1. Maxstore Ultimate Black Edition Poker Set

With this set that Maxstore has for you, you will have everything you really need to have fun playing poker with your friends or family. To begin with, all the contents come in a briefcase made of aluminum and plastic that reaches dimensions of 39.5 x 21 x 6.5 centimeters and weighs approximately 4.5 kilograms, so it is not that difficult. to transport In addition, the briefcase will allow you to keep everything organized.

When you open it you will find various things, such as about 300 colorful chips that weigh 12 g each, due to their metal core that will allow you to play like in professional games. Additionally, you will also get 5 casino dice and 108 cards that will allow you to shuffle with ease.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that the inside of the case is padded to keep all the pieces in good condition and, in addition, it closes with safety clasps that will prevent anything stored from falling.

With this set you will be ready to start beating your friends at poker, because in it you will find everything you need to play and practice.


Set: If you want to have everything to start playing poker, then you can purchase this set and enjoy, as it comes with the necessary chips, cards, 5 dice and a briefcase to organize each piece.

Quality: In addition to the fact that the briefcase is made with quality materials, the chips are also quality, since they have a metal core, like the professionals.

Briefcase: This briefcase will serve as a secure way to keep everything in its place. However, it not only stands out for that, but also for facilitating the transport of all the contents of the set.


Cards: Something that could improve is the material used in the creation of the cards, since these are made of paper and not plastic, like other options.

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2. Homcom Professional Poker Case

Poker professionals need to have a team at the same level of their skills, therefore Homcom brings a fairly complete offer. With this purchase you can get 300 chips, divided into 100 white, 50 black, 50 red, 50 green and 50 blue. In addition, the set also includes 5 dice and two decks of cards.

It is necessary to emphasize that the chips have a high quality, thus avoiding deterioration. These have a weight of about 11.5 grams, approximately, and are used for various casino games. Its measurements are 40 x 3.3 mm, so they are easy and comfortable to handle.

On the other hand, so that you have everything in one place and can transport the content wherever you want, this set comes in a case that has dimensions of 55.5 x 22 x 6.5 centimeters and weighs approximately 6.5 kilograms. This has been made of resistant material and is complemented by metal handles and closures.

Homcom is a brand that offers varied products but all of them are of quality, and this poker set is no exception.


Briefcase: This briefcase is a very good complement, as it is used to correctly store and transport each piece that the set brings. In addition, it is made of quality materials.

Set: The content of this set has everything you need to play professionally, as it comes with 300 chips of different colors and 2 decks, along with 5 poker dice.

Comfort: With this set you will be comfortable when using each piece, since its size is adequate for correct handling. In addition, the handle of the case and its metal closures will also make transport more comfortable.


Weight: This briefcase has a considerable weight that could cause some people discomfort when carrying it. Therefore, it could be said that this is a disadvantage.

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3. Piatnik 7903 Board game for 2 to 10 players

Giving you the possibility of playing with up to 10 different people if you wish, this poker game model also offers you 300 numbered chips according to its international rules; They weigh only 14 grams, so they are very similar to those of the game houses.

Its dice are of high quality and you can enjoy 5 of them, plus 2 sets of professional and plastic decks. They are durable and you can use them as many times as you want without them deteriorating.   

In addition, it comes with a briefcase-type case to store each piece of the set in its place. Thus they are stored without risks. The construction material is between plastic and metal.

Another point that you should take into account is that the total weight of the set is 5 kilograms and the dimensions of the case are 25.5 x 43.5 x 10 cm.

The possible best poker set brand is Piatnik, below we explain the characteristics of one of its most popular models.


Tokens : The set comes equipped with a set of 300 very good quality tokens, where attention to detail is appreciated as there are no printing errors.

Price : It also offers one of the best quality-price ratios that you can find online for this category of products.

Players : With this article, a variety of opponents can join the game with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 10 to multiply the fun.

Briefcase : It has a beautifully finished briefcase in which you can store your chips when they are not in use or transport them comfortably when necessary.


Materials : Although most of the materials used are of high quality, it is important to highlight that the upper part of the case is entirely made of plastic, although in the photographs it simulates metal.

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4. Professional Texas Hold’em Poker Set 206 pieces

This model could be the best poker set in relation to quality-price, thanks to the fact that it is one of the cheapest on the market, as well as being durable. This set includes a total of 206 pieces in a plastic carrying case.  

It also includes a mat to play without the risk of the cards sliding across the table and you having to waste game time picking them up from the floor or placing them in the right place.  

As for the dimensions of this product, in total with its storage box it is 24.8 x 86 x 21.6 cm, while the weight of the product is 1.7 kilograms, that is, it is quite light. It is intended to be used by children over the age of 3 and by adults.

Another interesting poker set for all those online users looking for quality and a good price is the Texas hold’em model.


Chips : The product includes a set of 200 professional quality poker chips.

Briefcase : The entire game set is included in a practical metal briefcase that stands out for the elegance of its finishes. You can use it as a storage box or transport box.

Accessories : Includes accessories that allow you to optimize the gaming experience such as a chip distributor button.

Instructions : Also included in the product is a set of complete game instructions that comes in handy for beginners in the world of poker.


Mat : The article includes a playing mat, the complaint about it is that it is not a poker mat but rather a blackjack one.

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5. Modiano Aluminum Token Case 300 Tokens

This product from the Italian brand Modiano offers 300 chips of 14 grams each. In addition, they come in 10 different colors, pink, blue, yellow, red, among others. Even each chip has its stamped value, for example, the yellow chip is 50 and the blue one is 200.

In addition to this, we mention that this product comes with 2 decks, whose cards are made of plastic, so they withstand accidental spills of water, as well as the humidity of the hands. These characteristics make them more resistant than cardboard. Also, it is important to note that these decks are special for Texas Hold’em Poker, so that lovers of this game will enjoy them a lot.

On the other hand, the package includes 5 dice, so you can play poker with them. Also, in the briefcase comes the dealer card, with which you can identify the person who deals the cards and guides the game.

Playing with this poker set is like being in a real casino, so many people on the Internet are satisfied with their purchase. Below, we explain some of its most important qualities.


Colors: The chips come in 10 different shades, which makes the difference compared to other poker sets available on the Internet, this being one of the most colorful on the market.

Cards: Bring 2 decks of Texas Hold’em Poker, so you can play with your friends and enjoy the classic combinations royal flush, full house, two pair, among others.

Case: The package includes a high-quality transport case with a very elegant blue design, so that you can store the chips and transport them with greater comfort.


Blinds: Missing the small blind and big blind chips, which are useful in Texas Hold’em Poker.

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How to use a poker set

Games of chance and board games are very popular in meetings with family or friends, since they allow you to spend a pleasant moment with your loved ones, using intelligence and strategy in the game. If this is your first time playing poker, it is recommended that you follow the steps below to properly enjoy the pieces that make the game possible.

Verify that all the cards are complete

The kits to play poker are very delicate when it comes to transporting them; Therefore, make sure that when your order arrives, this set is complete with all the necessary chips to play properly. If you notice any inconsistencies in the packaging, contact the supplier or seller and request a new game kit.

Get together with friends or family to play

The purpose of poker is to have a good time with family or friends in search of passive fun, where you must use your mind and strategy to win the game. Poker is ideal for sharing among more people and experiencing the excitement of betting healthily.

Decide what game you are going to play

Poker has many game variants, so before starting the game, agree with the other players about what kind of poker they will play, it is even advisable to clarify the rules at the beginning to avoid arguments or disagreements during the game.

Bet before cards are dealt

The right time to start the battle of the game begins before the deal, so you have the opportunity to bet an ante if you think your hand of cards will be better than the dealer’s.

Deal the cards

After you have decided which bets to place, it is time to deal the cards. One player will be the one designated to shuffle and deal the cards to the other players, without being able to see the figures of the cards.

Use the tokens as money

Physical money is not directly used in poker. The bets are made through chips of different colors that symbolize different monetary values. These will represent your money during the game.

Save all the pieces in the set at the end of the game

Once the game has ended and one player has been the winner, proceed to store each of the pieces in the corresponding suitcase. This will prevent tokens and other accessories from getting dirty or damaged during the meeting; In addition, this will extend the useful life of the kit.

Frequently clean the parts and the case

It is recommended that every month or two weeks you clean the accumulated dust in the case, since excess dirt will weaken the manufacturing materials of the pieces, reducing their quality when playing. The higher the frequency of use, the more often you should clean your kit.

Store the set in a cool place

Choose to keep the briefcase in high and cool places, preventing other objects from accumulating on top of it, because they can damage its surface.

The most popular brands

Poker has become one of the most popular table games around the world, so people want to have their own set to play with friends and family at gatherings. Therefore, it is important that you know the best poker set manufacturers on the market, such as Piatnik, Chip and Games and Claysmith Gaming.

When it comes to gambling and board games, Piatnik is considered the best brand in the market for manufacturing and designing family games. Right in the middle of Europe, in Vienna, is the central factory of the brand, which has been designing games since 1824 and was founded by Ferdinand Piatnik. Since then, the company has done nothing but achieve success over the years. Piatnik’s descendants have run the company for more than a century, being a family brand with an important tradition.

The portfolio presented by Piatnik includes a variety of games for all ages, such as board games, puzzles, chess games, card games, cards and poker cards. Their poker sets can include up to 300 pieces, depending on the model you want. They are designed so that both professionals and beginners can participate in the game.

Piatnik is considered a leader in the distribution of card games, as its products are available in more than 72 countries around the world. It has subsidiaries in Germany, the Czech Republic, the United States and Hungary.

It is a recognized brand in the poker industry, thanks to its excellent quality in chips and other pieces. It works mainly through internet sales, since in this way its products have a greater international reach by sending them to different countries.

Chip and Games stands out among the other brands, since it has a special service for its clients by customizing the chips and other pieces of poker with exclusive designs of companies or initials of names. In addition, it also offers poker tables, cases, covers, plastic chips and a wide variety of plastic cards.

The quality of its products is due to the cutting-edge technology used to manufacture them. Likewise, its classification system and color emission make it very renowned among casinos and table game rooms. It has spread all over the world, thanks to the recommendations and reviews that make it be projected as a safe brand to invest money.

Jeffrey Smith is the creator of this popular brand that started its work in 2003, due to the great success of the game, when a novice who was just beginning to play poker won the world tournament, impressing the professionals and encouraging the people to have a fun and friendly time playing it. Smith took the opportunity to launch a variety of poker sets of different sizes depending on the tastes of the users.

Little by little, Claysmith Gaming was gaining popularity in the United States, thanks to its innovation in poker pieces, which are characterized by being resistant and of good quality with bright colors.

The brand represents the forefront of board games, as it creates various models for children and adults. Its poker sets are equipped with more than 300 chips of different colors, depending on the amounts of money that are made in the bets. They have exclusive card games and a special mat that covers the pieces from moisture, preventing them from getting dirty and preserving their usefulness.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available


Main advantage:

The set has a total of 300 chips of different denominations with a weight of about 14 grams each and a very pleasant touch, which makes the game process easier and more pleasant.

Main disadvantage:

Aunque se indica que la baraja incluida está plastificada, algunos usuarios comentan que la calidad de la misma no es todo lo buena que debería ser, aunque siempre es fácil de reemplazar por otra baraja.

Veredicto: 9.7/10

El set de póker Copag es un juego completo, con 300 fichas de diferentes denominaciones así como con los complementos habituales de estos productos, donde encontramos el estuche, la baraja o la ficha del botón, entre otros elementos.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Características de las fichas

Sin duda, las fichas son el elemento más importante en los productos presentes en cualquier comparativa de sets de póker. En este caso el modelo Copag ofrece una propuesta muy completa, con 300 fichas en total, de diferentes diseños y denominaciones, que hacen fácil desarrollar el juego en prácticamente todo tipo de niveles de ciegas con los que quieras jugar.

Estas fichas cuentan con un peso de 14 gramos cada una, con un diseño cerámico y de calidad de casino que soportan de forma adecuada el uso y el habitual manoseo del producto. Todo ello sin perder la impresión, como ocurre con otros modelos del mercado que podamos encontrar.

Complementos incluidos

Puesto que para jugar al póker necesitamos algo más que fichas, este set también incluye algunos complementos interesantes como la baraja o la ficha del botón. Esta ficha, por ejemplo, cuenta con una fabricación en metal con un peso considerable, que hace más sencillo deslizarlo por la mesa y que no se mueva en el fragor de la partida.

Respecto de la baraja incluida en el producto, esta cuenta con el diseño tradicional de 4 palos, con un buen tamaño para manejarlas con comodidad. Unas cartas fabricadas en material plastificado, lo que hace más sencillo manejarlas y que no se deterioren. Para finalizar, se incluyen unas instrucciones sobre el conocido Texas Hold’em, con las que conocer el juego, si es que no lo conoces ya, claro.

Maletín  de transporte

Para que lleves todas las fichas de manera adecuada, este producto se completa con un maletín de transporte con unas medidas de 40 centímetros de ancho por 20 centímetros de fondo aproximadamente. Una caja fabricada en madera con bisagras de aluminio, que facilita el proceso de apertura y cierre de la misma.

En cuanto al interior, el mismo cuenta con un tapizado en color negro que ayuda a mantener las fichas en buen estado. En total, cuenta con seis railes diferentes para colocar las fichas, disponiendo también del espacio tanto para la baraja como para el botón del repartidor, de modo que cada elemento tiene su espacio.

Fitfiu Poker 300 fichas

Para jugar con varias personas, este set de póker profesional trae 300 fichas de tipo “Laser chips”,  que pesan tan sólo 11,5 gramos, son muy cómodas al tacto y fáciles de manipular. Son las que se usan oficialmente en los casinos.

Cuenta con 2 juegos de barajas de plástico altamente resistente, incluso al agua; si se mojan no tendrás  de qué preocuparte. Además, podrás limpiarlas cada vez que las uses o con la frecuencia que desees sin que se deterioren.

Sus dados son también muy resistentes al uso, son fabricados en metacrilato y obtendrás con este set de póker 5 de ellos para jugar cuantas veces quieras.    

El maletín de este set es súper seguro, ya que necesitarás una llave especial que viene incluida, para poder abrir y disfrutar del juego, por eso nadie lo usará al menos sin tener tu autorización.

Si no estás seguro sobre qué set de póker comprar, recomendamos observar con atención las buenas cualidades que el modelo Fitfiu tiene para ofrecernos.


Maletín: Nos encontramos con un maletín de elegante diseño que sirve tanto para almacenar las piezas cuando no están en uso como para transportarlas de un lugar a otro cuando decidas jugar fuera de casa.

Fichas: Es un set con 300 fichas de póker de calidad profesional y láser chip, el peso es de 11,5 gramos por ficha, característica que denota calidad.

Barajas: Se incluye además dos sets de barajas de plástico resistentes a la humedad.

Diseño: El diseño del artículo destaca por la elegancia, la durabilidad y la atención puesta en los detalles de cada una de sus partes.


Calidad: Aunque todas las piezas tienen una gran calidad, algunas de las opiniones encontradas afirman que el maletín no está a la altura del resto.

Skyfall Compact

Este set de juego de póker es realmente compacto y está diseñado especialmente para ser utilizado por mayores de edad y jugar entre dos personas.

Trae 150 fichas de póker con el tamaño de las profesionales y un peso bastante bajo para manipularlas con rapidez. Es importante que tomes en cuenta que este producto no contiene barajas especiales para poder empezar la partida, por lo que tendrás que adquirir unas previamente si no tienes ya unas en casa que se ajusten al juego.

El peso de este estuche es realmente cómodo para llevar a donde desees: es de apenas 2,2 kilogramos, por lo tanto, no requerirás de esfuerzo para poder moverlo de un lado a otro. Sus dimensiones totales en centímetros  son de 22 por 13 y 9,5.

El posible mejor set de póker por 30 euros o menos que vas a encontrar en internet es el modelo Skyfall Compact, a continuación explicamos en detalle las propiedades del artículo.


Temático: Uno de los puntos fuertes del artículo es su diseño temático en base a la película Skyfall del agente 007, donde las tarjetas y virutas que integra el artículo son idénticas a la película.

Fichas: El set contiene un juego de 150 fichas de póker para jugar.

Jugadores: Con esta cantidad de fichas podrán jugar de 2 a 3 personas sin problema.

Estuche: Las fichas vienen presentadas en un sencillo estuche de tela, el cual cuenta con bandas de seguridad que permiten acomodar las fichas correctamente en su lugar para evitar que se pierdan.


Compacto: Se debe tener en cuenta que se trata de una versión compacta con menos fichas, utilidades y accesorios que otros elementos analizados en la presente comparativa.


Cuenta con 300 fichas y un paquete de barajas plásticas para que puedas jugar cuando desees con alguien más o hasta 4 personas. Sus materiales de elaboración son de alta calidad y res

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