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Poker Table – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the best ways to spend a pleasant time and share in the company of family and friends is practicing common hobbies, such as card games, which are one of the favorites among adults. In this sense, the poker tables give you the opportunity to play like professionals in the comfort of your home. The current market offers endless options, for this reason, we will take care of showing you only the most outstanding models. First up is the VidaXL VX80211, a foldable board with an MDF surface, coated in polyester. This table is designed for 8 players, so its format is octagonal. In addition, it includes armrests and cup holders to increase the comfort of the players, not to mention that it is easily stored after the game. On the other hand, theFestNight 8 Players  is a high-end folding table with reinforced edges.

Buying Guide – What is the best poker table on the market?

Enjoying a good poker game depends not only on the skill of its players, but also on their distribution at the gaming table. In this sense, it is important to choose a good quality table that offers comfort to each player during the game. To make your search easier, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best poker table, where you can learn about its main characteristics to acquire the product that suits your needs.


When comparing poker tables it is important to take their shape into account. To begin with, the oval table tends to be quite popular among fans of this game, due to its resemblance to those used in casino halls, since even in its distribution it provides a space for the dealer. In this sense, it is one of the favorites by professional players.

Then there are the round or circular tables. They are other types of tables popular among fans, in this case, because they have smaller dimensions, it means that they are easy to place within any space in the home.

There are also octagonal format tables, which share similar characteristics with round tables, but due to their particular shape they benefit you more as a player, since you can enjoy a greater degree of privacy during the game, through the individualization of the spaces.

Another aspect that must be taken into account is the type of legs that the table has. First of all, the traditional fixed legs should be mentioned, which are generally used in large or heavier tables, to give strength to the structure.

However, you can also find tables with folding legs. These types of legs are usually used in small tables or in those that, because they are for informal or non-professional use, can be disassembled to store them comfortably without taking up much space.


As for the dimensions of this type of table, you should know that they depend on the shape they have. In the case of oval tables, their measurements are usually around 2 m long by 1 m wide, so their playing space is quite large to develop a good game.

The round tables, as well as the octagonal ones, have much more discreet measurements, which are generally between 1.2 m long and 1.2 m wide. In this sense, they are the most suitable for small game rooms or to play in a corner of your home.

The height of its legs can vary slightly from one table to another, so it is very likely that you will find some tables with legs of 70, 75 and even 78 cm high, so it is advisable to take this detail into account when buying the chairs..

The weight is an aspect that varies greatly, depending on the type of table that is purchased. In this sense, the professional tables with fixed legs tend to weigh much more, since they do not move frequently, while the folding ones are lighter to facilitate their use and storage. The weight can be between 20 and 70 kg approximately.


If you want to know how much a poker table costs, you should take into account the materials used to make the tablecloth, such as microfiber and felt, which are some of the most common, since they provide softness, resistance and allow the cards and chips slide more easily during the game.

We all know that this is a game that is usually accompanied by drinking. For this reason, some mats offer waterproof materials, which provide resistance to splashes, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the table top if spills happen during play. On the other hand, some models include sublimations with the distribution of cards and bets, to provide a better gaming experience.


A good and cheap poker table also depends on its accessories. Among the most common of this type of table you can find the armrests, which in addition to providing greater comfort to the participants during long days of play, also offer resistance and a more professional appearance.

Another interesting aspect is the coasters, since they allow you to organize the game in a more appropriate way, avoiding interfering with the distribution of cards and tokens.

The 5 Best Poker Tables – Opinions 2022

Enjoying a good game of poker can be within your reach, especially if you already have a clear idea of ​​the characteristics of the table you are looking for. For this reason, we have compiled detailed information on some of the best poker tables of 2022, in order for you to know the most outstanding models and make it easier to select the one that best suits your style.

1. vidaXL Folding Poker Table 8 Players Octagonal Green

For those looking for fun and practicality, the VidaXL table has interesting features that deserve further analysis. 

First of all, we are talking about a folding design in a light and compact poker table, which makes it easy to store and transport to take your private casino to various rooms in the house. In this sense, its dimensions are 121 x 121 x 76 cm and its weight is 36 kg.

Secondly, the octagonal design of the board stands out, allowing up to 8 players per game. Additionally, the surface is covered in green polyester to improve the slide of the cards and thus offer a better user experience.

Next, we notice the padded synthetic leather edges so that players can rest their arms comfortably and release the tension of the game. In addition, each participant will have their cup holder within reach to enjoy a drink while playing. 

For all these qualities, added to the cost of the product, some users consider this the best value for money poker table at the moment. So, we invite you to read the pros and cons that we distinguish in its characteristics. 


Capacity: Up to 8 players can participate in this table, due to the octagonal format of the board.

Design: Intended for easy storage and transportation, this table is foldable. 

Stability: The steel legs provide good stability so the tabletop stands firm during plays.

Finishes: We see a good quality finish on the dash lining with polyester, as well as the synthetic leather trim for a sleek look. 


Screws: The length of the screws can visually disturb the appearance of the table, since they are noticeable in various parts. To solve it, some users placed some washers.

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2. FestNight Folding Tabletop Poker Game

When looking for the best value for money poker table or one that is among the cheapest, this model appears characterized by having a resistant structure made of MDF and polyester for its surface, achieving a better sliding of the pieces that are placed on it..

Likewise, we must mention that it is a folding structure, so that it can be stored when not in use, saving space. Likewise, it is possible to take it with you to use it in outdoor activities.

This model has been manufactured with the incorporation of eight players in mind, this explains its octagonal design. On the other hand, the manufacturer has been concerned about the comfort of the users who use it, which is why they have provided it with padded edges to better rest the arms. Another positive detail is that it incorporates eight cup holders on the surface, so that each player can liven up their game with a drink.

In addition to a table being one of the cheapest, it is important that it meets certain quality characteristics. Therefore, we will review the pros and cons of this model to determine if it complies with it.


Folding: This model is foldable, which means that it can decrease in size when not in use, also allowing it to be easily transported.

Capacity: It is a model with capacity for up to a total of eight players, hence it has an octagonal structure.

Cup holders: The table also includes eight cup holders, so that the person can place a drink in them while the game is taking place.

Padded: To provide a higher level of comfort to users, a padded frame has been added, so that each person can rest their arms during the gaming session.


Accessories: Does not include accessories or game pieces, so they must be purchased separately.

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3. F.lli Del Fabbro Classic Folding Game Table

Among the cheapest poker tables we find this classic model from F.lli Del Fabbro, made of solid beech wood to offer a robust and elegant design.

This table is designed for four players, so it retains a square format of 80 cm and a height of 74.5 cm. In addition, its folding legs greatly favor its storage in small spaces. 

As for the surface, the table has a green wool coating that can be easily replaced if it were to deteriorate. This surface improves the slide of the cards to play like a professional.

Although it is a simple table, users affirm that it is elegant and functional, because when card games are not played, a tablecloth is simply placed on it and it becomes an additional table. On the other hand, you have the possibility of buying the matching chairs to have the complete and combined set. 

This product can be well used in any home, care centers for the elderly or even in hotels, where guests have a space to share and play poker. Therefore, before deciding on this table, you can take a look at the positive and negative aspects that we find in its qualities.


Appearance: The table has a simple format, but the coating finish and the walnut color of the wood give it greater visual appeal.

Solidity: The solid beech wood construction provides a robust and resistant table, suitable for different table games, in addition to poker. 

Storage: Being foldable, the table can be stored comfortably without taking up much space.


Comfort: The cup holders for the players are missing, as a complement that provides comfort during the game.

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4. vidaXL Folding Poker Table 9 Players Oval

Among the best poker tables of 2022, this model manufactured by VidaXL stands out, which has the capacity to accommodate up to 9 players, for which it has an oval-shaped structure, providing the space required to carry out a good game session, with dimensions of 206 x 106 x 76 cm.

On the other hand, we must mention its resistant structure, which is made up of steel legs, with an artificial leather upholstery on the frames, a polyester and MDF surface for the tabletop, thus offering adequate support, as well as good durability.

It is a model that is easy to assemble and disassemble, since it is also foldable, managing to be stored to reduce space, as well as taking it to other places, if required. Similarly, a total of 9 cup holders are incorporated into the structure, so that each player can place their drink during the game.

This model has features that have been attractive to users and that we will present to you in a summarized way below.


Capacity: This table has an oval shape with dimensions of 206 x 106 x 76 cm, with a capacity for a total of 9 seats.

Resistance: It has a good level of resistance, since materials such as steel, polyester, synthetic leather and MDF were used in its structure.

Cup holders: The board has cup holders integrated into its structure so that each player enjoys a drink during the day.

Folding: This model is of the folding type, being suitable for use in outdoor spaces, since it can be carried comfortably from one place to another and saves space.


Chips: There are users who expected the model to incorporate poker chips, but this is not the case, so they must be obtained independently.

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5. EBS Round Poker Table 8 Player Cup Holder

This is a table with a compact design and a circular shape, as well as being one of the cheapest compared to other similar ones. As for the size, its base has dimensions of 120 x 120 cm and its height is 75 cm, so you can enjoy a wide and comfortable playing surface.

Likewise, it is totally suitable for domestic use among friends and family, since it has foldable metal legs that facilitate its storage. In addition, it has a weight of only 21 kg, to offer you greater ease of transfer.

On the other hand, it includes accessories that allow maximum enjoyment of the shared time, such as stainless steel cup holders to place drinks or meals. Also, it has a blue mat, resistant to splashes and with a soft texture to facilitate the game.

Knowing which is the best brand of poker tables is not an easy task, because there is a lot of variety on the market. However, EBS presents this excellent table model for you to play with several friends.


Durability: The table cloth is resistant to occasional splashes, therefore offering greater durability than other products in the same category.

Surface: The playing surface is blue, in addition, it has black armrests and 8 silver cup holders to place drinks.

Storage: The legs are foldable, so it will not take up much space when storing it.

Elegance: It has a quite elegant circular design that makes it combine with different home decorations.


Size: It measures 120cm in diameter, so it may be too small for some poker players.

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How to use a poker table

With a poker table you can have fun at home without the need to go to casinos or other entertainment centers. Therefore, if you have purchased a poker table to play at home with friends and family, in this space you will find the steps to follow so that you can use it and get the most out of it.

game location

To start this guide you need to have a space available so you can play at home. It should be noted that this place has to be suitable for the dimensions of the product you have purchased. Therefore, if it is large, you must have enough availability in that area, both for the product and for the players.

set the table

There are some models of poker tables that are already folded or assembled, ready for you to start playing. However, you can also find them unarmed; that with a few adjustments you will already be enjoying your product in a few minutes. Whatever type of table you have chosen, its use in the end will be the same.

If the product you have purchased is disassembled, it is recommended that you first assemble the table with the instructions that come in the purchase package.

On the other hand, if your table is already assembled, it is time for you to open it. It is recommended that you have the help of another person to avoid placing it upside down or half side to avoid scratching the surface. While one person holds the table, the other will be in charge of opening the legs; and carefully so as not to damage the clamping mechanism. Unfold each of the legs until both are extended, take the table by one of the ends and place it in the position you have decided on.

First use of the table

Once the previous step has been completed, it is time for you to start using it. Organize the player’s chairs, tokens and the decks of cards that are going to be used to play; Also, you should vacuum the surface of the mat to remove debris that could affect the glide of the cards and remove dust from the edges of the table with a microfiber cloth.

General recommendations

Constant maintenance of the table after each poker game is recommended, this will keep your product in good condition and you will be able to extend its useful life. To clean the mat you can use a lint brush or adhesive tape, so you can remove hair, lint, ashes and other elements that may be on the surface of the mat.

Liquids can cause stains on the table, resulting in cards not sliding and having to hire experts to clean this material or replace the table. Therefore, if any liquid is spilled, clean the area immediately with a towel dampened with cold water, as heat can shrink the material. Also, you can use some specialized products to clean carpets, as long as it is compatible with the table mat.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Poker Productos 10 Jugadores

Esta mesa de poker es apropiada para uso doméstico y profesional, gracias a su forma ovalada, que puede reunir hasta 10 jugadores cómodamente. Además, tiene un tapete de color verde, que le da un aspecto elegante y facilita el movimiento de las cartas y fichas durante el juego.

En cuanto a sus dimensiones, este modelo mide 213 x 106 cm con un peso de 49 kg, proporcionando un espacio bastante conveniente para realizar las jugadas. Tiene unas patas de aluminio reforzado de 78 cm de alto y son totalmente plegables para facilitar su almacenamiento, además, ocupan poco espacio.

Por otro lado, si todavía te preguntas cuál es la mejor mesa de poker, este modelo podría ser la respuesta, ya que te ofrece un borde reforzado recubierto en cuero sintético de color negro, para apoyar los brazos de forma cómoda. Asimismo, dispone de una Chip Race de madera, que le da un toque de distinción e incorpora 10 posavasos de acero inoxidable.

Poker Productos 9 jugadores

Es un producto de tipo profesional que tiene una conveniente forma ovalada, con disposición para 9 jugadores y espacio para crupier.

Tiene un peso de 49 kg y unas dimensiones de 214 cm de largo y 106 cm de ancho, por lo que ofrece las condiciones adecuadas para que los jugadores se sientan como en un salón de casino.

Asimismo, tiene unas patas de 78 cm de alto, que están fabricadas en aluminio reforzado para ofrecer mayor resistencia. Además, son totalmente plegables, lo que la convierte en una mesa práctica, fácil de usar y de almacenar, ya que ocupa poco espacio.

Por otro lado, tiene un tapete azul de textura suave con zona de juego impresa, para un mejor control de la partida. Además, incluye bordes acolchados y reforzados, recubiertos en cuero sintético negro, que le dan un toque de distinción y elegancia a este modelo.

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