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Pool table – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

To select a pool table you will need to review the options that the market has for you, which are quite extensive. In this sense, you will find traditional billiards and others of a multifunction type with many more entertainment and fun options, with which you will surely surprise your family and guests. XTURNOS Professional, is a team that offers resistance and stability due to the high-end mats used for its construction. In addition, you can adjust its bases in height for greater comfort when playing. For its part, JT2D Convertible incorporates a sliding cover on the playing field, allowing you to use the structure as a dining room for six people before starting the game.

The best pool tables on the market

In order for you to get a pool table that really suits your needs of use, you will need to avoid rush purchases and instead carefully check the models and brands that currently lead the market. In order to help you in such an important decision, we leave you our selection of the best pool tables.

professional pool table

XTURNS Professional

XTURNOS brings to the market this time what could well be the best pool table, made of resistant, lightweight materials capable of providing a high level of stability, such as MDF wood in conjunction with a PVC laminate. 

Likewise, a series of detailed finishes in wood and aluminum stand out for the area of ​​the edges and joints. In this way, the elegant and modern style of the structure is complemented.

This is a professional pool table with a length, width, height format corresponding to 243 x 132 x 78 centimeters, while the playing field gives you a surface of 220 x 109 centimeters. 

Likewise, it is important to mention that the bases can be easily disassembled and even adjusted in size, which is also quite flattering when storing the equipment. In addition, it incorporates a pair of cues, a triangle and a set of balls.

If you are looking for the best pool table of the moment, you should review the characteristics of this XTURNOS model.


Accessories: A triangle, a set of balls and a pair of cues are included, which allows you to save money by not purchasing them separately.

Bases: The table bases are adjustable in height for greater player comfort.

Manufacturing: Its manufacture in MDF wood and high-end PVC laminate provide stability, resistance and durability.

Finishes: The aluminum and wood finishes serve as reinforcement and add a distinctive touch to the design.


Versatility: This table does not admit the fact of playing disciplines other than billiards, although for some the fact of being specialized for said game is positive.

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Professional Table 2

Although it is not as outstanding as a cheap pool table compared to other options, it has been equipped with everything you need to start playing from day one, thus adding a triangle, a set of balls and a pair of cues.

Regarding the design of the structure, you will be able to enjoy a table with a modern cut, soft touch and an adequate level of stability. In addition, its height adapts to the needs of the person because the bases are adjustable up to 13 centimeters.

For the manufacture of this professional pool table, mid-high range synthetic materials were used, as well as detailed finishes in chromed steel for the corners, PVC in the pockets and blue-toned polyester textile fabric on the surface.

Finally, we have the dimensions of the table and those of the playing field that correspond to 213.5 x 117 x 94 centimeters and 190.5 x 94 centimeters respectively, being spacious measurements that will make it easier for you to execute any move.

This pool table has nothing to envy to other more expensive models, being proof of this its manufacturing specifications, presented below.


Playing field: The playing field was upholstered with a polyester fabric that improves the movement of the balls.

Bases: The height of the bases is regulated up to 13 centimeters, according to your needs.

Manufacturing: The mid-high range manufacturing materials provide the table with stability, resistance and durability.

Accessories: You will be able to play from the first day thanks to its two studs, a set of balls and the attached triangle.


Weight: Due to its weight you will need the help of another person to move the table.

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dining room pool table

JT2D Convertible Billiards

Among the best pool tables of 2022 is this option from the JT2D house, which has a functional design with great appeal. The model incorporates a top tray of two parts, which you can slide to cover the playing field of 190 x 98.3 centimeters. Thus, you will turn the surface into a practical dining room with space for six people.

It is a dining pool table measuring 217 x 125 x 80 centimeters and weighing 113 kilograms, made of MDF wood and laminated with PVC. Both of these robust materials are able to provide sturdy support and long life without cracking. 

In addition, its metallic and varnished bases provide the necessary stability for a product of this type, while the rubber bands improve rebound. We cannot fail to mention the attached ABS triangle, 146-centimeter cleats, a set of 57.2-millimeter diameter balls and a pair of chalks.

JT2D could well be the best brand of pool tables, being proof of this this convertible model with which you will surprise your guests. Here are its pros and cons.


Accessories: A pair of cues, chalk, a triangle and a set of balls are the accessories that will improve your gaming experience.

Manufacturing: The structure in MDF wood laminated with PVC, offers strength, soft touch and durability.

Bases: Its metallic and varnished bases offer a pleasant aesthetic and great stability.

Design: You can slide an MDF cover over the playing field, turning it into a comfortable table for six people.


Instruction Manual: The instruction manual may contain more information regarding the product. In this way, you can take better advantage of and learn about your care.

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Devessport PL2258

If you want to buy a pool table, this 5-in-1 model is an option that will capture your attention. It is a table of 195 x 109 x 79 centimeters, made of MDF wood sheets and laminated with PVC for greater resistance.

The bases of this dining pool table are robust and require assembly by means of some screws. In addition, thanks to the incorporation of these removable supports, you will be able to save space when storing the structure and transporting it more comfortably.

We cannot fail to mention its five surfaces, designed so that you can play air-hockey, ping-pong, poker, billiards or simply enjoy a practical dining table.

With respect to the attached accessories you will find a puck and two mallets for air – hockey, a pair of rackets, balls and mesh for ping – pong, as well as a set of balls, triangle, cues, chalk and brush for billiards and finally a game of poker, which means a high level of versatility and savings.

The design of this 5-in-1 table has certain manufacturing specifications that you should know, so we present them to you below.


Manufacturing: Its manufacture in MDF wood and laminated in PVC offers greater support and durability.

Format: Its format of 195 x 109 x 79 centimeters is quite spacious despite not being professional measures.

Accessories: With the purchase everything necessary to start playing from the first day is attached.

Multifunction: By purchasing this product you will be taking home five games in one, thus saving space and money.


Resistance: The table is not suitable for use outdoors, since humidity could deteriorate the material.

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Convertible pool table

Oneconcept FIT4-Game-Star-15

If you want to enjoy 15 games like billiards, kicker, table shuffleboard, backgammon, kegel, checkers, chess, dominoes, table tennis and hockey. Likewise, marbles, ring shooting, horseshoes, cards, tic tac, toe and magnetic darts in the same structure, this model from the Oneconcept house is what you are looking for. It is the best value for money pool table and one of the cheapest on our list.

The structure in solid sheets of MDF wood has details in PVC and galvanized aluminum. Its width, height, depth format is 105 x 71 x 58 centimeters, while when attaching the kicker the dimensions increase to 125 x 85 x 97 centimeters, so it offers various options to adapt to each space. 

Also, in this convertible pool table you will have a playing field of 105 x 58 centimeters, which allows the proper execution of the different disciplines. Finally, we have the adjustment system for the bases and a storage area under the table for the interchangeable tops and accessories.

Among the cheapest options on our list, this multifunctional model stands out, with which you guarantee hours of fun. Learn about its specifications below:


Design: The table offers a multi-function design with 15 games that you can enjoy with family and friends.

Storage: You will be able to have the boards and accessories at hand, due to the storage area arranged under the table.

Adjustment: An adjustment mechanism is incorporated in the base area with which you can adjust its height, according to your needs. 

Manufacturing: Its manufacture in MDF wood, details in galvanized aluminum and PVC, offer strength and durability.


Instruction manual: The absence of a Spanish version of the manual has been missed.

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Table Seville _

This convertible pool table has managed to capture the attention of users, who praise its functional design and elegant aesthetics. High-end raw material such as Chilean pine was used for its manufacture, a material with a solid body, resistant to wear and tear over the years and capable of offering great stability. 

For its part, the surface was covered with a synthetic membrane for a better movement of the balls. Likewise, a fairly detailed turning work at the level of the bases stands out, an aspect that gives a distinctive touch to the design, complemented by the satin finishes applied to the entire structure.

It is important to mention that this table is suitable to be used as billiards or carom, attaching a set of balls for both disciplines, as well as cues, triangle, chalk and abacus-type counter. On the other hand, it incorporates a cover for the game field, which will allow you to turn it into a practical dining room.

This billiard and carom table can also be transformed into a comfortable dining room, being a quite functional piece of equipment, whose manufacturing characteristics we detail below.


Cover: A cover for the playing field is incorporated, which will allow you to convert the structure into a dining room.

Manufacturing: The structure was built in solid Chilean wood, offering resistance, stability and durability.

Accessories: A set of balls for carom and another for billiards, as well as the other accessories necessary to play, are included with the purchase.

Surface: The synthetic surface allows the balls to move with greater precision.


Color: The model is not available in other wood tones, but its finishes can help you look good and add elegance to your room.

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Convertible pool table

Graphics ma.ro srl Mattew 4 in 1

If you are wondering which is the best pool table, you can check out this design. It is a 4-in-1 transformable pool table, whose format is 179 x 87 centimeters, it has chromed corners and 10-centimeter holes. Likewise, you can adapt it to play hockey, having an area of ​​188 x 96 centimeters. Said space incorporates air outlets, pumped thanks to an electric motor activated by a knob. 

In case you want to play ping – pong, you can place the 203 x 112 centimeters blue board, as well as fix the built-in mesh by means of metal hooks. 

Likewise, you can use the equipment as a decorative table, extending the cover with dark brown wood finishes. Finally, a set of balls, cues, triangle and cleaning brush for billiards, a puck for hockey and two rackets with balls for ping-pong are attached, which means the execution of several games for prolonged entertainment.

Those who do not know which pool table to buy should review the positive and negative aspects of this functional model.


Design: It is a 4-in-1 equipment that can be converted into a pool table, hockey board, ping-pong table and can even be used as a decorative table.

Hockey: The table incorporates a motor that pumps the air to the surface for the correct movement of the puck.

Billiards: You will not have adaptability problems, since it has the necessary proportions for billiards, covering the rule of being twice as long as wide.

Accessories: In the package you will find everything you need for the development of the three disciplines.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual is not very explanatory, being necessary to review a web tutorial.

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Guide to buying pool tables

Through the following guide to buying the best pool table that we have prepared, you will be able to know the main aspects to verify so that you can select a durable, resistant, aesthetically pleasing and functional product that really suits your needs for use.

Shopping guide


The issue of manufacturing a pool table is closely related to how much said product costs, since many brands establish the purchase price based on the level of quality offered by the raw material. However, this is not a rule, since we can find low-cost equipment on the market whose quality equals that of other high-end products.

In any case, the important thing is that when selecting the game table, check that it is made of MDF wood and that it also incorporates a PVC laminate. These two materials are very popular in the industry due to their contribution of strength, durability and stability. Likewise, other models offer solid wood structures, as well as reinforcements or additional pieces in steel or galvanized aluminum for adjusting the accessories.

Remember that you cannot neglect the composition of the boards, especially the main deck, if it is a model that can be converted into a dining room. In this case, it is important that said surface has some kind of special finish, which gives the table a distinctive aesthetic touch.


The aesthetics of the pool table to acquire is perhaps one of the first aspects on which we focus our attention, since it is the image that the structure will project once we have placed it in the selected room. For this reason, it is necessary to keep an eye on some quality identifiers related to the finishes, such as the placement of some steel or aluminum reinforcements in the corners, which gives the design a distinctive touch. Likewise, the shape of the four bases, which are sometimes turned, which gives it a stylized and much more ornamental appearance. You cannot forget to check the details on the upper frame of the playing field, the edges of the holes and the upper cover, which should have precise cuts, a smooth touch and, if possible, a satin finish.


Although it is ideal that the acquired pool table be good and cheap, it is also true that it must have the appropriate format to provide us with the necessary comfort when playing. Likewise, they must be measurements compatible with the area designated for the placement of the structure, so it is important that before purchasing the product you contrast both dimensions so that you avoid future inconveniences. 

In this sense, the brands put various formats at your disposal, among which the professional ones stand out, which correspond to a width, length, and height of 1.42 x 2.84 x 0.80 meters respectively. Similarly, there are slightly larger structures and others smaller. The really important thing is that when making the selection you verify that the length of the surface corresponds to twice its width, this being a well-known rule in the world of billiards.


Carrying out a comparison of pool tables prior to their acquisition is the best possible alternative to achieve the success of the purchase, being necessary to evaluate an aspect of great importance such as the subject of the attached accessories. In this sense, if you purchased a traditional billiards model, you will have to be attentive to the incorporation of some essential elements, such as a set of balls. 

Likewise, a pair of studs weighing around 300 grams, being light enough not to tire the player’s hands, and a triangle made of rigid, robust polymer with a soft touch. In the same way, you should attach chalk to sharpen the tips of the studs and a brush with special bristles for cleaning the surface.

For their part, those who opted for a multi-game design will have to emphasize much more when it comes to accessories. Thus, the product must incorporate a series of interchangeable boards, depending on the number of games offered. 

For example, for hockey you will need a pair of ergonomically designed mallets and a puck, while for a friendly ping-pong dispute it will be essential that the manufacturer has provided the product with a mesh, some balls and two rackets. Remember that the complements will depend on the disciplines offered, so you must be attentive to execute this verification. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a homemade pool table?

To make a homemade pool table you will need a sheet of MDF, some pieces of wood, an electric saw, glue, scissors, a pair of old bicycle tires and a piece of netting. Start by cutting the board to specific measurements and place some strips on the edges, creating a kind of frame. Next, mark the area of ​​the holes and drill them, but first surround the inner edges with rubber to cushion the impact of the balls. Finish by upholstering the surface with a red or green textile and fix the net under the holes so that the balls are deposited in them.

Q2: How to clean a pool table?

To clean your pool table, the first thing you should do is take a special brush for cleaning the surface and gently slide it towards the pockets. Thus, the crumbs and dust removed will fall into them. Next, you’ll need a handheld vacuum with a slim nozzle, which allows you to easily access these pockets to remove dirt.

For areas made of wood, such as the bases and part of the structure, it is recommended to use a polishing liquid or wax, so that it restores the shine to the structure. You can also apply it to tacos. Regarding the set of balls, you will only have to rub them with a cloth moistened with warm water and then dry them.

Q3: How to disassemble a pool table?

The process to disassemble a pool table will depend on the model that we have acquired. The first thing to do is remove each of the bolts that are under the rail to easily release it as with the pockets. Then, remove the textile cover from the surface and with an electric screwdriver carefully remove the screws that hold the board in place. Proceed to disassemble the table frame area and flip the frame over to remove the bases. Thus, you can store all the parts without taking up much space when transporting them. Similarly, there are one-piece models that only require the removal of the bases.

Q4: What measurements does a pool table have?

A rule regarding the dimensions of pool tables is that the length of its surface should correspond to at least twice its width. Thus, a professional pool table 1.42 meters wide has a length of 2.84 meters. Likewise, it offers a height that can vary according to the provisions of the manufacturer between 0.75 or 0.80 meters. 

Q5: How is a pool table made?

In a factory, the first thing that is done is to plan the wood and make both the bases and the frame in charge of the support. In this way, said structure is sent to the quality review area, where it is subjected to several tests to verify stability and resistance. 

When approved, a second stage begins in which the rails are built and attached to the railings, the next step being the complete assembly of the table. Finally, they spread the green or red layer on the board.

How to use a pool table

Pool tables are structures that range from the traditional to the multifunctional, so the method of handling and assembly can vary significantly. Therefore, it is important that before the imminent purchase of this type of product, you learn how to use a pool table. Next, we will explain it to you through some simple steps.

Check the content of the package

Once you have the purchase package in your hands, you must proceed to open it, extract the pieces one by one and carefully remove the wrapping paper that covers them. Then, check that all parts, adjustment elements, accessories and the instruction manual have been incorporated, as indicated by the manufacturer at the time of purchase. Also, check the good condition of each of them.

Study the instruction manual

In general, pool tables incorporate an instruction manual, which you must read in order to familiarize yourself with the product. In this way, you will know the correct method to carry out the assembly of the structure, how to regulate the bases and place the mantle on the surface. Likewise, if the model is multifunction, you will be able to learn how to exchange the boards, fix the accessories and activate the air pump in the equipment that incorporates a motorized hockey table.

On the other hand, there is the issue of cleaning, which cannot go unnoticed and must be carried out as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid deterioration of the structure.

Make the assembly

Once the information in the instruction manual has been verified, you can start assembling the structure, which will depend on the model you have selected. Most of the designs require the fixing of the bases by screwing some screws, as well as the placement of the textile mantle on the surface. Likewise, it is possible that other teams require a greater number of adjustments with respect to the bands, the board, among other parts.

Adjust the bases

A large number of equipment of this type incorporates a height adjustment mechanism in their bases, which can be up to 15 centimeters. To adjust it you will only need the help of a screwdriver to release the lock, fold or unfold the area and then re-secure the screws.

swap the boards

If your model is multifunction, then it will incorporate some extra boards and even accessories that you will have to mount. For example, for a game of ping – pong you need to adjust the net with its respective hooks on the sides, while for hockey you will have to identify the switch on the structure and press it to activate the air pump. But, if the model incorporates card games, checkers, chess, among others, you will have to simply exchange the boards without using tools.

Clean the table

The table and accessories must be cleaned periodically, and it is necessary to use a special brush for the surface, a vacuum cleaner and some other special product to polish the structure.

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