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Puzzle – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Puzzles are entertaining games that serve to clear the mind and keep it active. They can be completed as solo or group challenges. Puzzles are popular, so before you purchase one, it would be wise to learn about a few options. Within the number of available alternatives, there are two that lead the preferences of users. Although it looks like an object created with glue, ROKR Treasure Box 3D is a model made of wood, includes an assembly kit and the result is a box with a password. Next, if you want to test your skills, YOTINO 24Pcs incorporates several pieces to create different games, being appropriate for children.

The best puzzles on the market

With a puzzle you can develop skills and put your mind to work, being convenient interactive games for both adults and children. The current offer in brands, types, parts and models is extensive, which makes selection difficult. Therefore, below we present some of the models that are usually recognized by users as the best puzzles on the market, since they have versatile attributes.

wooden puzzle 

ROKR Treasure Box 3D

The way of making puzzles has changed, since now it is also a 3D construction, which only requires skill to match the pieces. This is the case of the ROKR Treasure Box 3D model, an original alternative that is usually recognized as the best puzzle on the market. 

This option consists of mechanical gears and pieces of plywood that test knowledge, skill and creativity in the construction of a treasure box that includes a password system, which can then be used as a chest for jewels. 

To complete the project, this wooden puzzle includes a kit with all the necessary pieces and elements, it being appropriate to follow the instructions. Due to its specifications, it is recommended for people over 14 years of age. In addition, the model consists of 123 laser-cut parts with detailed patterns, weighing only 599 grams. 

Many models want to get the title of the best puzzle of the moment, but few figure in this segment. Learn more about this model.


Pieces: It consists of 123 pieces that have been laser cut for more realistic details. 

Design: It has a 3D treasure chest design, its color is beige, and it is usable.  

Construction: The pieces are made of wood and their construction involves the incorporation of a key.

Age: Due to its level of difficulty, it is designed to be assembled between 4 and 6 hours, by people over 14 years of age.


Instructions: A user had problems with the instructions, because they were incomplete.

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puzzle games


Yotino presents a versatile alternative, made up of 24 pieces, which tends to be recognized among the best puzzles of 2022 for its characteristics as a didactic game. The model includes several modalities and difficulties, which are suitable for different ages and concentration levels, so it is grouped among the puzzle games that serve to improve skills in children, promoting mental health, patience and motor skills through through an educational game. 

Although it is recommended for children, each of the mini skill games included in the model can be used by adults, since they have been designed to keep the user’s attention and interest with simple or complex modes. 

It is available in several colors: white, red and black. Each of the pieces is made of plastic, with a total weight of 422 grams, so it can be carried easily and without complications. 

Due to its characteristics for the development of mental abilities, Yotino is a strong competitor to become the best puzzle brand.


Pieces: It is made up of a set of 24 pieces that make up a puzzle game.

Ages: Due to its specifications and difficulty, it is recommended for both children and adults.

Design: Although it comes in a kit, each set has an individual and unique design. 

Construction: The pieces are made of plastic, being light, weighing 422 grams.


Resistance: It was reported that a couple of pieces were received in poor condition, so their resistance is questioned.

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puzzles for children

SIPLIV Animals of the forest

With a colorful and striking design, this puzzle for children is one of the recommended options for those who are looking for the best value for money puzzle, because it is one of the cheapest on the market. 

This model is made up of a set of four puzzles with nine large pieces each. The pieces that make up each model are made of wood and cut with precision to fit exactly. It has been designed as a didactic game element for children to develop their motor skills and coordination between hands and eyes, as well as to increase imagination and creativity.

The figures of the puzzle are referred to the animal world, so there are drawings of a panda bear, a lion, a tiger and a zebra. Due to the large size of the pieces, they are safe for the little ones, being recommended for children over 2 years old.

For a model to be appropriate, it must combine various attributes, this product being one of the cheapest. 


Design: It has a colorful and lively design with jungle animals such as zebra, lion, tiger and panda bear.

Quantity: The model is made up of four puzzles of nine pieces each.

Construction: The puzzle pieces are made of wood, cut precisely and safely.

Age: Due to its specifications of large pieces, the design is designed for children over two years of age. 


Models: Some users have commented that within the kit they have received models of repeated figures.

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jigsaw puzzles

YGZN 9 Pieces

If after knowing some of the available options you still do not know which is the best puzzle that can be found on the market, then it would be appropriate for you to take a look at the characteristics of this puzzle model, which has been presented by YGZN. 

It is a brain teaser puzzle game that derives from ancient Chinese engineering called Kong Ming Lock. They are pieces that have been manufactured with high quality standards, with traditional methods in wood. The model is made up of nine different models, with nine entertainment modes and pieces that, when assembled, form 3D figures. 

The construction of the figures is a challenging challenge that can be completed with the help of the instructions. Due to its level of difficulty, it is designed to increase skills, being suitable for children over 5 years of age because it includes some small parts. Its weight is only 350 grams.

For those who do not know which puzzle to buy, it would be appropriate for them to know more about the YGZN 9 Pieces model.


Set: Each set is made up of nine figures that have several pieces to assemble.

Dimensions: The dimensions of each puzzle are mini size, being approximately 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm.

Design: It has a design based on ancient Chinese constructions, with Kong Ming Lock bases.

Age: Due to the size of the pieces, this model is suitable for children over 5 years of age.


Fit: Some users have commented that some of the pieces do not fit properly. 

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puzzles for adults

Ravensburger 16309 

If you want to put your mental skills to the test with a puzzle for adults, then you cannot ignore this alternative presented by the Ravensburger brand. It is a puzzle made up of 1,500 small pieces, and it is a challenge to put it together and get the figure, which may require, depending on the skills and time spent by each user, from a couple of hours to months. 

The model has a manufacturing with high quality standards, being the pieces built in cardboard and cut with precision for better details. Due to the tiny size of the pieces, it is not recommended for small children. 

Once assembled, the user will be able to enjoy a fascinating image full of contrasting colors of Paris, with a vintage style, so it can be used as an ornament in the home. The weight of this puzzle is only one kilo.

Before buying, it is necessary to analyze the options. Here you will know the pros and cons of the Ravensburger 16309.


Pieces: The model is made up of 1500 small pieces that make up a figure.

Design: It is of a classic type and, when completing the image, you will have a vintage-style view of Paris.

Skill: It has been designed to encourage skill and dexterity in people through a set of pieces and colors.


Fit: Although the pieces fit together, there is no fit that allows them to stay together well.

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3D puzzle

Sharp Brain Zone Wood

There are many models of 3D puzzles, but this design marketed by Sharp Brain Zone is one of the best. The model is suitable for developing motor skills and ingenuity through its pieces, which have a shape similar to that of the letter T and are integrated with each other, as if it were a game of tetris. 

Due to its characteristics, it is suitable for both children and adults, creating challenges that will improve the ability to solve problems, while exercising the brain with creative thinking. 

The puzzle is made up of 25 individual pieces that form a cube measuring 6.9 cm on a side. Each of the pieces is made of quality wood, which has been worked with precise cutting techniques to fit the rest accordingly. Its weight is 181 grams.

Within the available options, it is possible not to know which puzzle to select. Therefore, you can learn more about this design.


Age: It is versatile and designed to be used by children from 6 years old and also by adults.

Weight: Although it is made up of several pieces, it is relatively light, being only 181 grams.

Pieces: It has a total of 25 individual T-shaped pieces, which when joined together form a 3D puzzle.

Construction: The pieces have been built in resistant wood, with high-end finishes.


Size: In the opinion of some people, this puzzle is of very small dimensions.

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metal puzzle

FOKOM 28Pack

Dynamism and versatility are two characteristics that can be found in this original metal puzzle from the manufacturer Fokom. With a weight of 580 grams and a robust and careful construction, each of the 28 pieces that make up this puzzle that can be in 3D style were manufactured. 

It has been designed to put the mind and skills to work through educational puzzles, which improve skills such as logic, both in children and adults. In addition, the pieces can be stored in a sleeve and then in a decorative box that are included with the puzzle. Being metal, it is a durable product that does not rust or break. 

The game and assembly options are many, so fun and entertainment will not be lacking with this model, being an alternative to exercise the brain.

It is a versatile puzzle made up of several pieces, which is among the best. Here its pros and cons.


Pieces: The puzzle is made up of 28 pieces made of metal and with different shapes.

Weight: In total, the model has a light weight of only 580 grams.

Age: It is designed to be used by children and adults, posing challenges to solve with logic.

Aggregates: Includes a cover and a box to store the pieces safely, preventing them from being lost. 


Solution: Although these are various challenges, some users miss solutions. 

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Guide to buying puzzles

Puzzles are useful board games to exercise the mind and challenge creativity, as well as to improve motor skills and develop association skills. Therefore, completing them is a therapeutic activity, both for children and adults. Although there are many models, to select a suitable one you must have criteria that are oriented towards quality. In order for the purchase to be efficient, here is a guide to buying the best puzzle on the market with some features that should be analyzed.

Shopping guide


If before making the purchase decision you want to know how much a puzzle costs, the raw material or manufacturing materials can give an indication not only about the quality, but also about the cost of these board games. For example, on the market you can get from models that have been made of cardboard or cardboard, to more expensive ones that have pieces of wood with a high degree of quality and resistance. 

Similarly, there are also some alternatives that incorporate metal parts and many others are made of plastic. Each of these materials has its degree of robustness, but in addition, it is convenient to analyze the way in which the manufacturer has worked the materials so that they result in delicate pieces with careful finishes that join efficiently. So beyond the materials, it is pertinent to consider the way in which they have been treated and cut, being necessary that they be precise and clean cuts. 


In general, the difficulty of a puzzle can be defined by the number of pieces that make up the model in question. For this reason, it should not only be an inexpensive puzzle, but also be made up of quality pieces that are properly joined together. 

In the market you can get from simple puzzle models for children, which are made up of nine large pieces, to other models that include more than 200 pieces and up to two thousand or more, being tiny parts that together will form the figure raised. 

According to the game mode, these pieces vary in size, weight and shape, to fit the puzzle. Care must be taken with these pieces, because losing one would mean that the puzzle would be incomplete, since it only has the number of pieces announced and they are not repeated.


There are different types of puzzles. You can get the traditional and conventional flat style, which by joining the pieces form an image, whether painting, photography, surreal or other, as well as other designs that have a more complex creation and whose pieces have been integrated to give volume. and effect to the image, acquiring specific shapes when 3D figures are joined. In this way, according to the tastes and the challenge that has been raised, a type of puzzle must be selected. Some 3D models are designed to fulfill mechanical functions and to be more than just an ornament, since they can be used and have movement, if the assembly has been done in a convenient way. 

Similarly, there are some alternatives whose pieces are T-shaped and when integrated they form a cube. Like these, there are other options that seek to promote mental development through linguistic challenges and mathematical challenges, as well as many others that require concentration and skills to coordinate between hands and eyes. 

age of use

When making a comparison of puzzles, we find that within the available alternatives, two large groups can be separated. On the one hand, there are those that have been manufactured for the specific use of young children. These models usually have pieces of large sizes, colorful and animated figures that attract the attention of the smallest of the house, which can be from jungle animals to the action figure of the moment. 

On the other hand, there are the puzzles that represent more complex challenges, because they include a greater number of pieces, these being of small dimensions. This kind of puzzles has been proposed as challenges for adults, being possible for children and adolescents over the age of 6 to do them, who will not hurt themselves or try to put the small pieces in their mouths. 

In the case of the latter, there are some types for adults that have a high level of difficulty, so they include instructions so that the user has an idea of ​​how to assemble and complete the project successfully.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is a children’s puzzle?

A puzzle for children is usually a board game that meets some standards that are oriented towards the development of skills and ingenuity, applying didactic mechanisms with which they learn in a fun way. In general, they tend to be simpler and smaller, that is, they have fewer pieces and these are larger so that they can hold them properly and make them connect with the others. Similarly, they incorporate many striking colors and animated figures that attract them. On the other hand, there are some of these that look like little toys and pose a challenge, giving the little ones the opportunity to coordinate hands and eyes.  

Q2: How to put together a 1000 piece puzzle?

Completing a puzzle can be quite a challenge, especially for those who are not used to doing it. Therefore, it is recommended to follow some instructions that can help achieve the objective of the project. When it comes to a 1000 piece puzzle, it will take time and dedication. Some suggest that the project be taken in parts, that is, that it be put together by fragments from the simplest to the most complex.

Q3: How to make a puzzle with geometric figures?

Shape puzzles are usually 3D projects. To make them, some elements are required such as sheets of wood or MDF, drill, squares, paint, sandpaper, meter, brush, hammer, among others. The first thing is to create the figures on the wood with the specific measurements and then cut them with the saw. For this point it is necessary to use a drill to make a hole that allows you to insert the jigsaw and cut the wood. This must be done with all figures. When the pieces have been sectioned, it is necessary to sand them. Then, you have to assemble the box, joining the walls with the help of nails and a hammer. The figures can be painted and then it will only be necessary to introduce them into the box.

Q4: How to paste an assembled puzzle?

For this it is necessary to use special glue for puzzles, as well as a brush. The first thing is to start assembling the puzzle on paper and place glue in the center of the puzzle when it is assembled, to start spreading it evenly over the rest of the surface. Finally, the excesses must be removed and wait for the glue to dry. It can then be flipped over and glued to another base for added stability. 

How to use a puzzle

Putting together puzzles is a way to keep the mind active and develop creativity and logic skills, as well as motor and speed skills. Although they are popular board games, not everyone knows how to use them. Therefore, below we will give some keys that you can follow to put together the project effectively and in a short time.

Find and enable a space to assemble the puzzle

The first thing that must be done to use a puzzle is to locate a structure with a flat surface and vacate it, removing everything that is not from the puzzle, so that the pieces do not get confused with other objects. It can be a wide table. 

place the pieces

After having obtained the workplace to start putting together the project, it is necessary to take the puzzle box and remove everything that is contained inside, from the instructions to the pieces, to place them on the table that ends to be authorized for this purpose.

Read the puzzle instructions

If it’s a 3D puzzle, with additional mechanics, you’ll probably need to follow the prompts. To do this, locate the instruction manual of the objects that you had previously removed from the box, hold it with your hands and review the instructions. According to the steps that it indicates, you must follow them, looking for the pieces and making them fit in the way that the manual suggests. 

Put the puzzle box in sight

In general, puzzles have the image or figure to be assembled on the outside of the box. If it is a flat model, in order to assemble the photograph, it is necessary to follow a pattern and verify the image while the puzzle is assembled.

Locate the key pieces

If it’s a traditional flat-style, multi-piece puzzle, there are a few different ways to go about the project. The first thing is to get the key pieces that will help to follow a figure pattern. To do this, among all the pieces you have on the table, locate the ones on the corners and the edges. Differentiating them is easier, because at least two of their four sides are straight. You will need to match them and put together the entire outside of the puzzle.

Select the remaining puzzle pieces

Next, the rest of the parts must be classified to make assembly easier. To do this, you can separate the pieces by stations, placing the ones of a certain color in each one. In this way, if you have to assemble, for example, a part of the sunny sky, you must place the blue pieces on one side, the blue with white on the other and so on, until the entire color scale has been completed.

Start putting the puzzle together

Next, you must make the pieces match, fitting one with another. It is recommended that, to begin with, you continue from the pattern of the edges and finally work on the small spaces.

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