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Pyrograph – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Wood is not only used to build, since it is also possible to make art with it if you use a pyrography, a product created to engrave on wood and other surfaces. However, to be able to do this and do the best job, you don’t just need to be willing, you also need quality tools, such as the Ockered 52-piece model, which stands out for its easy temperature adjustment and the large number of accessories included in it. the set. On the other hand, the Hiveseen 76pcs set is a very complete professional-type kit that will help you with wood, leather and much more projects.

The best pyrographs on the market

Choosing pyrographs can be quite difficult, therefore, if you do not know how to make the best purchase, here you will find some of the most outstanding models on the market so that, no matter which one you choose, you will get the best quality.

wood pyrograph

ockered 52 pieces

In order to talk about the best pyrographs of 2022, it is necessary to mention this Ockered model, since this wooden pyrograph stands out for having a rapid increase in temperature thanks to its internal system that, due to the ceramic, allows a heating of 45 seconds that can be regulated by means of a rotary button from 150 to 450°C.

To work you will only have to choose between the 52 pieces included in the case and turn on the pyrograph. After doing this, you can focus on engraving on materials such as leather, paper, cork, or candles. It is even possible to weld, which makes it a very versatile device. When finished, simply turn off the appliance.

As for its materials, this pyrograph uses elements resistant to oxidation and high temperatures. Thanks to this, the product is much more durable, avoiding the advance purchase of spare parts.

This is a very good pyrograph when looking for a versatile device that can adapt to different requirements.


Practical: This pyrograph can be used on different types of materials so you can do everything you need.

Resistant: The materials are quite resistant so that the pyrograph can remain in good condition for a long time.

Temperature: In addition to reaching high temperatures in a short time, the degrees are also adjustable, which provides greater customization and good finishes.

Switch: The on/off switch will provide added security as well as energy savings.


Handle: The handle may also get a little warm, which may make it difficult to use the burner.

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Preciva 40W/220V

For lovers of pyrography, this wooden pyrograph could be right for them, as it is a product that, thanks to its 40W power, manages to reach a temperature of up to 750°C, which can be regulated through its turnable knob.. Also, it will only take 10 seconds to reach the right temperature to work. Likewise, the product cools down in a short time when it is turned off, making it easier to change the tips.

Thanks to these qualities, if necessary, it will not take long to switch between the 20 different tips included in the purchase and, in addition to that, these characteristics also facilitate the use of the pyrography on various surfaces such as cork, leather or wood.

To give you greater security and offer better durability, each material used in this pyrography is resistant to high temperatures, including the handle. This last part has been coated with soft silicone, therefore providing protection and also a comfortable grip for more precision when working.

In case you don’t know which burner to buy, this option could be suitable, as it has a variety of tips and can be used on various materials.


Station: With this pyrography station it will be easy to turn on the device and control the temperature. In addition, thanks to the power of the transformer, the appropriate temperature will be reached in a short time.

Grip: The handle of this pyrograph provides a very good grip, which will facilitate its precise use.

Practical: This pyrograph is quite practical, since it can be adapted to different tips and, in addition, it can be used on various materials.


Temperature: The temperature could vary slightly when working, which is a point against.

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Justech 79PCs

So that you never lack for anything when it comes to working, the Justech brand has this offer that, in addition to including a quality pyrograph, comes with 79 pieces, including a wide variety of burning and soldering tips, converters, pencils of colors and even templates to be able to have greater precision when recording.

This pyrograph is made with a ceramic core technology system that allows correct heating in a few seconds. In this way, you will save electricity, due to the speed. Likewise, it is possible to regulate the temperature within a range of 180 to 480°C by simply pressing the buttons on the handle.

Bearing this in mind, it is worth noting that the handle is one of the reasons why many value this product, as this small section made of silicone will protect you from high temperatures and provide a more precise grip.

This pyrography kit is one of the most complete on the market, making it suitable for those who want to get everything in one purchase.


Set: This is one of the most complete sets on the market, as it comes with 79 pieces that include a variety of tips, a pair of gloves, and even templates.

Structure: The structure of this pyrograph focuses on providing ergonomics and safety, which is a great advantage.

Temperature:  Unlike other models that control the temperature with a rotary button, this pyrograph uses a comfortable system of pressure buttons to adjust.


Instructions: The product does not come with instructions in Spanish, which could make it difficult for beginners to use.

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professional pyrographer

hivesen 76pcs

In order to carry out their works, certain people may need a professional pyrographer. For them, Hiveseen has manufactured this artifact, which is functional for welding, crafts and other types of activities on leather or wood. In total there are 76 pieces, among which are 27 engraving tips and 6 soldering tips, among other accessories, such as templates.

In addition, working with this pyrograph will be quite simple and comfortable, since the product manages to heat up quickly thanks to its 60 W power and, in addition to that, it has a 1.4-meter cable that allows freer movement. This, on the other hand, is complemented by an ergonomic design so that you can use the pyrograph without complications.

It should be noted that thanks to the internal heating technology, this pyrograph manages to maintain a constant temperature when working and, additionally, it can be regulated between 200 and 450°C to suit your requirements.

This product might not be one of the cheapest options on the market, however, it is one of the most complete.


Set: This set has a wide variety of tips so you can select the one that best suits you.

Temperature: Thanks to the technology of this pyrograph, the product can be heated quickly and, furthermore, it can be regulated between 200 and 450°C.

Comfort: Due to the ergonomics of this pyrograph and its long cable you will be able to work comfortably.


Instructions: The instruction manual for this product is not entirely complete, so it may be difficult to use at first.

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Umitive Yilitian

For those who are looking for a professional pyrograph, this could be the best pyrograph, as it is an artifact that stands out for its quality. The first thing that stands out about this product is the fact that it is safe and easy to use, as it has a robust and light structure to be able to work with ease.

In addition, the structure of this pyrograph is made to provide ergonomics, which will make it easier to hold and make the results more accurate. Also, thanks to its ceramic element core, this pyrograph manages to heat up quickly and its temperature can be easily adjusted between 200 and 450 °C, from the same handle.

In addition to this, you will not need to purchase anything else, as this pyrograph comes in a kit with all the accessories you may require. For example, various tips for carving wood, welding, burning and even templates to be able to carry out more precise work.

With this pyrograph, both beginners and professionals will be able to carry out projects on different surfaces effectively.


Case: This set is not only very complete, as it brings various accessories, it also includes a case that facilitates the organization and transport of the device.

Temperature: In addition to providing a wide temperature range, this pyrograph also makes it easy to regulate it, since all you have to do is turn a button and that’s it.

Power: This pyrograph has a power of 60 W which, together with the ceramic core of the artifact, allows it to reach high temperatures in a short time.


Thread: When applying a lot of pressure, the tips can unscrew, therefore, the device must be treated with care.

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Dremel Pyrograph

Dremel Versatip 2000

It’s not the cheapest product, but being made by what many consider to be the best brand of pyrographs, if you have the money, it’s worth buying. Unlike many models, this product works with butane gas and offers continuous work for up to 90 minutes. 

It is possible to give it 6 functionalities so that you can work with it in various activities: hot cutting, compression, fire engraving, welding, fusion and paint removal. Not depending on cable, it is easy to take it from one place to another.

The product weighs 136 grams, making it very light, and has dimensions of 33.2 x 18 x 5.5 cm for greater ergonomics and ease of use. The included instruction manual will let you know everything you need to use it. In addition to that, the temperature regulator will give you more control when recording.

This Dremel pyrograph comes with everything the brand stands for: quality, practicality, versatility, and ease of use. For that reason, it could be a suitable device for you, which will help you in different activities.


Manual: The included instruction manual will allow you to use this pyrograph easily, as soon as you get it.

Wireless: Having no cables, it is easy to use and you will have more freedom of movement.

Functions: This product allows you to develop 6 activities, making it a multifunctional artifact.


Recharge: When the gas runs out, you must recharge the pyrograph, which requires more work than electric models.

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Accessories for pyrograph

Pyrography Tips

ViaGauzeFamido 23PCS

Having other burning tips in addition to the ones that come with your purchase can be a great way to try out different styles of engraving and let your imagination run free.

For that reason, this brand offers 27 different tips that are divided into 3 types to adapt to different jobs.

Made with metal, which is considered a quality material, these tips have been manufactured focusing on giving you a good experience when welding or engraving, as the pieces are resistant and easy to adapt to the pyrograph.

Also, no matter if you want to work leather or wood, these tips are appropriate for it.

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Guide to buying pyrographs

Pyrographs are not very well known outside of the art and DIY area, so if you don’t have previous experience with them, it can be difficult to choose one to buy. Here are some notable features to consider before purchasing one.

Shopping guide

tips and support

The structure of the pyrography is quite important when you want to buy one of these products, however, the art of pyrography depends a lot on the end of this device, that is, the tip. It is possible that from a distance all the pyrographs look the same, but when you get closer and see the lines, you can see the difference between one and the other if they have different tips.

It is therefore recommended that, when creating your guide to buying the best pyrograph, before becoming interested in how much it costs, pay attention to the tip that is included and if the product comes with more to choose from. There are many tips, although the most popular ones for basic designs are the smooth tip and the bullet tip. The former is ideal for writing, while the latter is better for decorations. In addition to them, there are many others specialized in various aspects of pyrography.

Another complement that is recommended to consider and include in the purchase is the support. There are many pyrographs that do not have a temperature regulator or a power switch, therefore, not having a support to place them during breaks can accidentally burn a surface. It’s also more likely to accidentally burn us if we leave them anywhere. Therefore, although this does not affect the engraving itself, it may make the product easier to use and serve as a security measure.

Operation and temperature

The power source differs between certain pyrographs. When you make the comparison of pyrographs, you will notice that there are those products that are electric and those that work with gas. Although if you are looking for an economical model, you will surely find an electric one, since these are the most common, both types of pyrographs have advantages and disadvantages.

Electric pyrographs are described as a good and cheap alternative and, on top of that, by simply plugging them in they can be used. They come in different sizes and models, and it is usually easier to find accessories or spare parts.

The operation of gas burners is much more practical, as they work wirelessly and offer results of the same quality as electric ones. However, these are usually more expensive and, additionally, they need gas refills after a certain time. Depending on which qualities you value the most, one of them could be the right choice for you.

Its operation is also linked to temperature. The correct heating of the tips is what offers a good result but you will notice that, depending on the line you make and what you want to engrave, higher or lower temperatures offer a different product. For this reason, having a pyrograph that has an adequate temperature regulator will allow you to make more details to your works, more easily.

This regulation also makes the process of cooling the product faster, which makes it easier to change tips in the middle of a job or to place the pyrograph on any surface, if there is no adequate support.


Writing with a very small or large pencil can make it difficult to write something down, and for that reason, finding the right size pencil is necessary to be able to write or draw correctly. In the same way, since the pyrograph acts like a pencil that, instead of graphite, uses heat to make the strokes, choosing the correct size can directly influence the quality of your engraving. This is because if you feel uncomfortable working with the burner, you won’t have as much mobility when using it and it will probably be more difficult to hold the product steady to make perfect strokes.

These devices usually have sections of plastic or rubber materials to offer a better grip. This is a characteristic to value, because, thanks to it, it is more difficult for your hand to get tired or for your fingers to develop things like calluses or skin wear.


Some of the pyrographs have on/off systems or are connected to a power source that has one. This is not the case for everyone and, although it may not seem very important, remember to pay attention to this small detail, as it can make use much easier.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a pyrograph?

It is difficult to make a pyrograph as a professional, however, there are ways to make homemade pyrograph pencils with simpler processes. For this you need a circular wooden rod, two syringes, a 9-volt battery with a connection adapter, sewing thread and a piece of heat-shrink sleeve.

Separate the needles from the syringes as a first step. Place them on the end of the rod, one on each side of the piece of wood and, using the thread, join them. At the upper end of the needles, that is, the one that remained in the wood, connect the cables of the adapter.

Loop the wires around the rod and join them back together with the thread. If you want, apply contact glue to keep the thread more secure. Place the heat shrink sleeve over the cables and expose it to heat to shrink and adhere, giving a more secure fit.

Lastly, attach the stack to the rod and attach the needles at the point end. By connecting the battery to the adapter, the electricity will go directly to the needles and you will be able to draw.

Q2: How to repair a pyrograph?

Like any electrical appliance, it all depends on what has been damaged. So it is necessary first to determine what happened to proceed to repair.

Resistances usually fail, however, if your pyrograph does not heat, then it may be problems with the temperature selector, regulator, transformer or even the tip of the product.

Q3: What can be done with a pyrograph?

Drawings, details or writings on materials such as wood. This is the most common surface where it is used, however, the pyrograph also works on EVA foam, leather and even corks.

Depending on what you want to do, you can change the tips until you find the one that suits you best.

Q4: Can soldering iron be used as a pyrograph?

Although it is more advisable to use a specific product, it is possible to use a soldering iron to engrave wood when it comes to large lines and simple designs. Pyrographs have the possibility of using specialized tips and this is what differentiates them from other more “rough” tools such as soldering irons.

To use the soldering iron, you will only need to mark the drawing with a pencil or marker and then record it. Thus, you can have greater precision.

Q5: How to use the pyrograph on foami?

Using a foam or EVA foam pyrograph is as simple as on any other surface. The only difference is that you will not have to apply much pressure, since it is not necessary due to how soft the foam is. In addition to that, if you put a lot of force on it, you could damage it and have to use another piece of foam.

Q6: How to shade with the pyrograph?

To do this, you need to apply the same technique used for shading with charcoal. Slightly tilt the pyrograph and, using a blunt tip, begin to make circular movements where the shadow of the image should be found. Do not support the tip too much, because, if you do, it is possible that the wood, or any other surface, acquires a dark color and the main stroke of the shading is not differentiated.

Q7: How to make tips for pyrograph?

If you are looking for specialized tips for shadows, large or very fine lines, then it is more recommended that you buy the tip that your pyrography needs. However, if you want a basic tip, then making it at home isn’t that difficult. You should find some wires of medium thickness and start shaping it using tools such as tweezers.

The wire to choose should be approximately 6 centimeters. If it is longer, then cut it.

Bend the wire, using the pliers, until both ends touch. This will make the wire thicker and stronger. Install your new tip, joining it by the ends to the pyrograph and that’s it. Everything will be ready to use.

Q8: Which is better: an electric or gas burner?

All depending on what you want. When it comes to cheap prices, electric models are the best options. These are cheaper and come in different temperature levels, as well as various wattages. Additionally, they are quite light to give greater comfort.

The gas ones allow autonomous work, without wiring and the tips heat up more quickly. However, when the gas runs out you will need to fill the burner again, while electric models only require a connection to the power outlet to work.

How to use a pyrograph

It is not uncommon to find those who do not know how to use a pyrograph, as it is a very specific product. If this is your case, you just need to read this short guide to find out step by step what you should keep in mind when you want to use this product for the first time.

Prepare the surface

If you are going to do the engraving on wood, you need to sand the surface first, because if it is not completely smooth, then it is possible that the engraving will not be in the best way since the process interrupted by grooves or other “obstacles” can deteriorate the final result..

For other materials, it is not necessary to have a previous preparation.

make the connection

If you have an electric pyrograph, the next step is to connect it to a plug or a unit that transfers energy, if it is included in the purchase. If your situation is the latter, then connect the unit to the power outlet, activate the switch so that the product turns on and you can start.

Other direct-connect pyrographs turn on as soon as you plug them in, so you won’t need a switch.

Turn on the pyrograph

If you have a product that works with gas, then turn on the pyrograph using the switch on the device.

Adjust the temperature

Before starting to engrave, wait for the product to warm up enough before using it, otherwise you will notice the difference between one stroke and another. In addition to that, if possible, adjust the temperature to the level you need for the work you are going to do.

The darker lines are made by the higher temperatures, as it burns the wood more quickly and easily.


The process of engraving is quite similar to that of drawing, especially with charcoal, since it shares techniques with this type of drawing. However, there are certain things to keep in mind to be able to do the pyrography in the best way.

For example, remember that you should not apply too much pressure to the surface, especially if it is not wood, as you could damage the material due to the high temperatures reached by the product.

In addition to that, to make shadows use circular movements and an optimal tilt.

Place the pyrograph on the stand

When you need a break in your work, place the pyrograph on the artifact stand. Otherwise, it is very easy to burn other surfaces where you place it, because you must remember that the device can exceed 400 ° C.

If you do not have one, it is preferable to unplug or turn it off, wait for it to cool down, and then place it anywhere.

change the tip

If you need to change the tip of the pyrograph you have two options. The safest is to wait for the product to cool down and proceed to unscrew the tip to place another one, without inconvenience. However, if you need something quicker, a pair of tweezers can help you with the change, even if it’s still hot. Some pyrography kits include this tool.


When you finish doing the work, you just need to unplug the pyrograph or turn it off completely to proceed to store it, preferably in a case, in a safe place, out of the reach of children.

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