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Quiz Game – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Quiz games encourage mental skill among players, so having one at home can help optimize the ability to act quickly in our day-to-day lives. Therefore, we have prepared some options that, in addition to being entertaining, will instruct you with their various questions and answers. A good option may be the Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit. This product has 2400 questions so you can enjoy a pleasant time without getting bored and acquire new knowledge. Another alternative is Educa Borrás Does it sound familiar to you? , in which you will have to quickly guess the question, but with auditory clues. 

The 8 Best Quiz Games – Opinions 2022

In the following space you will find a selection of the most outstanding products, as well as several popular brands with their respective analysis so that you can select the game of questions that suits your expectations.

Set of questions and answers

1. Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Spanish Version

If you are looking for a question and answer game that is entertaining and that also allows you to learn things that you did not know before, you may be interested in Hasbro Gaming’s Trivial Pursuit.

When looking to purchase the best quiz game, one of the things to consider is whether the product gets boring quickly. In this case, this game includes 2400 questions so that you can have fun in a healthy way while you learn about things that you may not have known. The plot of the game is based on a board with dice and tokens where you will have to move and get 6 trophies before your opponents. Also, for a change, it has the Showdown challenge, where 2 participants will compete for the same trophy.

Additionally, this is a family game, so you can have fun with your friends, family and children over 8 years old.

This might be the best quiz game of the moment as it is family friendly and has a variety of questions that encourage learning. Here we analyze in detail the advantages of this model.


Questions: It has 2400 questions that will keep you entertained for many hours.

Topics: The topics are varied for children and adults, so that the participants will be able to acquire new knowledge.

Materials: The board and the cards are made of laminated cardboard, which will increase their useful life.

Gameplay: Includes a challenge system for participants to compete and interact with each other to win cheese tokens.


Age: The manufacturer recommends that children over 8 years old play.

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2. Educa Borrás. Truth or Lie? Multicolour 16989

If what you are looking for is one of the best quiz games of 2022, this Educa Borrás product could be of interest to you, since among its advantages is that it promotes quick thinking and family entertainment.

This is a question and answer game where you have to guess if what the presenter is saying is true or false. Its structure is an electronic star-shaped plastic base, where a participant can be placed at each point. Likewise, in the center there are two ergonomic buttons that will allow you to answer if the information is true or false.

The product requires 3 AA batteries to operate, and the manufacturer recommends that children over 8 years of age play it. On the other hand, the 1000 questions that it includes have educational values ​​that incorporate mathematics, reading, writing and spatial vision. Being very varied for you to learn new things.  

Having a quiz game will help entertain the children of the house when friends and relatives visit, so you may be interested in learning about the pros and cons of this Educa Borrás model.


Educational: It has more than 1000 informative questions that encourages fun and education.

Family: Both children and adults can participate and be entertained in a healthy way.

Gameplay: Promotes mental agility, since whoever answers correctly faster will have a better chance of winning.


Settings: It has 2 volume modes, but does not include a switch to adjust it to the desired level.

Fast: It does not have a button to pause or slow down the questions.

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Quiz game for two

3. Educa Borrás Game Does it sound familiar to you? 17440

If you are looking for a quiz game for two or more players, one of the most outstanding products is Does it sound like you? The gameplay of this option encourages mental, auditory and physical agility, since in this game you will have to listen very carefully to the audio track and press the button before the other participants. 

In order for you to win you have to accumulate a number of points in positive answers, but by answering incorrectly, you will not win anything and the other participants will get 1 point, so you have to listen very carefully to the audio, the clue and get it right. correctly as many questions as possible to win.

On the other hand, it comes in a plastic structure with colored and ergonomic buttons for greater comfort. There are two game modes, for the family or adults. In addition, it uses 3 AAA batteries to be able to work.

In order for you to know which quiz game to buy, it is important that you consider each of the features. Here we mention the most outstanding aspects of this Educa Borrás product.


Educational: The gameplay of this quiz game encourages the mental and physical agility of the participants.

Game modes: It has 2 game modes so you can decide if only adults will play with more complicated questions or easier ones for the whole family.

Easy to use: It does not require instructions to start playing, since the product tells you the rules of the game.


Volume: It does not have a button that allows you to adjust the volume levels.

Questions: It does not include many questions, so after a while these will be repeated.

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4. Edge Entertainment Game Why Don’t You Shut Up? EDGLA04

If among the available options you still don’t know which is the best trivia game, we invite you to consider the characteristics of this option from Edge Entertainment.

This is a trivia game for two and it is also recommended that more people participate to make it more fun. In this game you will have to read a card and decide which is the most coherent answer, so you can have fun with your partner, family or group of friends.

It comes in a compact box that includes 100 reflections and 200 replicas so you can combine up to more than 2000 mixed phrases and you can take it with you anywhere and have fun. The plot of the game will be based on the fact that one person will read a sentence and the other people will be in charge of responding, but you can say why don’t you shut up? the player who gave the least logical or funny answer. 

Being one of the cheapest options, with this product you can entertain yourself with your partner or group of friends, so you may be interested in knowing the highlights.


Quantity: Includes more than 100 reflections and 200 replicas so you can make many combinations.

Gameplay: Each round is fluid, fast and the game can last up to 20 minutes.

Price: This is one of the products with the lowest price on the list.


Age: Not suitable for children under 14 years of age to play.

Authenticity: The answers of the participants are not allowed to be mentioned, but those that the game brings.

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I play shit questions

5. Edge Entertainment Shit Questions EDGLA01

If you are looking for a quiz game for 2 or more players, this model could be the one, since it has 6 categories where it is included: Sex, philosophy and progress, daily life, culture, imagination and gore in one distribution of 312 fucking questions. Which are considered as such and suitable for adults due to the way in which the possible responses of the participants are given. 

In other words, the questions that this game includes become a bit compromising and players must answer as honestly as possible so that the game can flow normally. 

On the other hand, the cards in this shitty trivia game are made of flexible, laminated cardboard that will increase their useful life. It also has 4 game modes and its design includes poker card figures for when you want to change the environment.

Edge Entertainment has a long history of making a variety of entertaining games, so it might be the best quiz game brand in this comparison.


Versatile: It is a question game, but you can also use it as a deck of poker.

Gameplay: It has 4 game modes so you can have fun with your group of friends.

Materials: The decks are of good quality, so they can resist bending.


Age: The manufacturer recommends that people of legal age play it.

Answers: In some cases, the answers can be a bit harsh, so each person must take responsibility for their actions.

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Quiz game for couples

6. Falomir Heartbreaker Game 386 Challenging Questions 

If you are looking for a quiz game for couples to have fun and show how much you know the other person, this Falomir option could interest you.

This product comes with 386 completely uncensored question cards that will allow you to determine how well you know the other person. That is, if they could be the ideal couple. In other words, the game consists of a series of questions that will have to be written on a sheet of paper before the sand clock runs out, if they are answered incorrectly, the board will advance one square, so you must have Keep in mind that the more correct answers you have, you will not advance. Therefore, those who do not move their chips lose.

On the other hand, this couple question game is recommended for people over 18 years of age, since it has explicit content that is not suitable for children.

With a game of questions you can distract yourself and spend a different time to forget about the routine, so here we present the pros and cons of the Heartbreaker model.


Fun: The game itself is fun with friends, since it’s not like other games where you have to advance to win, but rather the opposite.

Knowledge: This product tests the knowledge of which couple knows each other better.

Varied: It has 386 questions with varied categories that will make you have a good time.


Board: The squares on the board are few, so the game ends very quickly.

Age: It includes sexual content, so it is not recommended for those under 18 years of age.

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General knowledge quiz game

7. Educa Borrás I went to EGB Board Game

If you want to have fun with your family with a trivia game about general knowledge, we invite you to consider I went to EGB from the Educa Borrás publishing house.

This product is a bit different from the other quiz games on the list, as its gameplay makes it much more entertaining. In itself, this game is based on a board with 5 soldiers that represent the players and they must answer the questions correctly to advance, but there are also tests that you will have to overcome and win the 5 markers that could crown you as the champion of the game.

On the other hand, this game of questions includes more than 1,100 question and test cards, stickers, badges, a sheet with stickers and 10 cardboard sweets that, when complemented with the board, free time and 5 players, you can have a good time. remembering the most beautiful and fun aspects of childhood.

In order for you to get the most for your money, you need to purchase an entertaining trivia game. If you are interested I went to EGB, here we mention its pros and cons.


Nostalgic: Questions and challenges of television programs and activities of the year 1980 are mentioned. 

Design: The manufacturing materials of the board, tokens and cards are of good quality.

Cards: The cards include more than 1100 tests and questions for you to have fun with your group of friends.


Age: The manufacturer recommends that players over 12 years old play it.

Rules: Challenges answered incorrectly can cause you to lose 1 or 2 turns, which could throw you off a bit.

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Quiz game for kids

8. Design Game Party & co Junior 8+ 10103

When looking to acquire a quiz game it is important that it provides positive aspects for the players. This model encourages education, is entertaining and one of the cheapest, so it could be considered the best price-quality trivia game in this comparison.

This product presented by Diset is a quiz game for children where, the essential thing is to form a pair to be able to overcome the various questions and challenges that the board offers. 

The dynamics of the game is to move the chips through the boxes until you reach the last one in order to win. However, you have to correctly complete the 5 tests that this game has. In itself, there are 560 questions and challenges written on cards by a group of teachers and professors, so the content of the game also encourages education.

With this quiz game for kids your children and their friends can have fun and learn to play as a team. Here we present the highlights of Party & co.


Educational: The questions are written by teachers, so it is educational and encourages children to work as a team while having fun.

Tests: It has 5 types of tests and more than 560 questions for children to play.

Design: It is colorful and its manufacturing materials are of good quality.


Rules: The rules do not allow you to choose which type of test to take.

Age: It is a game for children, but to play an adult must supervise.

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Shopping guide

In this section you will find a guide to buying the best quiz game, where we will mention some of the most important features to consider so that you can select an attractive, interactive quiz game that can be adapted to your expectations.

game theme

Before verifying how much a quiz game costs or choosing an economic model, we invite you to evaluate the subject. That is, the context of the game, what it is about and the type of questions that could appear, since in this way you will be able to determine if the product you are planning to select is suitable for only adults to participate or if children can also play. In addition, taking this into account, you will also be able to know if the game includes varied questions and if they are interesting enough for you to get hold of it.

number of players

This aspect is also of interest to those users who like to play competitively with 2 or more players, so we invite you to evaluate the number of participants that the manufacturer recommends for the trivia game you plan to buy and so you can select one with which you can have fun with your friends and family.

Among so many options on the market, you can find quiz games for 2 players, as well as for a maximum of 8 to participate, so we invite you to choose a quiz game that has the capacity for more people to participate, since this way everyone can be entertained without having to wait.

Manufacturing materials

When we buy a product, what we most want is for its lifetime to be prolonged so that the investment we made is worthwhile. In other words, if you buy a game of questions that, after playing a few games, its pieces, cards or chips begin to deteriorate quickly, we will have wasted our money. For this reason, we advise you to select an option that has plastic pieces or if they are cards that are made of a kind of cardboard that is hard enough with layers of plastic, since this way it will be protected against water and the different folds that are made.

Game rules

An important feature to consider in quiz games is their rules, since these are responsible for maintaining a pattern in order to enjoy it in a healthy way and without cheating, so we invite you to check the rules of the games that keep in mind before making any purchase. This is because a game with complicated instructions or in another language can confuse either you or the other participants. Therefore, check if the instruction manual is in Spanish and is understandable so that you can read it and know what the game is about, the rules and the other important aspects that the manufacturer includes in the manual.

game fluidity

There are games that have a fluid theme that allows for entertainment with both the questions and their answers. However, there are also options that, after a few minutes, can become monotonous and boring, so we invite you to read the information on these games on the internet, as well as the reviews given by other users and the videos tutorials of some games so you can know if the models you plan to choose meet your expectations.

Recommended age

In our comparison of quiz games, one feature that you have to consider before making any purchase is to verify the age recommended by the manufacturer. 

With this, you will be able to know if the quiz game is suitable for children, since there are some models that include content that could negatively influence their vocabulary or, complex topics and taboos that children are not aware of could also be mentioned. familiar or not at the appropriate age to know them thoroughly, such as questions regarding politics or sex.

Therefore, keep in mind the age recommended by the manufacturer so that you can select an option that suits the people you are going to play with.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a quiz game?

Each game works differently, but with a common goal, which is to answer the questions, so you should read the instructions provided by the manufacturer so that you can adapt to the rules of each quiz game.

Q2: How to make a question and answer game in Scratch?

First, you will have to place the flag block to start, go to events and select “on press” and drag that block to the right side of the screen. Next step, variable > set, you name it with “dots” and drag the block to place it below the previous one. 

Add the “say for x seconds” block from the appearance panel and doing the same as the previous two blocks, dragging it to the right and writing what you want to say in the text section and then add “wait x seconds” from the section control to place a pause. 

Assign the block of “Yes, then. If not” from control, the sensor “ask and wait”, from operators “equal to”, sensors “answer”, writes the question, the correct answer, changes the variable to the desired points assign when answered correctly. Add “say for x seconds” from appearance and put a brief note regarding the wrong answer. 

Take off everything you did from the “wait x seconds” block and, pressing the right mouse button “duplicate” according to how many questions you want your game to have, put everything together and write the questions with the answers and the score to finish.

Q3: How does the would you rather quiz game work?

It is a game where 2 or more people are needed to play it. One of the participants will ask a question and the others will have to select one of them in a mandatory way. Also, you can’t answer “neither or both”, so you should think of the one that doesn’t affect you as much, since this game is almost always played with drinks. That is, the participants will have to drink with whose response they have fewer choices. 

Q4: What is the most popular quiz game?

True or false? It is one of the most popular quiz games on some e-commerce sites. You will have to correctly answer the question that is announced, but they are not common questions, since among these are: if it could snow on the moon or if people are taller at night than during the day. In short, you will be able to have fun while learning new things.

Q5: How to make a question and answer game in PowerPoint?

Create a blank document and insert a 5×2 table and fit it to the size of the sheet. Then list all the boxes.

Now, insert a new slide with the option “an object”. Write the category and question number at the top and the question itself at the bottom. Adjust the borders, center the question and add the colors of your choice. For the answer, Home > insert > WordArt and write the answer. Additionally, add an entrance animation so that it is not revealed when the slide starts, as well as you will have to place an action button to be able to return to the first slide. Add any shape and then add a hyperlink to it from the “insert” panel to allow you to return to the main slide. 

Select the question 1 slide and duplicate it until you have a total of 10. Edit each one and add the question and answer; Go back to the question page and select the numbers to add a hyperlink to the question slides. Upon completion, select “slideshow” and start enjoying the game.

Q6: Are there trivia games for adults?

Yes there are. There are many that can be found on the market, such as: shit questions, why don’t you shut up, would you rather, never would I, and endless products that, unlike quiz games for children or for the whole family, the questions can become very complex and some taboo subjects are even mentioned, such as sex and religion.

Q7: How does the guess what you think quiz game work?

This game is based on a program that discards characters or things you think about, but in order for it to work, it asks a series of questions until the percentage is 100%. That is, when asking you if your character is a woman or a man, it will discard those according to your answer, as well as with age, relationship, if it is fictional, skin color, artist and so on until it hits what you were thinking of. A beginning.

Q8: What is the best quiz game for mobile?

Among so many alternatives, there are many that are very popular worldwide, but Millionaire 2022 is among the first on the list, since this question and answer game has a rating of 4.6 positive reviews in the Google Play Store for Android devices and with 4.1 stars on the AppStore for iOS devices.

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