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Rice Paper – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The decoration of the elements is a technique used to give a different touch, and rice paper has become a trend in this area. This has led to many companies that sell it, so there are multiple options. To make a wise choice, it is prudent that you know two of the most purchased alternatives. First of all, there is the Craft premier 1 model, an affordable rice paper, available in a wide variety of motifs, suitable for all types of decoration. Close behind is the Stamperia DFSA4309 model, which has a vintage style due to its beige and brown colors, which combine to achieve a delicate composition. 

The 8 Best Rice Papers – Opinions 2022

The ease of using rice paper for decorating pieces, walls and even food (because it is edible), has made this product one of the most sought-after alternatives for handicrafts, because it has a fine feel and thickness. Suitable for decorative projects. If you are undecided about the number of options, we recommend you read the following section, in which we will review the models that are considered by the user community to be among the 8 best rice papers on the market. 

Rice paper for decoupage

1. Craft Premier Decoupage Rice Paper

Decoration techniques are extensive. However, there are few that work adequately to adhere to the pieces. For this reason, the Russian manufacturer Craft premier presents this rice paper for decoupage to be considered by users, which is a decorative technique for surfaces, with cut-out images and various types of varnishes. 

This model is manufactured with high quality standards and careful details in the motifs, which is why it is considered high-end and is also recognized as the best possible rice paper on the market, since it is versatile and practical due to its style.

It is available in several prints, all of them vintage cut, due to the style of the colors and the recurrent incorporation of beige. With this paper, you can access motifs ranging from Alice in Wonderland, to spaceships, bird’s nests, flowers and medieval botany. 

If you liked the properties of this model, which may become the best rice paper of the moment, then you should not ignore its pros and cons.


Manufacturing: This model is Russian-made and every detail has been taken care of for a delicate result.

Design: It has a vintage-style design, with a large number of predominantly beige motifs.

Size: This paper is A3 size, with dimensions of 29.7 cm by 42 cm, so it has various applications. 

Use: Its use is simple, through decoupage techniques for tiles, double glass frame and decorations.



Wrinkles: There are those who have had problems with the shipment and have received the wrinkled paper. 

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2. Cadence Decoupage Rice Paper 

Positioned for its quality as one of the best rice papers of 2022, this model manufactured by the Candence brand is convenient for its versatility of use in different decorative techniques.

Depending on your manufacturer’s specifications, this alternative may be suitable as a decoupage rice paper. However, it is not only limited to this technique, since it can also be used in mix media, to create elaborate artistic compositions for albums or decorative cards, among other options. 

The design of this option has a vintage style, due to its light touches, which give the impression of being old, since it has a soft blue background, with additions of white roses, chamomile flowers, birds, letters and butterflies., with all these elements in pale tone. The measurements of this model are 30 by 41 cm, making it convenient and versatile to apply. 

Cadence is a renowned manufacturer and the pros and cons of this model show why it competes to be recognized as the best brand of rice papers.


Size: The dimensions of this paper are 30 by 41 cm, which allows it to adapt to various decoration projects.

Uses: This paper is recommended for decorating using techniques such as decoupage and mix media.

Design: It has a vintage-style design, with a blue background and additions of butterflies, flowers, and white roses that are striking for many people.

Weight: Its weight is light, which makes it a practical paper because it is manageable.



Pattern: Only one pattern is offered, which may not be to the general taste.

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Rice paper to decorate furniture

3. Stamperia Rice Paper Wonderland Dragonfly

This element for decoration is not only limited to small jobs, so it can be used in larger works, so if you are looking for rice paper to decorate furniture, this alternative from the manufacturer Stamperia is one of the most recommended on the market. market.

The decoration of this model is suitable for different styles of the home, but it has predominant vintage touches, due to the fact that it incorporates pale tones such as old pink, integrated into a print that combines a large dragonfly, with butterflies, flowers and press clippings, as well as handwritten letters, for a delicate composition.

For this reason, this proposal is the answer to those who wonder what is the best rice paper on the market, since it is as thin as a napkin, but with greater resistance because it is made up of fibers that, in turn, make the rice more attractive. design. Its dimensions are 21 cm by 29.7 cm, a suitable size for various uses.

Deciding which rice paper to buy will be easier if you take some time to review the pros and cons of this alternative.


Gluing: Any glue can be used to adhere the paper to surfaces such as wood, glass, porcelain, fabrics, tiles, and more.

Design: The printed decoration is of special motifs, with vintage touches and flowers.

Size: The size of 21 cm by 29.7 cm makes the paper suitable for techniques such as decoupage and adapts to various areas.

Composition: Its composition is thin and has fibers that make the finish more striking



Instructions: Despite being efficient, this model does not include instructions that facilitate its use. 

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4. Calambour Rice Paper Japanese Collection, Herons

Rice paper is a decorative element that, as its name indicates, is made with rice, so it is versatile for decoration, because it usually adheres to surfaces without wrinkles and with a homogeneous finish, or at least this is the case with this Calambour model.

For this reason, it is a convenient and recommended alternative as rice paper to decorate furniture, since it has large measurements of 35 cm by 50 cm. Also, the model can be used for decoupage techniques, as well as other crafts.

On the other hand, it has a striking design that belongs to the brand’s Japanese collection, hence it has figures alluding to oriental culture. Its design stands out for having a predominant white color, Asian script letters, herons, bamboo and bridges, which remind us of a garden, with pink, blue and gray colors.

This model is considered quality, but by reviewing its pros and cons you can certify it for yourself.


Size: Its size provides greater versatility of use in the spaces of your preference, since it is 35 cm by 50 cm. 

Utility: It can be used for different crafts, as well as for special techniques such as decoupage.

Design: Its design belongs to the brand’s Japanese collection, so it is allusive to this culture.

Confection: This model is made with quality materials, so the final result is homogeneous and without wrinkles.



Theme: Although its quality is good, the Japanese theme of this model may not be to the liking of some people.

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Decorated rice paper

5. Stamperia Intl Rice Paper Roses And Wood 

This is another alternative marketed by Stamperia that stands out for its quality, so it appears on our list for being one of the most recommended, since, thanks to its preparation, it works properly on surfaces, which allows for successful use. and without complications.

This decorated rice paper can be used in multiple cases, because it is a complement to any craft and mixed media project. This is because its use is simple and it is suitable for being placed on almost any surface. 

The product has a very light weight of 9 grams, with dimensions of 30.5 x 25.4 x 0.1 cm. Its design is pleasant and simulates wood, since the background is brown with drawings of tables, roses, cages and delicate writing. Being small parts, this option is not recommended for handling by children under three years of age, as there could be a danger of suffocation. 

If you have been interested in this Stamperia proposal, all you need to do is take a look at its main positive and negative aspects.


Design: Its design stands out for being in a natural style, with a background that shows wooden lists with roses and cages.

Utility: Being moldable, this model can be used for all kinds of crafts and decorative projects.

Colours: It is a paper in which earth tones stand out, such as beige and old pink, for an easier combination.



Instructions: It appears that the user will need to research the instructions for applying the paper to surfaces on their own.

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6. Stamperia Rice Paper Dreamer

Recommended for use on surfaces with light backgrounds, so that it fades and appears to be printed directly on the piece, this decorated rice paper is one of the most striking and convenient in our selection, because it is of quality and has the backing of the Stamperia brand.

This model has a striking design, with blue flowers on a beige background, which also incorporates a message in English that translates “Dreamer: never let it be said that dreaming is a waste of time, because dreams are our reality when we wait.. In dreams, we plant the seeds of our future.” 

The measurements of the paper are 21 cm by 29.7 cm and it is a single fold that has been made with small fibers that give it a better effect. It can be used on surfaces such as paper, glass, tiles, fabric, acetate, porcelain and more, just by adding glue.

Before making a final decision on the paper to acquire, you should analyze the pros and cons of this model.


Manufacturing: It has a manufacturing with small fibers that make the design more attractive.

Design: It has a delicate design and vintage colors, with flowers and a message about dreams.

Size: The size is similar to that of a letter-size sheet, with dimensions of 21 cm by 29.7 cm, adaptable to different craft tasks.

Utility: Due to its properties, it is a suitable paper to be placed on surfaces of wood, porcelain, fabric and more.



Quantity: Only one page of rice paper is supplied and this is often insufficient for some buyers.

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Rice paper for crafts

7. HHHQ Printable Rice Paper

Considered a good quality rice paper suitable for multiple purposes, this model from the manufacturer HHHQ is suitable for Asian calligraphy and painting and can also be used to print any motif on its surface.

For this reason, it is a rice paper for crafts, because creativity will depend on the person and the use they want to give it, since, being a blank sheet, it is possible to print the design using a laser or inkjet printer. 

Likewise, this alternative has been elaborated with high quality standards and has been semi-treated to be more efficient with painting or writing, without generating stains or erasing the writing. The model is made up of a total of 100 pieces of A3 size sheets, with dimensions of 29.7 cm by 42 cm, so it is favorable for rice paper crafts.

This model stands out for its special treatment and, if you want to know more about it, know its pros and cons.


Units: The model includes a total of 100 units of A3 size sheets, for various uses.

Treatment: The sheets have been treated in a special way to absorb paint and ink without staining.

Uses: Being white, its use will depend on creativity, since it can be printed on paper.

Type: Unlike other models, this one is printable, Xuan type, special for Japanese painting.



Reason: Those looking for a paper that already has a specific reason printed on it, should opt for another option.

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vintage rice paper

8. Cadence Rice Paper Paris Fashions

Fashion lovers can also enjoy glamorous designs to decorate the pieces through the use of vintage rice paper and this is possible with this model presented by the manufacturer Cadence, which has a feminine, delicate and stylish touch. 

It is considered the best price-quality rice paper and is one of the cheapest on the market. It has a design alluding to the French capital and fashion, with the Eiffel tower, ladies in glamorous dresses, boots, bicycles, and some writing on fashion and clothing, as well as flowers. 

In addition, with this alternative you can decorate furniture or be used for other crafts, as well as for decoupage and mix media techniques. It is only necessary to apply a little glue and water on the surface for the paper to adhere efficiently. Its dimensions are 30 cm by 41 cm, easily adaptable. 

This model is one of the cheapest and knowing its pros and cons would be beneficial.


Size: It has a size of 30 cm by 41 cm, so that it can be used in areas of various dimensions.

Design: It has a vintage-style design, which has motifs alluding to Paris and fashion.

Utility: It can be used for crafts and to cover furniture in a decorative way. 

Colors: The colors that make up the image are from the light tone scale, so it is recommended for light surfaces.



Units: Only one sheet of rice paper is included, which may not be enough for projects.

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Shopping guide

Those who are dedicated to handicrafts, decoration and craftsmanship, should know that there are many alternatives to give special touches to each piece. One of them is rice paper, which is used with different techniques in a simple way and its finishes are delicate and original. To choose the right model, we have prepared a guide to buying the best rice paper on the market, in which we explain everything about this product. 


To have an estimate of how much rice paper costs, it is best to analyze the number of sheets or units that are presented in the package, since, according to this, the cost of the product usually varies in price. 

The most common is to find alternatives on the market that are presented in a single unit, that is, a sheet of rice paper. The cost of these models is usually cheap and, in general, varies by a few cents according to the design and the brand. Although it may seem cheaper, models that only have one blade can end up being more expensive.

On the other hand, there are some brands that have a greater number of units, so that, in a single purchase, the user can obtain between 50 and 100 units of rice paper sheets. 

In general, the prices of these alternatives are higher, but if an analysis is made, they eventually turn out to be a better investment, since, although the cost is higher, a greater number of units are offered, which will last longer and serve for different crafts and decorative projects. 

In addition, the difference between the two presentations is usually the design, since the models that come in several units tend to have the same pattern, while, if they are purchased per unit, it may vary in relation to the motif. 

design and motifs

Making a comparison of rice papers in terms of design and motifs can help make a purchase decision, because this characteristic is what differentiates one model from another and can make it more suitable for the requirements of a certain user.

Although there is a wide variety of motifs, it is usually a constant that rice papers have vintage-style designs, with a notable predominance of colors such as beige, brown, light blue, old pink and opaque orange, as well as other pale tones that They serve to give more style to the decorations. 

Depending on the brand, you can find different designs, with flower, fashion, travel, tile, yacht, botanical and animal motifs. There are even some with reflective phrases that serve to improve the decoration of the surfaces where they are decided to be placed. 

There are also some minimalist alternatives, as well as others that lack a motif or design. This is because they are white sheets of rice paper. These models are suitable for other purposes, since Japanese writing can be done on them or let the imagination run wild and add the pattern you want, using a laser or inkjet printer. 

Manufacturing and treatment

Cheap rice paper can be found easily, but if quality is sought, then the manufacturing method must be taken into account, as well as the treatment that the company has provided to the model, since it will depend on this to be more efficient and durable. 

As its name implies, rice paper has been made from rice. It is made through a process in which rice flour must be cooked with water to create a paste, which will be the base of the paper once it dries. The industrialized form may vary a bit, but it is essentially the same. In fact, some brands include, in the production of paper, small fibers that give a touch of texture to the piece and make it look more attractive. 

In addition, within the manufacture, there are some proposals that include an additional treatment, which allows writing on the paper without causing stains or the ink to move, since it is rough, dry and fine. 

Utility and glued

According to the model, there are different uses that can be given to rice paper. Among them, it can be used for decoration with techniques such as mixed media and decoupage, because, being made with a fiber base, it is suitable for covering almost any surface such as wood, fabric, porcelain, among others. Its gluing is simple, since it absorbs the humidity of the glue and adheres to achieve homogeneous finishes.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a rice paper?

Special glue should be placed on the surface of the piece to be decorated. This can be applied with a brush. If the special glue is not available, it can be replaced with white glue mixed with water. In addition, water, a cloth and tinted wax will be needed for finishing.

It is recommended to place the glue on clear surfaces. Then, it will have to be sprayed with water and then, with a cloth, remove the excess. To continue, the sheet of paper must be placed on the surface, which must be damp and, to remove wrinkles, it is pressed from the center to the edges. 

Once it’s on the surface, you can add more glue on top of the sheet to remove any air pockets. To conclude, tinted wax can be applied to the edges. This should be blurred with a cloth.

Q2: How to print on rice paper?

As it is a delicate material, it cannot be fed directly into the printer. Therefore, it is recommended to cut the piece of rice paper that you want to print and place it on an A4 sheet, respecting a distance of 2 cm on each side. 

With the help of tape, the sheet of rice paper must be attached to the A4 paper and it will be this result that must enter the printer. The next thing will be to print as it would be done on any conventional paper. 

Q3: How to make rice paper flowers?

The way to make flowers varies according to the type of flower you want to make. Jasmine is the simplest. You will need a punch in the shape of this flower, a brush, edible glue, fondant, flower wire, yarn, and a sheet of rice paper. The first thing will be to make small balls with the fondant, which will become cones. Then, you have to cut the stamens and leave them 1.5 cm. With the die cutter, the rice paper should be cut. 

To continue, it is necessary to cut small pieces of wire, which must be bent in the form of a hook at the end, and then spread with edible glue. In turn, this should be inserted into the fondant cones until it is completely pierced. Then, edible glue should be placed on each rice paper shape on the rough side, and then glued on the cone. To conclude, you have to make a small hole in the paper to put the stamen and so the flower will be ready. 

Q4: How are rice paper lamps made? 

To make lamps with rice paper, the first thing is to create a structure with wires that has a circular shape and, in the center, a support for the bulb. Once that is complete, the next thing to do is take the sheets of rice paper and start covering the structure. This will require glue and some craft knowledge. Once this is complete, all you need to do is attach the electrical components as well as the light bulb and your lamp is ready to go. 

Q5: How to paste rice paper on a piece of furniture?

The technique for gluing rice paper to furniture is the same as that used to adhere it to other surfaces. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a little glue with water on the furniture with the help of a brush. Next, you will have to place the rice paper. When it is already on the surface, it will be necessary to apply a little water and remove the excess with the help of a cloth. 

Q6: Is rice paper edible?

Rice paper is the main component of some Asian dishes, and it can be used to print drawings and apply on jellies and cakes. So it is edible, but the processes to which it has been subjected by its manufacturer may make it unfit for consumption. Hence, it is necessary to only eat those that have been manufactured and marketed for this purpose. Generally, this information can be verified on the product label.

Q7: How to dye rice paper?

Dyeing rice paper is easy, as you can use powdered or liquid food dyes and apply them evenly to the paper. There are those who suggest that the dyes be mixed with alcohol (vodka) to lower the intensity of the color. Afterwards, it is only necessary to let it dry and it will be ready. 

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