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Silicone gun – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Silicone guns are very useful for crafts and DIY tasks, since they allow you to join different materials and objects, whether they are pieces of wood, plastic elements, fabric, among others. However, these tools are capable of offering more features than they seem, which could complicate your choice. Therefore, we will detail some of the most outstanding silicone guns on the market. Starting with the Tilswall TSW-GGEU which features smart temperature control and fast heat up. Another option is the Dremel 930, which includes 18 bars of various colors and is capable of reaching a temperature of 165 ° C.

The best silicone guns on the market

These tools are preferred by many users when performing adhesion tasks, both professionally and at home. However, given the variety that currently exists, we have prepared a list with some of the best silicone guns of 2022, so that you can select the most convenient one according to your needs.

hot glue gun

Tilswall TSW-GGEU

Having a hot glue gun at home is very useful when it comes to crafts, decoration, DIY or crafts. Such is the case of this Tilswall brand model, designed with advanced technology in order to offer optimal performance.

It is an electric model that integrates a PTC thermistor into its structure, which, together with its 50-watt power, favors rapid heating in less than 5 minutes. Likewise, it has an intelligent temperature control that maintains the heat at 165 ° C, in order to melt the silicone efficiently.

It also has an LED power indicator and offers a convenient stand that stabilizes the gun between uses. It is recommended for gluing paper, fabric, lace, ceramics, glass, plastic, wood and more. On the other hand, with the purchase you will receive 75 pieces of glue of 13 cm in length and free of toxic.

This is a high quality and very useful spray gun for use in the home and office. Next, analyze its most outstanding qualities.


Fast heating: Thanks to its advanced technology, it is a gun that does not require preheating. Therefore, it is ready for use in just 5 minutes.

Safety: In order to avoid accidental burns to your fingers, the mouthpiece has a protective silicone ring.

Variety: You can choose the model that is most convenient for you according to your needs, 50 or 150 watts.



Threads: Flexible silicone bars tend to shed more threads than expected during application.

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Tacklife GGO20AC

This Tacklife brand hot glue gun is considered by some users to be one of the cheapest, because it does not cost much money and it is a compact tool, thanks to its dimensions of 14.6 cm x 11.5 cm x 2.7 cm, which makes it suitable for use by children under adult supervision. 

Likewise, it has automatic protection against overheating through a safety fuse, capable of preventing leaks inside, for this reason, the melted silicone can only come out through the tip of the gun. Its mouthpiece is made of pure copper and has a diameter of 1.8 mm.

On the other hand, it has a classic black design and is capable of working at 20 W of power with a temperature between 171 and 206 °C, to make all kinds of projects in different materials. Also, it is good to know that it is compatible with silicone bars from 6.8 to 7.5 mm, included in the package with a total quantity of 50 units.

This silicone gun could be the right one if you are looking for one of the cheapest and most practical, for this reason, we will explain its pros and cons before making a decision:


Compact: Its measurements are 14.6 cm x 11.5 cm x 2.7 cm, making it a compact model for children’s use.

Safety: It has a safety fuse that prevents leaks.

Materials: It is made of plastic and aluminum and its tip is made of copper for greater resistance.


Coating: Some users indicate that they can feel the heat in the hand when using it, due to the fact that this gun does not have a protective coating.

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silicone gun for crafts

Dremel 930

If you are still wondering which is the best silicone gun, you should know that this one has a T-shaped design and has an ergonomic handle for greater grip, thus giving you balance and total control of movements.

It includes 18 bars of 7 mm diameter, among which you can find 6 transparent and 12 of various colors, such as pink, yellow, black, blue, green and red, so it is designed as a glue gun for crafts and projects. creative, involving decorative objects and attractive works.

The transparent bars are high and low temperature, in addition, the tool has two heat levels, thus offering versatility to be adapted to the thermoformability of materials, whether you use it on stone, wood, cardboard, fabric, among others.

If you want a silicone gun that offers comfort for creative activities, it is convenient that you review the highlights of this model in advance:


Design: It has a T-shaped design, with an ergonomic handle and a protective cover on the nozzle to prevent dripping.

Adjustable: It offers a switch that allows you to choose a temperature between 105 and 165 °C.

Accessories: It has 3 low-temperature silicone bars, 3 high-temperature silicone bars and 12 bars of assorted colors for greater versatility.


Support: Some users indicate that the support to place the gun may not be entirely effective.

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Arfbear 50W

It is a tool made with high quality standards, since it has an anti-heat coating to protect against high temperatures, while providing a comfortable and secure grip. Likewise, it heats in a time of 3 and 5 minutes and, after reaching the maximum level, it keeps it constant for greater efficiency.

This is considered by many to be the best value for money hot glue gun as it does not cost a lot of money and comes in a pack of 50 hot glue sticks 7mm in diameter and 15cm in length. As if that were not enough, they come in different colors and a good level of purity and viscosity, so they are useful for use on plastics, metals, pieces of wood, ceramics, glass, among other materials.

This craft glue gun incorporates an on/off switch, controlled flow trigger and a foldable stand, able to keep the gun stable and prevent leaking glue.

If you are a fan of DIY tasks and you like decoration projects, then you should look for a quality tool, in this sense, it is convenient that you know in more detail the positive and negative characteristics of this model:


Heating: It can maintain a constant temperature after reaching the maximum heat level at 50W power. In addition, it has a fast heating system, in just 3 or 5 minutes.

Protection: It offers an anti-heat coating, so it does not heat your hand.

Precision: It has a controllable flow nozzle to prevent glue loss.


Bars: It only comes with high-temperature bars, so if you need low-temperature bars, you must purchase them separately.

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Professional silicone gun

WEINAS 15377857

It is a professional hot glue gun that offers up to 100W of power, which in turn produces between 256 and 392°C, making it suitable for use with high temperature sticks. In this sense, you should know that it includes 20 pieces of silicone with a diameter of 11 mm and a length of 20 cm, which gives you sufficient quantity and quality for DIY projects and jobs that require daily use.

This tool is made of plastic and aluminum, which provides greater durability, however, its body and nozzle are covered with non-slip rubber, thus, it is capable of protecting against burns and excessive heat.

It has stainless materials, for greater resistance to corrosion. In addition, it offers a power indicator, ergonomic trigger, easy rod entry, among other benefits. As if that were not enough, it has ventilation openings, adequate to avoid overheating.

If you still don’t know which silicone gun to buy, this model is of a professional type, so it might be convenient to know its pros and cons before making the purchase:


Power: Offers 100 W of power with temperatures between 256 and 392 ° C.

Bars: Includes 20 thick bars for DIY work, with a diameter of 11 mm and a length of 20 cm.

Materials: It is made of plastic and aluminum and the nozzle is made of copper, in addition, both are covered with rubber for greater safety.


Use: A user has reported discomfort when having to push the silicone with another stick so that the first one is completely consumed. However, this is a common behavior in these products.

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Bosch silicone gun

Bosch PKP 18 E

This is a Bosch hot glue gun recommended for craft professionals as it provides a superior level of precision and efficiency. This is due to its constant electronic system that keeps the temperature stable, as well as its mechanical advance trigger, capable of expelling exactly the amount of glue you want, with a performance of up to 20 g per minute.

In addition, it has an extra long nozzle, to reach hard-to-reach places. In the same way, it includes blocking to prevent dripping and you will only need to wipe with a towel to remove excess glue. Also, it is important to know that it offers 240 W of power and reaches temperatures of up to 200 °C.

It is a lightweight pistol at just 350g, which has a slim build for a comfortable grip. Its casing has been reinforced with polyamide, so it offers greater resistance. In addition, it supports bars with a diameter of 11 mm and a length of 4.5 cm to 20 cm.

The best brand of silicone guns could give you high performance and professional finishes. For this reason, it is worth knowing the pros and cons of this model to know if it is the right one for your needs:


Power: It has the highest power on the list, with 240 W, in addition, it can reach 200 °C.

Nozzle: Its nozzle has an extra long tip, to reach hard-to-reach places and provide greater precision.

Technology: It has an electronic constant temperature system, mechanical trigger and anti-drip lock.


Presentation: The gun comes in a compact cardboard box, which makes the product less practical according to some users, however, this does not affect its functionality.

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battery powered glue gun

Topelek BA610

If the cables are inconvenient for you to be able to work in areas that are difficult to access, the best option is to bet on a battery-powered silicone gun like this model from Topelek. It is a product equipped with a USB port that allows you to easily recharge the battery. In this way, with 5 hours of charge you can work for up to 100 minutes.

It is a pistol that offers you a compact design and light weight, which is why it is easy to handle; either by adults or children. It is recommended for home and office tasks and also for school work. Likewise, it is very useful for artistic projects and works with a wide variety of materials.

It also has an on/off switch; and thanks to its LED indicator light, you will no longer forget to leave it on. In addition, with the purchase you will receive 10 glue sticks of 14 cm in length and 0.7 cm in diameter.

Whether you need to repair a broken part or work on crafts, this glue gun could be your best ally. Here are some highlights.


Battery: It is a wireless silicone gun that offers you up to 100 minutes of work, with the battery 100% charged.

Utility: You can use it for artistic projects, DIY, crafts, school work or any office use.

Stand: It has a stand that conveniently keeps the gun steady between uses.


Stick diameter: This model only accepts glue sticks up to 0.7 cm in diameter; so you should be careful when buying this consumable.

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Accessories for glue gun

Silicone bars for gun

Joykey GS01

This is a pack of 100 silicone gun sticks, which do not produce odors or harm health in any way. In addition, they have a slim design, are of strong material and provide a level of fast drying, in this way, they are capable of gluing wood, fabric, glass or any material used in daily craft tasks.

On the other hand, they are indicated for use in pistols with compact dimensions, since they have a diameter of 7 mm and a length of 10 cm. Also, they are compatible with high temperature or variable level guns.

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Guide to buying silicone guns

In the creation of crafts and repairs, the silicone gun is one of the most appropriate tools to use in the adhesion of different materials. However, some offer a higher level of practicality and efficiency than others, for this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best glue gun, which offers you the necessary information to choose the most convenient one.

Shopping guide


These tools generally fulfill the same function, but not all of them have the same performance, so when making a comparison of glue guns, the first thing you should take into account is the use you intend to give it, since this is directly related to how much the cost of the product and its functionality.

In this sense, traditional guns are the most common among users, since they can provide the appropriate temperature to optimally carry out DIY and decoration projects. For this reason, they are used mostly for domestic tasks and need to be connected to the current for their operation.

On the other hand, if you need freedom of movement, it is advisable to purchase a cordless silicone gun, which offers operating options and incorporates a rechargeable battery, in this way it is a portable equipment to use under any circumstance. However, you should consider that it may require a certain period of time to charge the battery.

The professional type models could work the same way as the traditional ones, but they are larger in size and provide better performance, as they can stay on for a long time and usually have a high power level, for this reason, they can melt bars of high temperature and are appropriate if you need an everyday tool. 


Some models incorporate some features that complement and facilitate their use, such as those that indicate the power status or battery level, however, you can get simpler models that only indicate that the heating system has been activated.

It is important to know that most guns include a support on the part of the nozzle, designed to prevent it from touching the surface while it is hot and to support it when it is not in use. For this reason, it is important that the gun of your choice has a piece of aluminum or made of some resistant material to keep it standing.

In the case of nozzles, it is recommended that they have a short length to reduce the chances of burns during use. However, a long nozzle gun may also be adequate to access small spaces.

Also, you can take into account that some models include an on and off switch, in this way you can activate or deactivate the heat system even if the gun is connected to the electric current. Likewise, other models have a system to change the power, giving you the possibility of accessing various temperature levels according to your needs.


To acquire a good and cheap silicone gun, you should pay special attention to its power level and maximum temperature, since this will define the capacity of the gun to melt all types of silicones, as well as the time necessary to achieve it. These tools usually have a power that ranges from 20 W to 240 W, which should be according to the use and type of gun.

Low power guns are effective for small tasks, occasional projects and crafts. In addition, they heat to an appropriate level to melt the silicone, but not enough to cause serious burns if they come to rub against the skin of the hands or fingers, so it is recommended for use in schools and offices.

On the other hand, high power guns can be used constantly and on materials that require greater adhesion, such as ceramics and wood. On the other hand, some models are capable of continuously maintaining the same temperature level, for greater work performance. You can find guns that deliver anywhere from 105°C to 392°C.


The usefulness of silicone guns is related to the type of bars that it supports and the benefits that each one offers. In this sense, some guns accept bars of low temperature, high temperature or both options. The low temperature ones are for simple adhesions, while the high temperature ones offer a higher level of fixation.

It is important to note that 7mm rods melt effectively in guns that reach 120°C, while 11mm rods can take up to 200°C to melt properly. Small or compact sized pistols use 7mm diameter rods, while large or traditional pistols generally require 11mm diameter rods. 

Currently, some models include a package with the appropriate bars to use immediately, among which you can find kits of 10 and 50 bars, also, you can purchase separate packages of up to 100 pieces to use according to your needs. In this sense, it is possible to find transparent and colored bars, which are generally used to decorate objects and make crafts.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What things can you do with a glue gun? 

The glue gun is very useful for craft projects, but also for homework, for example, to properly seal windows and prevent cracks in the edges. In addition, it allows you to upholster surfaces and objects, be it a table, walls and furniture using different materials.

When you want to place a painting or photograph on your walls and you don’t want to use nails, you can also use a bit of silicone to adhere both materials, in the same way, you will have the possibility of fixing objects on the floor to make them non-slip. On the other hand, many use the silicone gun to carry out electrical installations, such as hiding the cables in the walls and installing lights on the edges of them.

Q2: How to open a glue gun?

It is recommended that to open one of these tools you have some knowledge regarding its operation, since it could become unusable with any wrong movement, so it is better to avoid it unless it requires cleaning or repair. In this case, you must start by removing the screws at each end of its casing, then it is important to remove the plastic or metal support to prevent its deformation. The next step is to slowly and forcefully separate the two pieces that make up the gun casing. Once opened, all the pieces should be in one of the parts of the case, including the power cable.

Q3: How to take out a silicone bar from the gun?

Many people are hesitant to remove a silicone bar that has already started its melting process, and they are right. You should know that the resistance has a compartment where it stores the silicone that it melts, which leaves it ready to pull the trigger and expel. For this reason, it is not recommended to remove the silicone while it is melting, since it could cause internal obstructions that affect the operation of the gun. In such a case, the most appropriate thing is that you spend the bar in its entirety, however, if you need to take it out urgently, it is necessary to wait for the gun to cool down between 5 and 10 minutes to reduce the damage inside when withdrawing it.

Q4: How to apply silicone with the gun?

It is necessary to complete the recommended heating time according to the gun model, otherwise the silicone may not have the proper consistency when it comes out, consequently, it may dry faster than expected. Also, it is important not to press the trigger repeatedly when the silicone does not come out, since this is because it has not completely melted inside. There is a technique to avoid silicone threads, which is to make some short circular movements before removing from the surface that you glued, this way you cool the area and you can cleanly cut the silicone.

Q5: How to unclog a glue gun?

Usually the blockage occurs in one of the parts before the heating element, so it is possible to unclog the gun easily. In principle, all the screws that join the casing must be removed very carefully. Once this is done, it is important to remember the position of each piece and each circuit, since they must be in the same place when you do the sealing again. Then, using eyebrow tweezers or the like, insert them into the silicone duct and carefully pull out the piece that is obstructing the path of the other bars.

How to use a glue gun

The main function of silicone guns is to expel molten glue for fast drying and permanent bonding. However, for greater effectiveness it is necessary to know how to use them, so we have prepared an article that will allow you to get the most out of this tool.

Choose the silicone bar according to the gun

You should know that not all silicone rods work for all types of guns, the most popular ones receive 7mm and 11mm rods. However, you should also consider the use of each one, for example, the transparent sticks are intended to be used as adhesives on plastics and ceramics. Likewise, the brown or yellow ones are special for wood, the white ones are used as glue on fabric, cardboard or leather surfaces and those that offer different colors are appropriate for any type of craft task.

Insert the bar into the gun

Once you define your needs it is time to insert the bar into the gun. The design of these tools has a hole in the upper rear part of the handle, through which you must insert the silicone bar slowly and firmly. It will go through a long conduit until it reaches the heating system. Once it reaches this point, you should not manually push the silicone bar again, either forwards or backwards, as it could melt incorrectly and block the passage for the next bars.

Activate the heating process

Traditional silicone guns usually have a cable in the lower part of the handle that is connected directly to the current, once it is plugged in, the transmission of energy to the gun will begin, which will later be converted into heat to melt the silicone. It is possible that some models have a switch to start the transmission of heat after connecting it, as well as switches with two options to choose the temperature level, there are even wireless models, which only need to be charged and move the switch from off to switched on. It is necessary that before pulling the trigger you let the gun heat up properly, since otherwise the melted silicone may not have the appropriate effectiveness or viscosity.

pull the trigger

Guns usually have an ergonomic grip to hold the gun comfortably, so you just have to position your fingers on the trigger and press lightly. If you press and no silicone comes out, you should not despair, as this may be because the heating process has not finished. On the other hand, when gluing two surfaces it is important that you do not overload the area too much with silicone, since when joining the parts it could spill and have an unwanted finish. To glue carpets, ceramics, wood and large surfaces, it is recommended that you quickly make a thin line of silicone near the edges, in this way the sealing will be uniform. In addition, to avoid silicone threads, some users recommend letting it cool down and removing the gun for a cleaner cut.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available


La velocidad para alcanzar la temperatura máxima es una de las principales características de esta pistola de silicona caliente, ya que podrás usarla de forma óptima entre 3 y 5 minutos después de conectarla. Asimismo, la temperatura puede mantenerse constante para mayor eficiencia y tiene indicador de encendido con luz LED.

Es importante tomar en cuenta que esta es una pistola de tamaño mini, apropiada para el uso escolar. Además, ofrece 20 W de potencia, suficiente para derretir la silicona rápidamente, pero a un nivel de calor seguro para no causar quemaduras en brazos, dedos o manos. Por esta razón, muchos la consideran como la mejor pistola de silicona.

Está elaborada con plástico y aluminio de alta resistencia, por lo que brinda durabilidad, además, la longitud del cable de alimentación es de 1,5 m para mayor libertad de movimiento. Por otro lado, el diámetro interno de su boquilla es de 1,5 mm y es compatible con siliconas de 7 mm de diámetro.

Si necesitas la mejor pistola de silicona del momento, que te brinde principalmente calidad y eficacia, entonces es recomendable tomar en cuenta los pros y contras de este modelo:


Diseño: Tiene un diseño compacto y cómodo para el uso de jóvenes y adultos. Además, puedes conseguirla en los colores azul, negro y verde.

Silicona: Incluye 50 piezas de silicona transparente para empezar de inmediato cualquier proyecto.

Boquilla: Su boquilla es de 1,5 mm, de punta corta y recubierta por goma, por lo que ofrece eficacia y mayor seguridad de uso.


Instrucciones: Un usuario indica que el manual de usuario no tiene traducción al castellano. No obstante, es un producto de uso fácil e intuitivo.


Se trata de una innovadora y práctica pistola de silicona con batería de litio de 2000 mAh, por lo que puedes usarla de forma inalámbrica. El tiempo de carga es entre 2 y 3 horas, para brindarte un período de uso entre 30 y 45 minutos, en este caso, incluye cable USB para cargar fácilmente.

Su diseño ofrece un indicador del nivel de batería, interruptor para encender o apagar, indicador de potencia, empuñadura ergonómica, soporte y hueco de fácil acceso para las barras. Asimismo, tiene compatibilidad con barras de silicona de 7 mm de diámetro e incluye 50 unidades transparentes para que empieces inmediatamente con cualquier proyecto de bricolaje o tarea de manualidades.

Por otro lado, su boquilla tiene protección térmica para evitar roces accidentales durante su uso. El calentamiento de la pistola se produce en tan solo 40 segundos y expulsa entre 3 y 5 g de pegamento por minuto, lo que la hace apropiada para usar en el hogar.

Si buscas una pistola de silicona que funcione con batería para mayor libertad de movimiento, entonces es recomendable que revises detalladamente las características principales de este modelo:


Batería: Cuenta con una batería de 2000 mAh, que te ofrece hasta 30 y 45 minutos de funcionamiento.

Boquilla: La boquilla incluye protección térmica para evitar roces accidentales.


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