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Slackline – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Slacklines are one of the latest toys to arrive in our urban environment. These elastic straps made of plastic material and fastened by means of ratchets are all you need to enjoy fun moments while keeping your balance on the thin support area offered by the product. Among the most outstanding models, we have the Gibbon Slacklines Classic Line X13, 25 meters long in total and with a secure ratchet and easier to place. Also interesting is the Slackstar SL81792-20 kit, designed for children and beginners and equipped with a length of 20 meters, as well as an efficient mounting loop system.

The 9 Best Slacklines – Opinions 2022

If when you read slackline you don’t know what we are talking about, then you are in the right place. This innovative balance game is all you need to safely have fun anywhere while exercising. However, for everything to go well, you need to know which is the best slackline you can buy according to your needs and technical level. And it is that a model for a newcomer is not the same as for an expert. In any case, with our list of the best slacklines of 2022 you will have an easier time knowing the products in detail and knowing what to expect from each of them.

Gibbon Slackline

1. Gibbon Slacklines Classic Line X13 

When it comes to searching for the best slackline, it’s clear that the Gibbon Slackline is one of the go-to brands. For this selection, we have chosen their Classic Line X13 model. A high quality product and suitable for intermediate users or beginners. 

Its strip has measures of 5 centimeters wide and 25 meters in total, of which 22.5 correspond to the tape and another 2.5 meters to the ratchet fastening area, with both areas having a loop reinforcement high resistance. The same resistance is present in the ratchet, which also has a color code on its elements, to know what we can touch and what not. Something that increases the safety of using the equipment. 

And for you to know more about this slackline and everything you can do with it, you have a specific app developed by the brand, with all the information you want to know to get the most out of it.

So that you have all the necessary information when deciding which slackline to buy, we summarize the highlights of this kit.


Measurements : The measurements of the product are suitable for more experienced users, although it is also acceptable for beginners.

Effect : The tape has been designed to achieve a pleasant trampoline effect, in complete safety.

Coding : The different colors of the ratchet add more security to the assembly process.

Double pinion : The double pinion system of the ratchet increases the resistance of the part and prevents loss of belt tension.

App : Along with the kit you will have access to the brand’s app, to better understand the product and learn more about its use.


Protectors : The kit does not include protectors for the trees, essential to take care of nature and give more stability to the whole.

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slacklining for kids

2. Slackstar SL81792-20 Kids Slackline Practice Ropes

When it comes to looking for the best slackline of the moment, it is necessary to consider our level on the tape. And if you have just arrived in this world, you will surely be interested in the Slackstar SL81792-20 model. 

We are talking about a slackline for children and beginners with measures of 20 meters long and five centimeters wide in its main strip. This line, finished with loops, is easily mounted using the included ratchet. This incorporates a double loop with which it is easier to keep everything in place and the proper tension. 

A simple as well as interesting approach, with which it is easier to place the strips correctly. You just have to practice a little until you find the precise point to achieve the tension you require. For the rest, the resistance of both the tape and the ratchet help the product to have a greater durability.

Let’s see the main summary of the most interesting details of this model and its features.


Approach : The product is designed for both beginners and children.

Ratchet : The quality of the ratchet and its double loop better maintain the tension of the assembly.

Length : The 20 meters long are an interesting measure to move on the strip.

Certificate : The slackline has the TUV and GS certifications, which is always an extra quality.


Protectors : The kit does not include protectors for the trees, which you must buy separately.

Assembly : The assembly process requires some practice, in order to achieve an optimal result.

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slack line kit

3. Macaco Slackline Complete Kit

If what you need is a complete Slackline Kit with everything you need, all you have to do is turn to this complete batch of Macaco. In it, we find the two fastening pieces for the trees, as well as the corresponding protectors. 

The necessary hooks are also incorporated to proceed with the assembly and achieve the appropriate tension when moving on the tape. Among these elements, we have a high resistance ratchet and a powerful support, which prevents the tape from loosening prematurely. 

This tape has a total size of 16 meters long and includes an additional support line, very suitable for newcomers to this world. Although it is obvious that we do not have to install the second line if we do not need it, as it will happen to the most advanced users or experts on the tape.

Enjoy a complete exercise with this Macaco model, designed for different user profiles.


Complete kit : With this kit, you won’t need anything else to practice this sport.

Quality : All the elements have a high quality, in a product suitable for children and beginners.

Cover : The model is accompanied by the carrying case, to carry everything comfortably wherever you want.


Protectors : The protectors for trees are approximately 1 meter in diameter, being somewhat narrower than desirable.

Plastic : In case of intensive use, some of the plastic on the ends may melt due to friction. 

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spider slackline

4. Spider Slackline 14251 Slackline Kit Trick Line 

For those looking for a product from the best current slackline brand, the Spider Slackline 14251 model is a strong candidate for such an honor. This complete kit has a polyester strap with an additional elastic reinforcement and a non-slip component, intended to give more grip on the strap during use. This tape has a length of 25 meters in total, being designed for advanced level users. 

The kit also includes the ratchet with sling, of high manufacturing quality and with which it is easier to maintain the proper tension of the strap. Likewise, the two protectors for trees are included, which also add stability to the set. 

As the last element of the kit, we have the transport bag, to take everything wherever we want. A very complete kit that will accompany you for many hours of fun.

Move and have fun in complete safety thanks to the efficient approach of this Spider slackline.


Pro Grip treatment : This extra adds even more adherence to the tape when moving.

Length : The length of 25 meters makes this product suitable for the most advanced users.

Complete kit : The kit includes everything necessary to achieve an efficient assembly.


Price: It is not one of the cheapest lots at the moment, although its quality well justifies that cost.

Foot Guard: Foot guard to cover the ratchet during use is not included.

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Other products 

5. Epick Slacklines Set

Having everything you need to enjoy slacklining in one product is always a good idea. And in Epic Slacklines they know it. That is why they have this complete kit, where you will not lack anything when it comes to having fun. 

The main strip is 15 meters long and is accompanied by a second initiation line, highly recommended for newcomers. This main strip is made of high quality polyester, so that you have adequate stability when moving. 

Also included are both tree guards and a high quality ratchet to ensure proper strip tension at all times. As an extra, a foot protector is included, so that the risks of accidentally stepping on the ratchet are reduced, as well as the bag in which to carry everything wherever you want. 

A very complete product designed for users who have just arrived in this world or those who wish to improve their technique without haste.

Let’s know something more about this model and everything that it puts within our reach to have fun.


Lines: In addition to the main line, the kit includes a training line, ideal for beginners.

Ratchet : The ratchet is made of high quality steel and has a double retention system for greater security.

Foot protectors : The kit includes the ratchet foot protectors, which are not common in other batches.


Level : The product may fall short for more advanced or higher level users.

Friction : The strip is very sensitive to friction and can be damaged if touched by a sharp element.

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6. Alpidex slackline Set 15 m + Tree protector

The Alpidex 16061 slackline combines a very complete presentation with a fun design that is different from the plain format models. Specifically, the kit has a 15 meter long strip, made of a highly resistant plastic material with good support capacity. In addition, this strip has a nice finish in different colors, properly intertwined. 

The same resistance capacity offered by the tape is also provided by the ratchet of the product, which gives the whole a total resistance of up to two tons of tension. This set is mounted on the adjustment straps and two tree protectors with Velcro closure, which not only compensate for the tension, but also take care of nature and facilitate assembly. 

The slackline is finished off with the essential instruction manual and a large transport bag, to carry everything wherever you want with comfort.

Wearing style and having fun is possible thanks to slacklines like this interesting Alpidex model.


Protectors: The protectors have a high quality, they help protect the trees and give the tape more stability.

Complete set: In the kit we find everything you need from the tape and the ratchet to the usual supports and protectors.

Finish: The stripe finish gives it a nice pop of colour, compared to more boring plain designs.


Ratchet: Some comments indicate that the ratchet has good resistance but must be properly cared for to prevent deterioration.

Length: The length of 15 meters may be insufficient for users looking for larger options.

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7. High Pulse Slackline 

We continue to review full-featured slackline kits like the High Pulse 11-0021-01. This slackline includes everything you need to enjoy a complete experience, although perhaps with a somewhat more complex assembly process than other similar models. 

In its main parameters, we have a tape that is 15 meters long in total, of which 12.5 belong to the main tape and 2.5 to the grip tape. The kit also incorporates the tree protectors, which give more stability to the assembly and add extra comfort when using the tape. 

This tape has the additional advantage of having a high resistance, so that it supports up to 150 kilos of weight on its surface. In parallel, the quality of the ratchet is also up to par, also including the protection with which to avoid damage if you accidentally step on it.

If you need a product capable of combining comfort with high resistance, you may be interested in learning more about this complete High Pulse kit.


Resistance: Thanks to the quality of its materials, this product is capable of supporting up to 150 kilos of weight on its surface.

Double tape: The double tape helps to have additional support when taking our first steps.

Foot Guard: The foot guard prevents damage should you accidentally step on the ratchet.


Assembly: The assembly process is somewhat more complex than that of other similar products.

Tension control: It is key to check the tension of the strip frequently, in order to avoid possible accidents. 

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8. Small Foot 10476 Slackline

As usual, our selection also has a space for the cheapest lots on the market. Among them, we find the Small Foot 10476 kit, which due to its completeness and also due to its construction, is an interesting option, economically speaking.

This kit consists of a main strip 15 meters long and 5 centimeters wide. In addition, it includes an auxiliary or training line, which helps newcomers to better manage themselves on the slackline. The kit also includes the necessary protectors for the adjustment on the trees, as well as the adjustment ratchet, which properly maintains the line tension correctly. 

A set of parts with good quality and resistance, so we are talking about a product that would be close to being the best value for money slackline that we have analyzed.

Let’s know more about this kit, located among the cheap kits on the current market, although without detracting from quality.


Training line : In addition to the main strip, we also have an additional training strip.

Measurements : The measurements of the slackline are appropriate for a product for beginners.

Complete Kit : The kit includes everything you need to install the strip comfortably and safely.


Resistance : The product has a maximum resistance of 80 kilos, which must be taken into account when using it.

Finish : The finish of the strip is plain green. Something visually bland, although it does not affect its quality.

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9. Secoroco Slackline Game

Although conventional slacklines are 15 to 25 meters long, the market also offers even more extensive options. Among them, we have this Secoroco model, which lengthens its dimensions to no less than 35 meters, with the usual width of five centimeters. 

A slackline that unites this size with a high resistance construction made mainly of polypropylene fiber. This material is recognized both for the high resistance it offers during exercise and for its high durability. 

So that you do not miss anything, the kit is accompanied by the two corresponding tree protectors, with a velcro closure that facilitates their secure attachment. This fixation also helps the quality of the ratchet, resistant to water and that it adequately supports tension.

If you need more meters of tape, nothing better than resorting to this large model manufactured by Secoroco.


Length of the strip : The strip reaches up to 35 meters long, being one of the largest on the market.

Ratchet : This piece has a high quality and adequately supports humidity, offering greater durability.

Complete kit : The kit has all the necessary elements for an optimal and uncomplicated assembly.


Demand : Of course, it is not the most suitable option for newcomers to this world.

Instructions : The company does not guarantee that the instructions we receive are in Spanish.

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Shopping guide 

Slacklining is one of the latest urban sports that have come to our cities. An exercise for which we only need a couple of good-sized trees and a complete kit to start training. Something that shows how simple this product is. However, this does not mean that it is not necessary to have a good guide to buy the best slackline, since the differences between the different versions of these kits are considerable. So if you want to know more about the most important aspects of these products, all you have to do is continue reading our guidelines.

slackline measurements

When it comes to buying one of these kits, the first thing to consider is the dimensions of the product. Let’s think that a slackline is nothing more than a long strip of a certain thickness on which we walk, so that depending on the user’s characteristics and their own preferences we will have to choose one model or another.

If we review any comparison of slacklines, we will see two main types of product: the beginner kits and the Pro kits. The main difference between these kits has to do, precisely, with the measurements. In models for beginners, it is usual that the length of the tape does not exceed 15 meters, while its thickness is usually about 5 centimeters. Some kits, few really, increase this length to 20 meters in products for beginners, but not more. The idea is that a shorter strap offers less sway and more stability to the user during use.

On the other side we would have the most professional kits or for more advanced users. These extend the total length of the tape to about 25 meters or more, while the width of the tape is usually those 5 centimeters that we have been commenting on. As the length increases, so does the force transmitted and therefore the skill required to tame the slackline.

kit content

When we equip ourselves for the first time and buy a slackline, the best solution is to buy a complete kit, in which we have everything we need to start moving on this product.

The kits offered by different manufacturers usually include different elements. One of them is, obviously, the balance tape that is installed on the trees, with the various measures that we discussed in the previous point. The necessary connectors are also included so that the adjustment of the strip on the trees is precise. All these elements must be made with quality materials, so that the product supports use well.

On the other hand, the kit also includes the ratchet or ratchet, the mobile part with which to adjust the tension. This element is key to our safety, so it is worth checking its quality, especially in cheap price kits. Finally, there are some kits that include tree protectors, which we must always install. The price difference is small and the truth is that these protectors are essential when it comes to using the slackline on these supports, so our advice is to always include them in your purchase. The same happens with the foot protector for the ratchet, whose adjusted cost is well worth the security it provides us.

Materials and accessories

Once we have analyzed the two key points, leaving aside also how much the kit costs, it is time to talk about the details with which to refine our search. One of them is the material. Slacklines are generally made of high-strength polyester or nylon to support weight. Both materials are suitable for any use, except for use on the beach. In the latter case, it is highly recommended to resort to one of the specific products that manufacturers offer for environments where we have salt water nearby. Some models also have special non-slip treatments on the strip, which provide greater safety when walking on it.

Another issue to assess is the range of accessories and spare parts offered by the manufacturer. No matter how well we take care of our slackline, it is possible that both the straps and the rachet end up deteriorating with use. So if the manufacturer has spare parts for these parts at an attractive price, it will always be an advantage. However, almost all the parts are universal, so it is easier to find spare parts.

As a closing, since we are talking about accessories, it is necessary to talk about two very useful ones. One of them is the external support. This allows the slackline to be mounted where there are no trees and it can be interesting to simplify the assembly. The other element that we want to highlight are the fitness slackline kits, mounted at a low height and designed to perform physical exercise on them. These elements are always sold separately, but they can be interesting if they meet your specific needs when it comes to equipping yourself.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a slackline?

To use the slackline, we will start by placing it correctly according to the product installation instructions. It is key that the strip is with the proper and balanced tension, so that there is not one end higher than the other. Next, we just have to get on the strip and start moving on it carefully, so as not to fall. If we lose our balance, it is always better to take a small jump or drop one foot to the ground than to end up falling uncontrollably. Once the use is finished, there is no more to disassemble and store the product.

Q2: How to ride the slackline?

To mount our slackline on a tree, we will start by placing the protective strip on it, in order to avoid damage. On this protector, we will place the slackline strip, going around the tree a couple of times and fixing the strip with the corresponding piece. It is key that the assembly is tight, for greater security. Next, we will repeat the process on the other side, using the winch to give the piece the correct tension. This is the general process, although if you are in doubt all slackline kits come with specific assembly instructions.


Q3: What is the best slackline for beginners?

In general, the most suitable products for beginners are those that offer a shorter strip length and a greater strip width. The idea is that the fall or elongation that the slackline generates is reduced the shorter the tape, which causes less oscillations when walking on it. On the other hand, a thicker or wider tape offers a greater surface to make supports, which always helps newcomers to this world. In general, theirs is a configuration with a length of no more than 15 meters and also at least 5 centimeters wide. If the kit also has an additional support line, it is even better.

Q4: How to disassemble the slackline?

The slackline disassembly process is the reverse of the assembly process that we just discussed. We will start by releasing the drag winch strip, for which a specific piece is included in it. This helps to pull out the entire strip and remove the tension comfortably. Next, we only have to remove the structure that we have mounted on the trees, starting on one side and finishing on the other. Don’t forget to store the tape well rolled up, so it doesn’t roll up and is easier to assemble in the future.

Q5: How to install the treeless slackline?

One of the keys to the slackline is the presence of trees thick enough to support our weight. When we don’t have these trees on hand, then things get complicated. As an alternative, it is possible to mount the product on posts or the like, although these must be thick enough to support the weight on the structure. So a traffic signal or a simple lamppost would not do us any good. As an alternative, some manufacturers already sell specific and height-adjustable supports, which can be used as a substitute for trees or posts.

Q6: Is the slackline safe?

In general, slacklining is a safe sport. Yes, it is true that it has its risks, but they are not much greater than those we face when we skate or ride a bicycle, with the advantage that, as we are not held anywhere, we can always jump or land before falling to the ground. ground. This does not mean that the slackline is free of dangers, but it is true that they are controllable and easy to avoid, especially with proper installation and a good choice of terrain where we place the product.

Q7: Why does the slackline loosen?

When the tape loosens, the problem is generally in the ratchet or ratchet, the piece that holds it. Let us think that this piece is subject to high tension during exercise and, over time, loses its holding capacity. In general, this problem has no solution other than changing the affected part for a new one, which maintains the tension adequately. What we can do is avoid the early appearance of the problem, through proper care and greasing of the ratchet.

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