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Snorkel Set – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you want to enjoy your trips to the sea much more and observe all the aquatic landscapes, it is recommended that you use snorkeling equipment. These usually have a breathing tube, a mask and fins that help you swim more smoothly and comfortably. If you want to acquire the right game, you should look at the quality of the materials used in its preparation and that it offers you a good level of adjustment to your physical characteristics. To help you make your purchase we have selected some models that might interest you, such as the Cressi Pluma, made up of diving goggles, breathing tube, fins and a bag to store everything. Another interesting option is the Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Lx set, formed by all the usual components and that includes improvements such as fins that allow a better advance or glasses with an improved viewing angle.

Buying Guide – What is the best snorkel set on the market?

If you want to select the right model, the first thing you should do before making your search is to know its characteristics. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best snorkel set through which we explain some of its qualities. After you have read it, it will be easier to choose the right product.


If you are going to make a comparison of snorkel sets, it is necessary that you know well the usefulness that you can give to the equipment, because that way you will know in what type of water sports it is appropriate to use it.

The snorkel equipment provides protection to your eyes while you are submerged in the sea and also allows you to visualize your surroundings with a higher level of clarity, thanks to this you will have the possibility to enjoy each one of the aquatic landscapes that are present in the area where you dive.

In addition, it helps you to breathe properly, depending on the level of depth at which you are swimming.

The snorkel set is suitable for shallow diving and there are also some water sports specialists who recommend using it for swimming, due to the advantages it offers.

By using it you will be able to maintain concentration when swimming and it helps you to move properly, as it helps the head to be aligned with the rest of the body. Likewise, it will be possible for you to observe the trajectory that your arms follow underwater and correct it if necessary.

If you are a sprinter, when you use this equipment you will be able to maintain your balance while you are swimming.


Another aspect that you should consider is the variety of accessories that each of the products has, since the kits usually have different pieces.

If you are looking for cheap equipment, you can buy a set consisting only of the diving mask and the snorkel tube. On the other hand, if your budget is higher, then you can select a more complete product that includes fins.

The mask is designed with straps that allow it to fit properly to the face; It is necessary that this allows you to feel comfortable, it should not be too tight, because it will bother you, nor too loose, because water could enter.

In addition, when choosing a mask you will have to make sure that it offers you a good level of visibility. Some models offer you a viewing angle of 180 degrees, for this reason, you will be able to appreciate the bottom of the sea with precision.

The snorkel is made up of a mouthpiece, a joint and a breathing tube through which the air enters, they are generally flexible and usually fit on the side of the mask. It is necessary that this equipment stays dry while you are submerged, because in this way you will be able to breathe better while you are underwater.

On the other hand, diving fins will allow you to swim faster. They are made up of a pedestal, which can be open or closed, and a wide blade. There are some models that have channels and they will help you propel yourself better.


Another aspect that you should review when buying one of these pieces of equipment, apart from how much each model costs, are the materials that have been used in its preparation, since its quality and the level of durability that they offer you will depend on this characteristic.

In general, the masks have lenses made of tempered glass. This product, in addition to being durable, does not scratch easily and does not fog up too much, therefore, it offers you a good level of visibility.

The rim of the mask and the mouthpiece are usually made of silicone, as this material ensures that the mask has a good fit, prevents water from entering through it, and will also keep you comfortable.

You need to make sure that the silicone used is non-toxic. This way you will be able to use the snorkel set properly and it will not cause any damage to your health. If you feel any discomfort when using it, you should take it off, as it could cause an allergic reaction.

In addition, there are some games that have parts made of PVC, this product has a high level of resistance, for this reason, the parts made of said material are durable and can be used for a long time.

The 4 Best Snorkeling Games – Opinions 2022

To help you select the right snorkel set, we have compiled a list of models that are considered the best of the moment. Among them could be the right equipment for you, for this reason, we invite you to know its characteristics.

1. Cressi Pen Diving Accessories

Main advantage:

The versatility of this snorkel set makes it possible for it to be used both in snorkeling and for diving and apnea, thanks to its manufacture with high-end materials, with an anatomical, safe and flexible design.

Main disadvantage:

The goggles in this kit may be a bit small for some users, but they have integrated buckles that can be adjusted with one hand.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This snorkel kit is a smart investment for those who need to increase their performance in this fun aquatic activity that involves immersion in the deep sea.

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Manufacturing materials

The basic snorkeling equipment made up of the diving fins, the breathing tube and the diving mask must be made with excellent quality materials so that you can have a guarantee of the durability and resistance of the product.

In this sense, it is worth noting that this Cressi Pluma model has fins made of polypropylene on the upper part and thermoplastic rubber for the foot pocket area and the longitudinal ribs, high-end materials that allow the flexibility of the fins to the snorkeling

For its part, the face mask and its strip are made of transparent or black liquid silicone. The Gamma tube is made of unbreakable polyurethane with a mixed matte-gloss texture and an anatomical and rounded design, with an upper deflector that is responsible for reducing the entry of water produced by the waves without affecting the air intake flow.


Regarding the aspect of safety offered by this model of snorkel, it should be noted that the trachea of ​​the tube, being made of silicone with a smooth interior, does not harm the circulation of water and has a mouthpiece made of the same material that includes differentiated thicknesses that Releases jaw tension.

Likewise, this equipment includes a lateral discharge bucket and a discharge valve that has an elliptical silicone membrane that is responsible for preventing grains of sand from entering the mouth.

In addition, the connection between the mouthpiece and the breathing tube has a safety device that is activated in the event of an eventual accidental separation to prevent water from passing into the user while he is in the sea.

fin structure

The Pluma fins, being made of polypropylene, are highly light and resistant against possible breakage and are characterized by having an elastic return structure on the blade that allows efficient finning without much effort.

According to the manufacturer, this model is designed with a new technology for non-professional equipment, which produces the injection of two different colors simultaneously, to give a highly attractive effect to users.

To use these fins properly, you have to place the foot housing under the blade, which, thanks to the aforementioned structure, will protect the foot from possible bumps or scrapes against the bottom of the sea.

For its part, the foot pocket of the fin is integrated halfway up the blade to improve hydrodynamics and provide an effective balance to the flapping. In addition, it is designed to be comfortable during use, with a rigid sole capable of avoiding possible cramps.

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2. Phantom Aquatics Legendary Deluxe Fin Set

For those who do not want to search separately for each accessory of their snorkel equipment, this model can be counted among the best, since each of its elements has characteristics that make them effective. Like its mask, which because it has a lateral bevel, can allow you a very convenient panoramic view, so you don’t lose detail of what’s happening around you while you swim.

On the other hand, its fins have a quick release system that will help you put on or take off these parts easily, which saves time. In addition, they can help you push yourself better and with less effort thanks to their design.

We cannot fail to mention that its tube appropriately combines comfort, length and also includes a design that helps prevent you from inhaling water, since it is submersible.

Let’s see in greater detail the advantages of this model that the Phantom Aquatics brand brings us so that you have more elements when basing your final purchase decision.


Speed ​​: By having fins that allow a soft kick and a design that facilitates the impulse with less effort, you can swim for longer without getting too tired.

Dry tube : Due to the design of its tube, you can even submerge this piece without experiencing problems because you get to suck water.

Visor : Thanks to its beveled screen you will not have frames that get in the way of your vision, so you can see in greater detail underwater.

Practicality : By including a system that facilitates the placement and release of the feet in the fins, you can be ready in no time.


Size : It is recommended to analyze the measurements well, since it is possible that they may be seen as a bit wide.

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3. Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Snorkel Combo Set

This snorkel set has a mask and a breathing tube that you can use to practice your water sports in comfort and safety.

The tube is designed with an Aqua Stop valve that is responsible for preventing water from penetrating inside and, therefore, helps you breathe better. In addition, due to its shape it allows you to maintain a greater intake of air.

This tube features a large purge valve that allows for easy emptying. In addition, on the inside it has a smooth silicone corrugated, which allows the mouthpiece to remain in the correct position all the time.

You should consider that it is an anatomical product that manages to fit properly to the head, which will allow you to feel comfortable while swimming.

When buying a Snorkel set, it is not enough that you look at the cheapest models, it is also convenient that you look for a quality product. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the Cressi DS337050 will help you determine if it is appropriate for you .


Crystals : They have an inclination of 15° and are prolonged above the cheekbones, these properties contribute to your having an adequate level of visibility underwater.

Anti-splash : The tube incorporates a special valve that has a float system and is anti-splash, due to this it seals it and prevents the entry of water.

Tube : It is flexible, anti-tear and has an anatomical mouthpiece, for this reason, you will be able to accommodate it in the correct position.

Bag : It is offered with a bag made of nylon, where you can store it.


Resistance : Some buyers maintain that due to the resistance of its materials it could deteriorate after a certain time or when submerged to a certain depth.

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4. Zoggs Reef Explorer Snorkel and Diving Mask for Kids

It is one of the cheapest on the list and has a design that allows it to fit properly to your face, for this reason, it allows you to carry out your sports training comfortably.

The mask lenses are made of tempered glass, a resistant material that guarantees its durability, and have a double strap.

This is a youth game, so it’s suitable for teenagers who are learning to dive. It is also recommended for those people who measure up to 150 cm in height.

Its accessories include the mask, which protects the eyes and helps to have a better view of the ocean, and the snorkel tube, which helps users breathe properly.

Its mouthpiece made of PVC has a suitable angle that will allow you to swim comfortably.

Finally, it should be noted that, apart from being an excellent product, it is not very expensive, which is why it is considered by many users to be the best value-for-money snorkel set at the moment.

This model could interest you due to the variety of qualities that it offers, in addition, several buyers consider it the best snorkel set for 20 euros, for this reason, we want to present its main positive and negative aspects.


Band : The band of the mask is double and adjustable, for this reason, you will be able to use it according to your needs and thus feel comfortable.

Mask : This piece has crystals made of tempered glass, a resistant material that contributes to its durability.

Mouthpiece : It is made of PVC and the angle at which it has been designed will help you hold it properly while using the breathing tube.


Accessories : This snorkel set does not offer a bag that you can use to store it among its accessories. Also, unlike other similar models, fins for swimming are not included.

Limit : According to the manufacturer, it can only be used by people who have a height of up to 150 cm.

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Cressi Pen Diving Accessories

It will allow you to practice your water sports in the correct way, as they are designed to channel the water, which will help you to move properly while you train.

Thanks to its design you will be able to use it at all levels of diving, so they will be useful when you are learning to practice this sport or when you already have more experience and train like a professional.

According to the manufacturer, this product is light, for this reason, you will not have to make much effort when taking it on a trip to the places where you are going to do your aquatic training.

Due to all these features, this model is recommended by some users as the best snorkel set of the moment.

For some this is the best snorkeling game of the moment; To find out if it suits your needs or not, you will have to take a look at its advantages and disadvantages.


Tube : This piece of this snorkel set is high-end, since its design is anatomical, completely rounded and has a progressive profile.

Materials : The fin is made of flexible thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene, resistant materials that contribute to its proper functioning and durability. While the strip of the mask is made of silicone, a product that allows it to be fixed on the face in a smooth and stable way.

Versatility : You can use this product for different water sports, including diving, snorkeling and apnea.

Fins : The design of the fins helps improve flapping, balance and hydrodynamics. In addition, they are comfortable and their rigid sole prevents cramps.


Size : Before making your purchase you should look at the size and make sure you choose a model that is according to your measurements.

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How to use a snorkel set

If you want to get a tool that makes you see the wonders that are hidden under the sea, we recommend using a snorkel set without any hesitation. This will allow you to swim faster thanks to the fins and to be able to see the underwater bottom in great detail while you get oxygen thanks to a breathing tube.

Donning the mask and snorkel

First of all, place the mask next to the snorkel. To do this, we press the mask over our eyes to cause a suction. It is not necessary to carry out this step abruptly, we only intend to create a vacuum that prevents the entry of water. Once this is done, we pull the rubber strap to adjust the closure.

We must take into account that the glasses have to feel comfortable, otherwise we will have to adjust them in the middle of the sea and it is complicated, as well as very stressful, since normally you do not have a point of support.

Once this is over, we will place the snorkel next to the diving goggles. You can do this thanks to the accessory that is normally included with the kit, a plastic clip with two holes through which you can pass the breathing tube to attach it to the scope. Finally, put the mouthpiece of the tube in your mouth to start breathing.

way of breathing

Breathe slowly, relaxed and deeply through your mouth through the snorkel. Do not stress. Think that if you want to return to the surface, you only have to raise your head.

In order to enjoy a pleasant experience, focus on your breath for a few seconds. To do this you can use a simple trick: listen to the sound caused by your inhalations through the tube. Once you have become familiar with the rhythm of your breaths, you will only have to observe the wonderful views.

Snorkel emptying

Sometimes, water can get inside the snorkel and, in addition to being uncomfortable, it can be dangerous, since we could swallow it. To clean the apparatus we exhale forcefully while the tube is on the surface of the water. In this way, the water that enters the snorkel will be easily eliminated.

mask cleaning

Snorkel goggles can also contain water at certain times. In order to clean them, you can stick your head above the surface of the water and, while flapping your feet to keep yourself stable, move the goggles away from your face and help drain the water. Depending on the models, a valve may be included that facilitates the cleaning process.

use of fins

The fins give us the possibility to cover an underwater distance quickly and obtain greater stability and comfort in swimming. The movement you must perform is the same as in the front crawl swimming style, with the only difference that in this case it is done more smoothly.

To start flapping, use the entire leg from the hip. Now that you know how to use a snorkel set, all you have to do is put all these steps to the test.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Easy Eagle Tempered Glass

Si aun tienes dudas sobre cuál es el mejor juego de snorkel, conocer las características de este producto te podría ayudar a despejar cualquier incógnita, pues se trata de un modelo muy completo que incluso cuenta con un soporte donde podrás colocar tu cámara y grabar todos los detalles que observes mientras bucees.

Este equipo snorkel tiene entre sus accesorios una máscara fabricada con lentes de vidrio templado que te ofrecen un ángulo de visualización de 180°, esto te permitirá disfrutar de una vista panorámica clara.

La boquilla del tubo de respiración está fabricada en silicona suave que no es tóxica, por esta razón, no te causara ningún tipo de problema o reacción alérgica mientras bucees.

El snorkel está diseñado para mantenerse seco por completo, lo cual evita que el agua se quede en su interior y no puedas respirar correctamente.

Si todavía no sabes qué juego de snorkel comprar, entonces es momento de que le eches un vistazo a las ventajas y desventajas que te ofrece el Easy Eagle Vidrio Templado, así podrás saber si está acorde a tus requerimientos.


Máscara: Posee unos cristales elaborados en vidrio templado, estos son antiniebla, por este motivo, tendrás una mejor visualización. Además, la banda que posee es ajustable y podrás adaptarla a tu conveniencia.

Accesorios: Este juego de snorkel es ofrecido con una bolsa donde podrás almacenarlo, para mantenerlo ordenado y transportarlo fácilmente, asimismo, incluye una funda que te servirá para proteger tu cámara.

Tubo: Este tiene una forma ligeramente curva, una zona corrugada e integra una boquilla. Esta pieza te ayudará a respirar adecuadamente mientras practiques determinados deportes acuáticos.


Aletas: No cuenta con unas aletas que contribuyan a un adecuado desplazamiento mientras nadas.

OMorc Negro

Está entre los mejores juegos de snorkel del 2022 debido a que está elaborado en materiales de calidad, como silicona inodora que garantiza a los usuarios una experiencia agradable al utilizarlo, durabilidad y seguridad.

El kit snorkel incluye entre sus accesorios un tubo seco, máscara de buceo y un par de aletas trek, gracias a esto al adquirirlo podrás contar con la mayoría de implementos que necesitas para ir a bucear.

El tubo del equipo se mantiene 100 % seco y ha sido diseñado con una boquilla de silicona que es suave y ayuda a prevenir la fatiga de la mandíbula, por esta razón, te sentirás más cómodo al utilizarlo y lograrás practicar tus deportes acuáticos con comodidad.

Además, el sostenedor es ergonómico y tiene un clip de liberación rápida que permite separar el snorkel de la máscara sin complicaciones, así que podrás hacer este proceso con rapidez.

La mejor marca de juegos de snorkel podría ser OMorc, por lo que conocer las características de uno de sus productos es una buena opción, quizá este modelo se adapte a tus requerimientos.


Máscara: Tiene lentes antiniebla fabricadas en vidrio templado, estas ofrecen una buena visibilidad y son resistentes a posibles fracturas.

Materiales: Sus piezas están elaboradas en materiales de calidad, como policarbonato y silicona inodora, por este motivo, son perdurables y seguras.

Tubo: Tiene una boquilla suave para más comodidad de la mandíbula, es ergonómico, posee un clip de liberación que permite separarlo fácilmente de la máscara y tiene una sección de flex que contribuye a su maniobrabilidad.

Bolso: Entre sus accesorios incluye un bolso en el que podrás almacenar y transportar todas las piezas.


Precauciones: Para obtener un mejor efecto antiniebla deberás tomar ciertas medidas, por ejemplo, no sumergir la máscara en agua y evitar limpiarla mucho.

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