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Surfboard – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Those who practice surfing know the importance of having a good board, which provides them with a safe, resistant and ergonomic surface to carry out all their maneuvers on the water without any inconvenience. Therefore, when making the selection you will need to take into consideration that not all models are suitable for the same athlete. For example, Triclicks Sudoo is an inflatable surfboard with a spacious and robust format, made with high-end polymers and designed to support a weight of up to 150 kilograms. For its part, Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana offers a safe design with anti-slip coating and a comfortable removable seat with oars.

The best surfboards on the market

The variety of models is a double-edged sword, since we have more options but at the same time we will need more time to verify their specifications and select the equipment that really suits us. Thus, below we present the best surfboards on the market, according to buyers.

paddle board for surfing

Triclicks Sudoo

Among the wide variety of boards, this inflatable model stands out with a format of 300 x 75 x 15 centimeters and a weight of 9.5 kilograms, which due to its manufacture and attached accessories is considered by some to be the best surfboard.

The structure is capable of supporting a maximum of 150 kilograms and has been made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a highly resistant polymer. Likewise, an EVA-type rubber non-slip coating and elastic cords for handling stand out on the upper part.

It is important to mention that this paddle board for surfing has been provided with a filling pump and a practical repair kit in case of a puncture. Similarly, in the purchase package, you will find a foot strap, a set of three fins and an ergonomic paddle with a telescopic design, as well as a carrying bag made of polyester.

If inflatable equipment is your thing, you can’t let this model go unnoticed, considered the best surfboard of the moment.


Storage: The manufacturer attached a polyester bag in which you can store or transport the board safely and comfortably.

Inflation: Thanks to the wide air outlet of the built-in pump, you can inflate the board in just five minutes.

Rowing: The adjustable and ergonomic design of the rowing will allow you to use it without inconvenience.

Load: The maximum load of the table is 150 kilograms, being suitable for robust people.


Flimsy: If you are not careful when handling the board, it could easily deteriorate.

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If you are a lover of water sports, this paddle board for surfing will surely interest you. It is an inflatable model with a load capacity for a maximum of 125 kilograms, made both in its upper and lower part with a layer of 0.7 millimeters of vinyl polycarbonate and five millimeters of EVA plastic. This raw material is characterized by being resistant, offering a soft touch and being respectful of the environment.

Among other specifications of interest we have the dimensions of the table, which correspond to 305 x 80 x 12 centimeters and its weight of only 2.2 kilograms, being a fairly light equipment.

With the purchase of the board you will also enjoy an adjustable paddle with an aluminum body, foot strap, central fin and a manual pump for inflating the structure. In addition, a storage bag with front zippers, pockets and a pair of grab handles is incorporated.

This inflatable board is a good alternative for surf lovers, since it has a light and resistant structure.


Format: Its dimensions of 305 x 80 x 12 centimeters and weight of 2.2 kilograms offer easy handling of the structure.

Storage: You can store and transport the equipment safely, using the bag attached by the manufacturer.

Accessories: You will not have to make an extra investment acquiring the central fin or the support strap, since they have been incorporated in the set.

Inflation: Thanks to the built-in manual pump you can easily inflate the board.


Paddle: The paddle adjustment mechanism is a bit awkward if you’re not careful enough.

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Inflatable surf paddle board

Bestway Hydro Force Oceana 

Bestway presents this summer season what could be one of the best surfboards of 2022. Its easy-inflation design, high-end raw material and well-cared finishes are undoubtedly some of the characteristics that buyers value positively.

This inflatable surf paddle board has dimensions of 305 x 84 x 15 centimeters and thanks to its manufacture in the well-known “drop stitch” material you will not have to worry about its deterioration, because it offers a high level of resistance. In addition, on the upper face it has an anti-slip coating attached so that you acquire better stability. Thus, it is a board designed to be maneuvered in shallow waters and on fairly soft waves.

Among its particularities to highlight, we must mention the incorporation of a seat with footrest and backrest that you can remove whenever you want, in addition to a pair of adjustable oars, a small repair kit and an inflation pump.

If you are looking to acquire equipment from the best brand of surfboards, you will have to consider this Bestway model.


Manufacturing: Thanks to the implementation of “drop stitch” material you can enjoy a resistant product with a long useful life.

Safety: Because safety on a surfboard is essential, the manufacturer incorporated a non-slip coating on the upper face.

Repair: In case of breakdowns, you have at your disposal a repair kit attached to the purchase.

Seat: The board incorporates a removable seat, so you can move sitting down with the help of the oars.


Transport: The absence of a storage and transport bag could be a limitation for some people.

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motorized surfboard

WXX 312-419-715

If you are new to the world of water sports and you need an assistant to stay afloat during your practices, you should not hesitate to purchase this motorized surfboard.

The 55 x 37.5 x 13.5 centimeter structure has been made of high-end polymer with a soft touch, weighs 4.9 kilograms and has also been provided with an IP68 water protection treatment.

The equipment incorporates a motor powered by a removable 100-watt battery, which weighs one kilogram and takes about three hours to charge, for the enjoyment of a range of 45 minutes. The work force of the table after its start-up corresponds to 400 watts, adjustable to a maximum of two speeds, according to your needs. Similarly, if the charge runs out, you can use it without electricity, because it has an adequate level of buoyancy.

Learning to stay afloat in the water requires practice and a good board, which is the case with this model patented by WXX. Here are its pros and cons.


Power: You can adjust its power from 400 watts to two levels for a better evolution of your skills.

Battery: The battery offers a range of 45 minutes, enough time for your daily exercises.

Format: Its compact format will not take up much space when storing or transporting it.

Manufacturing: The polymer used for the structure gives it strength and lightness to be easily handled.


Charging time: There are those who comment that the charging time is excessive for the little autonomy offered.

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evolutionary surfboard

Channel Islands Fish

With a design that is easy to maneuver thanks to its hybrid, light and spacious body, you will find this evolutionary surfboard, which is one of the favorites of professionals and amateurs of the waves.

The board has a volume of 40 to 45 liters, which is a good level of buoyancy. Also, its tail is squash and the configuration of the keels is for Tri-Fin or Tri-quad. The structure has been built based on a polyurethane foam core, covered with Hexcel-type fiberglass sheets and Silmar polyester resin. 

In addition, spray mesh was used in the upper layer for a better distribution of pressure, in the face of the impacts generated when surfing. It is a certified board with the Basque quality seal, which has everything you need to answer your question of which is the best surfboard, being ideal for those who want to move quickly in the sea.

With so many makes and models it’s no wonder you don’t know which surfboard to buy. However, with this Channel Islands design your doubts could be cleared.


Volume: Its volume of 40 to 45 liters, to facilitate its floating range in the water, makes it a spacious board and suitable for professionals or amateurs.

Construction: Polyurethane foam, fiberglass sheets and resin coating are resistant materials that will give it a long life.

Pressure: The surface incorporates spray mesh, whose purpose is to evenly distribute the pressure on impacts.

Usage: This board is suitable for deep water, getting a fast glide.


Keels: The keels or fins have not been incorporated, which implies an additional investment.

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Surfboard for children


The present model of the THURSO SURF house definitely has nothing to envy to any rigid paddle surf board, since its structure provides a level of resistance considered practically indestructible.

This surfboard for children has a structure with a length, width, depth of 228 x 76 x 10 centimeters, weight of 8.62 kilograms and maximum load of 75 kilograms. Its manufacture consists of a double-layer system with canvas, core in “Drop Stitch” material and interior, exterior and lateral coating in robust polyvinyl chloride.

Regarding the blade, it was built with a carbon shaft, its body floats in the water, it is adjustable to 1.4 or 1.8 meters in height and the blade is made of reinforced nylon, for greater resistance to pressure. In addition, this beginner surfboard includes a set of three fins, a transport bag and a foot strap.

Without a doubt, we all want to offer our children the best equipment to practice their favorite sport and this inflatable board for rough waters can become it.


Shovel: The ergonomic design of the shovel offers an adjustable format to the height of the child.

Load: The table is suitable for children of different builds due to its maximum load of 75 kilograms.

Resistance: The combination of polyvinyl chloride, canvas and “Drop Stitch” core offers resistance equal to or greater than that of a rigid board.

Security: You will be able to obtain greater stability when getting up thanks to the support strap for the foot.


Pump: The manufacturer did not incorporate a filling pump, despite being an inflatable board. 

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wooden surfboard

Board Masters Volkswagen

Skimboarding is a sport that uses skateboarding and surfing maneuvers, thus requiring a board like the one patented by Board Masters, which has specific characteristics to move on the shores of the beach. It is a team with an aesthetic inspired by the retro Volkswagen caravan and aimed at people with an intermediate or beginner skill level, which has managed to position itself as the best value for money surfboard and one of the cheapest.

Its compact and slim body of 104 centimeters has been made with seven sheets of poplar wood, a material characterized by its great versatility, resistance and clear tone. 

In addition, this wooden surfboard was treated using a water-repellent process, which is widely used by the industry in submersible products that need maximum waterproof protection. In this sense, you will not have to worry about the deterioration of the board due to humidity.

Surfing has many variants and skimboarding is one of them. For your practice you have this original and resistant board, which is also one of the cheapest.


Design: This skimboard has an attractive retro design inspired by the Volkswagen caravan with detailed and quality finishes.

Format: Its length of 104 centimeters makes it a compact table, which you can easily transport and store. 

Manufacturing: The board offers great resistance thanks to its construction in poplar wood.

Waterproofing: The board has been exposed to a water-repellent manufacturing process for a high level of waterproofing.


Practice: Due to its format, the board can limit the practice of skimboarding for some people.

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foam surfboard

Waimea 52WZ-BLO

If you are looking for a surfboard for beginners with an attractive design in yellow with blue details, a lightweight format and a unisex type, you should consider this model belonging to the prestigious Waimea house’s purchase catalogue. Its structure has a length, width and thickness corresponding to 114 x 45 x 6.5 centimeters, being adequate dimensions for any beginner who wants to have a good performance at sea.

For the construction of the board, a very popular material in the surfboard industry was used, such as expanded polystyrene, also known by its acronym in English EPS. It is a polymer with a foamed body, robust and resistant.

Among other features of this foam surfboard, we have the pair of built-in lower fins for the enjoyment of a better level of stability, as well as a practical cord for the fastening of the wrist area with loop and secure closure mechanism.

Getting started in the world of surfing with this board is possibly the best alternative, since it is compact, light and unisex. Read their pros and cons.


Design: This is a unisex design that is suitable for beginners.

Dimensions: You will be able to transport the table without problems due to its compact dimensions of 114 x 45 x 6.5 centimeters.

Security: The fastening cord of the wrist area prevents it from coming off unexpectedly.

Manufacturing: The foamed body of the board’s expanded polystyrene offers resistance to use and lightness when maneuvering.


Cover: The incorporation of a protective cover for the board is an aspect suggested by users.

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Surfboard Accessories

Surfboard cover

Sunflowerany 123

This cover from the house Sunflowerany is a very versatile product that adapts to boards of 180 x 50, 200 x 50 and 230 x 50 centimeters, being possible thanks to the elastic properties present in the polyester textile used to make it.

In addition, this fabric is resistant enough to protect the board from the sun, rain and any type of deterioration that can be generated when transporting the equipment. It is a surfboard cover that stands out for its sock shape with lace closure and reinforced seams that complement its quality finishes.

In addition, it has a very attractive blue lines print on white.

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Guide to buying a surfboard

In surfing it is essential to have a board that adapts to our weight, height and style of sliding in the water, since surfing in deep water is not the same as doing it in the waves on the shore. Thus, before rushing to purchase a table for its visual appeal or variety of built-in accessories, you will need to familiarize yourself with the main quality indicators to identify. Next, we leave you a guide to buy the best surfboard, which we hope will be of great help to you.

Shopping guide

Construction materials

The construction materials are a mandatory feature to analyze in any comparison of surfboards that you carry out, since it will determine the durability of the model. After all, when buying a surfboard, the least we want is for it to be disposable.

Thus, to avoid any type of inconvenience regarding the deterioration of the useful life of the product, we will have to keep an eye on the level of quality present in the raw material used by each model.

For example, polyvinyl chloride PVC is one of the favorite polymers of inflatable board manufacturers due to its great resistance, added to the “Drop Stitch” foam core or EVA rubber. Likewise, there are boards built with a polyurethane core base and whose faces incorporate sheets of fiberglass and resin, giving us a rigid structure with great stability. We cannot forget the boards made of expanded polystyrene or ESP, which is a robust polymer with a foamed body.

Finally, wooden boards are a true classic and poplar is a type of wood widely used in industry, because being previously treated it offers great impermeability and an attractive natural finish.

Cleaning and weight

Cleaning a surfboard is a mandatory task that we cannot skip. So no matter how much the product costs, the steps to follow will always be the same. However, the possibility of cleaning the table is determined by the materials from which it is made. Thus, some will require a greater number of cleaning tasks, while others only need some simple processes. In any case, this is also influenced by the fact that the model is professional or not, as well as the utility that the table will receive, since if it will be used frequently, cleaning must be more continuous and it is convenient to have a structure that supports the wear in better shape.

On the other hand, the weight of the table also determines the ease of cleaning but mainly the range of maneuver of said instrument. Thus, the ideal is to have a board whose weight is standard, that is, neither too high nor too low, so as not to tire the user during the day in the water or out of it.


Most surfboard manufacturers usually accompany their equipment with some accessories, designed to improve your user experience. Among the elements attached to the inflatable boards is a manual or sometimes electric filling pump, generally equipped with a nozzle compatible with the valve of the structure. 

In addition, a support rope with adjustment for the foot area and a paddle, which should offer a light, ergonomic body and be telescopic for better height adjustment. In the purchase package it is also usual to find the fins attached to the bottom of the board and a small repair kit, made up of some patches, sanding tape, adhesive and even wax. 

Also, a storage bag with zipper, grab handles and pockets or a textile cover for rigid equipment. It is important that you always keep in mind that no matter how good and cheap the table is; if the quality of the accessories is low, you’d better opt for another model.


The formats of surfboards are varied, so you will not have difficulty finding one that suits your needs. The most commercialized dimensions are 315 x 80 x 12 centimeters, 300 x 75 x 15 centimeters, 305 x 84 x 15 centimeters, 228 x 76 x 10 and 114 x 45 x 6.5 centimeters. Remember that the main rule is that the table is longer than you. Likewise, there are the 104-centimeter equipment that are much smaller for the practice of skimboarding and other portable ones that serve as assistants to float.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a surfboard?

If you selected an inflatable board, you must fill it with a manual or electric pump, making sure to close the valve correctly so that the air does not escape. Then, adjust the wings, chair and footrest, depending on the model. Also, graduate the blade to your height and place the holding rope on your foot to start surfing. But if it is a rigid board, you will have to wax it beforehand.

Q2: How to make a surfboard?

Check a website where you can access surfboard models, which allows you to select the design that suits you best. Then, make a template according to the format that you will begin to manufacture. On a wooden easel you will have to place the foam and with the help of a manual saw cut the excesses, and then use a planer to shape the edges, which should be curved.

To continue, place a fiberglass cloth on one of the sides, mix resin with catalyst and pour it carefully, letting it dry for a period of 24 hours. This way, you can repeat the process on the remaining face.

Mark the exact place where the fin will be adapted, place fiberglass on its base and let it rest again. To finish, take an electric sander to eliminate all the irregularities on both sides and with a very fine manual sandpaper, polish the resin.

Q3: How to remove the surfboard wax?

To remove the wax there are several effective tricks such as taking advantage of the sun’s radiation so that the wax softens and subsequently melts. You can also heat water and pour it over the board area. Running a hair dryer on the highest heat level is definitely another good option. But if you want to carry out a much more professional job, you can use a metal scraper and finish by applying a product such as coconut oil. Remember to rub with a soft cloth and remove the excesses.

Q4: How to make a surfboard rack?

To make a stand you will only need a few pieces of wood, a drill, bits, screws, a cutter, sandpaper, paint and screwdrivers. Proceed to place a couple of slats vertically and separate them with two or three horizontal boards, being necessary to secure them with the help of some screws. Remember that the dimensions of this structure must match those of the surfboard.

In the horizontal strips you will have to add some adjustment pieces on which you will have to anchor the table in a simple way. Also, you will need to sand the frame and varnish to get a better finish.

Q5: What surfboard to buy to start?

As recommended by the professionals of this sport, the important thing is that the selected table exceeds you in size, in a range of 20 to 50 centimeters. Thus, if you are a person with a height of 185 centimeters, you will have to start with a board of 215 centimeters, while for those who are 170 centimeters a 200 centimeter equipment is perfect.

Q6: How to repair a surfboard?

To start the repair it is necessary that you make sure to dry the board correctly, being necessary that you place it under the sun’s rays. Continue removing all wood or resin chips found in the area to be repaired, as well as accumulated dirt. Mix the resin with the respective catalyst and apply it to the affected area, being careful not to stain the rest of the surface. To do this, you can use tape around it. If you wish, cover the resin with plastic, as this will help achieve a much more uniform finish. Then, let it dry and finish sanding the resin until it acquires a smooth touch.

Q7: How to paint a surfboard?

The convenient thing is that you remove all the wax and sand the surface, being necessary that you cover with adhesive tape the areas that you do not want to varnish. You can apply acrylic-type paint or water-based ink, either evenly or in an original design. After it dries, apply a spray coating to protect the enamel.

Q8: How to stand up on a surfboard?

To stand up on a surfboard, initially try to be on your knees, so that you can direct your right foot to the place where the knee was. Then, lift the opposite leg to begin to fully raise your body as you rotate your hips. Keep your legs open at shoulder level, bend them and try to be in the center of the board.

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