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Tattoo Machine – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Going from being a marginal art to something that more and more people choose, it must be recognized that the history of tattooing is experiencing a moment of fame, which makes more and more people want to perform through this art. Something for which it is necessary to have quality tools, so as not to have problems when it comes to letting our art flow and thus creating all kinds of shapes and designs. Within these quality models we find tattoo equipment such as the Dragonhawk Extreme Tattoo, a model that includes two high-quality machines, one coil and one rotary, so you can give your creations the best finishes. Now, if you are looking for a complete starter kit, the Stigma MK648-1It may be the right one, since it is a rotary machine to practice lining and filling, with a powerful motor that rotates at 8000 rpm and does not heat up during continuous use.

Buying Guide – What is the best tattoo machine on the market?

The world of tattoos is complex and challenging, but it can also be very rewarding when you reach the level of dedication of your idols. If you don’t know much about machines, in this guide to buying the best tattoo machine you will find relevant information about them and also what features are important to take into account before purchasing one:


One of the most questioned aspects in the comparisons of tattoo machines is the type of this. Contrary to what many think, there are machines for specific uses. It is not enough for them to simply inject ink into the skin, they must also be able to do it at the right level, using the desired amount depending on the desired finish.

Some are more concerned about how much a machine costs in order to acquire one that is good and cheap, but this may not turn out to be the best, because a tattoo is for life and you must try to invest the time, money and effort. necessary effort to obtain a good result that satisfies the client.

Standard machines can be classified into four types: coil, trace, fill and rotary. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages and you will have to choose for yourself which one best suits your style when tattooing.

The coil models differ due to the size of the coil and the arrangement of the parts in the machine, which affects its weight and grip. However, they can be purchased both to outline and to fill depending on the model.

The stroke ones are precisely special for that: to draw. They are machines with a vertical disposition of elements, which increases the speed of the hammer blow and facilitates drawing.

In the case of fill models, the coils are larger and are slower and more inaccurate when hitting the needle because they are used to fill large areas of the tattoo.

Finally, rotary models could be considered one of the most practical, since they are light and can work with electrical and pneumatic power. Unlike previous machines, rotary presses are powered by motors.


Many artists need to feel completely comfortable when making their creations and that is why tattoo artists in this case try to invest in machines that allow them to create firm lines with ease so as not to exhaust themselves during the process of making complex designs.

Tattoo machines can be purchased in different shapes, sizes and even with particular designs. All of these features can be based on your personal style and preference. You will find metal, steel, aluminum machines and more on the market and for this reason we advise you to invest in a model that is light, comfortable and stable. This will help you work more comfortably so that your strokes are regular and faithful to the original design.

If you want to stand out from your peers, you can purchase a machine with a special design on a theme such as skulls, roses, characters, objects, etc. In addition, you also have the option to choose it in a large number of colors.

Perhaps having at hand the tools that make you feel comfortable and confident, you can significantly improve the final result of your tattoo work to continue growing and making a name for yourself in this fascinating world.


Finally, another of the relevant characteristics when looking for a tattoo machine is its performance. We already mentioned that machines can work by consuming different types of energy, the most popular being electricity.

Some machines are coil-powered, others motor-driven, and some are even portable. The latter are novel models that can be used without being connected to any type of power source and are very useful for artists who travel constantly.

When you go to buy a machine, you must make sure that it includes the pedal and the current transformer to avoid inconveniences. Although, if you already have these components, you should evaluate the current voltage to avoid overheating of the parts.

Typically, when buying one of these machines, performance is specified based on the RPMs, spool strokes, or stable tension required. These details must be attached to the pedal and your transformer to avoid problems when tattooing.

The 6 Best Tattoo Machines – Opinions 2022

If you still have doubts or want a little more help to know which is the best tattoo machine for you, we invite you to know the models that we have selected from among the best on the market. Each of them has been carefully analyzed by our team so that you clearly know their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Dragonhawk Extreme Tattoo Kit 2 Professional Tattoo Machines

Dragonhawk is a recognized manufacturer in the tattoo market, supplying high-quality equipment to both professionals and beginners worldwide. The Extreme Tattoo machine is a product designed for people who are starting out in this art; with it you will be able to carry out artistic works with excellent finishes, since it can easily shade, outline and fill.

Its structure is made of carbon steel, a highly resistant material. Likewise, thanks to its spring design, it is a machine that minimizes the damage caused to the skin. It also has a power supply protected with a security system that deals with overvoltage.

Similarly, you can adjust the voltage without any problem, depending on the work to be done. In addition, the manufacturer includes with the purchase a complete kit of accessories; which saves you money on buying additional parts.

It is a machine that favors people who start in this art. Next, we present the following section with some of the most relevant aspects of this model.


Two machines: The kit includes two machines: one coil and one rotary. With them you can make shapes and designs efficiently.

Synthetic leather: Among its accessories it includes blank synthetic leather, in order to carry out the first jobs before starting to tattoo professionally.

Accessories: With the purchase you will receive a large number of accessories that facilitate the use of the machine and that, at the same time, help you save, avoiding the purchase of parts separately.

Security: It has a security system that deals with overvoltage and takes care of the device from voltage spikes.


Needles: If you decide to perform tattoos at a professional level, it is advisable to purchase a kit of high-quality needles, specially designed for this purpose.

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2. Stigma Professional Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine

Anyone who starts in body art needs hours and training sessions before doing a tattoo on a person. In this sense, acquiring a tattoo kit like the one offered by Stigma represents a beneficial investment for the training of the future tattoo artist.

Similarly, the benefits of this equipment can also be used once you master the techniques as a tattoo artist and start working professionally. 

First of all, the fact that it is a rotary machine with 10 W of power and a motor that reaches 8 thousand revolutions per minute stands out. Secondly, it includes all the elements to start the practice of tattooing, such as synthetic skin, 4 models of needles with 5 pieces each, 5 inks of the most used colors, as well as several silicone grips and other accessories. 

All this is presented in a functional case that facilitates the organization of the tools, as well as their transport and storage, respectively.

The characteristics of this model have been summarized in the following section of pros and cons, which will help you better visualize if it is the equipment you need.


Operation: The 10W motor is silent and incorporates a thermal diffuser so as not to heat up during days of several hours of use.

Kit: This machine includes protective gloves, disposable silicone grips, 20 needles of various sizes and ink to carry out the practices without having to buy other materials.

Handling: The ergonomic and light format of this machine makes it easy for the tattoo artist to grip, reducing fatigue. 

Control: The needle glides smoothly, thanks to the slider design and is intuitive for beginners.


Instructions: Although you can get some tutorials on the assembly of the machine on Youtube, an instruction manual is missing.

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3. Atomus Rotary Tattoo Machines Alloy Gun

In the category of the cheapest tattoo machines, this Atomus model has numerous positive reviews and opinions that corroborate the quality of the equipment. 

It is a light and handy gun, made of aluminum and zinc alloy, which has a powerful motor that works between 6 and 8 thousand rpm. In this sense, its performance is suitable for shading, outlining and lining tattoos.

For its part, the ergonomic design is the most recommended for amateur tattooists or those who are starting in this profession, since the body of the gun is smooth and vibration is low. In turn, the needles do not need rubber bands or handles because they are held efficiently and the machine reduces their length to pierce the skin without damaging it.

All these qualities make this product an ideal equipment to learn techniques with precision and without feeling excessive fatigue or pain in the hand after several hours. 

Although many tattoo artists think that good quality equipment has to be expensive and from big name brands, Atomus proves to its clients that it can produce powerful and functional equipment for a low cost.

If you want to know more about this product, we recommend you review the following summary of its positive and negative aspects.


Lightweight: The pistol weighs just 70 g, thanks to its aluminum alloy construction that favors its strength and light weight.

Utility: With this machine you can make outlines and shadows with nice results.

Grip: The ergonomic design of the gun facilitates a firm grip by the tattoo artist, thus allowing greater precision in the applied techniques. 

Price: It has a competitive cost that makes it an interesting investment for amateur or professional tattooists.


Coloration: The power of the equipment can be limited when it comes to applying intense coloration to the tattoo.

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4. Anself Tattoo Machine Shader 10 Coils

Anself has designed this tattoo machine with high-strength materials, such as high-end low-carbon steel; which makes it a durable and light tool at the same time. Because of this, you can use it for long periods of time without feeling fatigued.

It is a coil machine designed for artists looking for quality; with it you can outline and shade with high performance. It has 10 rolls of high-end bobbins specially designed to work fully with this type of machine. On the other hand, it offers an attractive design with colorful finishes, which will make it stand out among your tools.

It also has excellent magnetic conductivity and rapid thermal diffusion; which is why it allows you to work days of up to 8 continuous hours without overheating, maintaining stable performance. In addition, it is a tattoo tool that offers you high performance, since it can reach up to 38,000 revolutions in one minute.

If you need to replace your old tattoo machine with a modern, efficient and easy-to-use model, you might want to take a look at some of the most important features of this product.


Speed: It is a professional tattoo machine that offers a speed of 38,000 revolutions per minute.

Aesthetics: It is designed with a structure where several attractive colors stand out, which makes it a tool with an aesthetic component that could adorn your business.

Anti-fatigue: You will be able to work long hours, thanks to its anti-fatigue and highly elastic spring.

Functions: Its functionality is given by its coil design, so it is designed to outline and shade your creations with professional finishes. In addition, its stable performance allows you to work for 8 hours without overheating.


Accessories: Because it is a model that only includes the tattoo machine, you must additionally buy all the parts and accessories necessary to work.

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5. Hawink Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit Power Supply

If you’re thinking of making an investment to become a tattoo artist, this Hawink kit gives you everything you need to start practicing and improve your techniques, starting with the machine, power supply and footswitch.

Among the accessories included are needles of different sizes, tips, ink caps, buttonholes, elastics, among others, which will be very useful for preparing all the materials. 

Of this model we also highlight that the power supply allows you to adjust and display the voltage to work with precision. As a result, the tattooist will have more control over needle penetration for intense coloration, sharp lines and attractive shading.

On the other hand, it is important to mention the fact that two tattoo machines are included, which will help you to have one calibrated for the outline and the other for the shadows or fillings. This saves time, as calibration can be messy for trainees.

To identify if this model is the one that suits your needs, you can take a look at the pros and cons that we distinguish in it.


Needles: This product comes with 50 different sized needles, a good number for beginners who need to learn how to set up machines and test piercing accuracy.

Accessories: Allen tools are included to adjust the winding machine, as well as a synthetic skin to practice without fear. 

Design: The machines are elegant and maintain a professional appearance, so after passing the apprentice stage you can work with these machines and obtain excellent finishes. 

Presentation: The kit comes in a robust case to organize all the accessories and transport them.


Ink: The included ink is not suitable for human skin, as its purpose is to practice on synthetic skin.

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6. Atomus Tattoo Machine Pen Rotary

The evolution in tattoo machines can be seen in the technology and design of the Atomus rotary pen, a rotary machine that has the shape of a pencil to facilitate the work of the tattoo artist in many ways.

To begin with, we can talk about how compact and light this device is, since it measures 8.9 x 3.2 x 3.2 cm and weighs 114 g. Next is its silent operation and with less vibration than conventional machines. Therefore, its usefulness extends to aesthetic practices such as tattooing eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. 

As for its manufacture, the zinc and aluminum alloy give it a resistant design, without affecting its weight. On the other hand, the cartridge system is much more practical for professional tattooists, as well as the adjustment of the needle to reduce the margin of error in the art.

Below we summarize the characteristics of this model, separated into advantages and disadvantages so that you can determine if the investment is right for you.


Design: This rotary pencil-shaped machine represents a technological innovation in the tattoo sector, as it revolutionizes the way of making works of art on the skin.

Precision: The design of the machine favors the user’s grip, also improving precision during use.

Transport: Being a pencil-shaped machine and so light, it can be taken anywhere without representing an additional weight among your belongings.

Noise: This model stands out for having a silent operation that makes customers and the tattoo artist feel comfortable.


Accessories: The machine is sold only with the connection cable, missing the accessories or essential elements such as ink or needles.

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How to use a tattoo machine

For decades, tattoo machines were invented as a mechanism for easy access to ink to make precise drawings. Over the years, its pieces were modified until it became the machine responsible for art on the skin. Tattooing is not an easy thing and takes a lot of practice to achieve precision. Here we will teach you how to use a tattoo machine correctly.

get a clean place

The tattoo is known as a very rigorous job that requires patience, but it is also very important that the place is completely clean, since piercing the skin can get infected and damage the work. Make sure you adhere to standard hygiene standards before you start tattooing.

Use the necessary implements

To take care of the health and safety of the client you must use certain accessories to achieve this. The use of surgical gloves is an essential requirement to avoid any contamination on the skin. You can choose to wear a mask in the same way, although it is not essential. Also have paper towels handy to remove excess ink from the skin.

Follow the instructions

Each model of tattoo machine has an instruction manual that will tell you the proper way to assemble the machine and other useful tips. It begins with the union of each piece, sterilizing beforehand those that are necessary. Next, add the needle parts to the body of the machine very delicately, checking that they fit.

Plug it into the power source

Tattoo machines use a small motor that is activated with a pedal, in order to perform repetitive movements on the skin while piercing. Attach each wire to the power source following the step-by-step instructions. Next, connect the other end to the input on the machine and check that the pedal works.

get used to it

The secret to clean, precise work is constant practice and getting used to the weight and shape of the machine. Remember that you will have the machine for long periods of time, which will force your fingers to support its weight. For greater comfort, angle the needle at 45 degrees against the skin and rest the palm of your hand on the person’s body.

Refill ink cartridges

It is recommended that, before starting the process, you check if the cartridges have the necessary amount of ink to execute the job. The ink used for tattoos is a mixture of natural, mineral, and synthetic pigments that keep it on the skin for many years.

disassemble the machine

If you want your machine to maintain its quality, it is important that you disassemble it regularly to sterilize each part separately and remove any traces of ink and skin that may remain on the needle. It uses special chemicals to sterilize, as well as alcohol to perform cures and avoid infection. Store the machine in its original case, which will keep the parts in good condition.

» Review information from previous years

Ces produits ont été parmi les plus recommandés, mais maintenant ils ne sont plus availabilities

Chuse H06-9-5

Main advantage:

This tattoo machine has a rotary motor that does not emit annoying noises or vibrations, so you can use it more comfortably. In addition, it is indicated for outlining and shading.

Main disadvantage:

Este producto no incluye empuñadura ni agujas. Sin embargo, estos los puedes adquirir de forma separada para disfrutar plenamente de los beneficios de la máquina.

Veredicto: 9.7/10

Cuenta con un voltaje máximo de 12 V y una frecuencia de golpeo de 0-8000 r/min o 0-130 r/s. Además, está fabricada con aleación de aluminio para mayor resistencia.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Esta máquina te brinda la ventaja de trabajar por largas horas, ya que se calienta muy poco. Además, cuenta con una frecuencia de golpeo de 0-8000 r/min y 0-130 r/s, esto te permite diseñar grandes tatuajes de forma muy rápida y eficiente.

Por otro lado, si estás empezando en el arte de tatuar, esta máquina podría ser la indicada, ya que cuenta con un peso de tan solo 86,2 g, por lo que es muy ligera y cómoda, brindando un proceso de mayor control y sencillez, evitando calambres o molestias en los dedos. Además, cuenta con una entrada de voltaje máximo de 12 V CC.

Este producto es compatible con conexiones tipo clip y RCA, en este sentido, es muy importante una adecuada alimentación de energía, que sea capaz de evitar problemas de cortocircuitos y proporcionar mayor seguridad en tu ambiente laboral.


Este aparato cuenta con un potente motor giratorio que impulsa la aguja, similar a las máquinas tradicionales de bobina. Por esta razón, puede ser conveniente para los profesionales en el arte de tatuar, que saben de calidad y desean seguir perfeccionando sus habilidades en esta área, ya que cuenta con la capacidad de delinear y realizar sombreados, de manera muy sencilla.

En este sentido, te permite rellenar tatuajes que impliquen mayor complejidad. Por otro lado, no vas a sentir que tienes una máquina en tus manos, ya que sus mínimas vibraciones la mantienen estable durante su uso, brindándote seguridad al momento de actuar sobre la piel.

Así, este modelo te brinda como resultado trazos definidos y satisfactorios, sin embargo, es importante dar el uso adecuado como ocurre con otras máquinas similares, de manera que el motor tenga una larga vida útil.


Este producto cuenta con un diseño práctico y clásico de color negro, que te permite disfrutar del arte de trabajar sobre la piel del cuerpo humano. Asimismo, es rotativa, así que no tendrás la necesidad de cambiar de máquina para seguir tatuando.

Es sumamente silenciosa, lo que te brinda la oportunidad de trabajar sin esos ruidos molestos, para transmitir tranquilidad a los clientes primerizos durante la elaboración del tatuaje. Por otro lado, está fabricado con una aleación de aluminio, que resulta resistente y duradero.

Es bueno destacar que esta máquina cuenta con un cuerpo estable y robusto. Asimismo, tiene un movimiento del armazón en forma lineal, así podrás contar con una mayor sujeción, esto facilita el proceso de delinear con la debida precisión y el cuidado que amerita este arte.

GSM+Máquina de tatuajes Professiona Kupfer Sombra Pulido Shader

Ventaja principal:

Debido a que el material de su marco está constituido por cobre, se puede considerar como una máquina robusta y resistente. Además, puede alcanzar una velocidad de 10.000 rpm, que pueden ayudar a que termines tu proyecto de tatuado en un tiempo razonable.

Desventaja principal:

Probablemente debido a su diseño, no sea la máquina más eficaz para elegir en caso de delineados, por lo que quizá algunos no la consideren entre sus opciones.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Esta máquina de tatuar puede ser la mejor opción en caso de que busques un modelo que te ayude a rellenar y sombrear áreas amplias. Además, su peso de 0,26 kg permite que sea ligera.



Si eres de los artistas que prefiere tener a mano el instrumento preciso para lograr en cada creación la apariencia que busca, probablemente te has encontrado con el problema de que aunque en la actualidad algunas máquinas novedosas sean versátiles, para crear sombreados realistas una máquina de bobina puede ser la mejor elección. Para cubrir con esta necesidad, el modelo que nos presenta la marca GSM consta de dos bobinas, por lo que se considera como una máquina shader.

De esta forma, puedes darle un acabado profesional a tus proyectos en los que no solo es necesario delimitar áreas delineando, sino que implican algunos efectos como el degradado de tonos, sombreados desde sutiles hasta intensos y reafirmar algunas áreas para darles mayor énfasis.

Comodidad y apariencia

Un artista de los tatuajes es común que busque también una buena apariencia en sus instrumentos de su trabajo, la marca GSM también cuenta con esta ideología, por lo que además de ofrecer buenos acabados para la máquina, agrega detalles decorativos en el cuerpo del dispositivo, lo que le otorga una apariencia artesanal y al mismo tiempo robusta debido a sus materiales.

Así mismo, te agradará saber que tu mano no se cansará demasiado a pesar de que el proyecto sea complejo y tenga que extenderse la sesión de tatuaje, puesto que solamente pesa 0,26 kg. Esto te proporciona una mayor comodidad y libertad para mover la mano de acuerdo a las necesidades, sin que signifique un esfuerzo considerable. Además, las medidas del modelo se adaptan sin mayor problema a la mano del artista, puesto que tiene unas dimensiones de 10,8 x 9,2 x 4,8 cm, que se consideran estándar entre las máquinas de su tipo.

Durabilidad y detalles técnicos

Si te preocupa que la máquina se tenga que cambiar en un mediano plazo debido a su desgaste, hay que mencionar que esta está fabricada en cobre, que es un material ligero pero resistente, este no será un problema; puesto que puede tolerar el uso frecuente sin deteriorarse demasiado. Además, brindando los cuidados necesarios al modelo, podría convertirse en uno de tus instrumentos de arte favoritos.

En cuanto a la forma en que debe utilizarse, este modelo necesita una tensión de 7 a 9 Voltios y es capaz de generar 10.000 rpm, por lo que se considera como una máquina rápida.

Solong Tattoo TK456

Si estás buscando un lote completo donde puedas encontrar todas las herramientas necesarias para realizar cualquier tatuaje, el modelo Solong Tattoo TK456 tiene todo lo que necesitas, literalmente.

Este completo pack cuenta con la unidad central regulable junto con las cuatro pistolas para la aplicación de la tinta y los demás controladores necesarios para ello. También dispone de todas las agujas y demás elementos para realizar estos tatuajes.

Y para rematar, contamos con hasta 54 tintas de diferentes tonos, ideales para entrenar o empezar a tatuar directamente si lo prefieres. Una oferta completa que se presenta en un maletín donde es más fácil llevarlo todo contigo allí a donde lo necesites sin complicaciones.

Uno de los modelos más completos que es adecuado tanto para los que quieran iniciarse en este mundo, como para quien necesite renovar por completo su kit de tatuaje con un producto completo.


Kit completo: Es uno de los kits más completos del mercado, donde podemos encontrar la unidad central, las máquinas de tatuaje o las tintas necesarias para empezar desde el principio.

Diseño de las máquinas: Las pistolas de aplicación directa de la tinta cuentan con un diseño muy divertido, siendo además eficientes a la hora de trabajar.

Maleta de transporte: Este lote se presenta en un maletín, donde cada herramienta tiene su espacio y resulta más sencillo llevarlo donde quieras.


Calidad de las tintas: Algunos usuarios comentan que la calidad de las tintas es mejorable, aunque son adecuadas para empezar a trabajar.

Instrucciones: El manual de instrucciones solo se presenta en inglés, lo que hace algo más complicado entender el funcionamiento del equipo.


En nuestra búsqueda de las mejores máquinas de tatuar del 2022 nos topamos con este modelo de PRIT2016, una opción muy práctica para los iniciados en este

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