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Watercolors – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Painting with watercolors is one of the most wonderful arts, since the various techniques and the combination of layered brushstrokes, to provide opacity or shadows, give incredible results. Achieving this level of artistry requires quality tools, so getting a watercolor set like the Van Gogh RT20808632 with high-quality pigmentation and unique portability is a good idea. Another outstanding model is the Winsor & Newton Cotman, as it comes with 40 unique colors and a box with places to mix the paints with ease, no matter where you are.

The 9 Best Watercolors – Opinions 2022

Different brands give their best to manufacture the best watercolor sets on the market, however, in this list you will find the most outstanding ones so that your choice is much easier.

Van Gogh Watercolors

1. Van Gogh Pocket Box Case 12+3

Art can accompany you everywhere you go, since this set of Van Gogh watercolors has the perfect size to fit easily in any backpack or pocket, which is an advantage, since this model with dimensions of 9.5 x 14 x 2.4 cm is made specifically for beginners, schoolchildren, and college students. In addition to that, the lightness of 168 grams of the box makes it comfortable to handle the product.

For a good price you will get 12 colored pills and 3 extras to have more variety. All shades have concentrated, vibrant, lightfast pigments for a better finish. The upper part of the case comes with a mixing palette with 6 wide and individual spaces, giving greater comfort when doing the process. These combinations, in addition, will be simple, since the paintings are soft. The set comes with a number 6 brush, made of synthetic material.

Van Gogh, honoring the famous painter, is probably the best brand of watercolors, as it is dedicated to creating high quality artistic products, such as this model.


Size: This product is a pocket model, therefore, it can be carried comfortably anywhere, due to its small size.

Mixing: The 6 spaces to make the mixtures give enough space to manipulate the paint comfortably, avoiding accidents.

Brush: To be easier to move and to keep in good condition, the brush is removable and made of synthetic material.

Weight: This is a light product, with only 168 grams of weight to be comfortable to mobilize.


Closing: When closing the case, some paints stick to the lid causing some of the color to adhere to it.

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Winsor and Newton Watercolors

2. Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Studio Set

Among the best watercolors on the market, Winsor and Newton watercolors stand out, as they are one of the most complete and of the best quality. The watercolors of this brand stand out for being manufactured following high and demanding standards, offering an easy-to-mix composition but with great pigmentation. Thanks to their uniform consistency, these watercolors are ideal for beginners, as they have the right composition to make learning easy.

This product comes with 40 different colors made with different elements. Some shades are derived from mineral complexes, while others have been made with natural and organic products. A highlight is the fact that this color palette includes white, an ideal shade to brighten paintings. The watercolor set comes in a white plastic case with gold details, which comes with 8 spaces to mix the paints with comfort and ease.

Deciding on the set with the largest number of colors, if you don’t know which watercolors to buy, is a good idea when it comes to this model, as it is a quality product like all the brand’s creations.


Colors: The set comes with 40 colors to have various shades.

Beginners: The consistency and uniformity of watercolors is ideal for use by painting beginners.

Box: The watercolors come in a case made of fairly light plastic, to be easy to move around while keeping the paints safe.


Brush: Unlike other similar models, this product does not have a brush. This means that an additional purchase will be necessary.

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professional watercolors

3. Apollo Art Professional Watercolors 

If you are looking for professional watercolors, take a look at what this pack has to offer. The set consists of 24 watercolor pans, in the most used tones. Each of them has been made from natural pigments, which offer good transparency and permanence on the paper. In fact, they resist exposure to light, so your projects will last longer.

On the other hand, their presentation is beautiful, since they are contained in a wooden box, which will keep the watercolors protected and will allow you to take them comfortably to your painting sessions.

We do not want to forget to mention that these are toxic-free watercolors and very easy to dissolve, so you can mix them and apply them in the right amount. In addition, they dry in a short time and are compatible with any type of brush, including lettering and natural bristles.

Among the best watercolors of 2022 is this professional quality model. We invite you to learn more about its qualities.


Composition: It is a set of tablets made with natural pigments free of toxins, with great adherence and resistance to light.

Presentation: The set consists of 24 pills and a nice wooden case. Therefore, it could be a suitable presentation for a gift.

Tones: In the selection you will find basic and highly versatile colors, to combine and create others that you might need in your projects. 


Brush: Unlike other sets, this one does not have brushes, so you will have to purchase them separately.

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Rembrandt Watercolors

4. Rembrandt Metal Box Watercolors

This is definitely not one of the cheapest products, however, if you are looking for professional watercolor paints, then it is an ideal model for you. This set comes with a sturdy metal case to protect the watercolors, which come with a folding palette, brush, and thumb rest, making it quite handy and convenient to use.

Made in the Netherlands, Rembrandt watercolors are manufactured to the strictest Royal Talens standards, ensuring their high quality. The set comes with 12 vivid, high-lightfastness colors, each covered in a small package with its color number. The brush included in the purchase has a round structure and is made of red sable hair, a material known for its good absorption of water and paint, with an ideal tip for oil and watercolor details.

Professional works of art need materials to match, therefore, watercolor painters will find an ally for each canvas in this model.


Case: The metal case will not only protect the paints and make their mobilization easy, but it will also serve to make the mixtures.

Brush: The brush has red sable hair, a material used specifically to give the best results when painting with watercolors.

Professional: The paints have followed optimal quality standards in their manufacture, which makes them suitable for professional use.


Range of colors: This product only comes with 12 colors, therefore the shades are limited and you will not have much variety.

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watercolors for children

5. Jovi 725001 Watercolor Case

Watercolors for children are always a great gift option for the little ones in the house, especially if they are interested in art. All children 3 years of age or older will be able to enjoy this Jovi model, which is considered to be the best value for money watercolours, because, despite its economic cost, the set includes 24 watercolors of different colors and shades to paint any work. of art. In addition to that, the small brush is included in the purchase.

Its dimensions of 25.5 x 13.5 x 1 cm and its light weight of 200 grams make it possible for children to carry their watercolors everywhere, even in their school backpack, as the plastic case will protect the paintings and prevent that they get damaged. The paints have good concentration of colors and flow easily on the paper, drying quickly and without leaving bubbles on the surface.

All the little ones who want to learn to paint or have beautiful school projects can use this practical, low-priced, high-quality watercolor set.


Quantity: This model comes with 24 watercolors to offer children a variety of colors. Ideal for homework or play.

Mobilization: The light weight that watercolors have, together with their minimum dimensions, make it easy to mobilize them anywhere.

Case: The small plastic case protects the paintings from liquids or any dirt that may adhere to them.


Flimsy: The case is somewhat flimsy and for that reason, it needs to be treated with great care.

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Schminke watercolors

6. Schminke C/Metal 24 1/2 Godets Watercolor

Painting lovers know about Schminke watercolors, as these paints stand out in the market for their high quality and excellent finish. Each of the shades included in this model has optimal lightfastness with brilliant details, so they work perfectly for watercolor paintings of all styles. Being manufactured in Germany, these paintings have followed a high quality standard for their creation, which highlights the final result.

The set comes in an elegant metal box, with 4 spaces to make the mixes. 1 of them has the brand’s logo in black, contrasting with the white background, giving the design a modern detail. Among the best watercolors, this model stands out for having 24 assorted colors to paint with a wide range of shades, all of the best quality for casual painters.

Not one of the cheapest options, however, the German quality and bright colors make this amazing product desirable to many.


Box: The metal box not only contributes to an elegant and modern design, but also to provide protection to the paintings, avoiding liquids or any dirt.

Colors: This product comes with 24 separate and properly identified colors, giving you more variety and organization.

Quality: Each of the paintings has been manufactured under strict standards, which gives the product an excellent final quality.


Brush: This box of watercolors does not come with the brush included, which means that you will have to incur extra expenses.

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Japanese watercolors

7. Kuretake 36 Color Set MC20/36V

At some point everyone has seen, in movies or in person, Japanese watercolors and their art; the cherry trees and the characteristic architecture of the country have been represented in these works of art. If Japanese art catches your attention and you don’t know which are the best watercolors for it, this model may be ideal for you. The paint set comes with 36 colors, including white and gold to take care of the highlights. 

With a stylish green case and gold Japanese writing for wonderful contrast, this product is easy to carry conveniently. Each of the paints has been manufactured by hand following traditional methods of the country, providing resistance to light and a smooth consistency with high opacity. The pigments are water-based and none of them are toxic, for your safety.

Painting with watercolors will not be the same after trying the paints created under Japanese techniques. This model has several colors, ideal for details and brightness.


Manufacturing: The manufacturing of this product has followed step by step the traditional methods of Japanese watercolors to offer higher quality.

Colors: This product, in addition to coming with 36 colors, includes white and gold in its repertoire, ideal for making glitter.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation processes of these paints make them more opaque than common watercolors.


Pads: The pads are shallow so there is less paint than other models.

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watercolor box

8. BBLike Watercolors, Solid Watercolor Paint Set

Buying a box of watercolors is always a good option if you want to get everything in one place and, in this case, this model is exactly what you need. The design is modern and unique, as it comes vertically. There are 7 palettes with a gradient of shades correctly divided and each of them has a lower legend with the color code, making the set easy to use.

In addition to the 42 unique colors, the set focuses a lot on the importance of accessories, since, in addition to the comfortable case that fits in any pocket, this kit comes with an absorbent sponge to clean and also includes 4 different brushes. The latter is a great advantage, since you will have a specific tool for the type of brushstroke you want, be it fine or thick. It is ideal for all types of surfaces, such as paper or walls.

The included accessories and the quality of the paintings mean that this model can be considered the best watercolors of the moment, as it is a complete set to enjoy art.


Brushes: Some models come with a brush, however, this product comes with four different tips to give you more versatility when painting.

Design: The design of this product is unique as it is completely vertical and is stored through layers. In addition to that, it is small in size so it can be stored in any pocket.

Sponge: You can forget about excess paint or dirt with the absorbent sponge included in the purchase.


Manual: The instructions are written in Mandarin.

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watercolors for beginners

9. Sivaopa Watercolor Painting

To get started in the art of painting with watercolors, you may find many options on the market, but not all of them have sufficient quality to allow you to develop all the techniques of this type of painting.

In this case, we are faced with a complete set that could even meet the expectations of experienced artists. However, due to its affordable cost and good quality pigments, it can be considered as a beginner’s watercolor set.

The range of tones that have been incorporated into the case is very wide, since it consists of 48 colors. On the other hand, these shades offer an attractive shine, the pigments mix easily with each other and are also easily diluted. In the same way, you will be pleased to know that the case includes a white watercolor, to create pastel tones and other very useful accessories, so you do not have to buy them separately.

This case has many qualities that you can analyze in the following summary. 


Set: It is a complete kit of useful tools to work with watercolors, so you do not need other additional items to start drawing.

Portable: Its size is practical, so you can take it wherever you need it and paint comfortably.

Safe: The pigments and formulas of their products are free of toxic elements, so they are safe.


Mixers: The mixing tray may be a bit narrow. Still, it serves its purpose when you want to color outside of the studio.

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Shopping guide

If you really want to be an artist, then you need to take your time choosing the perfect watercolor set for you. Knowing what qualities to highlight and look for will make the selection process much easier, as well as allowing your final decision to really be the right one for your artwork.


Before looking at how much a product costs, you should ask yourself if this is really the one you need. In art this is much more important, since making a mistake in the choice can completely affect the result of the works and even the process of creating it; when it comes to watercolors this is exactly what happens.

Although everyone knows that watercolors are those clear style paints, few are aware of the various types of watercolors that are on the market. The most common are the models that have colored pills, also known as godets. These products are made for beginners as well as professional painters, it all depends on how the paints are made. It is recognized for being the type of watercolors purchased for school-age children.

Tube watercolors tend to be more expensive, however, it is possible to find a good and cheap alternative of this type on the market. The colors have a thicker texture, however, it is easier to mix them in an orderly manner.

On the other hand, liquid watercolors are ideal for fluid work, since the paints are easily diluted, giving a bright and quite precise result. To this are added the champions of illustration, watercolor pencils, tools that allow you to draw and paint with greater control of your movements, without leaving stains or accumulated paint.

Choosing one option or another depends entirely on your painting technique and the result you want to achieve.

Quantity and colors

When making a comparison of watercolors you will notice that there is a lot of variety on the market, therefore, you will have different options to choose from. Some of them come with 50 colors and others with only 12, however, the good thing is that these can be combined to create more shades, especially if they are of good quality. There are pocket editions that bring enough colors while keeping a small size to be able to move the watercolors easily, so you can paint wherever you want, without problem.

As for the colors, it all depends on the level of experience you have painting and what you want them for. If you are a professional painter, it is possible to buy medium quality watercolors if these will complement your base paint set. This way you can save some money. However, if you find yourself looking for a set of watercolors to make it your main kit, then you should prioritize the quality of the colors, as this will ensure an excellent finish in each of your works. These are recognized to be useful dry-pressed pigment paints.

On the other hand, if you know that you will be using the watercolors for school projects, there is no need to spend more for a professional set. Each kit is made to meet the requirements of a specific audience, so check this when making your purchase and purchase watercolors wisely.


Accessories can make a difference in your work, so be sure to highlight them as an important aspect when making your guide to buying the best watercolours.

Brushes, for example, are something essential to be able to paint and, if you don’t have your own, it is advisable to find a set of watercolors that brings one or more brushes with it. These, in high quality products, are usually made with optimal materials to give you a good result when painting. Otherwise, an additional purchase may be required to obtain the brushes.

In addition to the brushes, you should also consider the cases that come with the watercolors. The best option for you are the models made of metal, however, there are plastic models that are also of good quality. The cases give a more careful and elegant design to the paintings and, in addition, protect them from encountering liquids or dirt that may adhere to them.

These, in most cases, also have free and individual areas to mix the paints in them. That way, you won’t need to buy an extra paint palette to mix the watercolors.

The most modern ones even have a space for your thumb, which will give you a better grip and control of the drawing palette at all times.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use some watercolours?

Have fresh water on hand, as this is what will allow you to wet the brush without leaving your workplace.

Prepare a mixing area for the colors and water. This can be a paint palette or the case of color tablets, which often have a space for it. Wet your brush very well and make long strokes, from one side to the other, to properly cover the surface, spreading the color.

Try not to let the paint accumulate in one place on the canvas, as this can damage the work, giving darker colors and a different texture than the rest. Outline the contours of your painting with light pencil and follow the same direction of brush strokes in each section, so no abrupt change will be noticeable. When finished, let the work dry for about 30 minutes.

Q2: How to paint with watercolors?

The key to painting with watercolors is the mixture of colors and brushstrokes to achieve a good result. Watercolors are very clear paints, since they are diluted in water, and in order to achieve opacity it is necessary to have patience and a good technique.

You can have a palette of paints with the same color in several spaces, but each of them with more or less drops of water. If you don’t use this technique and work directly with the color chips, then be careful how long you leave the brush on the paint and how much water you let it absorb.

This water control is responsible for making the paint lighter or darker. When you have it, always start with the lightest part of the paper and as you paint, make repetitive strokes in the places you want with darker colors. These layers of paint are the spirit of watercolor.

Q3: How to remove watercolor stains?

Fortunately, especially for parents, watercolor stains are fairly easy to remove, which sets them apart from other types of paint. If a piece of clothing is stained with this paint, it is advisable to soak it, because in a few seconds the paint will be diluted.

If minutes or hours have passed since the event, take a cloth dipped in cold water and rub it directly on the stain; it should give way and weaken. If it doesn’t, add hydrogen peroxide to the mix and repeat the process.

Q4: How are watercolors made?

Many people wonder how watercolors are made, since the final result of the paintings and the tonalities of the works are truly unique. The origin of watercolors varies in base material because, depending on the colors, natural or mineral elements can be used for each color.

To make them, these previously selected powder pigments must be mixed with gum arabic to keep the paints compact until mixed with water. Some are kept in small dry cubes, but others come with a creamy texture in tubes.

Q5: How to frame watercolors?

Unlike other painting techniques, watercolor is a painting style that can easily wear off if touched or come into contact with anything that could affect its structure. Therefore, a great way to frame these works, if they are large, is in the air.

Using a mat is a good way to bring out the colors in watercolors, while box frames are used to give the painting depth and keep it away from constant handling. If possible, add a glass to protect the work more carefully; this will also give a touch of elegance.

Q6: How to mix watercolors?

This step may seem difficult but it is actually quite simple. The first thing you need to do is get a small container of water to wet the brush.

In doing so, proceed to bring the brush to the paint you want to use and quickly transfer it to the place intended for mixing. This can be a palette or the same paint box that, on certain occasions, has space for it.

A small puddle of paint will form there. Make sure the brush is very wet to make this easier.

Q7: What to paint with watercolors?

Anything you want to paint. There are no limits to what you can paint using watercolors. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you want a painting with solid and very opaque colors, then the watercolor technique is not the best for you.

Watercolors are mostly used to make paintings focused on nature, since the details of the landscapes and the degradation of colors are easier to do with these aqueous paints. However, what to paint is exclusively decided by you.

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