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Writing Template – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Writing templates are products with a fairly simple design, but they are very useful. Therefore, they are considered a convenient tool for students of all ages, professionals and anyone who enjoys crafts. The models are varied, so each of them adapts to the needs of different users. This is the case of the Fraga Import 217143, a writing support surface for A4 sheets, which incorporates a paper clip with an easy-open mechanism. For its part, Xutong Alphabet Painting has for you a set of four alphanumeric templates with various script and cursive fonts.

The 8 Best Templates To Write – Opinions 2022

Due to the great variety of existing writing templates, we have decided to present you with a selection of recommended products along with their respective description, pros and cons. These are eight products positioned among the best, which will help you clear up your doubts about which one to buy.

Stencils to write straight

1. Fraga Import SL Clamp Support With Falsilla

This product has managed to capture the attention of a large number of students and professionals, since it offers a comfortable board with a 31-line pocket drawn on its main face. In this way, you will be able to place your sheets of paper on it and follow the guides, so that the calligraphy is completely linear.

In addition, when reviewing the purchase portals, we will observe that said support is commented as the possible best value for money writing template, so that an effective product can be purchased with a low investment.

On the other hand, it is a copy of straight writing templates with a format for A4 sheets or higher, made of rigid polymer and with a pleasant soft touch.

In addition, the structure is quite light and incorporates a metal hook in the upper area, which, thanks to its easy-open mechanism, will allow you to hold the paper without damaging it. Thus, you will be able to write without fear of the sheet slipping and losing the continuity of the lines.

This option is valued among the cheapest and for having an efficient performance. Their positive and negative specifications can be evaluated next.


Clip: This writing support incorporates a fastening hook for easy opening paper in the upper area.

Paper: You can use the support to place sheets of paper with an A4 format or larger, so it is considered versatile.

Design: Its design offers great stability when writing and is quite light to manipulate.

Manufacturing: The structure is made of rigid polymer and the hook is made of chromed metal, which gives it strength.



Guidelines: The guidelines arranged on the surface of the media may not be seen correctly through some high opacity paper formats, since they are designed in light blue.

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2. NiC White A

Perhaps you are looking for some templates to write straight, that allow you to use your calligraphy to personalize envelopes and invitations. If this is the case, you will be pleased to know that niCWhite has a convenient set of guide templates for you, made up of three molds of different sizes, to offer versatility and adaptation to writing.

The sheets have different designs, so you will have a pair of columns with four independent lines, while another has five lines with different sizes and four unequal lines.

It is important to mention that the plastic used to manufacture the product is transparent polypropylene, which not only allows you to have greater visual control of the surface you are writing on, but also provides great resistance and softness to the touch. Likewise, it is quite flexible and can be washed under the tap.

With these templates you will use your own calligraphy, but in a much more organized way thanks to the various styles of guide lines offered. To continue; the details.


Style: You will have four different styles of guide lines to vary the writing.

Construction: Each insole offers strength and flexibility thanks to its polypropylene construction.

Measurement: At the bottom and on the side you will find a measurement scale to specify the size of the letters and the separation between them.

Usage: These templates are suitable for customizing envelopes and invitations of different sizes with your own calligraphy.



Cleaning: You must be careful when cleaning the templates, since the measurement rulers drawn could deteriorate.

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Stencils to write on folio

3. Xutong Set of 4 Alphabet Drawing Templates

If you are looking for quality writing templates, then you have surely reviewed the purchase listings offered by the different brands, among which are these templates to write on folio from the Xutong house.

The product is made up of four 26 x 17.5 centimeter templates. Three of the plates have the complete alphabet in both upper and lower case, as well as the numbers from 0 to 9 and some punctuation marks. 

For its part, the remaining mold incorporates only capital letters in a larger format than previous fonts. In addition, the fonts are varied, so you can write in the style you prefer.

This set was made of flexible and resistant polymer. In addition, this material is washable under the tap and you can apply detergent without fear of damaging it. All these features make users value it among the best writing templates of 2022.

Xutong might be the best brand of writing templates due to its formatting and number of fonts, but be the judge yourself by reading its pros and cons.


Washable: Stencils can be easily washed under the tap and rubbed with alcohol to remove ink.

Transparency: Its transparent design allows you to have a full view of the patterns on the paper.

Fonts: You will have four different fonts for greater versatility.

Templates: The product incorporates four templates with uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers, so it is varied.



Use: If you are looking for a template to be used with spray paint, you should give up this set, which is aimed at strokes with pens, markers and pencil.

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4. Ccmart Plastic Bullet Journal Stencil for Game

This Ccmart option could well be the answer for those who are wondering which is the best template for writing, since it offers a set of eight molds with various fonts so that you have no limits when writing.

Each of the sheets has a format of 26 x 17.5 centimeters, which are quite adequate dimensions to be transported inside a notebook, since they are a little smaller than an A4 sheet of paper.

In addition, of the eight built-in templates, six are letter and two are numeric. While on the other hand, the fonts of each one are different and the size of the letters corresponds to 1.4 x 1.5 centimeters for the lower case, while the capital letters are 2.1 x 1.8 centimeters, to help to highlight the texts.

To the above, we must add that these templates to write on folio offer durability, soft touch and easy cleaning, because they have been made of polypropylene, which is a highly resistant thermoplastic.

When asked what writing template to buy, we recommend you review what this model can offer you.


Fonts: The templates incorporate eight different fonts, so they are varied.

Templates: This set is made up of six templates with letters and two numbers, to build sentences with numbers.

Measurements of the sticks: You will be able to vary the writing thanks to the fact that the size of the uppercase letters is greater than that of the lowercase letters.

Design: The transparent design of the templates allows to improve the strokes by being able to visualize the patterns.



Flimsy: The templates may be more flexible than some others on the market, but they are pretty sturdy.

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Children’s writing templates

5. Shappy 4 Piece Alphabet Letter Template

If you are looking for some good quality writing templates for children and valued among the cheapest in this list of recommended products, you will be interested in knowing a little about this model patented by Shappy.

It is a set of four alphanumeric templates in assorted colors such as pink, blue, lilac and green, which have a fairly compact staggered format, whose dimensions from smallest to largest correspond to 16 x 4.4, 14.7 x 6.3, 19.5 x 11 and 24.5 x 15.1 centimeters, so they are easy to handle. 

Each of these molds has been made of flexible polymer, with a soft touch and free of toxic components. In addition, it is a synthetic material that is easy to wash, since you can rub it with a sponge moistened with detergent and then remove the excess under the tap.

In the same way, you can clean the ink residue from the ballpoint pen or markers used by simply rubbing a cotton ball with alcohol or nail polish remover.

This is a set of templates with varied formats, which adapt to the needs of users. The product details can be read below. 


Set: This set incorporates four alphanumeric templates in staggered sizes for easy handling and expanded use in different projects.

Construction: The insoles also offer a strong and lightweight body thanks to their high-end polymer construction.

Use: You can use the templates for the tasks of the little ones in the house or for any manual work you want.

Cleaning: These are washable templates, so you can use them for a long time.



Transparency: The larger template has little transparency, which may prevent the pattern from being seen.

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A4 size writing templates

6. Qbix A4 Size Decorative Letter Template

The A4 size writing stencils from the Qbix house are aimed at adults and children who want to write on different surfaces of paper, glass, metal, wood and even on fabric. 

In addition, thanks to its Mylar polymer construction, you can use water-based paints, acrylics, chalk, pens, markers and colored and graphite pencils. This is because said material is characterized by being washable, which extends the useful life of the molds. They also offer flexibility, lightness and resistance.

The product, considered the best template for writing, is made up of a pair of 29.7 x 21 centimeter molds, which is the equivalent of an A4 sheet of paper, to offer compatibility. In both sheets you will find the complete alphabet, but in one of them the typography has been cut in capital letters with a height of three centimeters, while in the other all the lowercase letters and numbers are in a size of two centimeters, achieving uniformity..

This is a product recommended as the best writing template of the moment, suitable for adults and children, whose most notable aspects are presented here.


Design: The product consists of two A4 size templates with the entire alphabet cut using a laser technique, for a better outline.

Manufacturing: Mylar polymer was used to manufacture the insoles, which provides strength and flexibility.

Typography: The typography is cursive in high and low sticks of three and two centimeters respectively, offering good aesthetics.

Cleaning: You can wash the templates directly under the water tap and apply detergent if you wish.



Instruction manual: The instruction manual does not have a translation into Spanish. However, the product is intuitive to use.

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Stencils of lines to write

7. Non-brand 2x Clear Plastic Geometry Ruler

These are templates for writing lines patented by the well-known Non-brand brand, a benchmark of quality and durability that can help you decide on this product. It is a set made up of a couple of rulers made of high-end polymer and free of toxic compounds. 

In addition, said material provides the insoles with an adequate level of flexibility, lightness and a pleasant touch for practical handling. Likewise, the fact that the templates are transparent is quite flattering for people, since it gives a better visualization of the surface on which they write. Thus, you will have a greater mastery of the strokes.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that these templates, aimed at students, architects, designers, engineers and other professionals, have a practical 29.5 x 20.2 centimeter format, which is suitable for carrying in a backpack or sketchbook..

This is a set of A4 line drawing templates, aimed at professionals and students. Its pros and cons are summarized below.


Cleaning: You can reuse the templates as many times as you want because they are washable.

Storage: Its compact format and light weight will allow you to easily transport them inside a notebook.

Manufacturing: The polymer used for manufacturing offers strength and flexibility for practical handling.

Design: The product is made up of two transparent templates that allow a better visualization of the strokes.



Dimensions: It is possible that there is a fault of up to two millimeters in the structure with respect to the dimensions offered by the manufacturer, but this does not affect the line.

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pretty templates for writing

8. Ottemax Lot of 24 Stencils for Letter Numbers

Ottemaxnos presents a set made up of 24 beautiful writing stencils, designed in a practical 10 x 17.8 centimeter format, which are quite small and convenient for you to take the templates with you anywhere, without taking up significant space..

For the manufacture of this product, a raw material known as PET was used, which is an ecological type polymer with a pleasant soft touch, flexible body and translucent appearance. 

Thanks to these features you will be able to handle each of the templates easily, wash them directly under running water without fear of deterioration and, best of all, you will have a complete view of the patterns marked on the work surface. 

With all these qualities, you will achieve cleaner strokes when sliding the pen, marker, chalk, graphite or colored pencil, as well as when applying the spray, gel, watercolor, tempera, ink or any other pigment you want.

If you are looking for high quality portable stencils, you should check out the pros and cons of this Ottemax proprietary set.


Design: This is a set of 24 stencils that are portable and contain letters and numbers in various shapes for versatility.

Manufacturing: The material used for its manufacture is light, flexible and highly resistant to contact with the different pigments.

Storage: Due to the compact format of this set, you can store the units in any drawer or carry them in your backpack without taking up much space.

Cleaning: To remove paint residue you only have to wash the templates with detergent and water.



Cover: The incorporation of a protection cover is missing to avoid the deterioration of the templates.

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Shopping guide

Writing templates are quite useful tools for students, professionals, and anyone who wants to add a phrase or keyword to a craft. In this sense, the options are usually varied and the selection will depend on the type of stroke and pigment you want to carry out your task. In any case, it would be good for you to review the following guide to buy the best writing template, which will surely help you identify those characteristics in the product that make a difference in terms of its quality.


The manufacturing raw material is a specification that we cannot fail to corroborate when making the selection of some writing templates, since the duration of the product will depend on its quality level.

Let us remember that this type of mold is in direct contact with various pigments such as watercolors, inks, chalk, spray paints, graphite, among others. This means that from the first use they will begin to get dirty and, therefore, you will need to wash these structures to prevent residue from taking root.

If we review the alternatives of existing writing templates on the web, we will find variety regarding the materials used for the construction of said molds. Likewise, we will notice that polymers, such as polypropylene, PET, Mylar, among others, are usually one of the favorites of manufacturers due to their great versatility, since they offer resistance, softness and flexibility. Best of all, they are easy-to-clean plastics. In the same way, you will have other metallic or wooden models.

In any case, the important thing is that the product you take with you is reusable. To do this, the material must provide resistance to both constant handling and deterioration caused by the pigments to be used.


The writing template designs are usually varied, which is convenient, since you have more purchase options. In this sense, you will be able to select the template that best suits your needs of use, with respect to the typography and size of the letters.

Similarly, variations in design will directly influence how much the product costs. However, it is recommended to carry a reusable template with various letter formats, which will help us carry out more than one writing task.

You can find designs equipped with two and up to 24 templates. Some of them vary the typography in each of the molds, while others keep the type of printing, but offer different sizes in the letters. Also, there are templates that incorporate the alphabet in both upper and lower case, others are alphanumeric, and some add a few punctuation and question marks.

There are also templates with writing guide design, which allow you to use your own calligraphy, since they only have blank columns or lines, grouped with four or even five lines. In addition, they incorporate lateral rulers so that you can measure the distance between the letters and their height in centimeters or millimeters, as the case may be.


It is not enough that the writing stencil you intend to buy is good and cheap, but it is also necessary that it offers an easy method of storage and transport. To do this, it is necessary to assess the dimensions of the structure, which should not be too large. In this way, you can take the molds with you anywhere without taking up significant space in your backpack or inside a notebook.

On the other hand, it is convenient that an individual cover for the templates be incorporated with the purchase. Thus, you will avoid the deterioration of the structure due to friction with other objects. In addition, you will protect the molds from dirt, so that you do not stain the work surface when placing the template on it.


In any comparison of writing templates, the cleaning method of said sheets must be evaluated, since these will be in direct contact with the pigments to be used to mark the letters and numbers. Therefore, it is important that it is an insole that can be directly exposed to water and even rubbed with a soapy solution and a soft sponge.

On the other hand, if you plan to apply acrylic, gel or spray paint, you should make sure that the sheets are able to resist contact with the chemical compounds of said pigments, as well as the action of the remover products necessary to clean them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a writing templates?

To use your template to write, you only have to draw some guide lines on the surface that you are going to work, depending on the direction of the text to be captured. Then, place the template and fix it with clips or tape, as the case may be. It only remains to start painting the letters with the selected pigment and, when finished, carefully remove the template.

Q2: How to clean the writing templates?

The cleaning of your writing templates will depend on the material with which they have been made and the type of pigment you have used. For example, if your stencil is synthetic and you painted with watercolours, tempera or chalk, you can apply a mild detergent using a slightly rough sponge and remove the excess directly under running water.

For its part, you could also rub the structure with a damp cloth until the paint residue is removed and then go over it with a dry cloth to remove moisture. However, if you used these writing molds with some type of spray or acrylic paint, you will need to apply a special remover, which cleans the material without corroding it.

Q3: How to make templates for writing?

Making templates for writing is easier than you think. The first thing you have to do is access a font website, review the catalog and select the one you like the most. Then, print it on a sheet of paper or some medium-thick cardboard and cut it out with the help of a cutter. During this process you must be quite careful, so that the cuts are completely clean and without any irregularities.

If you wish, you can use this paper template to make a new, stronger cast on vinyl or x-ray paper. You will only have to place it on said surface, mark all the contours of the letters and cut once again with total precision. Thus, you will obtain a template of greater durability, which you can continue using for a long time.

Q4: What paint can be used with the writing stencils?

When it comes to painting with stencils, there are many options regarding pigments, so you can use temperas, watercolors, chalk and any type of spray paint.

Also, if the surface is paper, you have the option of using colored pencils, markers, and graphite. In short, the paint alternatives to write with templates are diverse, so everything will depend on the type of surface, your taste and creativity.

Q5: What is a template for writing straight?

The templates to write straight have guide lines that allow us to use our own calligraphy, but in a more precise way, since we can control the height of the strokes and the separation between them.

Q6: How to set the templates to write?

Fixing the templates to write will help us when painting the letters, since they could move suddenly and we would end up damaging the line. Therefore, it is important not to skip this step, which is quite simple and beneficial to achieve a good finish in our work.

If you plan to draw on any type of paper, you can fix the template with some clips, as well as you can use a drawing board, which will be very useful, since it incorporates a fastening hook.

On the other hand, to paint on wood, a wall or another flat and robust surface, you will have to place some type of adhesive with tape on the edges of the templates. This element will help us keep the mold in place without causing damage to the surface.

Q7: What material are the writing templates made of?

If we check the web, we will find a wide variety of templates to write. All of them with different fonts and manufactured with varied raw materials, which logically influences their durability and purchase price. In this way, we can have plastic, wooden and metal templates.

Likewise, there are the homemade construction templates for which cardboard and bond paper are used, as well as some recyclable materials such as vinyl or radiographic plate paper.

Q8: How to fix the stencils for writing on wood?

If you are planning to work on wood, it is important to keep in mind that it is a material that absorbs pigments quickly, so you must be quite precise and careful when using the templates on said material.

In this sense, you must place the template and fix it with the help of single-sided adhesive tape. Just place small pieces of the adhesive on the four corners of the stencil to immobilize it while you paint the letters.

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