The treasure hunters the risks and profits they can have

Although it is known that with a metal detector it is possible to find various metallic objects that have been lost and buried in the sand of beaches, rivers and parks, it must be taken into account that finding them can be a double-edged sword, since you can become a suspect for the authorities or the gold buying and selling houses.

What is a treasure hunter?

Treasure hunters are not like the ones you see in science fiction movies, such as Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, but rather these are a group of people who walk through different locations in search of metallic objects (preferably gold) with the help of a metal detector, which had been lost and forgotten by their original owners.

Exchange houses and treasure hunters

After finding precious objects, depending on what they have found, they go to an exchange house to sell them in order to make a profit, so some see this as a hobby and others as a job. However, if you manage to sell all the loot you find, be it rings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, pendants and gold stones to an exchange house, you could raise suspicions that you may be getting them illegally and they could call authorities and file charges against you.

Treasure hunters and risks

It is no mystery or myth that treasure hunters can be suspected of committing crimes, since they do not have the habit of telling where they have found their loot in order to go much more often and continue finding valuable pieces without other people can interfere.

An incident that caused a stir in the town of Menorca was by a man of about 50 years of age who is accused of possessing other people’s gold pieces. However, he sold them in exchange houses and did not deposit them in the corresponding offices so that the authorities would take care of it.

The loot that this man owned amounted to 4,000 euros and, among the jewelry, there were mainly rings and pendants. However, although the defendant claimed that he had obtained the garments legally with a metal detector, the authorities did not attest that it was true, so the loot was seized.

One of the laws dictates that, if a valuable object has been found, it must be deposited in the dependency and if the original owner does not claim it after 2 years, it becomes the property of the person who found it and, since the adult did not did, his treasure was completely confiscated.

Another case that has also given the world what to talk about is that of the former pilot and merchant Forrest Fenn, since in 2010 he published in his memoirs “The Thrill of the Chase” that he had hidden a safe with coins, precious stones, gold pieces and ancient relics that represent great value. Since then, more than 60,000 people have joined the treasure hunt. However, the clues are scattered in several poems, so those who have their memories have a high chance of getting the loot that is worth more than 2 billion dollars.

However, Paris Wallace, another hunter who was after Fenn’s hidden treasure, was reported missing and her body turned up lifeless in New Mexico after notifying her relatives that she was leaving on the hunt for the famous treasure.

Randy Bilyeu was also one of the missing in the search for the famous treasure and his body was found months later in the Rio Grande, New Mexico. Additionally, Chanon Thompson went missing in Bandelier National Monument and wandered the entire night in the desert, but she was found alive the next day.

Forrest Fenn has given more clues that the treasure can be found somewhere in the rocky mountains and 1.5 kilometers above sea level. They are not the most exact clues, but many treasure hunters have entered the search.

Although the authorities have told Fenn to suspend the search due to the tragic accidents that had occurred, he indicates that he will not do so and that he will find a way so that the adventurers can feel safer and cannot suffer any kind of injuries that put them at risk. risk their physical integrity.

Recommendations to be able to sell your treasures

In your search, take with you the best metal detector and a person who can attest that you are carrying out an exploration and you are not committing a crime.

After you have spent several days, weeks and months looking for treasures, we recommend that you make an evaluation of which are the main objects of greatest value so that you can sell them to an exchange house. That is, do not sell them all at the same time so that you do not raise suspicions, since they could call the authorities and after not being able to verify how you got them, you could go to prison. Therefore, we recommend that before selling the objects, you socialize with the staff that is assisting you and explain what you do, since formal dialogue could be the main solution to avoid problems with the authorities.

Additionally, after having made the sale in an exchange house, make sure you sell in the same place, since otherwise you will have to start all over again to regain the trust of the sales advisor of the new exchange house and he could not Trust your word easily.

If you find valuables that have inscriptions of the owner, such as marriage dates, birth dates, try to take them to the police so that the officers can find the owner. Likewise, you can also place an ad in the local newspaper describing that object that may be precious to the person who lost it and you can receive a reward, but do not rush to ask for it, since that person has to offer it to you. Otherwise, they can file charges against you for extortion and possession of objects not their own.

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