Traditional games activities that are worth rescuing

Traditional games such as spinning tops, tongue twisters or hide-and-seek offer innumerable benefits to children, not only physically but also emotionally. In addition, it keeps them away from video games, a static game that keeps the little one sitting motionless for hours in front of a console or screen, even forgetting to eat and move.

Technological advances in today’s gaming consoles such as the Wii, X-BOX and Playstation have captured the attention of children around the world, threatening to displace traditional children’s games that were once the biggest draw for generations. past.

These are games that have managed to endure through time, passed down from generation to generation as entertaining fun that strengthens the bonds between family and friends. Their importance lies in the fact that they are games capable of preserving the culture of each area or region, where children must abide by rules and follow norms and instructions that have been established for a long time.

Within the traditional games are those that are played in patios, parks or any place outdoors. They are characterized by not needing toys equipped with technology, since they are made with the body itself or with elements of nature such as rocks, sand, branches, flowers, etc. Homemade objects such as buttons, fabrics, ropes, boards, etc. can also be used.

Likewise, there are also those that use simple or old toys, such as dolls, kites, spinning tops, marbles, dice and even those built by children; like airplanes, paper boats, rocking horses using a broomstick and more. On the other hand, we have simple board games (prior to computer evolution) and also card games.

Benefits provided by traditional games

Traditional games foster the emotional bond between parents and children, strengthen the bonds of friendship between the participants and improve social relationships. In addition, since they are games that usually involve physical activity, they favor the good health of the child. In this sense, they improve circulation and the cardiovascular system, while optimizing aerobic tolerance and helping to reduce asthmatic symptoms.

Other games offer more specific benefits, for example jumping rope is a game that helps develop balance, gross coordination, rhythm, laterality and even memory. Likewise, playing the encostalados favors the stimulation of motor skills, coordination and the sense of competition.

Similarly, riddles, rhymes and tongue twisters stimulate logical and mathematical thinking, memory and analysis, while increasing vocabulary and language development. In addition to all these physical benefits, traditional games improve motivation and mood, reduce feelings of loneliness, and encourage imagination.


Top 5 most popular traditional games

Although these games usually change their name according to the region and may even have nuances that differ in their development; These are activities that preserve their fundamental essence regardless of the part of the world where they are played. They are intended for children over 2 years old; however, depending on their age, it is advisable to adapt the game to the physical and intellectual abilities of each participant. In any case, it is a recreational activity where the little ones have great fun. Here are some of the best and most popular children’s games.


Using chalk, a diagram of 10 squares is drawn on the ground, where a number from 1 to 10 is written on each one. The children must throw a stone from a location behind the first square, the square where the stone has fallen cannot step on They should start the circuit by jumping on one foot, if there is a square, and on two feet, if the square is double. The idea is to pass the stone around the circuit and return. If the stone falls out of the lines or the child falls, she must start over.


This game requires a group of children, in which one of them will have to count up to a certain number with their eyes closed. At the end of the count, you must alert the others that the count has ended; During the time that the counting lasted, the other children must hide in safe places and that is when the search for their companions begins. As you find them, you will need to tap on them to remove them and continue searching. The children who want to save themselves must come out of their hiding place and run to the place where the count was and touch it before they are caught.

jump rope

This recreational activity is very beneficial for children, since they exercise physically while having fun. It consists of jumping a rope to the rhythm of a song; between jump and jump, the child performs an excellent physical exercise for his body. It is practiced in open spaces.

spinning top dance

The spinning top is a simple toy made of wood, its shape is oval and its tip is metallic. To make it dance, the child must have a certain dexterity, for which he must wrap a piece of string or string around the body of the spinning top and then release it, letting it fall to the ground so that it begins to spin.

The blind chicken

To play this fun game you need a minimum of 4 children and a handkerchief, with which the eyes of the person who will play the chicken are covered. To start the game and find out who will be the first blind man’s hen, a draw can be made. Once the chosen child is blindfolded, the others will spin him around while singing the song of this game. When the song ends, the bandaged boy who plays the chicken must find his companions.

It should be remembered that these traditional games are activities that stimulate the physical and intellectual development of the little ones; as well as his ability to make friends. So it is worth rescuing these traditions that we have inherited from our ancestors.

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