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Main advantage: 

In addition to being a product suitable for children and adults, this quiz game stands out for also serving as an educational resource for parents and teachers, both in the theoretical part and in the development of practical skills.

Main disadvantage: 

Kid questions really challenge kids, so some 8-year-olds could easily get frustrated by not being able to get the answers right. Guidance and prior presentation of the topics is necessary.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This is the quintessential knowledge quiz game as it is known all over the world for its amazing questions and the entertainment it provides.

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Main Features Explained

Game mode

Opinions and cheating are not valid in this game, because what Trivial Pursuit wants to determine is who is the most intelligent of the family in different topics that will surprise everyone. For this reason, when it comes to board games, this Hasbro product has stood out for several years as the best trivia game. This special edition of Trivial Pursuit is designed to bring the family together as it comes with gameplay that is quite friendly to young children as well as adults.

Every child, from the age of 8, can participate in the game and, although it is possible to use only the children’s cards, the little ones can also dare to answer questions for adults, if they wish. There are 2400 questions on the cards and in order to win a category cheese you must be in the right place and give the correct answer. The number of steps is determined by the luck of the dice, however, victory will depend entirely on the knowledge of the player. The categories to choose from are: science and nature, sports and hobbies, history, art and literature, geography and entertainment.

It can be played with as few as 2 players, however it is possible to play a game with up to 6 people.


The first thing to notice about this product is that although trivia games for kids often come in many colors, no model is as colorful and bright as Trivial Pursuit. Each color used identifies a category: green is science, orange is sports, yellow is history, purple is art, blue is geography, and lastly, fuchsia represents entertainment. All the shades are bright and the drawings of the cheeses on the board make everything more original and creative. Both the chips and the cheeses share these characteristic colors.

The product has dimensions of 25 x 25 x 3 centimeters. These measures, although they do not make it as easy to transport as other sets, are ideal for finding a place for it at home and for storing all the pieces with little risk of losing them. Its weight is 998 grams, so it is still comfortable to handle. The content of the game is extensive, since it has a game board, two card holders, 36 cheeses, 6 player tokens, a dice and 2400 question cards. The latter are divided into two, 1,200 for children and another 1,200 for adults.

To avoid confusion, this product is made 100% in Spanish. From the rules to the questions.

educational game

The price of this game is quite cheap, considering how much fun you can have with it and how practical this product is. Even though it just seems like a fun method of distraction to spend some quality time with the family, Trivial Pursuit offers much more than that, as it is an entertaining way to educate children on different topics of importance and also to motivate their curiosity to seek knowledge beyond children’s cards.

In addition to being a family board game, this product can be a great resource for educators who want to use the board to complement their lessons in different areas, as well as for parents who want to encourage their children.

Beyond theoretical knowledge in art or science, children can also learn very important practical skills. This product, for example, allows individual play but also for teams. The latter will promote social interaction and teach about group cooperation to achieve an end.

As a last feature, the duel mode included in this version will encourage creativity and quick thinking, since it is a direct competition with an opponent to win the category cheese.

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