10 tips to combat dust at home

Vacuuming and sweeping equipment can become the most faithful allies when it comes to maintaining cleanliness at home. However, not everyone knows how to get the most out of this type of tool, so it is convenient to establish an effective system to facilitate the tasks in this regard.

In a family home where regular daily chores are carried out, it is common to find some accumulated dirt. The obligations of each one can often interfere with the time spent cleaning the home, so tools were created with which to automate this type of task.

Modern household appliances, in general, are capable of performing complete cleaning functions and cycles just by pressing the power button, such as washing machines, robot vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, window cleaners, among other equipment.

However, in order not to demand too much from one of these machines, it is advisable to follow some cleaning tips that could help you not to accumulate so much dirt at home:

1. Set a cleaning schedule

The main thing to do is to create a cleaning schedule in which you determine the days of the week when important tasks, such as doing laundry, cleaning rooms or sweeping the garage, will be carried out. At the same time, it is advisable to delegate the tasks to each member of the family so that everyone participates in the care of the home.

2. Clean regularly

Apart from determining the important cleaning days, it is also useful not to let dirt accumulate and try to sweep the floor at least once a day. This way your house will stay relatively clean until it’s time to mop.

If you don’t have time for this, you can consider some of the best robot vacuum cleaners of 2022, which will be able to perform this task for you at the time of your choosing. In addition, you can combine it with other automatic appliances such as washing machines with delayed activation or multifunctional pots.

3. Activate a humidifier

Another good tip to avoid excess dust is to control the level of humidity in your home. In general, it is recommended that it be kept between 40% and 50%, since this way the environment will not be too dry to allow particles to move through the air more easily.

If you notice that there is too much dryness in the environment, get a humidifier. These equipments are cheap, easy to use and, depending on the model, you can use essential oils to enjoy aromatherapy sessions.

4. Dust objects

Remember that dust can also easily appear on all kinds of objects if they are not cleaned regularly, so you should consider using a duster or cloth glove to remove it from delicate objects such as ornaments, electronic equipment, lamps, windows., etc.

If you notice that this action is not effective, you can try applying a little fabric softener to the glove, as it will be able to keep dirt under control, and even help you clean more thoroughly.

5. Save or donate old decorations

You don’t need to have your house filled to the brim with old decorations. These, in addition to taking up space, also complicate cleaning tasks, becoming a source of accumulation.

For this reason, we advise you to carefully review everything you have, in order to start getting rid of objects, equipment and decorations that you no longer use or do not really like. You can choose to donate them or just throw them away, either solution will save you from having to clean up extra.

6. Keep entrances closed

The windows, although it may not seem like it, can let in more dirt than you imagine, especially if you live in the city. For this reason, it is advisable to keep them closed, as well as the doors. In addition to being the safest, it will prevent contamination from outside from entering your home.

7. Use the vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are very practical tools for cleaning, especially if they can work wet and dry. With them you can easily clean carpets, furniture, curtains, sheets and more, especially if you have the right accessories at hand.

In addition, it should be noted that the variety of vacuum cleaners will allow you to acquire different models according to your needs. For example, those that work with steam will be useful for cleaning fabrics, while the cyclonic ones do not cause contamination.

8. Consider using covers

Furniture and clothing covers can also be considered as effective methods to prevent dust from dirtying fabrics. You can buy covers of all kinds, sizes and designs to protect your belongings from dirt and bad odours, keeping them looking new for longer.

9. Take advantage of the towels

Wet towels can be used in different areas of cleaning in the home. Being moistened in alcohol helps to sterilize surfaces and will also prevent raising dust, being practical for cleaning all kinds of objects and spaces.

On the other hand, you cannot ignore microfiber towels. This fabric is very comfortable to clean, thanks to the fact that you can apply different products such as disinfectants or alcohol.

10. Drop dust when cleaning

One detail that some people sometimes overlook is that it should be cleaned from the top down. In this way, the dust that is being cleaned can fall freely on the floor, which must be swept last, in order to prevent it from getting dirty again while cleaning continues.

As you will see, there are very practical tools to keep your home free of dust, as well as simple tricks that you can carry out so as not to demand too much from your cleaning teams.

Keeping the house tidy is quite a rigorous task and should be assumed by all members of the family, so that the tasks do not accumulate and you can enjoy order every day, not just on cleaning day.

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