3 METHODS TO Install a Microwave Encasterable

Built-in microwaves are usually present in modern design kitchens where you want to save space or place appliances more discreetly. There are several alternatives that you can apply to fit one of these and thus give your home a more stylized and attractive appearance in an area as used as the kitchen.

Built-in microwaves, an alternative to save space

Microwaves are common appliances in any home, since they make it easy to heat or cook some foods in just a couple of seconds or minutes depending on what you put inside.

This equipment uses electromagnetic waves to heat food, so it can be purchased in different powers, sizes, designs and much more. However, built-in microwaves have become an increasingly attractive option for some users who want a discreet unit that takes up less space than a regular one.

One of the advantages offered by this type of microwave is that, in addition to helping you save space in your kitchen, they can also be adapted or combined with your other appliances and even put a special cover on them in case you want to hide it completely.

In addition to this, if you are interested in acquiring one of the best built-in microwaves of 2019, you must first take into account the installation requirements, since these units have air outlets that must be able to circulate freely to avoid operating problems..

Likewise, before choosing which one you will take home, we advise you to carefully review the requirements for its installation. This information will give you details about the necessary space, connectors, compatibility with certain materials, among other relevant characteristics to guarantee good performance.

Methods for installing a built-in microwave

Since the options in built-in microwaves are quite extensive and the same happens with kitchens around the world, there are also various methods so that you can embed your equipment and thus have a more discreet finish and that you could even mount above the kitchen or the kitchen. fridge, for example.

1. Home installation

In case you want to build the microwave yourself, you can do it as long as you have the necessary knowledge in DIY to work with the materials you have at home.

The first thing you should do is measure your microwave oven so you can determine how much space you will need inside your kitchen cabinet. Make sure that when you measure the opening you leave an inch of space on each side of the microwave to ensure air circulation.

After this, proceed to cut the wood following the measurements of your microwave and sand the entire surface to leave a good finish that is pleasant to the touch. You can also varnish and paint if you wish to combine it with the style of the other drawers.

Now place the microwave inside the opening and check that the door can open fully without any problem. Proceed to connect it to a nearby power outlet and voila, you will have your built-in microwave oven in your kitchen.

2. Installation in professional furniture

Another much simpler alternative, but which may be expensive for the taste of some, is to acquire a kitchen cabinet previously designed to contain a microwave.

This type of furniture can both be ordered to be made to measure or bought prefabricated, so that it is installed on the wall of your kitchen to offer different compartments and spaces, as well as countertops to place all your implements.

If you decide on this option, you must first measure the space for the microwave to be able to acquire the model that has the appropriate dimensions, respecting all the previously mentioned indications.

3. Microwave with installation kit

This last installation alternative may be one of the preferred by buyers who already have a kitchen cabinet at home with the space to embed the microwave.

These models, unlike regular microwave ovens, have a set of side panels to be able to cover all the spaces that remain free after having installed it in the intended opening.

Thanks to these panels, the microwave will have a much more stylish look and will be able to more easily match your other appliances, as well as the style of your home and kitchen in particular.

Conclusions and recommendations

Built-in microwaves can be a good purchase option if you are looking for an appliance that, in addition to being practical, can remain discreet and without taking up considerable space in your kitchen. This can be appealing to those who want to maintain a minimalist style in their décor, for example, or simply have more counter space available.

Whatever the reason why you are interested in investing in a built-in microwave, we advise you to review all the technical aspects of its manufacture, including details about its size, weight, manufacturing materials, power and installation requirements. This way you will avoid inconveniences when you want to embed it or after its first use.

On the other hand, it is also advisable to remove the equipment from the built-in container from time to time in order to thoroughly clean the space, thus avoiding the accumulation of dust that could be absorbed by the microwave fans and cover the air outlets that are essential for its correct operation.

At the same time, don’t forget to keep the inside of the microwave clean as a whole, especially the turntable and the door, as these are some of the places where stains and food residues caused by spills inside the appliance tend to accumulate. For the most difficult ones, you can use a metal sponge and rub gently.

By not removing them properly, these food remains can cause fungus or bad odors that, if not cleaned in time, could adhere to your food and even change its flavor. For this reason, we insist that you apply a special wash at least once every two weeks with vinegar and water in order to purify the inside of the microwave and thus keep your food safe from bacteria.

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