4 Uses that you did not know about the broom vacuum cleaner

There are many advantages of using a broom vacuum cleaner instead of traditional implements, since it allows you to do the job in a practical way, in less time and with optimal results. However, this device can be used for much more than just sucking up dust from the floor, such as cleaning pantry drawers and even the car.

We all want to enjoy a healthy environment at home and protect our loved ones from diseases caused by dirt, which is why broom vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular in homes. These devices offer great practicality when it comes to cleaning floors, even removing particles and insects that, due to their microscopic size, we cannot see with the naked eye.

Although they are tools indicated mainly for cleaning floors, the best broom vacuum cleaners of 2022 incorporate a series of accessories that allow the suction power of these appliances to be used in other areas of the house. That is why it is worth reviewing what are the uses that we can give them to get the most out of it.

1. Fight mites with the broom vacuum cleaner

Mites can cause respiratory conditions and different types of skin allergies, so it is important to combat them with the broom vacuum cleaner. Although these micro insects can be found in the dust found on the floor, the truth is that they prefer to live on other more comfortable surfaces, for example, mattresses, pillows, furniture and cushions.

The good news is that many broom vacuum cleaners include a special brush for vacuuming fabrics, so you just have to attach the accessory, turn on the device and start gently and slowly passing the brush over the surface you want to clean. In addition, this is very easy to do, since both vacuum cleaners and accessories are usually small and light, although quite powerful.

Some models include special nozzles or brushes to easily remove dirt from carpets and curtains. This facilitates frequent cleaning so that at the time of thorough maintenance they are not too dirty, thus reducing work time.

It is good to point out at this point that some vacuum cleaners do not come with the standard accessory, but generally manufacturers offer this element separately. In this sense, if your device does not come with a brush, you can go to the brand’s official website, since it may be available at an affordable price.

2. Keep bugs away from your kitchen

Some pests like German cockroaches and ants are attracted to food crumbs in your kitchen, so the best way to combat them is to keep dirt at bay. This is especially important on the dining table, so it is advisable to vacuum frequently, especially after eating bread, biscuits or similar foods.

Other areas in the kitchen where food remains accumulate are the pantry and countertops. In some cases, it is the place where we place the containers with sugar, coffee, salt, cereals, flour, herbs, among others, in this way, every time we use these products, small remains remain on the surface. For this reason, it is good to attach a suitable nozzle to the vacuum cleaner and clean between the nooks and crannies. In this way, the insects will not have to come looking for crumbs in these spaces.

The same goes for the drawers where you store food. Many times dry food packages are not completely sealed, so small remains accumulate at the bottom of the drawers. However, you can take advantage of the narrow and elongated nozzle of the broom vacuum cleaner to clean everywhere and thus keep insects away.

3. Removes dirt on ceilings and walls

It is common that when we decide to clean the house with the broom vacuum cleaner we immediately think of the floor, but this device also allows you to remove dust, lint and other dirt that accumulates in the upper part of the walls and ceiling. For this, you must use the telescopic tube that comes with the vacuum cleaner as an accessory, in this way, you will not have to make a great effort to reach difficult places. In this sense, if you are going to clean a room that has a lot of dirt accumulated on the ceiling, it is important that you wear glasses and a mask.

For greater effectiveness, the most advisable thing to do when vacuuming the house is to start from the top down, that is, first the ceiling, then the walls and furniture, to leave the floor last, which is where the remains of dirt from the areas end up. higher. In this way, with a single device you can leave your entire house impeccable.

4. Identify and remove hidden dirt

Dirt hides in places that we often do not take into account, for example, in door and window rails or plug holes. Due to their size, these spaces are very difficult to clean manually, so it can take a lot of time and effort. However, you can search among the accessories for a nozzle that is narrow enough to allow you access to these tight spaces.

Do not overlook the grilles and ventilation ducts, not only of the structure of the house, but also of some electronic devices, such as desktop computers, fans, among many others. All of these places can be points of accumulation of dirt and it is good to know that you can easily clean them with your vacuum cleaner. In the case of devices, it is important to turn them off and unplug them before proceeding to clean them.

As we can see, the broom vacuum cleaner can serve multiple cleaning purposes in the home just by using the right accessory. However, you can also clean the floor, surfaces and seats inside the car if you use it as a handheld vacuum, either corded or wireless.

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