5 Attractive extractor bells Know your types and advantages for your kitchen

Technological and design innovations have made it possible to renew the classic extractor hoods used in kitchens to trap the gases generated by the cooking process. To determine the most useful in each case, it is convenient to know some of its most striking types, as well as the advantages that each one offers, in case you do not know which one to buy.

Extractor hood, what is it?

The extractor hoods are devices that are located above or near the kitchen, to be able to absorb the gases emanating from the cooking of food. These gases often contain grease particles which, if not removed, begin to build up on surfaces, staining and sticky.

These types of grease accumulation stains are usually quite tedious to remove, which is why many users choose to install an extractor hood, which is responsible for reducing the impact of these gases when cooking.

To work, this tool uses a fan that, in combination with a motor, is capable of sucking in the air surrounding the hood in order to trap all the smoke, steam and splashes that may occur when cooking.

In addition to everything, one of the advantages of today’s extractor hoods is that they can work together with other devices to be much more practical and useful in the kitchen. If you want to know what a modern extractor hood can offer, continue reading to get to know them better.

Types of hoods according to their installation


Decorative wall-mounted range hoods

This type usually has a modern design with highly stylized finishes and neutral colors. It is installed directly on the wall using supports and does not require structural modification, since, for the most part, they use filtering systems.

Built-in extractor hoods

The built-in models are one of the most used in the domestic sphere and are installed in the same cabinet as the kitchen counter, where compartments are usually integrated to accommodate the crockery.

Vertical ceiling cooker hoods

Vertical hoods must be installed using steel cables that act as a support for the weight of the equipment. Structural modification is required to install them and make sure the roof can support the weight smoothly to avoid accidents.

Extra-flat extractor hoods

If you are looking for a discreet alternative, you can consider extra-flat extractor hoods, since their installation is located in front of the kitchen and they can be hidden better than other models due to their structure.


Types of hoods according to your system


Suction range hoods

Suction extractor hoods make use of a fan capable of trapping gas particles from the environment and expelling them to the outside. To achieve this, the channel of the ventilation pipe must have access outside the house or business, so the wall or ceiling of the room must be modified.

Kitchen extractor hoods with carbon filter or recirculation

This type of extractor hood has the advantage of being able to be installed without changing the structure of the building, but, in return, they use filtering systems that can be mineral or synthetic, which must be cleaned or replaced after a certain time.

In this system, the sucked air simply passes through the filter and is returned to the environment, but without odors or grease particles that can settle in your kitchen.


The best extractor hoods

Now you will be able to know some of what may be the best extractor hoods of 2022, since they offer innovative, striking designs and very useful functions to help you keep your kitchen clean at all times.

1. O+F Decorative plasma hood

O+F is a company that can offer you decorative plasma hoods so you can equip your kitchen with a striking, elegant accessory that matches your style. The manufacturer allows you to choose the size of the extractor hood up to a maximum length of 3 meters, sufficient for domestic installations and even some industrial ones.

Regarding the system used, the O+F models make use of recirculation filtering to avoid having to open holes in the walls or ceiling to install the hood.

2. Whirlpool Evolution

Evolution from the renowned Whirlpool brand is an extractor hood that stands out for its design similar to that of a lamp. The structure is quite innovative compared to other competing models and it has a halogen bulb, to offer you lighting when cooking.

On the other hand, the Evolution hood has a structure made of stainless steel, a material that will hardly wear out. It is resistant to water and grease, so you can clean it with the product of your choice and keep it free of dirt.

To purify the air, this hood uses internal filters also made of stainless steel, but, best of all, they can be washed in the dishwasher when they get too dirty, saving you all the work.

3. Novy One

The Novy brand extractor hood model, One, can be embedded inside the kitchen counter, so that it will remain hidden while cooking is not taking place. This detail can be decisive for those looking for a kitchen with a minimalist style and, in addition, it is also quiet compared to other extractor hoods.


4.Elica Legend

If what you want is a hood that, in addition to being decorative, has an artistic air, consider the Legend model by Elica.

This hood has a very innovative sculptural design structure suitable for modern kitchens. It also stands out that it has a powerful motor to be able to absorb all the fumes and particles, as well as a remote control with which you can control its operation from afar.

5. Bora Countertop hood

Another alternative that could be very striking for those who want a discreet kitchen are the Bora brand countertop hoods.

These are installed on the worktop itself, so they are built-in, but they do not have a lifting system, but instead open to absorb the vapors emanating from the elements that are around it.

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