5 recommendations to use your robot vacuum cleaner at home

Robot vacuum cleaners are very useful appliances with almost autonomous performance, with which you can maintain a certain level of cleanliness on your floors. Using them may seem simple, but there are some recommendations that perhaps you should know before activating it at home, which are designed to facilitate its performance, navigation and care.


A robot vacuum cleaner is equipment specially designed for cleaning floors, since it is equipped, as its name suggests, with a suction system that will take care of dust and dirt in general.

The term “robot” is attached to it due to the navigation system that they usually have built-in. This system allows the robot vacuum cleaner to move autonomously around the home, to vacuum your floors without the need for human intervention.

Today you can find options from many well-known brands, including Rowenta, with its line for home care, which is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, if you still have doubts about which Rowenta vacuum cleaner to buy (if you click here, you will find several products to choose from), we invite you to consider the general benefits and how to make the most of them.

Benefits of a robot vacuum cleaner

Probably, if you ask any user who has one at home, they would answer that the lack of human interactivity and lazy scheduling are some of the main benefits of using a robot vacuum cleaner.

The ability of these machines to work with previous configurations and that can be stored as standard for day to day, will allow you to not worry about the robot, while it takes care of keeping your floors free of dust, dirt, pet hair and more. In addition, many have autonomy detection systems, which will be able to direct the team to its base, when the battery is running low.

On the other hand, the automatic programming cannot be ignored, which allows the equipment to be activated at a certain time. Thanks to this, you can configure it to clean when no one is at home or at night, avoiding obstacles or bothering the inhabitants of the home.

Tips for using the robot vacuum cleaner

So that you can enjoy the benefits of Rowenta robot vacuum cleaners, or any other brand, for a long time, we recommend you take into account the following tips that, perhaps, can help you use it more easily, as well as extend its useful life.

1. Battery charge

The battery is one of the essential elements for the operation of the robot vacuum cleaner. As you can imagine, by not requiring cables, the equipment uses a rechargeable battery, which must be in excellent condition, to make the most of its autonomy capacity.

An important recommendation when handling the battery is that, during any charging cycle, especially the first, the time indicated by the manufacturer is respected, since this guarantees a correct charge in each of the cells. This will help take care of the battery and also extend its life.

Likewise, if your equipment allows it, we advise you to activate the intelligent automatic charging function, which focuses on monitoring the percentage of autonomy, to send the robot to its charging base, when it reaches a critical level.

2. Soil preparation

Since robot vacuum cleaners are equipment designed for floor cleaning and hygiene, one piece of advice that many users take into account is to properly prepare the area for the journey.

In this sense, we advise you to remove clothing, toys or any other object that may be considered an obstacle to the robot’s navigation. This will prevent you from wasting time going around it or even keep it safe, since you won’t risk clogging by vacuuming something that isn’t planned.

3. Virtual area delimitation

As mentioned, many robot vacuum cleaners use navigation systems to move from one room to another without colliding with walls or doors, and this is defined after a reconnaissance tour, with which to map the areas to be cleaned.

However, these navigation systems allow you to modify the areas to which the robot vacuum cleaner will have access. When setting it up, we advise you to avoid rooms where you have to go up or down stairs, as this would only jam the robot and be a waste of time.

You can also delimit the cleaning area based on the capacity of the robot vacuum cleaner, so that it does not overexert itself by going through rooms that are not used at home or that are not really dirty. This will help extend the useful life of the brushes, battery and equipment in general.

4. Tank emptying

An important detail that you must take care of, to use your robot vacuum cleaner as it should be, is the charge level of its deposit.

It could happen that, because it is an autonomous device, sometimes you forget to empty the tank and this could cause malfunctions, jams or simply that the robot does not leave the charging base.

Therefore, we recommend that you regularly check the deposit container, so that you can make sure to empty it when necessary and thus prevent your equipment from being affected.

5. Maintenance and care

The maintenance of a robot vacuum cleaner has the same relevance as in other types of cleaning appliances, and even more so, since it is designed to work with dust.

In this case, it is necessary that you respect the manufacturer’s instructions regarding this point and carry them out with the stipulated frequency. Some brands advise applying deep cleaning methods after a certain time of use, which would be necessary if you want to keep your equipment in good condition and working properly.

Likewise, you cannot ignore the care of its brushes, since these play a fundamental role in the sweeping and vacuuming functions of the robot. Make sure they are free of debris, especially human or pet hair, as these can get tangled up in the bristles and be difficult to remove. Also, in some cases, they could even cause a jam when turning the rollers.

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