5 Tips for using your espresso

Turning on a coffee maker and brewing coffee may not seem like the most complicated task of all, but if you are handling an espresso machine, you should follow some expert tips that could help you get better quality and better tasting coffee for your enjoyment. From the roasting of the coffee, to the placement of the filter and its filling, each step is important.


What is an espresso machine?

Unlike other types of coffee machines, espresso machines do not boil the coffee, but instead pass boiling water through the ground coffee in order to extract its flavor and aroma properly.

It does this by heating the water to approximately 90°C – 100°C to bring it to a boil and then passing it through the filter with the coffee at a pressure that can vary depending on the model. At its exit, you will obtain a coffee with body, good aroma and a lot of flavor.

These types of models are usually much faster than other coffee machines and that is where their name comes from, thanks to the fact that you could enjoy this popular drink in just a couple of minutes.

How does an espresso machine work?

The best espresso machines of 2022 present a series of automated systems that will help speed up the coffee preparation process, but since one of the attractions of this equipment is the handling and human intervention to prepare a particular coffee, it is necessary that know how one of them works.

These coffee machines usually have several basic accessories: a water tank, a coffee filter, a thermostat with resistance and a milk frother. The combination of all these is designed for you to enjoy quality coffee.

You must first fill the filter with the appropriate amount of ground coffee without pressing too hard, as this could block the passage of water or your coffee could be too concentrated. Close the lid and press the power button on the coffee maker after placing the reservoir with enough water in its place. Now you only have to wait for the coffee to come out of the holes and prepare the cream according to your taste.

Tips for using your espresso machine

Although it might seem that making coffee in an espresso machine is a simple and practically automatic task, the truth is that there are small details that you can consider if you want to increase the quality and flavor of your drink. In the following space you will find five basic tips for new users of espresso machines.

  1. coffee preparation

One of the most important steps when using an espresso machine is choosing and preparing the coffee that is going to be used in it.

The most connoisseurs recommend not skimping on expenses when choosing the type of coffee bean, since the fresher it is, the better the taste of the drink. For this same reason, use of packaged coffee is avoided.

  1. Roasting of the grains

This step is also very important to obtain the right consistency for grinding the coffee. You can usually buy pre-roasted beans at the store, but make sure they come in vacuum-sealed packaging, as these can absorb surrounding odors, lose freshness, and completely change the flavor of the coffee.

Also, many experts advise purchasing medium roast grades, as these offer a considerable level of caffeine to give you that boost of energy in your mornings.

  1. ground coffee

If possible, try to grind the coffee beans when preparing the drink so you can ensure all the aroma, texture and color of a fresh coffee.

Take a handful and, using a grinder, proceed to work the grains. If you only want one cup of coffee, you will need approximately 7 grams of ground coffee.

Some models of espresso coffee machines include their own grinder integrated inside the machine, which is quite useful as you can add the beans directly to the coffee machine and have the equipment take care of grinding them for the preparation of the drink.

  1. Filter filling

Placing the coffee in the filter can be very influential in the final finish of the drink. As mentioned, this type of coffee maker must be operated under human influence in order to control all possible aspects of the preparation.

When you go to fill the filter, make sure to make it flush with the help of a knife and not to press too hard on the filling. The latter could even block the water outlet and clog the coffee maker.

  1. making the cream

Last but not least, a highly appreciated factor in any espresso is its crema.

If you want to prepare a cream with body and flavor that can accompany your drink, you must take the steel container and pour a little milk inside. Turn on the skimmer and release pressure to remove any residual water. Then place the container underneath with the skimmer inside and against the sides until the tip touches the bottom.

Proceed to turn on the frother and with oscillating movements, wait for the milk to heat up and when you start to see the foam, move the container towards the center of the frother. Turn it off and pull it out quickly to serve the cream before it melts.

Conclusions and recommendations

As you can see, using an espresso machine can involve more steps than you imagine, especially if you are a fan and connoisseur of coffee. However, it can be noted that one of the most important and decisive elements to obtain a quality drink are the beans, for this reason, we especially advise you to pay attention to the type of coffee you are buying and try to make it as fresh as possible..

Finally, don’t forget to clean your coffee maker thoroughly after each day of use to avoid the accumulation of dirt, debris and bad odors that will negatively affect the taste of your drink.

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