6 benefits of mica radiators as an alternative for the home

There are cities in Spain where you would only need a thick blanket and pajamas to be able to spend cold nights, but in others structural interventions are even required at the time of construction to install all kinds of cladding options, which serve to improve the performance of the heating system in general. If your home already has a system, but it is not efficient enough, you may also need to invest in other types of devices designed especially to combat the cold of winter, such as radiators.

These are equipment designed to emit heat from different modes of combustion or energy transformation. They are used in both domestic and professional and commercial settings, since the winter season affects everyone equally. Depending on the area you are in, you may need to use more or less intense techniques, tools or alternatives. One of the most striking aspects of this option to increase the temperature of the environment is that it can be chosen from different types depending on its system: natural combustion, oil, electric or ceramic.

In this case, we are going to focus on a specific type of radiator: the mica models, which would come into the category of ceramic radiators.

How does a mica radiator work?

As mentioned, these radiators are electric and use quartz, aluminum or both resistors and heat up when the equipment is activated. The emitted heat, in turn, is expelled outside the radiator with a fan that can vary in power.

In order to choose a practical model and take advantage of your money, we advise you to evaluate its capacity before investing, since, in addition to the power of the fan, the same power of the electrical system will be very influential in the amount of heat emitted and the speed with which it is generated. that a certain space can be heated. However, you should know that the general opinion is that this equipment heats up faster than others due to the radiant heat system, considered more efficient and cheaper in comparison.

Advantages of mica radiators

So that you can better appreciate what are the true advantages of acquiring and using a mica radiator instead of a gas, wood or oil radiator, to name a few, we have identified those characteristics that have managed to attract the attention of more than one buyer. when trying to choose which radiator to buy (If you click here, you will find several products to choose from) so that you can evaluate if the mica model is really worth your attention or not.

1) No refills

One of the most striking advantages offered by this type of radiators, compared to other models, is that they do not need fuel refills, be it gas, wood, gasoline, oil, etc. Therefore, you will not have to worry about acquiring these consumables that, depending on the model, may require a certain brand to function properly, which translates into a constant expense if you are going to use your radiator daily.

Mica radiators just need to be connected to the power outlet and that’s it. You may at some point need to replace a resistor if your model allows it, but don’t worry, this won’t be as often as a recharge.

2) Fast when heating

Another advantage that you could enjoy with the acquisition of this type of radiators is that they are usually faster when heating a room.

Since they work with electricity and quartz, these systems can raise the temperature of an entire room in just a few minutes. As it is said, at the same moment of turning it on, you will be able to notice the heat emanating from the resistances. However, to be able to enjoy this, you should consider aspects such as the power of its components to ensure that the model you are interested in has the necessary capacity to work in the environment where you want to install it, that is, that it is powerful enough to to cover the m² of the environment.

3) Safer

Safety is a very important issue when talking about radiators. Being equipment designed to emit heat, it is essential that the model you purchase has safety and quality certificates in general.

This also includes electric models such as mica, although they are said to be safer to use than gas or fuel, since the risk of an explosion due to mishandling is minimized. If you want to feel even safer, you can buy mica radiators that incorporate security systems such as timers, delayed function programs, tipping deactivation, among many others.

4) Simple to use

It should also be noted that they might be the best types for some, as they are easier to use than other models. By not requiring recharges or complex installations, these radiators are quite intuitive. You would only have to connect them to the power outlet, turn them on, program them and enjoy their operation.

5) Silent

Some buyers also consider that mica radiators are one of the quietest heating systems that could be used, since you will only notice the noise that is produced by the internal fan. Also, depending on the model you choose, you may find options in your system that allow you to activate a silent mode so you can rest at night without worrying about annoying noises.

6) Practicality and freedom

When we refer to the practicality and freedom that this type of radiators offer, it is because you can buy models that do not have to be installed on the wall or mounted on any structure, but rather have lower wheels so that you can take the radiator to the particular room. you want to heat This gives you the freedom to choose where to place it depending on your needs or the space available.

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